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“I’ve shown enough of the cute and humorous me. Of course that is a part of my true self, but I am going to show a lot of more of my serious and hardworking Jackson. I am not a native Korean so I am fully aware that my activities are restricted. Backups to that restriction is what I need. I broke into entertainment with my bright image and I enjoyed it. I want to keep doing that. In China, I want to do acting. If I get recognized there first then move over to Korea, I would have a lot more confidence.” 

–  Jackson Wang for Kwave Magazine


get to know our members: cecilie’s favorite characters [6/6]

↳ annabeth chase // percy jackson 

He had no idea where the stereotype of dumb giggly blondes came from. Ever since he’d met Annabeth at the Grand Canyon last winter,when she’d marched toward him with that Give me Percy Jackson or I’ll kill you expression, Leo had thought of blondes as much too smart and much too dangerous


Jackson Wang for Vogue China


Happy Birthday to my favourite person in the world! 

Time to get sappy!

23 years have passed since your beautiful, sweet mom held you in her arms for the first time. 23 years of growing into the person you are today, a person who brings a smile on the faces of so many people all over the world. A person who’s loved, cherished, and thought of every day. A person who’s admired for his courage and perseverance, chasing his dreams regardless of the sacrifices and hardships. You’ve come such a long way, proving everyone who told you you couldn’t do it so, so wrong, facing your fears and pushing through the tough times. You’ve worked so hard, and now you’re here. 

It’s hard to describe how your bright smile lights up so many people’s dark days, how much you inspire us just by being yourself. Your laugh, your silly antics, your love for your family and friends, your love for people in general, your humour, your fanservice and just the overall pure goodness of your golden heart. 

You love your fans and your fans love you, and while we appreciate everything you do for us, we only want you to be happy and healthy. Keep growing, dear Jackson, but i hope you also stay the beautiful person you are today. I hope GOT7 and your Ahgases bring you as much joy as you bring them, we love you so much! Happy Birthday! ♡

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