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Happy birthday, Terence “Finn” Jones! (March 24th, 1988)

“[to get through a Zombie Apocalypse] I’d ride into battle on a unicorn and that unicorn would possess the power to when I chopped off people’s heads with my sword, the decapitated heads would flow out with flowers and bring peace onto the land. And those flowers, if they touched another zombie, would make them into, like a, better person.”


Sweaty morning running what do I do with my phone gif! And a wonderful swimming gif!

Did a treadmill two miles and then half a mile around the track! I am enjoying having the option to do both, I wish LC had a facility like the one here! I would sign a contract in a heartbeat! The picture of the facility is the new one that is opening soon but the one we are going to is just like it!

Hope y'all are having a wonderful day!