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kittykittyhunter  asked:

NUMBER 4. I must know!

4: if you made a gang what would the design/text on the back of our matching jackets be

Okay I don’t HAVE a gang but the question implies it would be made up of at least the two of us. Meaning we’d both get to have a say in it. BUT UH OKAY overanalyzing and dissecting the question aside, my suggestion is:
celestial bodies, like sun and star and cloud motif, because that’s something I like and always reminds me of you too, especially a sun motif bc you’re all warmth and fire and light and energizing and yellow-orange-red to me.
I’d probably be the stars, which is kind of… smaller suns, or maybe bigger suns, no one really knows because they’re kinda distant and sometimes they’re just not there, and they change a lot like they can’t make up their minds on where they want to be but it’s still all surprisingly constant and I guess that’s me, maybe?

literalliterature  asked:

Ugo for the canon meme?

umm I didn’t really expect to get any but of course I can’t pass up talking about Ugo hehe

Canon: What actually happened. (well, no need to tell you any of these?)

Headcanon: Ugo was orphaned early, but not used to power a Gunud like the other resistance members likely because had relatively high social standing. He coped with his grief by distracting himself/obsessing over research instead of bonding with people (like a new caretaker, family, mentor, whatever kind of new social circle he’d have), not realizing how decades of loneliness eventually affected him after all - until Solomon took him out of there.

Heartcanon: everyone living peacefully in Alma Toran, with Ugo being Aladdin’s favourite nerd uncle/gramps/third parent and no war and magical destiny BS happening to tear them all apart.
Also, he and Aladdin will be reunited again and it will be the best, most heartrending scene in the whole manga.

Soulcanon: Ugo’s eye colour is clearly golden, not pink/red.

Crotchcanon:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

anonymous asked:

Question. is there ever a time when Repair man (yes that what im calling him -_-) worry Ennard or they other well steal his body? And who is really in control of the robotic body Ennard? Baby?? How ever ELSE IS IN THERE?!!

Ennard is an amalgamation of all the animatronics! When I draw him speaking, sometimes his words have a colored border to them. The colors indicate who is speaking, as shown below in the alternate Ennard design I’ll be using for an ask blog!


And yes, Eggs is still a little suspicious about that.

anonymous asked:


12. favourite scent?
Orange… also swimming pool chlorine residue on my skin lol

18. worst thing you’ve ever tasted?
while there’s a lot of flavours I don’t particularly like, I can’t give an answer to this. Must’ve blocked it out. I’m guessing it would have been somehing ridiculously sweet.

24. softest article of clothing that you (have) own(ed)?
a pair of those fuzzy thick winter socks I think

25. are you a good hugger?
lmfao NO
I wish I was but I have too little practice hugging people and too much energy - I am likely to squeeze people too hard, pat backs too vigorously and accidentally ram my shoulder into people’s throats… so I don’t initiate hugs in general, as much as I like them.

anonymous asked:


5. what are you seeing right now?
obviously a screen.
Beyond that, cozy yellowish artificial light in my dim living room. Also a net of oranges on the table beside me.

7. top five songs?
Right now?
- Crystals by Of Monsters and Men
- Light it Up by Major Lazer
- Great White Bear by Dear Reader
- Dúlaman by … pretty much everyone
- Come and getcha loooooohooove

23. do you have a high pain tolerance?
Yes. As long as it’s no papercuts or stubbed toes, those wreck me. Otherwise, yes.

festive-jester  asked:

Oh alright then. I was going to ask about your OC in relation to some of the events in PS but if all you know are the basics I'd rather see her in a setting youre more familiar with! Like... What does she like to do on felt missions or assignments? Does she like Lucky Charms? What are her thoughts on Sn0wman?

Well, what she does on missions and assignments depends on her state of being. As you know, when phoenixes die, they’re reborn from the ashes. 

In her smallest form, she just has to stay at the manor. Missions are too dangerous for her when she’s so tiny. In her medium-sized form, she provides excellent distractions, being able to fly overhead and light things on fire. In her largest form, she’s capable of doing anything the others can, including using firearms (although she prefers to use her talons and beak).

She likes Lucky Charms alright, but she has to eat them dry. If she has milk with them, she’ll feel sick and won’t be able to breathe fire.

She views Sn0wman as a friend/aunt figure. And she won’t admit it, but she feels intimidated by her and doesn’t know why. You can see what she thinks of the other Felt members here!

anonymous asked:

Okay... okay... but, have you considered... Artemis Fowl/Undertale crossover

“Long ago, two races ruled over the Earth: HUMANS and FAIRIES. One day, war broke out between the two races. After a long battle, the humans were victorious. The fairies fled underground, sealed away by a magic spell. Many years later… Legends say that those who climb the mountain never return.”


The boy brushed a small amount of dirt from the knees of his trousers and appraised the smirking flower. It explained that it had heard him take a nasty tumble and come to offer aid, then paused to await a response. Pointed petals gleamed and sparkled like the polished surface of an opal as the creature’s head bobbed encouragingly atop a stem that did not seem properly anchored in the earth.

He nodded stiffly, still taking stock of his injuries and surroundings. It had been a steeper journey than anticipated and he’d lost his footing more than once, though thanks to the cushion of flowers at the bottom of the crater he didn’t seem seriously hurt by his last (and longest) fall. He was grateful for that, though the pollen he’d crushed by landing on it would likely never come out of the fabric of his suit jacket. It would be pressing his luck to hope to find a decent dry-cleaner down here, he assumed, and did not vocalize the thought. There were more important matters at hand, anyways, and so much he needed to do.

“By all means,” the boy said instead, head still spinning and tongue thick with a taste that could have been pollen or maybe could have been the faintest cracklings of magic, “tell me more.”

Artemis’s skin buzzed with the familiar electric hum of a new beginning, and it filled him with determination.