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I recently started following the zventenze blog because they’ve been posting a lot of Eastern European winter festivals and costumes, which introduced me to some of the stylin’est, greatest imagery I never knew about. SO GOOD. 

These remind me of my grandmother’s sets of unedited folklore from around the world, which captured my imagination as a child. The stories were always scarier, more surreal, and more beautiful than their post-Victorian retellings. My favorites – regardless of origin – gave me this same cozy-creepy feeling.

  • First three are Bulgarian kukeri, or mummers.
  • Next two are New Year’s bear dancers in eastern Romania, (which I’ve seen posted everywhere but only just learned the context.)
  • Last two are Kurants from the Kurentovanje Festival in Slovenia. 

We are so excited to be recipients of the Gold Screenwriting Award at the DC Web Fest!

Congrats again to Sean and Sinéad! They’ve garnered their second writing award this past weekend at the DC Web Fest! We are absolutely thrilled to be honored in this way. Congrats to all the other award winners as well!


Bring Me The Horizon, Glastonbury 2016 Other Stage - Sara Bowrey-2 by festivalflyer

         We are so excited to be an official selection of the Austin Web Fest!

That’s right! Poe Party is coming to Austin! Not sure if we’ll be able to attend in person or not yet, but we’re thrilled to be a part of the fest happening June 29-July 2nd. If you’re in the Austin area, we hope you’ll come check it out!