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[TUTORIAL] How to be SEXY on stage Roy Kim’s Version @roykimmusic
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[D-1] Roy Kim 1st Mini Album (개화기) preview
5. 상상해봤니
6. HEAVEN (Solo version)

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The new VIXX music video for Shangri-La is soooo beautiful… choreo as well as costumes and set design. The song is great too. Lovely melodie and harmonies. 

Hi, lovelies! 

Seeing as I recently hit 1K, I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone following me and liking/reblogging my gifs. I’m not great at expressing myself, but I appreciate it a bunch! ♡ 

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hello, if you’re searching for lee taemin after fns kayousai, here’s a starter guide for you.

this is taemin

this was taemin in 2008 when shinee debuted. yes he’s laughing at you

he also laughs at people in 2016

this was baby taemin

he’s the maknae (youngest member) of shinee and also the main dancer. appreciate his dancing skills.

he’s also a soloist. his first minialbum is ‘ace’ and his first album ‘press it’ includes press your number, with the best solo choreo of the year according to mama 2016 and according to universe. more cool dancing skills.

he’s also talented at piano

but he enjoys dancing too much he dances on pianos too, as he did in his japanese solo debut with sayonara hitori

he loves food

really. he loves food.

as much as he loves his dogs, adam and eve (don’t get it wrong: they’re both males ok)

and as much as he loves jongin, his bff

also he loves moonkyu a lot

and all together love ravi too

and he loves jimin a lot lately

but he loves himself the most

but no even himself can fight jonghyun’s love for taemin (he’s the president of his fanclub you better be respectful to him)

he’s a fairy, a devil, lots of things but definitely our angel

as he’s a master of imitating sloths


and giraffes

you might know him also as the kpop dude

and as one of the idols who enjoys splitting his pants the most

and even if his facial expressions kill us every time

and sometimes we doubt if he’s living in this world or he’s lost in his own

he’s one of the cutest human beings you’ll ever meet. so please, love him a lot.