Cause and Because... Understand the difference

Cause and Because are two totally different words. Do not use ‘cause’ as a shortened version of 'because’.

I went to the store today because I needed to buy more cat food.    :D  (right)

I went to the store today cause I needed to buy more cat food.         D: (wrong)

I went to the store today. The cause of this was triggered from the necessary acquisition of cat food, which can be stemmed from the felines overbalanced dietary consumption levels, along with a lack of essential travel, to the store, during the past few days. Ergo, the cat needed food.     :D  (right)


How to shut down a cheap, salty POT while still keeping it classy 💅🏼 girls if he doesn’t have the money to give you cold hard cash or even a gift for a POT date, then don’t waste your time. Find yourself a sugar daddy who has a beach house in Miami, not a Splenda daddy who can’t type properly 👏🏼


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type descriptions (even those that type properly, by functions) often say that intjs are about as sensitive to others' emotions as a sledgehammer to a puppy, but i heartily disagree. within the space of one or two conversations i can usually pick apart a person's strengths, weaknesses, fears etc and can play to them with little effort. other intjs i've talked to (5 in total) seem to agree with me. your thoughts?

INFJ admin: There’s a difference between being able to read someone’s emotions and being sensitive to them. Most INTJs I know are very good at reading people’s feelings– they just choose whether or not to care. The sledgehammer descriptions you’re referring to are generally trying to say that INTJs are usually pretty blunt with what they say– this doesn’t necessarily mean the INTJ has no idea what that other’s person’s feelings are. Trust me they know– they just thought what they had to say was more important at that time.

However almost every INTJ I’ve known has been a complete dunce when it comes to romantic feelings and are generally not able to tell whether or not someone is romantically interested in them. I don’t know why this is the one exception to the rule *shrug*

honestly though i love steve so much, because he’s very kind and compassionate and willing to listen to people’s problems and help them out, and takes all this time to train the avengers. like, every single avenger that comes through that fucking door, steve vets them and trains them and readies them for battle himself, prepares them for hand to hand combat and everything so they know what to expect

but he’s also from the military, and the military doesn’t play nice when it comes to training, and boy, neither does steve LMAO. he will push people (physically and mentally) and throw jabs and mean remarks at them to get them fired up, get them angry, get them motivated, and use that against them as a tool, as if to say, ‘see what happens when you let your emotions rule your head over logic and experience? you slip up, i could have knocked you out or killed you’ 

he is a no nonsense kind of guy when it comes to training because it’s serious. he takes it very seriously. he will yell at people and do whatever it takes to get them up to par with what they need to be like when in a real battle. he broke clint’s fucking bow cause the guy was mouthing off to him lmao like ‘that’s a nice bow, but when you’re with ME, you’re not going to need it, so don’t mouth back to me again and say you’re “ready"’ and when training tony he was just all ‘is that the best you can do? that’s weak stark, i thought you had more in you. when you fall, you get back up, don’t let me or anyone else catch you laying around long enough’

he’s just … it’s very interesting. i love that versatility about steve. he doesn’t mean any of the vicious or cutting remarks he says, and honestly, it’s not the same for everyone, he won’t be mean and rude and vicious with every single person, but he will push them and teach them the necessary lessons to learn and understand how to fight. and how, when someone tries to punch them, to not let them get a single hit in.

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How easily would you say Cass is when it comes to getting drunk? I wouldn't also mind seeing how angry she gets when she takes psycho in all honesty

Cass is easily effected by all substances and gets a ridiculous asian glow and turns bright red >_<

…^admittedly there’s a video of me somewhere on my fb where I’m pretty much like this after barely ¼ of a drink People asked if I was drunk and I tried denying it but couldnt type anything properly so I didn’t really cover it up very well xD;;;

Guess who just wants to shower her beta with love & happiness @betagundam

i don’t know why i even read celebrity drama on twitter but here i am, wondering why anyone cares about the kim kardashian/tswift thing, why everyone acts like either party is in the right when it seems to be a bit of both

i mean to me the more important thing is 1) kanye west was still a colossal douche in his music video for including abuse victims naked in bed with their abusers (and yes, I include taylor swift in that statement, he has consistently thrown abuse at her regardless which is bad even if she hits back? i don’t know why that’s apparently difficult to grasp), 2) are we really going to defend lyrics that say he’d like to fuck tswift because he made her famous? i mean, phrasing and use of “bitch” aside that’s just a shitty lyric. also, y’know, not true. she had a career before their first ~drama~ and 3) why does anyone try to have a friendly relationship with taylor swift? like, has she had a single friendship that didn’t devolve into drama?

anyway clearly i’m not an expert on celebrity gossip so clearly i could be missing something but really this whole “i recorded a phone call” / “but that part of the lyrics is not what i had issues with!” thing is not the ugliest part of the whole story so…eh

Phew, now that that’s over, I can get to work on some comics~ But in the meanwhile, If anyone really liked any of my experiments request drawings, I’d be more than happy to make a step by step short tutoriel~ Just tell me the experiment number and I’ll work on it during the weekend~

I’ll be resting now~

Types of tumblr reblogger: tag yourself

😤 Adds annoying text into the end of every post so you have to reblog the post from someone else

😇 Tags it with ships, characters or type of post to try and pretend that they’ve got their life together

😜 Tags it with comments that sometimes go on forever and no one ever reads them

🤔 Doesn’t write or tag anything and is strangely silent so you have NO IDEA what they’re thinking. They’re a mystery