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It’s not often that President of the United States Donald Trump gives you that warm, friendly, loving feel. Thanks to a new batch of ecstasy pills pressed with an image of his face, he is now. The pills are currently being sold on the dark web and are beginning to appear on the streets of the UK. They contain a very high level of MDMA and are sold under the slogan “Trump makes partying great again”.


But police just “PEACEFULLY” remove a group of KKK bandits from a protest.. 

This wouldn’t of happened in an all white party, police brutality and injustice has been a problem for us black people for a long time. They way they handle situations with us is clearly very different than with white people. Our people are being killed just for the color of our skin and that’s not ok! America’s police force is fueled by racism and hatred. The worst part of this is it’s nothing new.