Typecon 2013: Portland Highlights | Michelle Furedy

From the site: “TypeCon 2013 was held in Portland this year so I thought I’d head down to see what my designer friends were talking about. Between talks on typeface design, I stuffed my face with Peruvian and German food and checked out the fantastic Portland Art Museum. TypeCon had talks on everything from the ampersand to emoji. Here are some highlights.”


Rotating cubes of regular and reverse stress lowercase e. #typecon #typecon2013 (at Hilton Portland & Executive Tower)

PL. That’s the pool and the font convention. Font as in F-O-N-T? Yes, people study that stuff you know. I only know 12 & 1 inch margin. But what style? Arial Narrow is good for saving space. Oh and Comic, it’s good for writing papers you know.
—  Overheard conversation in the hotel.