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Eliza Recommends pt 3

Annddd here’s part 3 of my fic rec masterlist. This one is a little longer than normal, but there were so many brilliant stories written this month that I couldn’t help it. I think I might make this a monthly thing cos all y’all are just amazing authors and I read too much for my own good.

Bucky x Reader



  • Sweet Dreams (Series; fluff) // cupcakes and Bucky and late night chats and ugh I literally love this series!!



  • 27 Dresses (AU!Series; angst & fluff) // I’ve never seen the movie but I don’t think it can top this.


  • My Best Friends Wedding (AU!Series; angst & fluff) // I mean you think you want Steve but Bucky’s pretty suave that’s all I’m saying.


  • The Butterfly Effect (AU; fluff) // Bucky and scuba diving and happiness but most of all this made me feel hope for the future - that little things turn into big things, sad becomes happy, and in the end it will be okay.


  • Girls Night (fluff) // Sam and Wanda and drunken shenanigans and Bucky. Makes for a pretty good night.
  • Mirror For The Sun (Series) // The story I have always wanted, come to life in the most glorious way. My friends, this is the road trip of you, Steve, Sam, and Bucky.


  • Everything and Nothing (Series; angst) // Hands down one of the most intriguing and well thought out fics I’ve ever read.


  • Subtle Charm (Series; fluff) // It’s so cute and it’s so well written and I’m really excited to find out where she takes this story!

Steve x Reader


  • Fake relationship drabble (AU!Series; fluff) // I live for stories that go from enemies to fake relationships to lovers and this series does it brilliantly.



  • Unexpected Gifts (Series; fluff) // Super interesting plot, super sultry Steve. Need I say more?


  • Mini Matchmaker (AU!Series; fluff) // dad!Steve and his wee sidekick and Christmas cheer and happiness.
Fic Rec Masterlist

for y’all who need to suffer

 updated 25.02.17

 Baekhyun  -

1. All’s Fair - Roommate AU, fluff, a lil smut, games. By: @3kpop2jagi1

2. Battles - Roommate AU, College AU, BestFriend!Baek, Unrequited      Love.  By: @prince-baekhyunn   (finished)

3. Mellifluous - fluff, smut.  By: @suho-mochi 

4. Secret - fluff, angst, By: the sweetest @pebble-xo
    hidden pregnancy, idol!Baek. 

5. Send my love (to your new lover) - angst, fluff. By: @yeol-stole-my-soul.   Cheating, but it surprised me (i’m in love with these feels)

6. Six Steps - By: @looking-for-my-seoulmate

    Angst, smut, fluff, how to help your roommate (and love interest) get rid of
    his one night stands. (fave) 

 Jongin -

1. Exeption - Jongin & Taemin   -By: @jongintaeminscenarios
my favorite one ever. Believe me and read this. Please for your own good.

2. Foretold Tale    By: @pandabearlikes
   Historical AU. General!Jongin. Another one of my all time favorites. Read     this people. Do it.

3. Our Twisted Love    By: @an-exotic-writer
   School AU. Hate to love. (oneshot)

4. Poison    By: @krismebaobei
   I don’t remember how long I cried after this. Read it for your own good.

5. Time    By: @dropsofletters
   Heartbreak, angst, fluff.

6. To Love Me Better    By: @cupcake-ninny
  Cheating, heartbreak, angst, marriage.

7. Certain Uncertainty  By: @jiminsbyuns
   Angst, fluff, cheating?…

8. Ukiyo - By: @bts-exo-seouls
   angst, fluff, seriously so much love i love this


1. Good Enough    By: @pebble-xo

Prince AU, Pregnant!Reader, Jerk!Sehun. A lot of angst a lot of fluff.


2. Apartment 5108 - By: @enaasteria

I’ve probably said this many times, but this is one of the best fics I’ve ever read in my life so please do yourself a favor and just read it.


1. To Love Me Better    By: @cupcake-ninny
 Cheating, heartbreak, angst, marriage.


1. Incipient By: @suho-mochi

Roommate AU and very very sexy Junmyeon. Fluff and smut.

2. Executive   By: @suho-mochi again….

  CEO!Suho and Assistant!Reader. +Bonus: Sweetie cousin!Jongin!!

3. Black and White  By: @galactichen

   Soulmate!Suho. Angst. In a world where everything is black and white until you meet your soulmate.

4. Artificial Love    By: @jiminsbyuns
   Marriage, angst.

5. Higher - By: @3kpop2jagi1 
    angst, fluff, aaaaaaaamazing, read this please!

6. Perfect Match - By: @scenarioslovers
   arranged marriage and being mean

Jongdae -

1. Um…Surprise - By: @yeolology
Angst, fluff, such good relationship, reader has a child from previous relationship.

2. The Other Woman - By: @exoxoscenes
I love this one so much because we always read how our bias returns to us - someone who’s loved them since forever and leaves their current girlfriend, but this shows the other girl’s feels. How would you feel if your boyfriend left you for their childhood friend?

Optional Bias

1. Thimble - @thong-in-the-twist
Historical AU. Prince!Bias, Servant!Reader.
How to become His Majesty’s woman… (my favorite!!)

So this is it for now, but I’ll keep updating this thing every time I remember a fic that I’ve loved.

And basically, you can go through any of these writers’ masterlists and you’ll spend you life so beautifully. Let’s thank these people for creating such things

so many masterpieces lost because they didn’t get much notes and now I can’t find them….o

Larry Fanfic Masterpost (Updated- 11/7/16)






Still a work in progress! (Feel free to send in asks/ inbox me for requests, questions or to promote your fic!)

whoknows’ drabble masterlist

@crazyupsetter​ | @AO3 | as of 2017.02.27
* BOLD = more than 1 drabble

10 photos: H  + L | 19x19

A/B/O verse | actor!L | always-come-back-to-you | amnesia fic | as-wicked-as-anything-could-be

baby dragon | baby it’s cold outsidebare ass | belly button ring | bondage | butt tattoo

camping | cat | christmas | clone-a-willy fic | college AU control | cops creatures

daddy kink | david beckham | dirty talk | drugs and alcohol | drunk!L

eat + eat 

famous/non-famous | first time (hung!H) + first time | fluffer AU

gamegladiator | group chat

hiding in plain sight | high school AU + high school


kids | kitten hybrid

lactation fic

manipulative | meme answers | mpreg

no-bleeding-hearts | nuzzling fic


PA verse | peter pan + peter pan | pirate AU | pornstars porn stars (A/B/O) | prince!L | prison fic

serial killer | sexswap fic | showersize | smallsomething-in-the-world-today | soulmates | superheroes | superpower

tattoos | tea | teasetime travel | try

university AU | upset


watching the game | werewolves AU | werewolf

Zayn leaving

Casefile Monday

Happy Monday, or as we are calling it this week, Casefile Monday Recap!  We know how you guys love these posts, recapping every recommended subgenre fic we’ve rec’d thus far.  It makes for some great reading, and is especially great if you’re like us and prefer to stay home and read rather than have an active social life. 

The list is long, as some of these rec’s are all the way from last March.  March! Almost a year ago!  We aren’t sure what to say about the fact that we’ve been posting fic recommendations that we’ve actually read and loved almost daily for almost a year…  Let’s put a positive spin on it and call us dedicated. 

There are some seriously amazing stories listed below, and we know you haven’t read all of them.  So, get comfy (we suggest sweatpants and a vintage feel t-shirt with fuzzy socks and a glass of wine/champagne), scroll through to find one you haven’t had the chance to enjoy yet, and READ. 

Please note: each link takes you back to the original post which provides you with the length, rating, trigger warnings, and our occasionally witty intro. 

Brought to You by the Letter X by Stablergirl

Finding Rokovoko by Prufrock’s Love

Locusts by Synnerx

A Thin Veneer by Analise

Secret Santa by Jennifer Marie Brady

Speechless and Perfect by Anjou

Chips of When by Alanna

Things Intangible by Mimic117

Acadia by @rivkat​

“Malus Genius, vel Hoc Lemma Nequiquam Latine Scribitur" (The Evil Spirit, or This Title Is Written In Latin for No Reason) by MaybeAmanda and Plausible Deniability

Antidote by Rachel Howard and Karen Rasch

Yo Creo by Elanor G

1000 Rainy Days by R. L. Montoya

Above Rubies by Rachel Howard

Renovatio by MaybeAmanda and Lisby

Waiting in Motion by Mountainphile

Heart’s Desire by @malibu-x-blog

The Ghost of You by Julie Fortune

Gypsy by Rachel Howard

Miraculous Manifestation by Mountainphile

Silver Cornet by Bonetree

The Professional by @dashakay and Plausible Deniability

Sticks and Stones by Aka Jake

Tabula Rasa by dtg

What Happens to the Dreamers by Buckingham

Spooked by Suzanne Bickerstaffe and Melody

Theory and Practice by Nascent

 A Case of Compromise by Joann Humby

The Second-to-Last 7-11 by Sab and Punk Maneuverability 

Empathy by Swikstr

All the Way Home by @syntax6

Head Over Heels by @syntax6

Every Evil by @syntax6

Backlash by Joann Humby

Lacuna by @aloysiavirgata

Desideratum by Rachel Anton and Laura Blaurosen

Mind Games by Spider

Kinesthesia by Amy (Spookey247)

Basketball Therapy by Kel

Seeds of Synchronicity by Mountainphile


We are throwing in an extra because the casefile is THAT amazing, and it’s honestly our absolute favorite casefile.  Like ever. 

Homicidal Tendencies by Swikstr

November Recommendations


Hold You by @blessyouash

Bookshop by @5secondsofimagines

Home With Us by @thesaltyspice


The Spare by @lukenut

Joy by @kinkjorts

Pulse by @ivegotashothough


Key To My Heart by @cliffwoes

Words To Say by @puckerupmikey

How To Murder Someone by @bfcal


90′s Ashton by @harrys17

Dress by @tadpolehemmings

Sugar by @bettsyveloso

Eliza Recommends pt 4

Happy 2017!!! It’s that time of the month again! No, not that time… it’s fic rec time! I hope you all had a decent start to the year and if not, here are a few stories to hopefully brighten your day :)

Bucky x Reader


  • Twister // fluff // It didn’t actually have a title cos it was a drabble request. But uhh yeah. Bucky and twister. Things go down in the best way possible :)


  • Laundromat // fluff // This is absolutely brilliant and hilarious. Also I hate doing laundry so this situation is honestly really relatable for me.


  • Three Little Birds // angst and fluff // I’ve literally read this three times and I always re fall in love with it.


  • Divided We Fall // AU!Series // It’s like the Hunger Games but way, way better.


  • Sweet Tangerine // fluff // More cooking with Bucky. This time he teaches you how to cook. Need I say more?


  • Stars // angst and fluff // I just flippin adore this okay! It made me laugh, it made me get teary eyed, it made me smile till my face hurt. Just read it and thank me later.


  • Comfort Food // fluff // Literally I just love this to bits that is all.

Steve x Reader


  • Matchmaker // series; fluff // Nat and Bucky as matchmakers? I mean what could be better than that?


  • Can’t Hold Back // AU; fluff // I’ve never read a skinny!Steve fic before but this was perfection!

Sam x Reader


  • Worthy // angst // I honestly don’t know how to describe it, but it’s absolutely beautiful and such a positive message.
Collections 2016

Aside from #masterlist of fic exchanges and other stuff, here are all the rec lists I’ve made with fics written in 2016, under the tags #monthly review and #collection 

Apocalypse/Zombie Masterlist

Abandoned fics were not included in this list. (PS. ALWAYS READ THE TAGS AND WARNINGS BEFORE READING FICS) -Madi

Who We Are Today by waterproof_teabag (16/? | 26981 | Mature)

He was there, standing next to such a scary character, casually slumped against the wall with his arms folded on his chest.
He had a messy red mohawk, tired eyes and a few more years marked on his face but it was him. With the same hazel eyes and the same curls.
The name slipped out of his lips before he could think against it.

Playgrounds Are Graveyards by franticatlantic (1/1 | 13067 | Explicit)

Cotard delusion - a rare mental illness in which an afflicted person holds the delusion that they are dead, either figuratively or literally.

conspire by regionals (12/12 | 16515 | Teen and Up)

Basically, the four of you are in way over your heads, but it’s too late to back down now.

Stay Awake by joshie124 (11/? | 31901 | Teen and Up)

The world is a nuclear wasteland, filled with malicious raiders, barely-human creatures, and the occasional establishment of society. Josh has been living in it for years. He’s learned the rules, learned how to be safe, how to stay alive. And he’s lonely as hell.
Enter Tyler, who not only can’t remember his past, but also can’t remember his actions, his “yesterday"s, his own name unless he writes it down and reminds himself of it daily. This doesn’t seem to be much of an issue; all it takes is a bit of record keeping and organization. But Tyler seems to have a lot more to his past than he’s written down, and when things get chaotic, Josh has to try to separate the friend he knows from the person that was forgotten, has to try to forgive. That’s what friends do, right?

Sunflowers by headfirstfrhalos (1/1 | 2755 | Teen and Up)

Ugly bodies in the sun. Together.

Genocide | Joshler by softjoseph (16/? | 18218 | Mature)

After the death of his wife, Tyler is left alone to fend for himself in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Walking corpses have lead Tyler to flee, in search of somewhere safe to stay. Little did he know his safe haven would be a Man.

Crowbars and Baseball Bats by RegionalSuicide (1/1 | 1332 | Explicit)

The Zombie Apocalypse hit and Josh was alone. Until he meets a brunette with a tendency to swing his bat at everything that moves. The two make quite a pair.

it shows what you have done by mxoorgan (5/? | 6873 | General)

on december fourteenth, the world fell apart. tyler joseph, a teen attending olentangy orange high school, is facing it alone. or so he thinks.

i run forever (but i won’t get far) by heavydiirtysoul (1/1 | 2051 | Mature)

In a world that belongs to the dead, Tyler finds a spark of hope in the form of a saviour with a shotgun and a bike.

21 Days (I wait for your voice) by marsakat (1/1 | 4878 | Teen and Up)

The warnings were prophesied, but no one listened. Tyler wishes he could’ve held on for longer, to tell him not to leave. Instead, they were swept into the deadliest epidemic of the last hundred years.

How the Mighty Fall (in Love) by cuphalffull (3/? | 3160 | Mature)

‘The world wasn’t quite the same as it was before. Something went wrong, somewhere along the line.

There were hundreds of theories, and in Tyler’s business he’d probably heard most of them, but none of them could be backed up with any sort of proof.’

Tyler Joseph is just trying to get by in the aftermath of disaster and provide for what’s left of his family. He’s not proud of the things he’s done, but he didn’t always have a choice.

When Josh Dun (a famous drummer in one of his favourite bands) turns up at his trade shop, Tyler’s uneasy peace is interrupted.

the walls were my distraction (now they’re tumbling down) bycasbutts_and_idjits (1/1 | 1108 | Mature)

Tyler refuses to think about Josh. He can’t afford to think about Josh. Not anymore.

One of the Dreamers by theshelbyshow (2/? | 929 | Not Rated)

It’s the 3000’s, the time after the first major apocalypse, and the era to end all eras. It’s the uprising of a society where love is outlawed and sleep is forbidden. Tyler Joseph has always felt a disconnect between himself and the rest of the world. That is, until he meets a boy named Josh with a mind much like his own. 

Hanging Out With Corpses by Pretty_Odd (1/? | 1634 | Teen and Up)

It’s the end of the world but he doesn’t care, he’s still the same person as he was before the apocalypse. He’s Tyler Joseph, but out in the barren wastelands of what used to be America names don’t matter anymore. Survival is the only thing that matters. 

Post Colonization / AU Tuesday

*Insert imaginary gif of Patty and Kristin doing the happy dance* 

Philes, we have another Master Post for you!  We don’t know about you, but we are obsessed with lists of fantastic fic, because what better way to keep track of great fic to read/reread??

A quickie reminder: this list is really a mixed bag.  We have pre-colonization, current colonization, post colonization, and, of course, alternate universe. Now, we here at Txf Fic Chicks consider pretty much anything that strays away from what we know as canon to be AU (secretly, some of our favies are season 8&9 rewrites, though), so it covers a vast amount of fic. 

Save this list, Philes, as it’s months worth of stories in one post.  And as always, the links take you to our original posts that contain the rating, length, and trigger warnings.

Love you, mean it xo

Hurricane Season by Rah and Beduini 

Abaddon’s Reign by Aka Jake

Song of Innocence by Christy

A Boy and His Fox by 6hoursgirl

The Other Man by Jess M.

White Ink by Bonetree

Fathom’s Five by Penumbra

All the Mulders by Alloway

The Seventh Age by David Hearne

One One-thousand by Nevdull

Lives Reclaimed by Vickey Mosely and Donna

Running Lessons by Maybeamanda and Spookey247

After the Future by Donna

Glass Landscape by Annie Sewell-Jennings

All Which It Inherit by Brandon D. Ray

Atomic-Powered Sex by Ten

Before Them by Donna

The Family G-Man by Neoxphile and FelineFemme

Rocky Mountain Interlude by Char Chaffin and Tess

The Unfinished Universe by Revely

Night Giving Off Flames by Jet

Eines Tages by Revilo Witts

Patient by Gwendolyn

Tempo by Jess

False Memories by Zuffy

Portions of Eternity by Dianora

Beating the Darkness Back by Anjou

Mexican Fried Ice Cream by Mish

Meeting Charlie by Donna

Where There’s a Will by Andrea

Chip Off the Old Block by Mimic117

A Madness Called Love by David Hearne

Winterlong Series by Neoxphile

Smoke on the Horizon by Paige Caldwell

Operation Clean House / Won and Lost by Sarah Segretti and Branwell

The Eleventh Hour by Rachel Anton

Full Reward by Bonetree

Foux by Alanna

Diary of the Second Holocaust by Megan Reilly

Wearing Icicles by Annie Sewell-Jennings

Last Call by Frogdoggie

Cunegund’s Restoration, or, The Best of All Possible Worlds, Really by Livia Balaban

#4 Fic Week Masterlist (Lamen Edition)

And because I was missing a little Laurent and Damen in my life I went looking for more fics, and ended up finding these treasures.

(The ones who have an asterisk on the side are the ones I liked the most)

Fear not the thorns by relenafanel for reallyyeahokay (1/1 | 4,982 | T)

If you enjoy the fragrance of a rose, you must accept the thorns which it bears. - Isaac Hayes.


Laurent is kind of a prick.

Has and Has Beans by specialrhino for skazkanasmorka (1/1 | 14,047 | G)*

In which Damen, ex-heir to the corporate empire that is Peet’s Coffee and Tea and first year grad student, finds himself working at an independent coffeeshop run by the heir to Starbucks. He did not sign up for any of this (except for the grad student part).

Once Bitten, Never Shy by dirtyvalentine (7/7 | 24,321 | E)*

“It’s a Martini. You seem like a Martini type of guy,” explained the stranger, smiling in the most oblivious way.

“I’ve never had a Martini in my entire life.”


They just stared at each other for a few seconds, icy blue eyes fixed on the kind, honey gaze of the other man.

He sighed, resigned. “Can you only afford half a T-shirt?”

five times auguste shut down damen (and one time auguste supported damen in his pursuit of laurent) by baekhyun (Barolaide) (1/1 |  2,409 | T)

Auguste turned around and said, too calmly: “Please repeat what you just said about my brother.”

“He’s very— he’s, um. Very.” Damen paused, tentatively searching for the right words. Auguste was beginning to look more and more murderous.

“He’s very what, Damen. Say it.” There was a burgeoning, insistent, crazed edge to his voice.

No Rush by blacktofade for ordinaryink (1/1 | 13,625 | E)

Laurent is eleven when he’s introduced by his brother to Prince Damianos.

Something Good by wendlaa (1/1 | 14,353 | E)*

The three Princes stand. Damianos drops his gaze from Auguste to Laurent. His eyes are honey brown, his expression taut. There’s blood on his face, dirt in his wounds. Gaze still locked to Laurent’s, he sheaths his sword.

And Auguste lives.

four sevens and a ten by Fahye (1/1 | 15,049 | E)*

“Setting aside the obvious,” Laurent says, “I feel I should point out that the last time we met, you told me I was beautiful, and then couldn’t think of a single other good quality I possessed.”

The corner of Damen’s mouth twitches. He looks dangerous, and bright, and appalling.

“I can think of a few things now,” he says.

Dear Aledosia, by wendlaa (3/3 | 12,368 | E)*

“Oh,” Laurent finds himself saying. Damianos has excused himself from his conversation, and has begun to make his way through the crowd. Here stand the Princes of Vere, after all. The ethereal Veretian Prince brothers. Laurent lifts his eyes towards the ceiling, arching his brows. “Heavens,” he says, voice tight.

Auguste chuckles. “You have a minute head start.”

Laurent ducks away.



Something New// Jimin wants to try some new things in bed.

Guess Who// Jimin, Taehyung, and Hoseok try to figure out who’s better at sex and they use you as a judge.

Spy Imagine// Jimin and you used to work at the same spy company but he betrayed you. You meet again when you both take on the same mission and can’t resist each other.

Strip for me// Your friend is having a bachelorette party and has invited strippers. You receive a one-on-one session from Jimin.

Need for Attention// Jimin has been thinking about your pussy all day.

Waiting Game// Jimin teases you on stage without knowing so you punish him backstage.

Penumbra// Both Jimin and Jungkook get to spank you.

Bet on it// Yoongi and Jimin bet on who can make you cum.

Syndromes (no smut yet)// “Lima syndrome is the result of the abductor/kidnapper sympathizing with his hostages”. And Park Jimin had never heard of it before, when he took you as his hostage.

*Dance// You are dared to give Jimin a lap dance and you both end up getting off from you grinding on his thigh.

Strip// Jimin dares you to strip for him but you’re an overachiever.

Black; Completely Black// ‘Jimin came home from an award show and was feeling extra kinky.

Baby Boy// ‘Jimin was being naughty and you had to teach him a lesson.’

Floating// ‘You knew there would be a dismissal If your boss entered your office and saw your boyfriend devouring you.’

Secret Desires// Jimin gets you to have sex at a movie theatre.

Honey Lemon// You cought a cold and Seokjin treats you by going down on you. Jimin calls in the middle.

Ego// Jimin brags about how many girls he’s fucked and you’ve had it.

Room 178// You get in a mixup and are forced to share a room with the arrogntg, but extremly attractive, Min Yoongi. Jimin didn’t expact what he saw when he came to announce that he has a room avaliable for you. 

Two is Company, and Three…// You are at the movies. Tae showes interest in you and Jimin is being possesive.

Spank Bank// You’re drunk and horny and you video call Jimin.

Red Silk// Jimin tries on your red silk panties and gets both of you extremly turned on.


One-Time Thing// ’It’s okay to fuck your roommate if it’s only a one-time thing.’

Under Fire// Yoongi has been neglecting you so you decide to come to the studio and do something about it. Jimin gets involved and gets to witness you get punished.

Lost Without Him// You find out your boyfriend has been cheating on you so you ask your best friend, Yoongi, to pick you up. He comforts you and ends up making love to you.

Bet on it// Yoongi and Jimin bet on who can make you cum.

That Time of the Month// You’re ovulating and extra horny so you ask Yoongi to help you with your problem.

Favors pt.2 pt.3// ‘You wanted to know, how giving a blowjob would feel like since you were quite inexperienced in it. So why not use your best friend Yoongi as a test object?’

Truth or Dare? pt.2// ‘An innocent game of Truth or Dare takes a very interesting turn.’

A Hot Shower// After a cold wintery day you decide to take a hot shower and can’t help but to think about your boyfriend, which results in you touching yourself. He comes home early. 

Waiting Game// Yoongi is finally back from tour after being gone for a long time and you gather up the courage to dominate him.

Earned It// ‘Rough Yoongi smut where he chokes, slaps and spanks you. Teases you in front of the boys until you two get hot and heavy when alone.’

Lotion// You’re fascinated with Yoongi’s hands. 

Room 178// You get in a mixup and are forced to share a room with the arrogntg, but extremly attractive, Min Yoongi. Jimin didn’t expact what he saw when he came to announce that he has a room avaliable for you.

Tame Me// ‘Your job won’t be cleaning and cooking, not if you’re a maid for Master Yoongi’


Blackout// Jin and you are co-workers who hate each other. That is until a blackout at your hotel brings you closer.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Jin// You’re a maid who dominates the White King in bed.

Ride me// You want Jin to beg for you to fuck him.

Shower Time// Jin is tired and doesn’t appreciate the fact that you didn’t tell him you were running late so he releases his anger on you in the shower.

Honey Lemon// You cought a cold and Seokjin treats you by going down on you. Jimin calls in the middle. 


The Demon Within// A demon comes to fulfil your wish of rough sex.

Blow Me// You catch Jungkook watching porn and finish him off with a blowjob.

Master// Some dominant Jungkook smut.

Penumbra// Both Jimin and Jungkook get to spank you.

*In Bloom// Werewolf Jungkook is in heat and all he wants is you and for you to be his mate.

Open House// ‘Being Jeon Jungkook’s realtor is really exhausting, because it is really hard to find a house that he likes.; and after he had turned down several houses you suggested to him, you lose your patience with him and do the mistake to upset the spoiled boy.’

Grind// You hook-up with Jungkook but he asks you to work for it by grinding on his thigh.

Game of Dominance// You need release and the only one able to do that was Jungkook -who was working in your favourite brothel.’

Syrup// ‘Jungkook needs you to pose for him, naked.’

*The Truth pt.2 pt.3 pt.4 pt.5 pt.6 pt.7// Namjoon thinks it’s okay to befriend his ex, which causes you to be upset. Jungkook tries to comfort you and  ends up doing so much more. 

I hate you, I love you pt.2// ‘You hated him at seven, warmed up to him at twelve, and liked him at fifteen. Now the two of you are twenty years old and inseparable best friends… and you’re absolutely in love with him; he’s in love too—just not with you.’

Hiss (be warned)// Interrogating members of Bangtanimals isn’t easy. Especially when they’re as cocky as Jeon Jungkozard.’

I Dare You// Taehyung is possessive, Jungkook a little shit and you are in between.’

Lust & Errors pt.2 pt.3 // ‘Step brother, fuck buddy… They were one and the same now. But what started out as some mindless fucking game, quickly turns into something much more difficult and complex.’

Shameless// ‘Taehyung’s the new guy in town, just trying to make some friends. And when Jungkook invites him to a party, he thinks he’s finally gotten a good opportunity to meet some new people. But what he doesn’t expect is witnessing his new friend Jungkook and his girlfriend, you, getting it on in front of him, and all of the other guys, at this so-called party.’

Oh, so Delicious// ‘He just looked so good, orgasming after orgasming.’ 

Untitled// “I don’t care if they’re watching. I’m not done with you yet.”

Case Closed// Losing your virginity to your dongsaeng turns out to be better than you thought.


Guess Who// Jimin, Taehyung, and Hoseok try to figure out who’s better at sex and they use you as a judge.

Peaches & Cream// You’re the single most tastiest thing Taehyung has ever tasted.

Christmas Dress// You wear a red dress and ask Tae for his opinion. He shows it to you.

Click// Taehyung is jealous that Jin has been looking at his muse sexually.’

Daddy’s Little Kitten// Daddy Tae doesn’t appreciate what you’re going to wear to a meeting.

Birthday// Tae isn’t going to go easy on you just because it’s your birthday.

So You’ve Never…? pt.2 pt.3 pt.4// You tell Tae, your best friend, that you never got oral so he decides to help you. After that you guys can’t seem to keep your hands to yourselves.

I Dare You// Taehyung is possessive, Jungkook a little shit and you are in between.’

Shameless//Taehyung’s the new guy in town, just trying to make some friends. And when Jungkook invites him to a party, he thinks he’s finally gotten a good opportunity to meet some new people. But what he doesn’t expect is witnessing his new friend Jungkook and his girlfriend, you, getting it on in front of him, and all of the other guys, at this so-called party.’

Stress Relief// You and Tae are studying for finals. You find out he never went down on a girl and he offers some stress relief.

Dog Hybrid Tae: 
 ‘Dogboy Tae gets extremely possessive when “that time of the month” rolls around and find’s it hard to control his natural instincts and his dominating nature during the monthly occurrence.’
Disturbed// ‘Dogboy Tae can’t get enough of the taste of you. No matter if it’s in the middle of the night.’ 

A Friendly Favor pt.2// Tae is going on a date and wants you to help him with sex.

Outlines// You have a Skype call with Tae and get distracted.

Two is Company, and Three…// You are at the movies. Tae showes interest in you and Jimin is being possesive.

Untitled// You’re busy with Christmas baking and Tae tries to get your attention.

Fingers// You can’t stop yourself from thinking about Taehyung’s amazing fingers.

Rap Monster:

Date Night// You can’t seem to find anything to wear to your date with Namjoon so he suggests you just stay in.

Submission// You shouldn’t try resisting your daddy.

Dirty Little Secret// Daddy finds your toy that you’ve been hiding and he’s not happy.

Truth or Dare? pt.2//An innocent game of Truth or Dare takes a very interesting turn.’

Cuffs and Candy// ‘Just one kiss, one touch.. and one pair of handcuffs for his naughty girl.’

Pleased// Namjoon offers to please you. 


Guess Who// Jimin, Taehyung, and Hoseok try to figure out who’s better at sex and they use you as a judge.

Truth or Dare? pt.2//An innocent game of Truth or Dare takes a very interesting turn.’

Later// ‘Hoseok can’t control himself when his girlfriend is bleeding.’

Overstimulation// You keep pleasuring Hoseok even when he thinks he can’t take any more.

Strawberry// Hoseok wants to have dessert first.

Enthusiasm// Hoseok thinks you can orgasm for the third time.

Last Updated: 6/13/16

Just Friends | Kim Jongdae

Genre- Fluff

Word Count1.3k

Summary - In which you and Jongdae claim to be just friends, even though you’re his girlfiend and the boys have yet to find out about your relationship. 


Jongdae and I had been secretly dating for the past few weeks and tonight was once again one of those nights where we had to keep our thing on the down-low. Why secretly you ask? Well I happen to be the little sister of Mr. Byun Baekhyun and even though we weren’t actually scared of how Baek would react, we still decided to keep it a secret.’ Living on the edge’ he calls it.

 We drove to the dorm in a comfortable silence, making our way over for a movie night Junmyeon hyung had planned for all of us.

“Last kiss for the next hour?” He pouted leaning in and I rolled my eyes before simply placing two of my fingers on top of his lips. He opened his eyes only to whine out in frustration only causing me to laugh at his desperation. After I caught my breath

“Okay, no kissing, cuddling or staring at me for longer than a normal person would” I solely instructed taking my key out of the ignition  

“For the last time Y/N ah, can you please stop going through the rules with me every time? I’m nit 5 years old!” He groaned getting out of the vehicle causing me to laugh.

“Really? Because I have a feeling a 5 year old wouldn’t put his arm around my waist while we were at that club the other day with them. You should’ve seen the looks Sehun kept giving you, he’s onto us” I stated

“Nonsense! He probably forgot it the next day” He laughed pressing the button in the lift

As we entered through the doors, an eruption of cheers and laughter filled the main living room. I shook my head before making my way towards the sofas, looking at the boys goofing around was a usual thing as Jongdae and I were ‘best friends’, I used to come here often

“Finally! It’s about time the celebrity power-couple arrived” My brother commented plopping down on the sofa next to me which caused me to roll my eyes but freeze inside.

During the past few weeks, Jongdae have been caught in quite… Compromising positions. Not like that, get your mind out of the gutter! I mean him coming back home late every time he told the boys he was going to 'hang out’ with me, the two of us standing/sitting extremely close at every given opportunity and most suspicious of all, Baek caught Jongdae kissing my nose last week. We had to pass it off as

something we usually did as 'Besties’ , but he didn’t seem convinced. It’s not like we were scared of telling him, to be honest, he’d be the biggest supporter of our relationship. But something about letting him know that I was dating one of his closest friends, seemed wrong.

“I’m not famous” I mindlessly shrugged putting the biggest smirks on their faces. I looked around confused as Jongdae mimicked my actions.

"Is that the only part of the sentence you’re going to change?” Sehun finally squeaked from across the room, before all of them broke into huge fits of laughter whilst my cheeks managed to grow the darkest shade of red. Of course! He called us a damn couple.

“Okay, okay. Cool down, let’s not freak out over Y/N ah’s bird brain not being able to process the whole sentence” He quickly commented as I gave him a little glare

“I don’t think I’m hearing any denial from you either hyung…” Sehun winked patting him on the back. Luckily, Suho hyung managed to calm everyone down before we all got into our preferred seats and started the movie.

In the corner of my eye, I could see Jondae not-so-subtly trying to make his way through to me. As most of the attention was on the gruesome scene the horror movie displayed, he managed to lightly sit down next to me. I felt his arm snake around my waist before pulling me closer to him but I slapped it away and moved back to my original position.

“Come on! I always put my arm around your waist, they won’t suspect anything” He leaned over and whined into my ear which caused me to roll my eyes

“We can’t take any chances” I retorted turning my head to watch the movie

“Seriously, I thought you were the risk taker in this relationship?” He smirked and I snapped my head in his direction

“What do you mean by were?” I hissed leaning slightly closer to him so that none of the words exchanged would leave the two of us. Sure I was the spontaneous one who would call him up at 3am for a walk in the old forest, but this kind of risk…

“I mean, you can’t give your boyfriend one little kiss just because you’re scared that the hyungs will find out about our little thing" He innocently smiled putting his arm around my shoulders, which obviously caused a few snickers here and there.

“You want risky? I’ll give you risky” I breathed before grasping the collar of his hoodie and capturing his lips into a passionate kiss. I felt his smirk slightly parting his lips from mine before everything around us suddenly illuminated as I realized the lights had been turned on. I abruptly pulled away looking around with wide eyes for the idiot that decided to pull this shenanigan.

“And this gentlemen is the way my very smart sister, hides her relationship” Baekhyun smiled, well laughed standing next to the light switch.Jondae was frozen in sheer embarrassment when all the boys began to laugh like there was no tomorrow, whilst I hid my head in his chest to distract the pink tint of my cheeks

“You knew?” He finally squeaked and I quickly looked up curiously to find out how

“I’m actually wondering about who didn’t…” He chuckled, earning nods and murmurs of agreement from the rest of the group

“Wait, I didn’t know… What are we talking about?” Yixing popped up from his nap making Minseok, who was sitting next to him, jump out of his skin

“Oh we’re just talking about Y/N ah and Jongdae being in a secret relationship” Chanyeol shrugged to which Yixing simply nodded and went back to sleep.

“Even the unicorn knew…” Kyungsoo finally caught his breath before making the other boys lose it once more. I managed to aim and successfully hit Jongin, the central of the  laughter clan, with a cushion.

“Wah! What was that for!?” He called out throwing it back at me

“To get you to stop laughing! Can we please talk about something else?” I requested placing my hands on my burning cheeks

“Oh no! No, we want to know when you were planning on telling us” Junmeon hyung smirked leaning back on his seat which caused me to let out an agitated groan

“And we’d prefer the explanation from your boyfriend. After he’s done being frozen in fear of course” Baekhyun more instructed than requested

“Aish! Hyung I promise we were going to tell you soon” Jongdae suddenly sounded so innocent and scared, I think it shocked everyone.

“Woah, dropping his sass for his girl! What happened to you Jongdae Hyung!” Jongin exclaimed earning yet another cushion to his face

“Wah! It’s okay, you guys don’t have to be sorry. But I’m a little hurt that you wanted to hide such a big thing about your life from me” Baekhyun sighed sitting down next to me

“I’m sorry Baek. But you can blame your friend over here who wants to feel like he’s in ‘Mission Impossible’ everyday” I scoffed leaning against my brother earning an eruption of laughter from the boys and an offended gasp from my boyfriend

“Do not! I just… Yeah I’ve got nothing. Sorry” Jongdae raised his hands in defeat

“Well you two are horrible at keeping your relationship a secret” Xiumin hyung confessed causing me to raise my eyebrow

“No! Come on, we had you guys convinced we were just friends…” I retorted which ignited a whole lot of responses on the things that proved we looked like we were in a relationship. The night continued to be filled with laughter and jokes about our failed attempt to hide our relationship

A/N: A fun little something for you lovelies to read whilst I get started on my 4 requests! I really love the fact that you guys are finally requesting, I really hope my imagines live up to your expectations. I’ll see you later Loves 

-Shazz xx


Dee’s OQ fic MasterList

Two years ago today, it was Sunday, the 20th of April 2014, and 3.18 aired, and Regina and Robin kissed for the first time - so to celebrate the second anniversary, and given that I’ve read a shameful amount of fics in these two years, I’ve decided to write my first MasterList - and it’s gotten long, but who cares. All my personal favorites, not in particular order, with my recs full of feelings by their side - and I’m sure I’ve made some mistakes in the tags or the links oopsie - there’s all sort of things here, AUs, Missing Year, Storybrooke, OutlawBandit, Christmas, smut, fluff, angst, one shots, ultra-long monsters, and a poem! All under the cut - and happy anniversary, babes!

Here’s the list - have a good time!

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Monthly Recommendations

Okay so I’m gonna be starting a new thing where at the end of every month I’ll recommend or reblog my favourite imagine/one-shot/fanfic and then add them unto the masterlist under Recommended. So yeah that’s it! 

September Recommendations


Party Girl by @5-seconds-of-mischief

Cling by @puckerupmikey

Boots by @cliffordchick


Pretty Boy by @lukeinism

Photo Shoot by @5-seconds-of-solitude

Soulmate by @blowjobsattiffanys


six am by @0kbutmichaelclifford

For Better Or Worse by @mikeysenpapi

Michael Angst by @ohmy5sosagain


Baby, The Loveliest Angels Make The Cruelest Demons by @just5sossmut

Counter by @tadpolehemmings

Twin Sized Mattress by @kacieblogs


Previous Recs

My Masterlist

Destiel fic recs

Just a list of some of my favourite Destiel fanfics in no particular order. I’ll add more!

The Worst Wedding Crasher by binx95
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Words: 9,196
Summary: Dean tries to hide that his date isn’t going to show, so as to not draw attention from Sam’s day. At the same time, an unfamiliar man shows up to the wedding, ordering endless plates of red meat and staring at Dean with his big blue eyes. This wedding might not be so bad.

To Whom it May Concern by habitatfordeanwinchester
Rated: T
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Words: 3,141
Summary: In which Dean finds a letter he wrote at 18, describing all the qualities he would like in a future spouse. Qualities that bear an eerie resemblance to those of a certain angel. 

The House on the Hill by Niitza
Rated: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Words: 1,276
Summary: On a small hill on the outskirts of town, there is a house. A post 9x23 future fic.

When the World is Cold by EmeraldCityDeanWinchester
Rated: T
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Words: 23,482
Summary: Castiel was running out of time.For the last several months, the angel had been living on borrowed time and grace, both of which were nearing their limit. He had found himself in this situation before, only to be saved by the king of hell himself with the grace of his sister. Angels were not meant to host one another’s grace, and he was no exception to the rule.“This time will be different,” Castiel thought to himself. “I will accept my fate.”

* Snow Place Like Home (But My Home Is With You) by almaasi
Rated: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Words: 47,814
Summary: It’s Christmas Eve, and Dean, Sam and Castiel are snowed into a small town with a big festive spirit. They splurge on a fancy room in a B&B – hey, they deserve a treat. There’s a tiny plastic tree and a working TV, so they could perhaps overlook the lack of hot water and Dean having to bunk with Sam. Sleeping arrangements soon reach a happier equilibrium: Dean’s just cuddling Cas to keep him warm, he swears – the tingly feeling means nothing! Christmas Day arrives, and Cas still doesn’t have a gift for Dean. Dean doesn’t know what to give Cas, either. Sam has a few ideas, but will the other two truly understand what he means?

Blindspot by through_shadows_falling
Rated: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Words: 420
Summary: Sam liked to think that he knew Dean better than he knew himself, or at least, was willing to know about himself. Considering how much Dean had repressed over the years, it wasn’t that big of a stretch. Still, despite being more aware of Dean’s tendencies, Sam couldn’t for the life of him pinpoint the exact moment it all changed.

Light’s Grace by grey2510
Rated: T
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Words: 24,666
Summary: Claire Novak shows up at the bunker, and Team Free Will might finally have a lead on how to save Dean from the Mark of Cain. The question is, what will this mean for Dean and for Cas?

Constellations by boykingdom
Rated: T
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Words: 1,960
Summary: “When I was a kid, before my mom died…” Dean confesses in a quiet murmur. “There were two things I was drawn to in particular. One of them was angels. The other was stars.”

This Isn’t Where We Intended to Be by PorcupineGirl
Rated: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Words: 14,094
Summary: Fallen, Castiel struggles to figure out where he fits in the human world—and in Dean’s life.

Sweeter coming from my hand by peridium  
Rated: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Words: 9,993
Summary: “In conclusion: Dean Winchester, will you marry me?” “What?” Dean almost chokes on his sandwich.“I’m trying to save your soul,” Cas snaps. “You don’t have to look so horrified.”

Dream as if You’ll Live Forever by MittenWraith
Rated: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Words: 25,178
Summary: Cas has just sacrificed the last of his reclaimed grace to cure Dean of the Mark of Cain. He held on to the last wisps for as long as he could, but the first time he succumbs to sleep as a human again, he’s in the back seat of the Impala while Dean’s driving at highway speeds. A strange dream sets of a series of near catastrophic events, from almost-car-crashes to Dean feeling responsible for Cas being human enough to have a nightmare in the first place. What starts off as an apology ends up somewhere neither of them would’ve hoped for in their wildest dreams.

The Prophet Must Die by imogenbynight
Rated: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Words: 54,455
Summary: "What about Castiel? He seems helpful… and dreamy. “Something about the comment just isn’t sitting right, and Dean’s jaw twitches. He stares at the wall in the dark, and at a quarter past four in the morning, it hits him."Asshole,” Dean hisses under his breath, sitting up straight, “that sonofabitch kept publishing.”

#ThankYouSammy by almaasi
Rated: T
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Words: 9,626
Summary: honeybeeinatrenchcoat: First official date with Dean! Sam made spaghetti bolognese! I don’t eat, but Dean does :-P #ValentinesDay2015 #ThankYouSam

Family by casdoms
Rated: T
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Words: 3,704
Summary: Mary Winchester is standing in the bunker’s kitchen. She’s wearing a ridiculous Star Trek apron (and Dean immediately suspects Charlie has something to do with its existence in the bunker) and humming along to the radio while she cooks. Cas is sitting on the counter next to the fridge, nursing his coffee with a small smile on his face. They both look like this is the most normal thing that’s ever happened, like it happens all the time. Like Dean’s mom who has been dead for 32 years isn’t standing in their kitchen cooking them breakfast. 

Song Fic(tion) by PorcupineGirl
Rated: T
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Words: 9,444
Summary: Claire has pulled a runner (again), they’re left with eight slashed tires, and Dean and Cas are at each other’s throats. Which is how Dean winds up trapped in the backseat of Charlie’s yellow Volkswagen, listening to her frankly appalling music collection. And if the lyrics to some of the songs are hitting a little too close to home for him, at least he’s sure that he’s not the only one.



#1 “I love you”
#2 Valentine’s day
#3 You watch a horror film together
#4 You’re ticklish
#5 I Want To Write You A Song (songfic)

Soulmates AU (Calum)  Part 2  Part 3
Soulmates AU (Luke)  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4


Preferences/Headcanons (All):
#1 Dates (hc)  Boys  Girls
#2 Song that reminds me of them (hc?)  Boys  Girls
#3 Cuddling (hc)  Boys  Girls

HCs (separately):
Relationship with Matt

Give a little time to me

Summary: What if Chris and Ashley had a bit more time to talk about their feelings for each other when they were sitting across each other and Chris had to decide which one was going to die

Murder House
Peacemaker - Violet Harmon


Change your shirt

We have a problem

They built an empire

I love you too

High School AU
Summary: Louis Tomlinson is the popular guy in the school. He’s the football captain and he’s dating very unpopular and bullied Harry Styles. Louis thinks that Harry is OK; that he doesn’t cut his wrists anymore, that noone’s bullying him anymore. He’s wrong.
Warning: selfharm, bullying, smut 

I’m (not) yours

Summary: Louis’ dating Eleanor. But he doesn’t love her.
His best friend Harry loves him. Louis knows it and takes advantage of it.
He fucks Harry everytime he can. But he doesn’t love him.
Or at least he thinks so…
Warning: smut, hurt Harry, swearing

Kiss me under the mistletoe

Summary: All boys decide to take a walk in the snowy streets of London and they end up in the park, fooling around in the snow. Louis climbs up a tree and takes the mistletoe that’s on it and runs around kissing anyone who lets him…(the worst summary I’ve ever written, sorry) Just a short fluffy Christmas thing. btw story takes place back in 2011. and it’s Harry’s point of view.

All I need

High School AU
Summary: Louis is in love with Harry Styles, the most sexy and most straight guy in the school. He tries to get his attention, but fails every time, until he has a plan that will definitely work: he’ll start dating Harry’s twin brother, Marcel. But Louis didn’t expect to fall for the awkward nerd with big glasses and gelled hair.

Something crazy

Summary: It’s Valentine’s day and Niall has a date with his girlfriend Debrah. Since the morning he’s had a feeling like he forgot something, but he couldn’t remember. Until it was almost 5 p.m. and his bestie Louis texted him:I’m getting ready. Accidently spilled water on my fave shirt, so I had to wait until it was dry again. Hopefully my date is worth it.“Well, fuck.” Niall sighs, suddenly remembering what he was supposed to do. He promised Louis that he’ll find him a perfect man to go out with on Valentine’s day. And he forgot.

The words can’t describe what I feel for you (I love you isn’t enough)

Bakery AU
Summary: Harry works in a bakery and Louis (actor) likes to go there. He even likes the curly-haired boy working there. He invites him on a date numerous times, but Harry never accepts. ‘Cause Harry has really dark secret, that he can’t tell anyone.
Warning: smut, abusive relationship, Nick Grimshaw is a bad guy

You don’t like it complicated

Summary: Louis comes in. His hair is messy, cheeks rosy, eyes still half closed and Harry yet again wishes he had his camera.
“Good morning,” he greets Louis, who yawns, waves his hand and sits on a chair.
“I wasn’t expecting you to stay.” Louis mumbles.
“You said I could stay. Do you want me to go? I can leave if you want me to.”
“No, no! I didn’t mean it like that. I just… no one has ever stayed, even if they said they would.”
(or the one where Louis is a famous top model who is a little bit cynical over relationships, Harry is a photography student who is in love with life. They meet in a bar and fuck. Seems like another one night fling for Louis. But what if it isn’t.)
(or finally a smutty fanfic that I wrote (but still fluff af) with enormous amount of references to HIMYM, sorry for that)

We should try to keep it simple

Part 2 of You don’t like it complicated

Summary: “I just want you to understand, that this,” Louis gestured between him and Harry, “is going to be purely physical, only sex, no feelings. So if you somehow start to develop feelings for me, I want you to tell me, so we can end this without some sort of heartbreak, okay?”
“Yeah, sure,” Harry answered without hesitation and he kissed Louis’ neck. That’s how their ‘friends with benefits’ friendship begins.
(or the part where everything gets a little hot and complicated (mostly hot))


#1 How you two meet (+outfit)  Niall  Zayn  Harry  Liam  Louis
#2 Selfharm/suicide  Louis  Liam  Niall  Harry  Zayn
#3 He says something that upsets you  Zayn  Niall
#4 Your Halloween costumes (only outfits)

June Recommendations

Take your pick! There are four categories to choose from, each as amazing as the next. Every single author on this list is amazing and writes awesome stories, but I chose to highlight these fics in particular because they’re so good! As always if you’ve read anything recently you think should be on next month’s list, send it to me and I’ll check it out! So happy reading and I’ll be back like usual next month with another round :)


Blank Canvas by @lukes2k16

Closeted Couple by @wrap-your-wings-around-me


Merman Michael by @my-imagines-moonlight53

Safe by @0kbutmichaelclifford

Seeker by @tadpolehemmings


Spiderman by @5secondsofimagines

Black by @cliffordchick

A New Beginning by @preppyprincess


Back To What We Used To Be by @smuttyscribbles

Those Damn Yoga Pants by @5sos-dreaming

Never by @5sexonds-of-smut