you know what actually

i just really need to vent or say something instead of just keeping it penned up 

I just need to type it out or do something with this instead of spending my day listening to Adele and cooking too much food but not eating it 

i dont really know where to start but ill just type as i go and hope this doesnt become the disgusting emotional train wrreck that i know its gonna become

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Focke-Wulf Fw 190A-3 (Wk Nr. 313), single chevron, Stab III./JG2, flown by Oblt Arnim Faber, landed in error at RAF Pembrey in South Wales on 23 June 1942. This Fw 190 was designated RAF MP499. It was the first of its type to fall into Allied hands, and after its capture it was taken by road to Farnborough and flown extensively in comparative trials with Allied fighters. It was struck off charge (SOC) in Sep 1943. (IWM Photo MH4190)

anonymous asked:

Could I request a scenario where reborn realizes that their s/o is a ruthless business person. Like they have all kinds of tactics that show their intelligent and cunning mind

Reborn glanced over some of the papers you had been reading while you checked on dinner.  They were all business related so he didn’t fully understand, but after reading a couple of the sentences he realized that it was a proposition, and a brutal one.

“What’s all this about?” he asked as you came back into the living room.

“A proposal for one of my competitors,” you said nonchalantly.

“More like a ‘you take all’ type deal,” he responded, handing the paper back to you.

“Well, he is inefficient and not well liked by anyone.  Not to mention his illegal activities.  So this is the best deal I can give him that benefits both of us,” you said.

“It benefits you and strips him of everything,” Reborn responded.

“Better than me going to the authorities with all of the information I have on him.  I have more powerful friends, not to mention more, so he wouldn’t be able to weasel out of jail time,” you defended.

“And in return, you take over his company and assume full control of the largest industry in the region with zero competitors?” Reborn asked.

“Like I said, win-win.  I get what I want and he doesn’t go to jail and lose everything that could keep his family from bankruptcy,” you said.  “Quite generous of me really.”

“How is this generous?” Reborn asked.

“I hate the man, so I could make him suffer more, but his wife just had another child so I don’t want to drag them into it.  I’m letting him have a chance to save his family and his reputation, what little he has left of it.”

“And you really think he is going to go along with this?”

“I have him cornered, and he knows that.  So he will,” you said matter of factly. 

Reborn suppressed a shiver.  You were as ruthless as him, just in a different game.

I have different types of buddies.

Hand buddy is @honkandheello (fur ever ever!!!!)

Buddy buddy is @saniapalaxia1230

Best person ever!!!!!! Is @killtheartpony

Bam explosion buddy is @ithinkweredonehereblr

Buddy is @outsiders1965

If you want to be my buddy, then find something we both suck at or we both love then talk to me.

Second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning. 
- Peter Pan, J. M. Barrie

February - Quotes about stars / the moon / the night sky

Requested @iktara

I have actually done this quote before and it had pixie dust all around it, you can see it here. It was long enough ago that I felt like I could letter the quote again. 

I’ve actually received so many requests this month of quotes that I have previously lettered, so if there’s a quote about this months theme that you have not yet seen on @letterit then please send it in :)

Indian ink brush lettering


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