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VIDEO: JUSTICE LEAGUE - Official Trailer Sneak Peek!


GUYS this exclusive clip OF FRANKY FROM SEASON 5 was released yesterday!!! Makes me nervous about the new season, even more than I already was. I wonder what she’s worried about :( 


Going To Hell will be up in only 6 days on @suicidegirls babes 😱 I am so exciting that you’ll discover this tribute set to @tprofficial @taylormomsen shot by the awesome @cerseisuicide ! Enjoy your teaser/preview and be sure to be there in less than a week to give me love and support ! 🎸🖤

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This week’s episode looks… interesting lol!

Is it ok for them to get wasted on national TV? Standards for what’s considered airable in Korea must have changed recently because I remember in the previous seasons they were not even allowed to talk about having a drink…

But then again they already shot a Makkeoli special when Joohyuk was still here, so why not hard liquor now ^^

Joonyoung is wearing the same cloths he had at the airport when he left for his concert in Taiwan so I guess this was filmed last week! Also it looks like they’ll separate in 2 teams (Defconn, Taehyun and Donggu v/s Junho, Jongmin and Joonyoung) with some of them going to Mokpo… It’s just one of the furthest place you can go from Seoul, all the way south west of the country haha :-s