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Behold, my next OC joining the Rogue’s Gallery of The Bad Luck Crew!

Xera Meezlemorp:  The creator of Villain-Net: The Social Media Platform for Evil-Doers! 

She’ll be one of The Bad Luck Crew’s greatest obstacles! She has a large internet empire, boat load of dosh thanks to Villain-Net’s success, knows the details of every villain and is a great influence on many of them! 

Plus she’s made “friends” with that creepy Mosquito girl. That’s not good!

This moment legitimately got me.

Usually, it’s the little lines that somehow slipped into the script that really land.

Shag ‘n’ Scoob are tied up, under mysterious circumstances.

Big reveal – they’re sitting on a massive pile of fireworks.

Shaggy: “Don’t you know it’s illegal to shoot off fireworks and wreck a storeroom?!”

Masked bad guy, matter-of-factly, and with an air of boredom:

“We will build a new storeroom!”

*slams door, leaves*

I love this guy. He deserves his own spin-off show.

Extreme Antagonist Acting Do’s and Don'ts in Film Examples

Bill Skarsgård- “It”

- Prepared thoroughly for the role, reading the novel, as well as putting an entirely new spin on the iconic character, receiving much praise, while having respect for the original. ( He’s 27)

- Was well aware when and when not to be in a dark place in order to portray Pennywise’s demented and demonic self. (As staying in those places mentally can prove to be detrimental to actor’s mental health.)

-Was extremely kind and helpful to his cast and crew, especially the children whom he worked with, making sure they were OK between takes, and treating them with the same respect he would treat any adult actor.

Jared Leto- “Suicide Squad”

-Sent cast members live rats, a pig carcass, anal beads, and used condoms as “gifts” from the Joker. This can be sourced by interviews with the cast on Youtube, (such as ‘Suicide Squad’: Will Smith talks about the crew relationship with Jared Leto’ ) where Will Smith talks about how Leto sent him a dead pig.

-Method acted as the Joker, creating an uneasy and distasteful environment to those he worked with. (Method acting is not supposed to do that.)

-His overall performance as the iconic character that many talented actors had played before ended up lacking variety despite it all.

I have never met these two in person, nor can I vouch for their character, but it says a lot about an actor in a working environment who is able to do their job well, as well as treat those they’re working with with respect and kindness.


Anonymous said:

Do you have a link of that vine of yours about hidding a hero crush from others villains??

Here you go.