Paid To Hate You (Part 5)

Summary: When you audition for a role in a reality show you’d never thought to meet Bucky Barnes, the guy who turned your teenage years into hell. You’d also never thought that you’d have to pretend to be his ex girlfriend on the show.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 934

Warnings: insulting?

A/N: I am getting better at keeping this short lmao. I hope you guys like this part just as much as the other parts. Please tell me what you think!

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4

Of course Tony found a way to use the face punching aka nose breaking scene perfectly. He came up with the idea that Bucky had been cheating on you and that you had found out and punched his nose, because he hadn’t said a word about it and even dared to kiss you as if nothing happened. This way Tony could keep the dialogue he had so far and you and Bucky only had to end the scene which you absolutely loved because it meant Bucky was back in the blood covered shirt and they had applied a lot of fake blood on his nose.

 And besides that, you were also allowed to scream at him as much as you wanted and hit him against the arm. Over and over and over again.

God damn, you loved your new job.

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Stubborn Love: Part 4 - Steve x Bucky x Reader

Plot: What happens when fall in love with two different people, for different reasons, but they just so happen to be each other’s best friend?
Pairing: Bucky x Reader and Steve x Reader
Words: 1066
Warnings: None

Parts 1 - 2 - 3

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As you finish up your final pieces of paperwork for the day, you can’t help but bounce your leg up and down rapidly, anxiously waiting for the last few pages to scan so you can be on your way. You stare at the clock, but that only makes time go by slower than when you convinced yourself to look away.

Your dinner with Bucky is tonight, and you assume that’s what has you a completely nervous wreck. You haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since you woke up this morning. It’s silly, really, because Bucky’s your old friend from high school. There’s nothing to be worried about.

But still… Crazier things have happened.

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Untouched pt. 6 FIN

Bucky x reader 

Notes: SMUT, FLUFF, swearing, (smutsmutsmutsmut)

Summary: the whole team is surprised to find out you’re still a virgin, and the news seems to make you more allegeable to some of the men around the compound. Bucky is no less surprised than the rest of the team, and finds it even harder to keep his eyes off you as he nurses a secret of his own, which he feels obliged to reveal to you after an incident in the training room.

Sorry if this seems like another unexpected finale, but when I finished the chapter, I realised that I had nothing left to add to this story :) hope you all enjoyed it! xx

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‘Buck?’ Steve knocked on the door of his bedroom. Bucky was half asleep in your arms, his head resting on your chest. The tears had stopped, but you weren’t able to convince him that he wasn’t going to lose Steve over something like this. The Captain went through hell and back for him, in comparison to everything that happened to the two super soldiers, this was nothing but a little white lie.

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Dozing Off

Paring: Bucky x reader

Characters: Bucky

TW: None. no swear words are your proud of me 

Summary: Some fluff feat. sleepy Bucky. 

a/n: A short drabble to apologize my absence from this blog. PLEASE REQUEST IMAGINES 

You and Bucky arrived at your small apartment and made a b-line toward the couches. You dropped your purse on the ground and collapsed on the couch while Bucky collapsed in the arm chair to your right. 

Both of you were exhausted from the undercover mission you were assigned. 

You heard Bucky mumble “ i love you” before a light snore filled the quiet room. You yawned and curled up with your phone, looking at random pictures on Instagram. 

You munched on some popcorn as you made your way into your shared bedroom and turned on the TV. You saw your recent and decided to continue your Friends binge. 

You were on the last episode of the first season when you heard careless shuffles of feet come your way. You looked up to see a sleepy Bucky looking helpless. You bit your lip to stifle your chuckle. Bucky’s hair was a mess, and it seemed that he had tried to fix it as his metal hand was attached at the root, tangled in the brown knots. He pouted and gave a whine then flopped on the bed. 

You moved over closer to him. There was plenty of room on your king sized bed. 

“How did this happen buck?” You asked softly as your hands began to work against the knots in his hair. 

“ it was in my face, i tried to pull it back like you taught me too, but your a lot better than me “ He said into the sheets. 

“I told you to brush your hair, i promise it helps” You chuckled and untangled the last knot. 

Bucky picked you up and pulled the both of you under the covers. He laid his head on your chest and wrapped his flesh arm around your abdomen. You played with his long locks to lull him to sleep. He hummed in approval as you began to massage his scalp. You loved these moments. They were quiet and innocent, nothing but love radiating off the both of you. Both of you were assassin’s and apart of the the worlds best superhero’s but you both wanted a somewhat vanilla  life. Not that that would ever happen when you both were in the same room, but you liked to pretend it was that way. 

Your head slumped over and sighed deeply before nodding off into a wonderful dream. 

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life-is-fuucked  asked:

bucky saying "i didnt mean to hit you, how did you not see me?" lmao

you got it, dood. (hi jay)

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Sam had his arm wrapped around your shoulders, holding you against his side as you held the bag of peas to your cheek with a very prominent pout on your face. 

“I can’t believe you hit her.” He grumbled, glaring up at Bucky, who was pacing the length of the couch in front of you. 

“I didn’t hit her!” He objected, “I was hitting the punching bag and…” He grimaced at the memory. “I didn’t mean to hit you, (Y/N), honest.” 

Sam rolled his eyes. 

“How did you not see me, Bucky?” You asked, laughter in your voice. 

“You were standing behind the bag! I didn’t know! I’m sorry.” He apologized for the tenth time. You waved him off, knowing it was an accident. Bucky looked like a kicked puppy, and you assured him for the millionth time that it was fine. 

“Sorry doesn’t cut it, Tin Can!” Sam growled. 

You elbowed him, “It was an accident, he said sorry. Chill out, Sammy, jeez. It’s not like he punched me, he punched the bag.” 

“You have a bruise the size of Canada on your face!” Sam exclaimed, eyes wide with disbelief. 

“And I’ll give you a bruise the size Russia if you don’t knock it off!” 

I understand what you’re saying, But at the end of the day, just because they have a crush on a light skin Black woman doesn’t mean it’s colorism unless they’re anti dark skin,  I’ve seen a lot of Korean celebs and everyday Koreans acknowledge/flirt/have crushes on darker skin Black women and call them beautiful or have a darker skin Black woman  as their ideal type like Melanie Fiona, And a lot of Koreans seem to be with Black women of a darker tone (dark brown, Black) even though, doubt that’s important, it’s just skin, but the reason why you hear about Rihanna (she’s Brown to me, not ‘light’), Beyonce’ and Tinashe so much is because they’re so popular in South Korea (they’re not seen as light vs. dark in Korea, they’re still Black to them) and that’s all I hear about most of the time too, I doubt the color of these ladies skin tone go through their mind, I’ve seen them love darker actors and singers too and they’re not “anti dark skin Black women”, they’re still Black women to them. you gotta know about Jay Park and Gemini now, they like all Black women of all skin tones, I’ve seen it all! especially Jay Park, he seems to like ALL skin tones of Black women, he just likes Black women period and just because they don’t post pictures of all Black women with darker skin tones, doesn’t mean they don’t find them attractive.