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New Girl Part Two (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 1068

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: You can read part one here

“Uh sorry guys I gotta go, something came up.” Peter Parker rushed out his words, his eyes never leaving the screen of his phone. Michelle crosses her arms, leaning forward on the desk with a questioning look on her face. “Where do you go Parker? What are you hiding?” The boy seems taken aback by her question, his jaw dropping slightly as he tries to think of an answer that didn’t sound fake. Luckily he didn’t have to explain himself as Michelle relaxed from her interrogation, letting out a snort at Peter’s reaction. “Just kidding, I don’t care.”

Releasing a sigh the boy quickly grabbed his backpack, sending another quick glance down at his phone.Something wasn’t right but you didn’t feel the need to pressure him into telling you, you’d only known Michelle, Ned and Peter for little over a month now anyway. “Catch you guys later.” And with that Peter was practically running out the door, so caught up in whatever was going on that he didn’t notice that he dropped his phone on the way out. Noticing this you reached down retrieve it, informing Michelle and Ned that you were just going to chase after the clumsy boy and give him his phone back. 

With that you jogged out the door, hoping that he hadn’t gotten too far already. You caught no sign of the boy anywhere as you moved around the car park of the school. It wasn’t until you heard rustling and rumblings from a dark alleyway that you found Peter…changing into a Spider-man suit. Your eyes widened at the sight, clamping your hands over your mouth to stop any unwanted noises of shock from escaping. Slowly backing away from the scene before the boy could notice your presence you ran back towards the school telling yourself that what you saw wasn’t real…it couldn’t have been…could it?

The following day you still couldn’t seem to get the thought out of your head, that Peter Parker was also the web slinging crime fighting hero that had all of New York talking. Last night you tossed and turned in your sheets, contemplating whether or not you should confront him about this, and now you were. 

There he was, Peter Parker, your new friend walking to his next class without a care in the world. After taking a deep breath you started to hurriedly walk after Peter, eventually catching up to him. Without even uttering a word to him you quickly dragged him into the storage closet next to you, which was harder then you thought. Let’s just say that boy must be hiding some muscle.  

Slamming the door closed behind you, you turned to Peter who stared at you with a shocked expression.  "Y/N what the heck-“ Quickly cutting off his words by practically shoving your hands in his face, your mood turned serious as you confessed to the boy. "I know Peter." 

Obviously confused as to what on earth you were going on about, Peter’s eyebrows just furrowed as he looked at you as if you were crazy. Heck! Maybe you were. "What are you talking about?” Still keeping the serious tone of voice you crossed you arms. “I know your secret." 

Peter only rolled his eyes at this, shrugging his shoulders at your accusations."I don’t have any secret.” You couldn’t help but let out a snort at his claim. The boy who was a normal nerdy high school teen by day and secretly a crime fighting vigilantly who dresses in tights by night says he has no secrets? "Oh really. So it’s not a secret that you have powers and run around New York city in a spandex suit in your free time?”

Peter’s jaw almost dropped to the ground at your words, obviously not expecting you to know his biggest secret. “How did you-" 

"Yesterday. You left your phone behind and I chased after you to give it back. Only to discover you in a Spider-man suit pulling on a mask and swinging away on your webs. You really need to be more careful with where you put on that suit Parker. Oh and here’s your phone.” You pulled his phone out of your jacket pocket, Peter gratefully accepting it back. “Thanks. But how are you so….so calm about this?" 

That was almost laughable as last night after you found out you were anything but calm, but he didn’t need to know about your little breakdown. "Well I had all last night to think about it and I eventually got over it. It’s not like I’ve known you any longer than a week anyway." 

Something seemed to cross the boys mind as his expression became serious suddenly. His hand reached out to your shoulder as he spoke to you with great importance. "You aren’t gonna tell anyone are you? Because Ned is the only other person who knows and Michelle is only suspicious. I need this to be a secret, can I trust you to keep it?" 

"Don’t worry your secret is safe with me Spiderguy.” Sending the boy a reassuring smile you lightly laughed at the new nickname you made up. Peter smiled back at you, glad that you didn’t run off and tell people as soon as you discovered his secret. He wasn’t dull, he knew you could have sold this information to the media and got a ton of money for it, but instead you did the right thing. You kept it to yourself, you’d been a good friend even if you’d only know each other for a month. 

Then unexpectedly Peter embraced you in a hug that caused butterflies in your stomach at his touch. “Thank you for being so cool about this Y/N.” Taking in his scent you smiled into his shoulder. Oh crap! Where you developing feelings for Peter?! It was only then that you noticed how little space was around you. “As much as I appreciate this hug, might I remind you that we’re currently cramped in the storage closet." 

Pulling away from you he laughed at the situation. "Yeah we should probably get out of here.” Opening the door you held a hand out for him to go first, sending him a cheeky smile. "After you web boy.“ Rolling his eyes in annoyance at the names already he voiced his distaste for them. "Are these nicknames gonna be a thing?" 

"You betcha crime fighting spider!

It’s not about a three day weekend. It’s about remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

My service in the Air Force doesn’t hold a candle to what men and women went through in all of America’s wars that saw combat. Let’s take a moment and remember their bravery and the ones that didn’t come home.


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Rose-Colored Boy (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 459

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: I thought that this one was a very cute but short one. Hope you guys like it :)

“Peter did you…did you vlog your fight with the avengers?” Your voice called out from your place on your boyfriend Peter’s bed. Hearing your words he walks into the room with a piece of toast hanging out of his mouth as he talks. “What are you talking about-" 

"This.” Holding up his laptop you turn it to face him, the screen showing a video Spider-man talking to the camera during his fight with the avengers in Germany. Peter’s eyes widened at the videos, his toast falling to the floor now forgotten. He attempted to play it off like he didn’t know how those videos got there but you weren’t born yesterday. “That uh, that’s not me." 

At his words the video cuts to a different scene where Peter’s face is revealed as he talks to the camera about the cool new suit Mr Stark made for him. You raised an eyebrow questioningly at your boyfriend who now seems at a loss for words. "Oh really." 

Letting out a sigh Peter face palms at his carelessness, he really should have not taken videos of that trip."Crap I really gotta be more careful about my secret." 

You shrugged your shoulders before laying back on the mattress, turning your head to the side to speak to him. "Honestly i’m not that shocked your secretly a superhero. I mean you’d better have a good reason for bailing on me half the time and this is the greatest excuse your gonna get. Also, finding out that my hot boyfriend is a superhero is the best news I’ve heard all day." 

Walking to the bed Peter practically jumped on top of you, squishing you as he cuddled you. "Gosh I love you.” Wrapping your arms around him in return, you snuggled your head into his chest. "I know.“ 

Peter’s head shot up at your words, obviously not pleased with that answer. "Heyyy say it back.” Quickly giving him a peck on the lips you then mumbled the four words into his neck causing your boy to blush. "Love you bug boy.“ 

Minutes passed by as you both laid there entangled in each others bodies, you thinking about how your boyfriend is also a superhero. "My rose-coloured boyfriend is an avenger. What is my life.” You muttered as you reached up and started squishing his face to look like a fish. “Well technically i’m not yet-" 

Ignoring his words you continue to squish his cheeks together, letting out little giggles every now and then. "Your face is very squishable." 

"Thanks?” He raised an eyebrow at your remark, not knowing if it was a compliment or not. "You’re welcome. So now that I know your deep dark secret can we go for a swing on your webs?”


Park Doll “Perfect Match feat.HERO” Dance Practice

  • Regular villains catching the hero by surprise: well well well...
  • Bill Cipher, a drama queen: well well well well wellwellwellwellwellwell well...