Japanese folk tales #23 – The sleeping wolf

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I‘ve been asked for a wolf tale. Here it is anon! Hope you’ll like it despite the sad atsmosphere ^^;

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Once upon a time, there was a mountain monk who decided it was time to make his pilgrimage to a far away shrine. He packed the few things he owned and took the road, crossing valleys and fields until he arrived to a mighty forest.

It was an amazing place, beautiful and wild. A tiny little path went through the woods, sole evidence of the presence of men on those lands. The huge trees shaded the forest ground, turning the daylight into an eerie twilight. The monk summoned all his courage and went on his way.

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Cruel Reality

“ Is Mr. Nikiforov here ? ”
Viktor jolted awake from his slumber. How many hours has he been dozing on the hospital chair? 12? 24? He was waiting for the results of Yuri’s surgery due to a hit-and-run accident in his attempt to reach him, who was on the opposite side of the road.

“ Mr. Nikiforov, I’m really sorry but Mr. Katsuki’s operation was not successful. Our surgeons have done everything they could but he had too much blood loss, ” the surgeon reluctantly informed him.

Tears flowed out of his widened eyes , unable to digest the news. Yuri is gone.!HIS Yuri is dead. The surgeon guided Viktor to where Yuri’s body lay. Viktor pulled off the cover and he saw his lover; pale and lifeless.

He hugged Yuri’s limp and lifeless body; He could not hear his heart beat and Yuri’s body was cold. Viktor screamed Yuri’s name repeatedly and hysterically as hot tears stained his face and his lover’s body as he struggled to let the reality of Yuri’s death sink in. His lover was gone then and forever.

“ You’ve been exhausting yourself ever since the day I started coaching you. You’ve grown a lot and changed a lot. Rest well and in peace, Yuri. I love you even after death has tore you away from me, ” Viktor whispered and left to do the only thing left on his mind. Suicide.


Stanley: “I swear- That’s all I know about this guy!”


~*Got a Question?*~

From a coworker

And looks like America’s worst dream is coming true. Today I was waiting with my bags to catch a flight at Newark, NJ airport and a white person next to me commented “Ohh Latino, so packing your bags to go back your home country?” I was shocked!!!! What does that mean???? Has Mr. Trump given every white American a right to make racist comments to every non-white around them?? Especially with Thanksgiving around the corner… celebrating the hospitality provided TO the WHITE european immigrants by the native Americans… I abhorred the sentiment that’s rearing it’s ugly head on the backs of the recent Election results. If every immigrant were to leave this great country… then sorry Mr Trump… you will have to leave too as this country is built by all the immigrants… every white American has an immigrant root… Is this the real agenda behind “let’s make America BACKWARD again” ??

I Buried My Fiancé On Our Wedding Day

I buried my fiancé on what should have been our wedding day. He had been killed in a hit and run accident just three days prior during his nightly run. I stood beside his casket in my white gown, my hair done up beneath my veil, my bouquet clutched in both hands, and I wept. My parents held me up between them and practically carried me back to the car after the funeral, whispering their sympathy and love to me. They couldn’t know what I was feeling, though. No one did.

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I think about you constantly.

I wonder what life would be like if you were still here. I imagine all of the things you’d say. I imagine all of the different adventures we would have gone on.

I wonder who I would be if you were here. I wonder what we would all be like. I think about all of the different ways things would’ve turned out with you in our lives.

I miss you all the time. I miss you so much that my heart hurts. My heart literally clenches tightly when I think of you, as though it’s trying to hold itself together while my thoughts try and tear it apart.

Time is supposed to heal all wounds but, it seems as though time just provided me with a band-aid that gets old and falls off more often than not.

I know you’d hate it, but I still cry for you. I still sit up at night and wish that you were here. I still talk to you and ask you for advice.

I can’t help but want you here. Life has moved on but my heart and emotions haven’t. I can’t move on.

I have your picture everywhere. I think it’s because I’m afraid that one day I’ll forget your face.

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Ever Cometh Morninglight

“The world isn’t in your books and maps; but out there, waiting.”

Toppled wells of opalescent water yearned from the tresses of the gallant boughs, dwindling and delving into sturdy barks, the rays of morngleam piercing the heart of the Twelveswood. Beam after beam punctured great crown o’ mallorn and green-grey, and holly leaves did not go unscathed, unscorched by the smiting grin of the Sun, either. Autumn still stubbornly cradled the denizens of the Wood, and seething with intent still was the forest in its defiance of the marching winter flock and chilled flurry of encompassing snow. Nay, Winter’s morn would yet suffer a delayed appointment, for a juvenile arrival of such season preemptively could spell evils most pernicious upon the souls of the dwellers of the woods.

The capricious frolicking of the squirrels held two particular orbs, gleaming with an emerald decor to their discs, highly intent on the playful antics of the critters–high at attent, yet sufficiently lax for his back to confide in the sturdiness of the bark that consoled its weight, lending timid comfort. Dawn was shattering in splinters through the eaves and leaves, and ever brilliant did it appeal to him.

Mist had welled up within the roots of the forest, taking hostage many-a-corner into its choking domain, with silken finesse slithering and seeking out every nook and cranny its ghastly hands could secure grip and foothold over, thorough and impeccable in its craft of degrading vision and subduing the air to stillness, akin to freezing it still and solid in space and time. The forest breathed in the ephemeral gust of grey, its lungs swollen with the brewing, husky shade.

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Let the mind speak

“I daydreamed about you so hard” was his response to her question. “That’s what you did?” she asked curiously and intrigued. “Yes. Yesterday. Today. Right now.” She laughed at how silly it sounded to her; she couldn’t even begin to comprehend there could be someone to think of her like this; to think of her so much. He’s crazy! her mind exclaimed in her head. “You’re crazy!” her mind spoke out loud. He laughed at how silly it sounded; he couldn’t even begin to comprehend there could be someone like her to think she is not worth being thought about all day; all night. Crazy for you, his mind admitted. “Crazy for you,” his mind admitted out loud.

I never got around to posting my Jensen op or the story to go with it so here ya go! 

 Before BurCon i thought that I’d be the most emotional with Jared. I think i assumed this because of how he speaks up for people with mental illnesses and just supporting his fans and helping them through tough times. I knew i was a Jensen stan but i still thought id be chiller with Jensen than with Jared. Lol was i wrong.

 I was like the first 20 people in line outside of the photo op room. Jensen wasn’t there yet so i was just talking to people in line but then i turn my head when i heard a curtain and Jensen walks right passed me. Literally like 5 feet away and i was immediately struck by his beauty. Im not even being dramatic. Seeing him that close in person just… and he opened his mouth and said while waving, “hey guys”. I dropped to the floor. I literally lost feeling in my legs. I couldn’t hold myself up. I dropped to the ground and i started crying. I was just in shock by how beautiful Jensen’s voice was. It’s probably the greatest voice Ive ever heard. I cant even describe what it sounded like. It sounded like earthy but warm and woodsy. I don’t even know. The person in front of me had to help me up and a creation staff walked to me and said “don’t let the people in blue see you crying, you might get taken out of line” and i was NOT going to let that happen so i did my best to buck up and get through this without falling or crying.

 Walking into the room i saw Jensen doing poses and just being smiley and being just a cute human and I started tearing up again LOL but i kept turning my head away from the staff so they wouldn’t ask me if i was okay cause i knew if I opened my mouth that I’d lose it. I got closer and a few people in front of me had a dog and Jensen made this cute little shocked face and furrowed his eyebrows and said “ITS LIKE A HORSE” and i almost fucking died it was the cutest thing ever rip me. Ok ok so now I’m like a person away and a pose pops into my head and I’m nervous af and im tearing up and I’m worried about my make up and then I’m next.

 His. Fricking . Smile.

I went up to him and i said in the most disgusting voice ever “can we do the forehead touch thing” and he said “of course” AND HIS ACCENT JSJSISKDJDEK and he puts his hands on me (and it wasn’t until i saw the photo that i noticed his hands were in my hair???) and we looked into each others eyes and my brain just went ???? Because his eyes looked brown. I was expecting green but it must’ve been the lighting or something lol but yeah i was super confused and then the moment was over and he let go and i grabbed onto his arm and said “thank you so much” and he gripped my arm right back and said “no problem sweetheart”. I started SOBBING. I just turned away so he wouldn’t see me and i just balled my eyes out and i grabbed my shit from the table and got the fuck out cause crying is the most embarrassing thing for me to do in public and i heard people awing and laughing and I’m like oh my god??? Im totally shaking and I get to the ballroom and i went to my friends and i started sobbing harder and people kept looking at me and i was just a mess. Not only because I met Jensen, but because i knew my make up would be messed up for Jared and i spent two hours on it SO YES I WAS UPSET. 

 Ok so at Jensen autos I’m like waaay calmer but I’m still shaky af and i got to the table and i said “hi Jensen!” In a disgusting high voice and he said “hey sweetheart” and i wanted to die LIKE DONT CALL ME THAT IT MAKES ME EMO. While he was signing the picture i told him something that im not gonna share with you guys (it wasn’t negative or sad. Just personal) but he held my hand and he said that we looked good and i said bye to him and he said “bye sweetheart” AGAIN WITH THE SWEETHEART I WAS SHOOK. 

 So that’s my Jensen story. I was super emo during my Jensen experiences but I’m just so happy i finally got to meet him.

Original Story

So I know you all read my fan fic and like it… So here is the beginning of my own story I’m working on. Maybe you’ll take a look and like what you see? It’s short I promise!


Fire rippled all around her. She couldn’t remember how it started and she couldn’t see where it began. But she knew it was going to eat the village alive. She knew there was no end to the flames, no stopping the wicked heat that burned everything in it’s wake. The fire stung her eyes, it burned her lungs. But she couldn’t move. She watched the flames, it was as if they owned her.

She pulled her knees up under her chin, her body cold despite the flames that trapped her inside her room. Her hands were shaking. She could hear her parents screaming. She squeezed her eyes shut wishing, begging for someone to stop the fire.

With her eye closed she saw her baby brother. She should go to him, he needed to be saved.

But her body was frozen, because there was a wicked voice inside her head. It whispered to her that this was all her doing. She wouldn’t be saved because she had caused this destruction. So she stayed where she was, waiting for death or for a miracle.

At barely ten years old she didn’t know which she preferred.

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Stargazer is going to stay some time as Pencil’s guest, and with that I consider the setting of the story officially established!

There are a few more scenes before the end of the first chapter, but since I finally got to these point, I’ll spend the next updates answering all the questions I received before continuing with the story, as I promised ages ago.

I think I’ll use the answers to the questions as an opportunity to experiment with new styles to keep things entertaining. I hope you like the idea as well : )


But… She’s always worried about her father, one way or another… What makes this big enough to make her cry?

Beats me. 

But hey, you’re her boyfriend, aren’t you? Why not just go ask her?

H-Hey! So what if I am!

I… I suppose I should…

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