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  • Donut: Is the equipment secure?
  • Tucker: Check.
  • Donut: Weapon loaded?
  • Tucker: Check.
  • Donut: Did you have breakfast?
  • Tucker: What? That's not on the checklist.
  • Donut: I added it because I care about you.
  • Tucker: No, I did not have breakfast.
  • Donut: Unacceptable. Look in your pocket.
  • Tucker: Hey, there's little chocolate chips in this.
  • Donut: Yeah, I'm not an idiot. I know how to trick my best friend into eating his fiber.


anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on the time jump? The last time the show did this the story line suffered a lot because of it

lol. i haven’t really let that scene sink in for me yet so my mind is kinda jumbled tbh (i also need to go to sleep so don’t expect any coherent thoughts at all), but let me try anyway: i actually have issues with it, that’s for sure. like, i’m still trying to get… used to the concept of it all since time jumps can be tricky.

what i did like about it though is that we get to see a different depiction of the world after the radiation wave hit - no visual backdrop on a planet covered by sand or visceral display of contaminated food, water or even death etc, but green trees and the sun shining through them instead (similar to the first time clarke laid eyes on earth 1x01) - and how clarke now lives in it.

usually, when movies/shows pull that kind of story line they go into extreme survivors mode with their characters, psychologically damaged people who try to find a way to keep on fighting in a world that is devoured by loss, war or violence - you know when they do no more than survive and are pushed on the brink of insanity, because its hard to ease yourself into this darkness.

with clarke its the complete opposite, because with her there are no quick reflexes on how she deals with a shattered world after the radiation wave (she knows how to get around it - she survived this mess after all, more than once, but the fact that we don’t specifically see it now is eye-catching).

what we get instead is this:

she sits on a rover with a sketchbook in her lab, enjoying the weather

she “talks” to bellamy on to radio every day

she crossed paths with a nightblood girl whom she took in and now has a strong bond with, a girl who can sleep and who she also teaches lessons (i need to know more about this and i know i will because its been confirmed)

she has hope even after failing to get to the people in the bunker

she is smiling

she is… happy.

and that is different in a lot of ways, because while we have experienced clarke alone before (2x16 - 3x01) this time we see that she has learned how to get a grip on her heart and understand herself like she has never before - e.g she knows where she needs to go to not get lost, or knows what she has to and clearly wants to do in order to keep herself sane, to remind herself who she is, who to keep company and most definitely who to be cautious with. it’s a short insight into a long progression, but it shows and it shows drastically.

she doesn’t get lost in the cycle of hopelessness again, or doesn’t drive herself onward with dark desperation. clarke is not really reminiscent of the irradiated world in itself (yes okay okay, her outfit reminds us of mad max i get it), but we see planet earth through clarke’s eyes in a way that was hinted at since the beginning of the season - the whole theme of having inherited the earth comes into play, and this is what she makes it look like to us after 6 years and 7 fucking days. she survived, rose from the ashes and now lives with it - and basically all the things she has experienced/done up until this point.

and that’s something i liked seeing. not in this ep, but overall, yes.