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Out of all your dearly-beloved fictional children, name your top 3 babies


1. Draco Malfoy
2. Harry Potter
3. Draco Malfoy again probably

I’m a very simple person

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Hey! I was wondering what you had in your queues so I know what to look foreword to??

1: A Hogwarts!AU Evan x Reader. This wasn’t requested, but I just spent 4 days at Universal and I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd.

2: A Jared x Reader where things are getting steamy and Mrs Kleinman interrupts them.

3: A Mike x Reader where he asks Jen and Rachel for advice on where to take you for a date, and it is successful.

4: A Connor x Artist!Reader where he sneaks into the reader’s room while they’re painting, and they make out after he sits and watches the Reader painting.

5: A few sets of Headcanons (Jared x atheist!reader, Horny!Ben x Reader, Jared confessing his feelings to the Reader, Evan x Reader with braces)

Ten Daisy Johnson Harry Potter headcanons:

BirthdayForDaisy2, Day 2

1. She’s 9 (actually 10, but she doesn’t know that) when the first Harry Potter comes out in the US, but she doesn’t read it until a year later when her foster mother is an elementary school teacher who encourages her to read. Technically, she’ll realize about fifteen years later, she’s Harry’s age in the first book as she reads about him finding out who he really is, as she’s able to devour the first three books pretty much in a row. The books are frowned upon back at St. Agnes, which of course only makes her love them more.

2. It’s not like Harry Potter gives her the idea to find out about her family and her place in the world – she would have had that drive anyways, already had that drive anyways  – but it makes her feel connected to see Harry’s journey, and it’s hard not to think of him as a hero a lot like her. A parent-less child finding his place, learning that he always already had a place and a sort-of family out there in the world – she can’t help but dream of it for herself.

3. She gives up on the idea of actually finding her parents pretty early, definitely doesn’t expect (at least doesn’t dare admit to hoping) that they might be two living people who have searched the globe for her. Of course she needs to know who they are and who she is, but what she really wants is more of a godfather, a Sirius Black – someone who’s just about connection and hope, who she could call when she gets lonely or scared. 

4. The last Halloween she goes trick-or-treating, she’s in the 7th grade, and after re-reading all four of the published books, her foster-mother helps her make a costume to dress as Cho Chang, with a broom and a paper mache golden snitch. 

5. In 10th grade – her last full year in school – she has a crush on her lab partner in chemistry, and it’s not only because her name is Hermione, but that’s at least part? It’s sort of a thing for her, if she’s honest – crushing on Hermione. 

6. She’s 18, at least as far as she knows, when The Deathly Hallows comes out. Her van is still a few years in her future, and she’s just homeless – mostly staying where she can around Manhattan, spending a lot of time in public libraries with no money to spend on books – but she still gets her hands on a copy and reads it while camped out in the back room of an internet cafe where her friend works.

7. She wonders if Harry counts as a high school dropout, too. 

8. In her short life, she’s lost a lot of precious things, has mostly learned not to care too much about physical objects. But as she’s shouldering her backpack and culling her belongings to what she can carry with her, she wants Hermione’s purse with the extension charm as much as she’s ever wanted anything.

9. As she gets older and reads more, it’s impossible not to grow more critical of the series, of the way Lavender and Fleur and especially Cho get treated. It makes her angry, and Harry Potter is her first real experience of loving a problematic thing, of trying to hold onto the parts that mean something to her even as she acknowledges the myriad flaws of the source material.

10. The last movie comes out the summer she leaves Austin for LA, when her search feels like it’s finally starting to go somewhere. She and Miles go together, one of their last dates, and it’s a testament to how much Miles means to her that she explains how important Harry Potter was to her growing up, that she lets him see her get emotional about something in her past, something so comparatively trivial given that she’s now looking for ways inside a top secret spy organization. He’s good about it, though, which she knew he would be, and it’s a nice way to move into another chapter of her life.

10 Reasons to Read Harry Potter
  • 1. Draco Malfoy
  • 2. The story is wonderful.
  • 3. Draco Malfoy
  • 4. It has magic, and everyone loves magic.
  • 5. Draco Malfoy
  • 6. Lovely characters.
  • 7. Draco Malfoy
  • 8. Ships of all types.
  • 9. Draco Malfoy
  • 10. The whole world have readen it, why wouldn't you?

This is one of my favorite parts of this book, because it’s so apparent from how the rest of the staff is talking that they’ve ranted mercilessly about every bullshit thing Lockhart has ever said/done behind his back. It makes me really sad that Hogwarts professors will never have iPhones, because their group messages would be fucking hilarious. Can you imagine them sitting in the Great Hall for dinner and just ranting to each other via text about every stupid thing Lockhart is saying immediately after he says it?

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                                            sometimes you’ve got to think
                                            about more than your own safety.
                                            sometimes you’ve got to think
                                            about the greater good!

                                           AESTHETIC MEME | eight characters
                                           ┖ harry james potter (2)

It’s moments like this when I think James or Sirius would have done much better in Harry’s place.

Can’t you just picture either of them sitting down with Vernon and Petunia, completely somber-faced, and pulling out the list of Hogwarts electives?

James: As we all know, it’s never too early to start thinking about the future. As you are my very wise elders, I’d be remiss if I didn’t attempt to solicit your advice on the matter.

Vernon and Petunia: …

James: I’m glad you’re taking this as seriously as I am.

Vernon and Petunia: …

James: So, in your opinion, which elective would best prepare me to be an Obliviator?

Vernon and Petunia: …

James: To be clear, that’s someone whose entire profession is to fuck with the minds of Muggles.

Vernon and Petunia: …

James: Okay, what if I want to become an Auror? That’s someone whose entire profession is to fuck people up. Picture a cop, okay? But this cop is able to turn you into a goat and make you vomit slugs and kill you with two words.

Vernon and Petunia: …

James: No thoughts on that one, either? Okay, what if I want to become a dragon tamer? Where, you know, I would have an entire army of dragons at my disposal.

Vernon and Petunia: …

James: Really? Nothing? ‘kay, guess I’ll just go play in the park. Unless I’m still grounded? Which, to be honest, would upset me. And I would remember being upset. Even years from now, when I graduate from Hogwarts and enter the workforce–you know, the wizarding workforce.


James: Yes. Is it working?

Vernon: … yes.


harry potter meme: [2 of 8] quotes

“It addresses one of the greatest, and least acknowledged, temptations of magic: the quest for invulnerability. Of course, such a quest is nothing more or less than a foolish fantasy. No man or woman alive, magical or not, has ever escaped some form of injury, whether physical, mental or emotional. To hurt is as human as to breathe. Nevertheless, we wizards seem particularly prone to the idea that we can bend the nature of existence to our will.“


Harry Potter pt.2 // houses✨

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