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Growing distant, towards darkness. The one to appear before him as he began leave was Sakura. To the back of a Sasuke that tried to avert from what was being left behind, Sakura desperately conveys her feelings. Bright and earnest feelings - feelings that did not want to lose Sasuke.
The one who filled his lonely existence with the emotion called love was Sakura. But, as expected, Sasuke cannot respond to those feelings. Sasuke was only able to leave a single word of thanks as word of parting. Sakura, who needed him to the last. His words are not a deceit but his true feelings.

page 343 - The Relationship Between Elasticity and Total Revenues.

aka, why haven’t I been doing it this way the whole time? Is there some cultural taboo against unmodified charts that I have forgotten about given how long it’s been since I communicated with someone without technological mediation?