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Ahh nothing Like back to a Freaking Classic : my favorite Halo game of all time ( YES OVER HALO 2 ) and its better with all the things that the community made for the game for give it more life !

This is just a little Compilation of some good and interesting weapons i found in the Campaign mod for halo ce : Soi Singleplayer Adventure !

The Assaut Rifle in this campaign have some interesting feactures , the most notabe feacture its the inclussion of a Grenade Launcher, the GL funtion like the GL of Halo Reach ( Aka : Propipe ) sounds like the hao 4 counterpart , but i feel it more powerful the sound of this version .

The Rocket Launcher its not a double barrel rocket launcher anymoe , now have only one , but with the feacture that holding the trigger the cannon start turning for when you Release the trigger the rocket go with a Fast Velocity than normal .

Nobody expect this weapon , a LMG like the SAW but with More Bullets - Faster Cadence of fire and a insane..and when i say insane IS INSANE damage , can take a Hunter with just one mag in Legendary !

A Favorite of @biduke-h , the Mauler and all the Brute Arsenal is in this Campaign .. are op as fuck . The Brute shot - Mauler - Gravity Hammer - Spiker and Brute Pasma Rifle have a lot of damage in they meele attacks , can take down floods with ONE hit ( again , ,even on legendary )

And a lot more of guns , vehicles and etc . Some Mods of Hao ce Have interesting things, I would not bother remarking and sharing with you! 

If i do a post similar to this one , im gonna search a lot moe of maps with interesting things ! Enjoy ! :D


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