This shot tho-
Thanks @odinsiris for risking your butt to catch this shot 😂
He fell in the tub but he’s okay! Bathbombs from
They smelled really good e.e
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“There’s been a bit of a sad moment for her. She’s sitting on a car, waiting for everyone to come out, and she’s clearly been upset. The guys come out of the building and Harley turns around and kinda just wipes away the tears and is suddenly happy again. I was just like “Oh god, she’s hurting so much but she’s making a joke.”
That is so what women do. It’s like, women totally do that for the sake of not making it uncomfortable for family members, to like, put on a brave face for their kids. I watched my mom, I watched so many women in my life, and it’s just like, they will swallow all of that and just… Women are tough, man.“

- Margot Robbie