SKAM S04E04 Clip 4 - The Best Of Islam

NOORA: What is this again? We’re here for my sake?
SANA: Yes, of course we’re here for your sake.
NOORA: Just to look at muslim boys and stuff.
SANA: Aren’t you tired of white boys now? I thought we had to get out, meet new types of people, see that there’s plenty of fish in the sea. You know what I mean?
NOORA: But you said muslim boys just use Norwegian girls.
SANA: It’s good that you’re converting to Islam, then.
NOORA: Don’t turn around now, okay? But are those boys looking at us?
SANA: How shouldl I see if they’re looking at us if I can’t turn around?
NOORA: Oh my God, they’re coming over!
SANA: Stay cool.
NOORA: Stay cool? I’m really fuckign cool! Hi there!
BOY1: Can we sit here?
SANA AND NOORA: Yes, of course.
JONAS: It’s okay? Great!
SANA: Sit down!
NOORA: Hi! Yes, hi.
ALI: Ali.
NOORA: Noora.
ALI: Nice to meet you.
NOORA: Noora, it’s a pleasure.
SANA: Sana, it’s a pleasure.
ALI: Ali, it’s a pleasure.
JONAS: Jonas. It was sana?
SANA: Yes.

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Big Ol’ Honkin’ OC Question List-- Long Post Ahead!

  Alright, here we go– I put together a list of questions about OCs that you can reblog and have people send in asks for you! I set it up so you can be like, “A3″, “D2″, et cetera… Keep checking in here to the original post in case I add some more to the list! In the meantime, I hope y’all have some fun with this and maybe use it to learn a little bit more about your OCs or get to share things about them!!

A. Psychology

  1. What of the Meyers-Briggs personality types they most fit into? INFP, ENFT, et cetera…
  2. What alignment are they? Chaotic neutral, lawful evil, et cetera…
  3. Do they have any emotional or psychological conditions? Are they aware of it? Do they try to treat it? 
  4. Are they a pessimist or an optimist? 
  5. Are they good at handling change in their life?
  6. Does your OC tend to assume their interpretation of events and reality is correct, or do they question it? I.e., “I’m sure that’s what you said” versus “It’s possible I misheard you.”
  7. Is your OC confident in their reactions to life in general, or do they get embarrassed or easily shamed for it? I.e., if something startles them, do they insist it WAS scary? When they cry, do they feel like they overreacted?
  8. Is your OC a martyr?
  9. Does your OC make a lot of excuses? For themselves? Others? 
  10. Does your OC compromise easily? Too easily?
  11. Does your OC put others’ needs before their own?
  12. Does your OC have any addictions? If so and problematic, have they admitted it to themselves? 
  13. Does your OC have any phobias? If so, where did they come from?
  14. Is your character empathetic?
  15. Is your character observant?
  16. Does your OC have to go through their own trials to learn a lesson, or do they listen and learn from observation and lecture? I.e., does your OC listen when someone tries to tell them the importance of budgeting, or do they have to go experience what happens if you don’t budget first?
  17. What’s one of your OC’s proudest moments of themselves?
  18. Do they get jealous easily? Do they feel bad if they do?
  19. What instantly irritates them or puts them in a bad mood?
  20. Are they harsh on themselves?
  21. Do they make excuses often?
  22. Is your OC intended to be found generally attractive? Unattractive? Average? Is there a reason why?
  23. Does your OC place much importance on their appearance? Do they feel confident in it?
  24. What are some of your OC’s biggest personal obstacles? This could be emotional, physical, social… Are they aware of it? Are they trying to overcome it?

B. Social

  1. Do they believe you have to give respect to get it, or get respect to give it?
  2. Do they get frustrated when lines at places like pharmacies, check-outs, delis, banks, et cetera, are moving slowly?
  3. Under what situations would they get angry at servers, staff, customer service, et cetera?
  4. Do they tip well? How easily can they be moved to not leave a tip?
  5. Do they hold doors open for people?
  6. Would your OC let someone ahead of them in line if your OC had a big cart and the person behind them had very few items?
  7. How do they respond to babies crying in public?
  8. Is your OC considered funny? Do they believe they’re funny?
  9. What kind of humor does your OC like the most? Slapstick, ironic, funny sounds, scare pranks, xD sO rAnDoM…
  10. Does your OC find any “bad” or “mean” humor funny? Do they wish they didn’t?
  11. Your OC is running late to meeting someone: Do they let the other person know? Do they lie about why they’re late?
  12. Your OC orders something to eat and gets their order done in a pretty wrong way, something they can’t just pick off or whatnot to correct, or something major is missing. What do they do?
  13. Do they have a large or small group of friends?
  14. Do they have people they are genuinely honest with about themselves?
  15. Does your OC enjoy social events, such as parties, clubs, et cetera..?
  16. Does your OC like to be the center of attention or more in the mix?

C. Morality

  1. Does your OC have a moral code? If not, how do they base their actions? If so, where does it come from, and how seriously do they take it?
  2. Would your OC feel bad if they acted against their morals? If not, would they find a way to excuse themselves for it?
  3. Is it important for them to be with people (socially, intimately, whatever) whose major ideological tenets align with their own?
  4. Do they consider themselves superior or more important than anyone else? Lesser?
  5. Do your OC’s morals and rules of common decency go out the window when it comes to those they don’t like, or when it’s inconvenient? Aka, are their morals situational?
  6. What do they do when they see someone asking for money or food? If they ignore them, why? If they help, how so?
  7. Do they believe people change over time? If so, is it a natural process or does it take effort? 
  8. Is your OC more practical or ideal morally? I.e., do they hold people to high expectations of behavior even if it’s not realistic for the situation, or do they have a more realistic approach and adapt their morality to be more practical?

D. Religion and Life and Death

  1. How religious is your OC? What do they practice, if anything? If they don’t associate with any religion, what do they think of religion in general?
  2. Do they believe in an afterlife?
  3. How comfortable are they with the idea of death?
  4. Would they like to be immortal? Why, why not? If they are immortal, would they rather not be?
  5. Do they believe in ghosts? If not, why? If so, do they think they’re magical/tie into their religion, or are they scientifically plausible?

E. Education and Intelligence

  1. Would you say that your OC is intelligent? In what ways? Would your OC agree?
  2. Which of the nine types of intelligence is your OC strongest in? Weakest? (Linguistic, existential, naturalist, et cetera)
  3. How many languages do they speak?
  4. Did they enjoy school if they went to it?
  5. What’s their highest education level? Do they want to continue their education?
  6. Do they enjoy learning? Do they actively seek out sources of self-education?
  7. Are they a good note-taker? Are they a good test-taker? Do exams make them nervous?
  8. What’s one of your OC’s biggest regrets?

F. Domestic Habits, Work, and Hobbies

  1. What sort of home do they live in now, if at all? How did they end up there?
  2. What’s their ideal home look like? Where is it?
  3. Could they ever live in a “tiny home”?
  4. How clean are they overall with home upkeep?
  5. How handy are they? Can they fix appliances, cars, cabinets, et cetera?
  6. How much do they work? What do they do? Do they enjoy it?
  7. What’s their “dream career” or job situation?
  8. How often are they home?
  9. Are they homebodies and enjoy being home?
  10. Do they engage in any of the arts? How good do you intend them to be? Would they agree they are?
  11. What are some of their favorite things to do for recreation? How did they get into it? What part of it do they like the most?
  12. Would they enjoy a theme park?

G. Family and Growing Up

  1. Is your OC close to their family?
  2. Who makes up your OC’s family, at least the more important members to them?
  3. Does your OC find their family supportive? If not, what would be an example why not?
  4. What kind of childhood did your OC have?
  5. Did they go through any typical phases growing up?
  6. Do they have any favorite childhood memories?
  7. Do they have any childhood memories they’d rather forget or be less affected by?

H. Romance and Intimacy

  1. What is your OC’s orientation, romantic and/or sexual? Has it ever been a source of stress for them? Have they always been pretty sure of their orientation?
  2. Is your OC a thoughtful partner, in whatever aspect of that you want to cover?
  3. Does your OC believe there’s only one ideal partner (or multiple ideal if not monogamous) for everyone, or that there are many people who could be right?
  4. Does your OC believe in love in first sight?
  5. Does your OC believe in marriage (or their culture’s equivalent)?
  6. Has your OC ever cheated on anyone or been cheated on?
  7. What do they look for in partners? (Emotionally, mentally, physically..)
  8. What’s your OC’s idea of a perfect date?
  9. What are some things that your OC finds to be an instant turn-off in potential partners?

I. Food

  1. What are their favorite kinds of flavors– Sweet, salty, sour, spicy, creamy, et cetera?
  2. Do they have any eating requirements or preferences? Allergies, vegetarian, organic-only, religious restrictions…
  3. Are they vegan/vegetarian (if their overall culture/species generally aren’t)? If so, why? Do they think animal products are wrong in all circumstances?
  4. How often do they cook? Do they order out a lot?
  5. Are they a good cook?
  6. Could they eat the same thing they enjoy over and over and not get bored of it quickly?

J. Politics, Current Events, Environmental Aspects

  1. Where does your OC stand most politically? What would they align with most?
  2. How politically aware are they?
  3. How politically active are they?
  4. Is your OC the sort to fall for fake news? If not, do they ignore it or make a point to clarify that it’s wrong?
  5. Are they or would they protest for a cause they’re passionate about?
  6. How do they react to people whose political viewpoints are very opposite of theirs?
  7. How much interest in environmental health do they have?
  8. In reality-based or applicable worlds, do they believe in global warming? Do they recycle?

K. For OCs in Reality-Based Worlds Who Are Unusual in Paranormal Ways (such as magical abilities, being another species, having a curse like lycanthropy, sci-fi abilities, being from another time, et cetera)– Also for OCs where the scenario is similar even if their universe isn’t based on reality

  1. Does your OC have to keep their paranormal aspect (PA) a secret from general society? If so, how? I.e., they can’t discuss their abilities, they have to hide a tail, they have an alter-ego, et cetera. What would happen if society found out about it?
  2. Are there others in their universe with the same or a similar PA as your OC? I.e., others from different dimensions, others of their same species. Do they know about it?
  3. Does your OC have any friends who know about their PA? Any enemies?
  4. Does your OC ever use their PA to get an advantage? I.e., use their ability to be invisible to steal or get out of things, compete in track while their species is a naturally superior runner, use their invulnerability in careers like police work… If so, do they have any hang-ups about it?
  5. Does your OC feel isolated or unrelatable due to the experience their PA brings with it? If so, how do they deal with it?
  6. Does their PA cause issues in daily life? I.e., if they’re inhuman in a human universe and they can’t go to a doctor or risk the doctor realizing they are not human, super abilities with physical drawbacks, they don’t have control of their abilities and must keep to themselves, et cetera… If so, how do they feel about it?
  7. Does your OC’s PA affect their dietary habits so that they are unusual or problematic by their society’s standards?
  8. What are some routines, if any, of self-care that your OC must engage in that are not typical of their society? I.e., having to file their teeth, maintaining magical rituals, drinking blood…
  9. Does your OC have knowledge that they can’t share with the rest of their world that could improve it if it didn’t cause chaos? I.e., a character from the future knowing about technology not yet invented, but they can’t reveal themselves by sharing it?
  10. Would your OC give up their PA if they could? Why or why not?

L. For the Writer/Owner

  1. How have your characters changed since you created them?
  2. What do you consider the biggest themes in your character, if any?
  3. Did you create the character to be like yourself, did they end up being like yourself, or are they very different from you?
  4. Would you hang out with your OC if you could?
  5. Which OC do you think is the most decent morally or behaviorally?  AKA, which is supposed to a “good guy”?
  6. Which OC do you think is the worst morally or behaviorally? AKA, which is supposed to be a “bad guy”?
  7. Which OC do you think is the most attractive?
  8. What’s the longest you’ve had an OC for?
  9. How did you come up with your OC?
There will be nine types of Star Wars fans coming out of the movie theatre on December 15th...

Originally posted by coquillages-crustaces-et-moi

^Type One- the lucky ones, whose predictions came true (driving home with those that doubted them for two years)

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^Type Two- the gracious in defeat ones, whose predictions were proven wrong but they understand the thats how it is and it doesn’t have an effect on the quality of the film

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^Type Three- the furious ones, whose predictions were ALL wrong, they feel betrayed by Rian Johnson, will boycott every star wars and Disney product, they race home to angrily spread the word of their disgust online at what star wars has become  (after a week and multiple viewers they will cool down and rethink some things)

Originally posted by grapesupyournose

^Type Four- the innocent unspoiled ones, those that stayed away from every teaser, leak, rumour, and piece of promotion for the film. Not sure what to expect they enter the theatre and are the loudest to exclaim at every twist and emotional scene they HAD NOT PREPARED FOR (that was me for TFA)

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^Type five- the living in denial ones, this isn’t what they wanted at all! they cannot accept what they just saw and will live on like it never happened. They will not view TLJ as canon and may leave fandom for a while. As reality sets in they may slowly come to terms with things (much to the anger to other fans they will continue to have the same beliefs they had after TFAs release and find it difficult to move on)

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^Type Six- the indifferent ones, whose only thought after the credits roll are    “meh”. Maybe they are disappointed, maybe they just expected more after the two year hype train. They just don’t get what everyone else is losing their minds about around them. Over time they may grow fonder of the film

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^Type seven- the broken ones, those that stay seated as everyone leaves. They are emotionally destroyed after the inevitable cliff hanger,  they are coming to terms with the fact that disney owns their soul for yet another two years, the movie hasn’t answered all their questions in fact it has only raised more. They will be hit the hardest by the sorrows our characters will face in TLJ and will weep silently into their empty popcorn boxes as the theatre staff mutter about who should go check whether you are alright

Originally posted by peacelovecum

^Type Eight- the riding high ones, those that are blown away by this masterpiece of a film, regardless of their predictions or thoughts prior to seeing it they will rant and rave about its perfection to all their friends and will not hear any criticism 

Originally posted by usedpimpa

^Type Nine - the speculative ones, they watched the screen like a hawk taking in every detail, adjusting their predictions as the plot developed and will be walking out in a daze as they speculate further and try to put the pieces together in order to determine what Episode IX has in store for us all (this no doubt will be me)

mickey facts i like to reflect on:

  • got kicked off his little league team for pissing on first base
  • doesn’t know how to swim
  • loves banana pancakes
  • hates when old dudes call his boyfriend a twink
  • told sammi his type is “packin’ nine inches”
  • gives forehead kisses to the people he loves most aka ian and yevgeny
  • once called yev “the baby meat”
  • other notable nicknames include firecrotch, tough guy, army, mary poppins, mumbles, sleepyface
  • actually had a conversation with ian about how seagal could kick van damme’s ass
  • stole a hawaiian shirt, called it sexy and proceeded to wear it out
  • called himself an entrepreneur running a business when he was literally a pimp
  • used “got any slim jims in this shit hole?” as a euphemism

“To me. I stress through the days with 100 thought in my head and everything can be totally chaos, but when I start to pray, everything turns silent and clear. Because in spite of all this chaos, you remember what really matters. It’s fine because everything has a meaning. Did you for example know that in the brains of cockroaches, there are nine different types of antibiotics molecules that are stronger than any type of penicillin we have today? […] It comes down to every single little detail and I just can’t believe all that is random. “ 


“To me. I stress through the days with 100 thought in my head and everything can be totally chaos, but when I start to pray, everything turns silent and clear. Because in spite of all this chaos, you remember what really matters. It’s fine because everything has a meaning. Did you for example know that in the brains of cockroaches, there are nine different types of antibiotics molecules that are stronger than any type of penicillin we have today?” “Cockroaches? Seriously? Where did that come from?”

ree-fireparrot  asked:

What do you think Mamoru and Usagi's wedding planning was like? Not a fan of the PGSM version, so I'm looking for a different headcanon to replace it with. :c

I personally love the implication in the manga that Usagi and Mamoru’s wedding is a spectacle. Ten bridesmaids and they’re all wearing their own elaborate wedding gowns and veils? Sign me the heck up.

Why is Chibi Chibi there? Who the heck cares, of course the paradox-causing childlike form of the most powerful sailor senshi of a dystopian future is invited. Usagi Tsukino will not let a little thing like a couple thousand years get in the way of her wedding guests. Her future daughter gets an invite! Her alien friends get an invite! Her talking cats will MC the wedding and people will just accept that as a perfectly normal development in Usagi Tsukino’s life. (Maybe not that last one. But Luna and Artemis and Diana will still get places of honor.)

It’s obviously gonna be a western-style wedding. Usagi’s been dreaming of one since she was a kid. Kenji will balk when she starts to talk about the masses of people she plans to invite and nine different types of fresh flowers that are all imports and the enormous fancy venues she is considering (cathedrals or concert halls or Disneyland or the botanical garden or or or…). But of course, most of it gets mysteriously donated or something (Michiru pulls a few favors for the venue, Haruka calls on a friend who owns a limo company after the idea of flying Usagi there via helicopter is rejected, Mako does the wedding cake herself and secures the flowers). And Mamoru pays for a lot more than is normally expected of the groom (and is way more invested in things like the napkin colors than anyone really anticipated).

The ceremony sounds like it will be weirdly lopsided with Usagi’s literal army to Mamoru’s… well, depending on what fanon you subscribe to, he might have the Shitennou, or just Motoki, or Shingo, or a white cat in a bowtie as his groomsmen. Maybe all of them. That still won’t add up. That’s okay. The senshi are there to support them both. They fill in both sides of the aisle as needed.

The party that follows is legendary. They will still be talking about it for hundreds of years to come. It’s a multi-day affair. The food never stops. Sometimes they stop for naps, just a mess of people in various states of fancy undress piled on one hotel room bed.

Usagi’s family had no idea what they were in for. There are the friends they expected, the ones who Usagi has excitedly talked about so thoroughly for so many years that they feel like part of the family. But also a bunch of really famous pop stars showed up? Who knew the Three Lights were even still around? And also this woman who smells like flowers and carries herself like a queen, and everyone definitely thought Usagi was exaggerating when she said that she was friends with Michiru Kaiou, but there she is, playing the violin. A bunch of people definitely knelt in front of Usagi and Mamoru. A few people kissed her hand. Weird magical shit kept happening. Flower petals spontaneously falling from the ceiling and such. The white cat got into the champagne and started a loud argument with one of the Three Lights. Nobody else found any of this strange.

And if you think this is the end, you are mistaken still. This is only their first wedding. Every couple hundred years, Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion decide to reaffirm their marriage, just for the heck of it. Just so Serenity can wear a (different, bigger, fancier) white dress.

golden moments in uno: the movie so far:

- how so very dare you
- i didnt think uno without dicks could be fun
- every time theres a series of reverses back and forth between two of the guys
- here’s lookin at you kid
- gavin getting upset that he cant play whenever theres like several reverses in a row
- “unFOURtunate” followed by ryan’s soft “ahhhhh…..”
- every time they forget the weird 0-7 swap rules and fuck up their own hands
- this is uno: asshole, its a specific game type
- gavin, nine minutes into the video, “maybe this video will last even longer than the last one” this video is almost three hours long. the last uno video was not even a full hour.
- geoff laughing maniacally every time the hands switch, even if it fucks his up too
- “you happy with that hand you got lil j?” “nope” “yeah good luck using it bitch”
- its weaponized uno

wow I can’t believe they still had Willhelm mentioned in the clip like 3 times!:

“… Did you for example know that in the brains of cockroaches, there are nine different types of antibiotics molecules that are stronger than any type of penicillin we have today?
YOUSEF: Cockroaches? Seriously? Where did that come from?
SANA: Because every little part of the universe is so complex. Imagine! The brain of a cockroach has a bigger purpose on earth …”

*tsk* he’s everywhere!

transcript from @skamenglish

A Good Night

Summary: The night Ian and Mickey spent together before Terry caught them.

Word Count: 1147

Notes: I’m so sorry this request took so long!!

Throughout the whole Steven Seagal movie, Under Siege, Mickey and Ian were slowly scooting closer to each other and sharing glances. If it was up to Ian, he’d have been making out and fooling around with Mickey the whole time, but he could see the nervous energy radiating off of the Milkovich boy, so Ian handed the control over to him.

Ian didn’t necessarily watch the movie— he was too busy focusing on the boy sitting next to him. This was the first time that they’ve actually hung out; normally the only times they saw each other was at work, when they wanted to hook up and/or when they wanted to get drunk and high. This was actually nice, just sitting together, they both thought so.

Eventually after the movie was over, the both started getting into mindless conversations and silly arguments. Within the midst of it all, Mickey nearly ended up on Ian’s lap while the redheads arm was around him— and the unordinary thing was that it didn’t start as sexual, they were just so engaged in each other.

At some point though, Mickey realized their close proximity, and it caused his breath to hitch. He saw a grin creep onto Ian’s face, and suddenly he felt butterflies erupt in his stomach. Oh, no. Motherfucker, this wasn’t supposed to happen, Mickey nervously thought. In normal instances, he’d run or tell Ian to fuck off, but he felt bound to the goofy redhead— like he was meant to be there with him.

Ian noticed Mickey’s eyes scanning his face. “What? You just seein’ what I look like now?” He joked. He was currently on cloud nine; this type of shit with Mickey is relative to what he dreams about at night.

To Ian’s surprise though, Mickey shakes his head. “No, I look at you a lot,” he admits in a bashful tone that the other boy never thought he would hear. “Just don’t gotta worry about someone catching me checkin’ you out right now.”

Ian erupted into a fit of joyful giggles. “Can I kiss you?” He asks in a hopeful manner that makes Mickey’s heart melt.

Instead of saying yes or no, Mickey leaned forward and carefully connected their lips together. It wasn’t like their first kiss, this was different. Their first kiss was quick, but this was slow and soft, but it deepened as it went along. They were sharing more passion between their lips than either of them has ever felt, and they each wanted more.

The sweet kisses soon turned hot and heavy. They were tangling their tongues and biting at each other’s lips. Mickey straddled Ian’s hips as they made out, and Ian ran his hands down Mickey’s torso and around to his ass.

When they each separated for a breath, Mickey took a long pause. “I wanna try something new.”

Ian pulled himself to sit upward, but made sure that Mickey was still sitting in his lap. “What’s that?”

Mickey brought his lips to Ian’s cheek and planted tiny kisses towards his ear. As Ian tipped his head back in pleasure from this simple act, Mickey smirked. He then got close enough and whispered, “I wanna ride you.”

Ian instantly felt his dick grow harder in his pants. Rapidly, he nodded. “Shit, yes, Mick. Need that,” he practically whimpered.

As Ian reached to take his shirt off, Mickey put a hand out to stop him. “Let me do this work this time, alright?” When Ian nodded again, Mickey then reached to pull Ian’s shirt off of him.

The Milkovich boy kissed down Ian’s torso, leaving a few marks that he’d be proud of the next day. Once he got down to Ian’s jeans, he undid the belt buckle, and pulled the pants off of him, revealing Ian’s hard cock for himself to see.

Before climbing on top of Ian, the boys made out a little more, and Mickey gave Ian a fucking great ass hand job to make sure he was hard enough. When Ian panted that he need to be inside of Mickey, the dark haired boy slicked Ian’s dick full of lube.

Mickey then lined himself up with Ian’s dick, and sunk down onto it, almost immediately hitting the right spot in him. “Holy fucking shit,” Mickey said shakily as he rose himself up and down on the redheads cock.

“So fucking beautiful,” Ian croaked out as he watch Mickey bounce on his dick. He never thought this would happen, but he was beyond ecstatic about it. “Making me feel so good.”

Mickey let out a huffed breath. “Fuck,” there was so much pleasure in his voice.

Once Ian placed his hands on Mickey’s hips and started guiding him up and down, they both came fast. Ian filled Mickey up, and Mickey jizzed all over Ian’s stomach. It was strangely hot for both of them to see.

Mickey rolled off of Ian and went to the bathroom to get a towel so he could clean Ian off. They both silently put their boxers on and made their way into Mickey’s room so they could crawl into his bed. Though no words were exchanged for a while, they knew that the other was happy— it was such a good night.

Ian laid on the left side of the bed. He put his arm out and Mickey turned into his side, resting his head in the crook of Ian’s neck. They were so close to each other that Ian could feel Mickey’s rapid heart beat. He assumed that it was because they weren’t used to this type of stuff, so he’s just a little anxious— no matter what it was though, Ian ran his fingers up and down the side of Mickey’s arm in a soothing manner.

They cuddled for what felt like an eternity. Mickey shut his eyes in attempts to sleep, but Ian disturbed it by quietly calling out, “Mick?”

“Yeah?” Mickey asked by kept his head nestled under Ian’s chin. He was too peaceful and comfortable to move from that position.

Mickey felt in gulp. “I think I’m in love with you,” Ian said with a hint of fear in his voice.

At first Mickey didn’t know what to say or do. Like usual, he knew his first instinct would be to bolt, but he doesn’t want to— he doesn’t want to run anymore. “Yeah, me too,” he responds so quietly that it’s almost inaudible. He couldn’t say those three words yet; that was too big of a step after all he’s done today, but he needed to let Ian know somehow.

Ian nodded, as a way of letting Mickey knew he understood. The ginger kissed the top of Mickey’s head and then they fell asleep— in each other’s arms, hold each other tightly with faint grins on their faces. This is what love is like.

“I loved you dangerously
More than the air that I breathe”

Dangerously // Charlie Puth

type nine: the peacemaker


➜ HEALTHY - Deeply receptive, accepting, unselfconscious, emotionally stable and serene. Trusting of self and others, at ease with self and life, innocent and simple. Patient, unpretentious, good-natured, genuinely nice people. Optimistic, reassuring, supportive: have a healing and calming influence — harmonising groups, bringing people together: a good mediator, synthesizer, and communicator.

  • AT THEIR BEST - Become self-possessed, feeling autonomous and fulfilled: have great equanimity and contentment because they are present to themselves. Paradoxically, at one with self, and thus able to form more profound relationships. Intensely alive, fully connected to self and others.

➜ AVERAGE - Fear conflicts, so become self-effacing and accommodating, idealizing others and “going along” with their wishes, saying “yes” to things they do not really want to do. Fall into conventional roles and expectations. Use philosophies and stock sayings to deflect others. Active, but disengaged, unreflective, and inattentive. Do not want to be affected, so become unresponsive and complacent, walking away from problems, and “sweeping them under the rug.” Thinking becomes hazy and ruminative, mostly comforting fantasies, as they begin to “tune out” reality, becoming oblivious. Emotionally indolent, unwillingness to exert self or to focus on problems: indifference. Begin to minimise problems, to appease others and to have “peace at any price.” Stubborn, fatalistic, and resigned, as if nothing could be done to change anything. Into wishful thinking, and magical solutions. Others frustrated and angry by their procrastination and unresponsiveness.

➜ UNHEALTHY - Can be highly repressed, undeveloped, and ineffectual. Feel incapable of facing problems: become obstinate, dissociating self from all conflicts. Neglectful and dangerous to others. Wanting to block out of awareness anything that could affect them, they dissociate so much that they eventually cannot function: numb, depersonalised. They finally become severely disoriented and catatonic, abandoning themselves, turning into shattered shells. Multiple personalities possible.

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Enneagram - Levels of development

“you are too mean, angsty, nice to be -insert random enneatype here-”

assumptions and generalizations like those are completely missing one of the most integral parts of the Enneagram theory: type development.
Integration and disintegration are the most extreme examples, each one sitting on the end of a scale that consists of overall nine levels.

-every single one- of the nine types has the ability to be: 

- kind, self-confident, trusting, inspiring and free of fear (at their best)
but also
- mean, destructive, angsty, self-pitying and a victim of their fear (at their worst)


A healthy

1 will let go of their perfectionism, stop being strict to themselves and learn to enjoy mindless fun and how to be carefree (like a healthy 7)

2 will stop tying their self-worth to the feedback of others and allow themselves to be egoistic and self-celebrating (like a healthy 4)

3 will lose their competitiveness and fear of failure, learning to be cooperative, asking for support and form trusting bonds with people (like a healthy 6)

4 will learn that an “everyone is valid uwu”-attitude inhibits progress and that adopting a critical objectiveness (like a healthy 1) is more helpful than wallowing in self-pity

5 will realize that their quest for knowledge can’t be fulfilled if they only stay inside their head and move into being more grounded and proactively dealing with real-world problems (like a healthy 8)

6 will stop being paranoid, learn to trust their own perception and be relaxed about the ups and downs of daily life (like a healthy 9)

7 will learn to face and tolerate uncomfortable feelings like sadness and becomes insightful and creative (like a healthy 4)

8 will recognize that their shell of aggression is self-destructive and isolating, so instead they open up to become helpful and caring (like a healthy 2)

9 will abandon the idea that they are unimportant and recognize their own self-worth, trading laziness against the motivation to achieve something of greater value (like a healthy 3)

…and you don’t even need to be fully integrated!
even an average health level of 4 will display most of the aforementioned traits


It’s kind of worrysome that somehow the unhealthy versions of each type have became the “this is what a person with this core should -really- look like and if you don’t look like this you are mistyped” here on tumblr.
Because look,
If a person displays the following traits they are not “more true” than others of the same core type. They may be easier to identify as their respective type but they are also unhealthy as fuck and should look into getting therapy asap:

1: extremely critical of oneself and others, obsessive about imperfections, feeling like everything and everyone is wrong, dogmatic, moralizing, prone to depressions and breakdowns, OCD traits

2: feeling abused and victimized, expecting repayment for their uncalled self-sacrifizes, bitter, feeling entitled, delusional about their own motives/selfishness, abusing food/medication (like comfort-eating) , hypochondriac

3: ruthless and vindictive, sabotaging other people’s happiness, betraying even people close to them, telling elaborate lies to hide misfortunes and make up fake successes, narcisstic, psychopathic, strong fear of humiliation

4: depressed, feeling alienated and alone, driving anyone away who tries to help them because “they wouldn’t understand them anyway”, self-hatred, frequent emotional breakdowns, self-destructive behaviour, hopeless and full of despair

5: reclusive and isolated from reality, rejecting social rules and attachments, cynical and argumentative, haunted by uncommon phobias, nihilistic, antagonistic towards anyone who questions their world views

6: constant anxieties, paranoid, feeling that others are out to get them, looking for potential threats everywhere, fanatism, irrational lash-outs, hysterical, self-destructive

7: impulsive and infantile, running away from their problems, succumbing to addications (drug, sex, etc.), manic mood swings, always wanting “more”, never feeling satisfied, BPD and histrionic traits

8: violent and destructive, being delusional about their power, thinking no one can mess with them, having a “i will rather die than lose”-mindset, not backing down ever, strong PD-ish traits

9: tired and unmotivated 24/7, dissociating as soon as conflict arises, neglecting their own physical health and/or the one of their pets/children, being frustrated by procrastination but unable to pick oneself up




1. Musical-rhythmic (this one kind of speaks for itself)

2. Visual-spatial (i.e spatial judgement and the ability to visualise with the mind’s eye)

3. Verbal-linguistic (i.e better with languages etc)

4. Logical-mathematical (again, this one speaks for itself)

5. Bodily-kinesthetic (i.e things such as sports)

6. Interpersonal (i.e relationships with people around you)

7. Intrapersonal (i.e introspective)

8. Naturalistic

9. Exsistential/moral

So if you don’t feel smart, just remember, the school system just probably doesn’t recognise your intelligence.


NOORA: What was this again? Are we here for my sake?

SANA: Of course we’re here for your sake!

NOORA: To look at muslim guys and all?

SANA: Aren’t you bored of Vestkants-guys yet? We need to get out, meet new people. There are lots of fish in the sea.

NOORA: But you said muslim guys just use norwegian girls.

SANA: Well then it’s good you’re converting to islam.


NOORA: Don’t look, but, are those guys looking at us?

SANA: How am I supposed to know that if I can’t look?

NOORA: They’re coming over here.

SANA: Be cool

NOORA: I am cool! So cool! - Hey hey!

BOYS: Can we sit here?

NOORA: Yes, sit. Hey.

ALI: Ali, nice to meet you.

SANA: Sana.

BOYS: Was it Sana?

SANA: (nods)

BOYS: What are you drinking?

NOORA: We’re drinking tea. Chai. Having fun with apples. Extremely tasty.

BOYS: It looks extremely tasty.

NOORA: You have no idea how good it is.

BOYS: It looks good.

NOORA: Just taste it.

BOYS: Fantastic. Are you selling the tea?

NOORA: Yes I’m selling the tea.

BOYS: Now we understand. It was a good choice. Completely agree.


BOYS: So what do you do other than drink tea?

NOORA: Um what do we do?

BOYS: Do you study?


SANA: At the university in Oslo.

BOYS: Same here

NOORA: Do you also study there?

BOYS: Yeah, what do you study?

NOORA: Um..we take different courses.

BOYS: One course?

NOORA: Yes, one course.

BOYS: Subjectshopping?

NOORA: Subjectshopping

SANA: What do you do? Study?

(phone rings for the second time)

SANA: Hello?

YOUSEF: Hey, it’s Yousef. Sorry I’m calling you but I don’t know what to do with Elias.

SANA: What happened?

YOUSEF: He’s extremely lightheaded and he wants to go home and sleep. I don’t think that’s a good idea.

SANA: Where are you?

(goes to noora’s apartment)

YOUSEF: I can walk you home

SANA: It’s ok. You don’t have to.

YOUSEF: It’s not a problem.

SANA: What did Elias drink?

YOUSEF: Vodka.

(throws ball at Sana)

YOUSEF: Bad reaction?

SANA: What did you say?

YOUSEF. Bad reaction. Relax. You need to relax. You’re so tough. Pass the ball. Reaction or what? Such a tough girl. You can’t handle the ball. You have such a bad reaction.

SANA: I can handle the ball better than you.


(plays basketball together)

SANA: Why don’t you believe in Allah?

YOUSEF: You know Even? The guy we used to hang out with? I think he’s gay. Because he tried to kiss Mikael. And Mikael is really religious. So he completely went MIA. Even was to ‘cure’ himself by reading the Quran. And it ended up with him posting verses from the Quran that were about how homosexuals were going to hell. You know he tried to kill himself? So I feel that Islam or generally religion creates a lot of anxiety in people.

SANA: But Even was sick. It had nothing to do with religion

YOUSEF: I don’t know. I personally feel that I have kept the best part of religion and thrown away the rest

SANA: And what’s the best?

YOUSEF: Caring for others. Being grateful for what you have. Helping others. Being positive. Doing the best for others, not just yourself. That’s it.

SANA: But that’s exactly what the rituals in Islam remind you of all the time. Those values. By fasting and praying five times a day. It gives you focus. And it’s to remind you of what’s most important in life and that’s to be a good person.

YOUSEF: Don’t you think I remember to be a good person without having to pray?

SANA: For me…I stress out during the days with a hundred thoughts in my mind and everything can be completely chaos but the moment I strt praying everything becomes completely calm and clear. Because even though there’s all this chaos in your everyday life you remember what really matters. It’s great because everything has a greater meaning. Did you know for example that in the brain of a cockroach there are nine different types of antibiotic molecules that are stronger than any penicilin we have today?

YOUSEF: Cochroaches? Seriously? Where is that coming from?

SANA: Because!

SANA: Every single thing in the universe is so complex. Think about it! Even the brain of a cockroach has a greater meaning in this earth. Down to the last detail. And I can’t believe that all of it is just coincidental.

YOUSEF: If religion is so great, why does it separate our society? Are we here?

SANA: Now we’re cool.

YOUSEF: Ok? Are you looking me in the eyes? Are you? I’m unsure because…

SANA: I’m looking you in the eyes now

YOUSEF: Great. Ok


YOUSEF: Nope… What was I going to say? Uuum. What was I going to say?


SANA: Goodbye