video games are incredibly vital and serious and not to be joked with or about. once someone on here private messaged me, told me they were going to block me, and then promptly blocked me because i made a post about world of warcraft  that said “Edwin VanCleef was right”. it is in the spirit of that person that i am saying to you now: if i hear a single slanderous word spoken against Cherry from Animal Crossing Pocket Camp i will walk to your house and hit you with a chair

Before I go to bed

One common argument for sweatshops is that without cheap labor companies would raise the prices of their products.

The answer is usually ‘they don’t have to’.

The answer should be ‘the fact that this is even an actual problem shows how dysfunctional and harmful capitalism is’.

Let’s say one company genuinely can’t afford to pay tons of people decent wages and raises prices of products. Guess what? That’s not the employees being unfair in their demands. It’s a mess of an economic system designed to fail.

There doesn’t need to be significant proof companies can lower prices because it puts the stability of capitalism over basic human decency. Same goes for universal healthcare and access to education. If it cannot be implemented and people are left behind due to profit, that’s not faulty planning, it’s literally a result of capitalism.

‘The minimum wage is only working in small areas in first world countries’…ask yourself why? There is no magic market force. Just profit-motivated individuals thriving off global exploitation.

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I had an old lady come through my lane today and immediatly interupted my greeting and said very snarky, "You don't seem very friendly." So my brain takes a moment to proces this and I just say "oh" as I continue to bag and scan her items. "Just oh?" "yeah, i mean i got my wisdom teeth out last week, so i can't really convey my emotions well right now." That shut her up. Normally that kind of comment wouldn't bug me, but it's my birthday so I'm feeling pretty happy. Fuck off old lady.