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I heard that bts is not performing in BBMAs (don't know if it's official) and apparently a lot of armys are mad and are trying to tweet so much about bts so they get to perform, like spamming or so. Even if they don't get to perform, I don't understand why we should be mad... I mean we're invited, that's reallyyyy BIG! This is a big step! I wouldn't want them to perform just because we're spamming so much... sometimes it feels like armys acts like some important manager for bts or something😶

we really can’t control everyone in the fandom. some people just really wants to say what they want without thinking about it. which is really super annoying. SUPER ANNOYING. I don’t know why these “fans” think it’s ok to act like that, everyone just hates on ARMYs for it and then hates on Bangtan for it too. 

I wish they’d realize it and stop spamming everything about it. Bangtan is grateful enough to be able to attend. I just want them to have a great time. They’re huge fanboys of people who will be there so it would also be a great experience for them. I’m pretty sure that if they’d get a chance to perform on Billboard they would want to earn it themselves. Not because fans keeps being annoying.

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Do you have vid/gif when chan was broadcasting himself watching baek showing his abs in one performance? Spam us pleaseee..

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm It’s probably because of my awful memory (oh whey meeee) but I can’t remember if Chanyeol broadcasted himself when Baekabs revealed themselves. Maybe I’m thinking of the wrong things but you mean either this



this. But I doubt it’s this one

Now for the solo performance Baekhyun did, I don’t remember there being a moment showing that Chanyeol was broadcasting himself ;^^ if anyone thinks of something could you please send it to me~?


mmmmmm chan abs

I love this. When fans asked Baekhyun to show his abs Chanyeol legit bolted towards Baek like “This is my chance!”

sorry for not giving you what u wanted T-T

Hetalia Singin’ in the World - The End

Group picture

All the actors got together to take a group picture at the stage.

Italy, saying goodbye to everyone while holding a drawing Himaruya himself drew and colored.

The musical is now over. The actors have done a great job with all 11 performances. So let’s spam the director with fanmail so they’ll make a second musical.

If I pass this semester… I will…. I will…. ….. maybe take those classes of historical fencing or tapdancing like I wanted since first semester but never had a suitable hole in schedule of compulsory subjects.

reminder of this performance by Kun and Taeyong | cr. botanicalhoney_

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