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— “Only couples and pigeons come to the park on a holiday!”

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Fuck thanksgiving, fuck animal crossing and fuck my soul Mr robot.


Say goodbye to tumblr, say goodbye to free YouTube, say goodbye to Facebook, say goodbye to snapchat and wattpad.

Say goodbye to reading fanfics late at night, say goodbye to writing song lyrics online. Say goodbye to using Google to look up your answers for homework and tests.

Say goodbye to the fucking free internet my fellow Americans because Net Neutrality is falling down around us.

(Check out my blog for more info on how to save it and how foreigners can help to.)


Among other things, this week we’re thankful for more #IndivisibleRPG pre-production art from Studio TRIGGER!

Check out these images of Ajna, Roti, and Ashwat Village by Yoshinari-san himself!

Art By: Yoh Yoshinari
Producer: Naoko Tsutsumi
Production: Studio TRIGGER


Thank you guys <3 I’m hoping to do more with the Kwami swap. They’re kind of adorable lol. Honestly though I don’t think their kwamis would really fit with their personalities all that well though and that’s the only hitch, otherwise I actually kind of like Adrien as Ladybug/Bugboy and Marinette as Chat Noir/Lady Chat.