type: triptych


Finally finished my two companion pieces to my large Unicorn Deer piece! I wanted to play off one of the other Unicorn Hunt tapestries but nothing translated well without getting insanely complicated so ended up just doing two ‘hunting hounds’ to place at either side of the larger piece :D Prints available at cons , eventually in our shop. ENJOY! XOXOXO

So I’ve decided to go through my old art I made a few years ago, touch up the photos and start posting them to my page here. We’ll start off with one of my favorites, and the best paintings I’ve done, “The Smell of Pitch”. It’s a triptych of the same image of one of the best characters from my favorite franchises, Joshua Graham from Fallout: New Vegas. I sorta went wild with the color scheme and kept the background solid black to make everything more vibrant, and I still love how they came out, got em’ hanging on my bedroom wall right now. Hope Fallout fans get a kick out of this, look forward to more of my archived art in the near future(spoiler alert, it starts going downhill fast).