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this gifset is gratuitous because this shot was gratuitous

look at this bunker porn

‘unf aren’t these the best tiles ever’

literally all the hipster coffee shops and Tesco coffee shops and weird hamburger joints in Glasgow have this weirdass Bunker aesthetic right now

I was going to write about the table 

Rey's Interrogation
The Force Doth Awaken
Rey's Interrogation

Rey’s interrogation from Act IV, Scene II of William Shakespeare’s the Force Doth Awaken by Ian Doescher.

Where am I?

—Thou art welcome as my guest.

Where are the others, all my comrades true?
What hast thou done with them? Are they herein?

The comrades, ha! Thou meanest all the thieves,
The murtherers and traitors thou call’st friends?
Their treachery doth mock thy loyalty,
Their gross dishonor doth negate thy honor.
Thou shalt be wholly comforted to know
I have no knowledge of their whereabouts.
Yet let us speak of them no more. Instead,
’Tis thy mind that doth bring me interest:
Much like an open book, I look inside
And scan its contents like so many words.
Thy thoughts are clear: thou’d happ’ly see me dead.

If ’tis the story thou dost read therein,
’Tis but the consequence of being hunted
By one who hides beneath a coward’s mask.

[Kylo Ren removes his mask.

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