you know what i wish bioware would have done?

what if shepard’s body type was based on their class?
like, your soldiers and vanguards are the most beefy, then your sentinels and infiltrators have a fair amount of muscle, and then your adepts and engineers have some muscle because hey, they’re military, they’re not gonna be tiny - but none of this big, beefy m!shep and tiny, willowy fem!shep no mater the class

i refuse to believe an adept or engineer male shepard has more muscle tone than a soldier or vanguard female shepard

(different body types beyond ‘generically physically attractive would also have been nice but you know)

the signs as Steven Universe songs
The Signs As Abstract Smells

Aries: Teenage body odor, particularly that distinct scent of sweaty males.
Taurus: A shirt that has been washed many times, but still smells of Old Spice.
Gemini: The smell that powder foundation has; something from Bath & Body Works.
Cancer: Stale popcorn and powdered sugar. It reminds you of childhood.
Leo: The annoying smell of sugar beet factories at work.
Virgo: Freshly clean. A nice scent, but not overpowering. You can’t quite place it. A doctor’s office?
Libra: The smell of smoke from burned food.
Scorpio: Cigarettes and sexy. What is that sexy smell? Ah, the Scorpion never reveals its secrets.
Sagittarius: AXE Body Spray. The worst kind. The kind everyone universally hates.
Capricorn: The smell of fear and computer desks.
Aquarius: Cotton candy. Chlorinated pools, the nice kind, not a community pool.
Picses: Pot from a week ago. Donuts of the glazed variety. Dogs (usually with hair, but sometimes just the smell.)

Set-Up: Investigation Team as Killers AU [[ITKillers]]


A role swap AU originally thought of for a blog, but never given more of a detailed look until now. The big feature of this AU is that the Investigation Team (except for Teddie) are the killers, and Adachi is the cop that can stop them. Since there’s more than one killer, a lot more murders happen as a result. 

…Sorry, Saki Konshi.


A series of murders begin, with no evidence on the bodies or a way to show a cause of death. The only thing found on the body is a calling card with “The Fool” on it. 

As more bodies appear, different calling cards appear, and the cops come to the horrific conclusion that there’s more than one killer. Can they find the killers before it’s too late? 

And what is this mysterious world inside the TV that Tohru Adachi finds? Why is there a bear in it? What connection does it have to the murders, and how can he prevent any further casualties? 

Notable Cast:

  • The Investigation Team becomes the killers, and Tohru Adachi becomes the protagonist. 
  • Teddie is influenced by Adachi’s attitude. God help us all. 
  • There are more victims than in Canon. 

Notable Features: 

  • Yu Narukami is incredibly manipulative, tricking the Investigation Team using their weaknesses from Persona 4 into murder, and then blackmails them all to keep going. 
  • One of the members (most likely Yosuke) feels as though they can’t take it anymore and commits suicide. 
  • Adachi is the protagonist that attempts to rescue victims from the TV World. Eventually Teddie and Dojima join him. 

Involved Mods:

Zen Mod

Posts about this AU (Incl. Art; Short Fics):

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I’m not usually one to type out the little scenarios I think of to make a story in my head (unless I write it out completely and make it a fic) buuuuut-

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The Illusion of Love

Summary: In which Phil is desperately in love with Dan and they hook up.

Warnings: mentions of alcohol and sex, manipulation (kind of?)

Word count: 1,608

A/N: I have literally no idea what the fuck this is, also i should probs have added paragraphs but it kinda flows better this way??? idek man 

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Persona 4 Meets “Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai” AU [[AnoKumaAU]]


An AU with a plot based on that of  Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai . The personalities of P4′s cast members are kept exactly the same, but their roles are shuffled around to achieve a plot similar to that of AnoHana. The role of Menma is taken by Teddie meaning that - yeah - he gets to be human but he’s also kind of sort of dead here.  Rather than going full-out Slice-of-Life, like AnoHana, the Mystery-Element of P4 is kept; The murders still happen.


10 years ago in Inaba, there was the “Investigation Team”, a group of eight Gradeschool Kids who acted as self-declared detectives, solving the troubles of people around, occasionally finding themselves paid in candy for it but mostly just doing it for the sake of goodness and “justice”. Saving cats from trees, helping store owners paint their facades, raising money for good causes, the eight of them lived carefree and cheerfully. 

That all changed when a Pajama Party at Amagi Inn ended in terrible tragedy: That night, Yosuke’s little brother Kumakichi, nickname “Teddie”, is found floating dead in the hot springs. To make it all the worse, the next morning another dead body, that of Mayumi Yamano, who also stayed in the Inn, is found dangling dead from a telephone pole. As the Police is still investigating into the two deaths to no avail, the Investigation Team, hit heavily by the events, begins to splinter up, bit by bit, with Yosuke, Yu and Rise traumatized so badly that their families have to move out of town to alleviate the psychological damage on their kids and Naoto eventually leaving after her parents’ tragic accident.

A decade later, Yu, who has repressed all memories of his childhood in Inaba and the horrible incidents from his mind, finds himself moving back into the town where it all began, unaware that he has ever set foot into it before. By a twist of fate, the other missing members all return to town around the same time, just in time for another murder, a lot like the ones from back then, to occur and bad memories to be stirred up - for everyone but our Amnesiac Yu. He instead finds himself haunted by a blonde boy calling him “Sensei” and demanding that he and everyone else try to figure out what really happened back then… 

Notable Cast:

The roles of the IT are shuffled around considerably, while retaining their personalities and and some of their personal struggles.

  • Yu: Mostly takes the role of Jintan from AnoHana, albeit instead of becoming a Hikikomori, he repressed all memory of ever living in Inaba from his mind. He can’t remember any of his old friends either, causing a good bit of conflict when he first enters Yasogami Highschool and the others of the old team recognize him. Like with Jintan and Menma in AnoHana, Yu is the only one who can see Teddie in this AU.

  • Yosuke: Takes a compilation role of Satoshi and Yukiatsu from AnoHana; he recently came back to Inaba after his family were forced to move back for Junes-reasons. He’s still really damaged from the incident that killed his younger brother and extremely pissed when their former leader returns to town but “pretends” to not know them (which leads to him publicly punching Yu in the face in front of school). Later, he’s upset that his annoying lil’ bro’s spirit is around but he can’t even see him. Noooo, instead Mr. Perfect Ex-Partner gets to see him; even though they’re not even family…!

  • Chie&Yukiko: Were considerably less damaged by the incident than some of the others, but still badly enough. The two of them are still best friends, but their friendship has been strained ever since Yosuke returned to town last year, the bad memories and differing opinions on how to deal with them dragging them down. Additionally, Yukiko still feels guilt since the incident happened at her family’s Inn (which has had some nasty rumors surrounding it ever since.)

  • Rise: Has briefly returned to Inaba multiple times ever since the incident, until she went into showbiz and became an idol. However, her hiatus is the first time she moves back in for a longer time. She seems to have gotten over the incidents from back then the best, what with her shining, bubbly media-personality. What the others don’t know is that Rise actually used going into showbiz as an escape from the past; she was the one who discovered Teddie’s dead body ten years ago and has been trying to forget about it ever since. (Meaning she kind of takes Poppo’s role)

  • Kanji: Mostly the same as in Canon; after all his friends left him behind after the incident, it hurt even more getting rejected and laughed at by his classmates for the very same hobbies his old friends always admired him for, only adding into his issues and giving him some bitterness towards the six who just let him standing in the rain by himself. 

  • Naoto: Has never forgotten the incident from back then and part of her zeal as a detective stems from having always hoped she would be able to solve that case one day, no matter how unlikely it seemed. So, of course, another murder occurring immediately caused her to return to Inaba with little ado.  She’s less than enthusiastic about Yu’s claims that he sees a ghosts, however, and thinks he’s only trying to make fun of her, much to her anger. 

  • Teddie: In this AU, rather than a Shadow, he’s the adopted younger Hanamura sibling who died at the age of 5. Now he’s a ghost haunting Yu with the goal of getting the case of the murder that happened the same time that he died finally solved. Back when the little guy was still alive, he was known for always carrying a doll of the Junes Mascot around with him and sometimes talking “through” it by holding it in front of his face. Now that doll is the thing he can most easily interact with in the physical realm.

Notable Features:

  • The TV World is still a thing in this AU, albeit things might work out a little differently regarding it.

  • Once the TV World becomes involved Teddie can actually join the team there by possessing a Junes mascot suit there (which only serves to further Yosuke’s irritation about the whole situation). 

  • Saki is probably still the second victim, meaning Yosuke can never have ANY nice things whatsoever. 

  • Adachi is still the killer, albeit he needs a bit of an Age-Up so he can be responsible for the murders in both time-frames. 

  • Nanako becomes involved by interacting with the Teddie-dolls Teddie can possess. 

Involved Mods:

Ryoji Mod

Tomoe Mod

Posts About This AU (Incl. Art; Short Fics):

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RFLEX is a fast-paced arcade dodge-em-up in which you must attempt to avoid increasingly challenging waves of rectangles, whilst listening to an excellent audio soundtrack.

Featuring the type of twitch based gameplay that made Super Hexagon so infuriating and addictive, RFLEX is another super cool minimalist arcade-style game in which there is absolutely no room for error.  If you panic or hesitate for a second you will die.  It’s a challenging and addictive game that’s all about focusing and getting into the zone to rack up that elusive high score.

Play The Beta Demo, Free (Win, Mac & Linux)

What should we do next?

So we have A LOT of prompts floating around just waiting for us to work on, but we’re not sure what to do. We want to know what YOU guys are most interested in right now.

Y’all get one vote!

  1. Female only Tyrogue-like Psychic type line
  2. Twin lines based around sexual dimorphism, like Nidoran-M and Nidoran-F
  3. A Pokemon referencing Alice in Wonderland
  4. Tanuki (Raccoon dog)
  5. 3-stage line with each stage gaining a head so the final evolution resembles Cerberus
  6. Tea Pokemon
  7. Two more Omnis Mega Evolutions

Those are all of the contest we have coming up! We also sneaked a tea line in there for you guys since you guys have been asking for one forever. ;) Remember that we WILL get to all of these eventually.

Which do you want to do next!?


The Type 74 (74 nana-yon-shiki-sensha) is a main battle tank (MBT) of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF). It was built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as a replacement for the earlier Type 61. It was based on the best features of a number of contemporary designs, placing it in the same class as the US M60 or German Leopard 1. Like these designs, it mounts the Royal Ordnance L7 105 mm gun. The design did not enter widespread use until 1980, by which point other western forces were starting the introduction of much more capable designs.

Premise: Robotsuke AU

Exactly what it says on the tin.

Bonus points it he’s still so far in Narnia he’s the White Queen.


Seeing how this one is pretty bare bones, I shall be so free as to expand on it a little~!

~Ryoji Mod


Set-Up: Robotsuke AU [RobosukeAU]


In this AU, the Hanamura family doesn’t actually really exist, and Yosuke is actually an undercover ShadowOPs Agent, an Anti-Shadow-Suppression-Weapon sent to Inaba under the pretense of being the Junes manager’s son in order to supervise the unusual Shadow readings in the area. (For this AU, we assume that the Shadow OPs were founded a year earlier than in canon but didn’t yet have the resources to dispatch whole teams.) 

He’s a newer model, produced even after Aigis, and thus still a good bit more awkward with fluent human interaction than she is. However, he’s also got a larger pair of Plumes in his Papillon Heart, making him a good bit more emotional than Aigis, on par with Labrys. While he can pull off the “normal teenager” shtick perfectly well when everything goes according to his pre-programmed script, he kinda shorts out and slips up when things outside his expectations happen - Which is the reason he’s unpopular with his classmates in this AU. He just comes off as odd when he tries to open up to people. 


We mostly follow the plot of Persona 4, except that the IT gets to know a lot more about Shadows due to Yosuke supplying them with as much information as he can give out without breaking any ShadowOP taboos. 

Yosuke’s reaction upon first getting into the TV World is different; as he is already aware of Shadows and can clearly sense them in the area, he acts a lot calmer on the first venture (and, well, the bladder issues don’t happen, of course). However, we assume that he is a model that never managed to develop Persona Potential in this AU and was thus only dispatched for supervision purposes. So he doesn’t venture any further into the TV world, but just keeps up the charade before the others and is sent back with them by Teddie. He tries to file a report to Kirijo that night, but is distracted by the Midnight Channel.

The IT get involved in the murders the same way as before; when Saki gets killed, Yosuke freaks out since she was his only friend (for the same reasons as before), though his reaction contains even more determination to go back into the TV World in this version, since he knows Shadows were involved and feels it should have been his duty as an ASSW to prevent this from happening.

When him and Yu go into the TV World for the second time, he reveals he’s already heavily armed but still (very clumsily) tries to maintain his facade and claim he just took “classes” somewhere. This doesn’t last when his Shadow appears, of course, who bluntly spouts out the truth and rubs salt into Yosuke’s wounds about being “weird” and “a failure, a boring piece of junk nobody’d ever want to hang out with rely on, rather than the super hero he was supposed to be”. The stuff about Saki stays the same. Of course, Yu defeats the Shadow and Yosuke finally gains his Persona, much to his relief.

The rest of the plot goes exactly as P4, as Yosuke decides not to report back to HQ, since he wants to catch the killer himself (he fears he’d be pulled off the case for further training and replaced by a proper team if he told HQ that he got his Persona now.) 

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I read an YA novel the other day that was so bad that it became bile fascination and I couldn’t stop reading it. I felt…odd about my feelings afterwards but then I saw an essay penned by based INFP god George Orwell called Good Bad Books and it made me feel reassured.

Type 0 week, Day 7: Freedom

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 4 | Day3 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7

Sice/Seven centric, hints of other minor ships, but mostly Class Zero as one. Basically my version of the Type 0 ending. Disgustingly good happy ending. (c’mon I’m a fluff obsessed person what did you expect. I cannot kill my children.)

And with that this series of stories is over and it was a lot of fun to write it! :D Type 0 means a lot to me and I’m grateful that this week exists ;w; The fandom may be small and it’s hard to get feedback but I’m glad I found my way to this game. I hope there will be more weeks of it in the future! :D

FF.net / AO3


The war was over.

The Militesi Empire was defeated and the Dominion of Rubrum had full control over the land they called Orience.

At first the Lorican Alliance was destroyed. 9
Then the Kingdom of Concordia submitted to the Vermillion Bird. 9
And now the defeat of the Militesi Empire was the last cog wheel for summoning the final moments of this world. 9

When 9 and 9 meet 9 – Tempus Finis shall be willed upon them.

Tempus Finis – the time where the Rursan Arbiter is said to bring judgment on the world if Agito is not found.


Someone who is supposed to be the savior, a hero who is supposed to ensure the world’s survival.

Class Zero was doomed to become Agito. Their path was set on this fate.

Or was it?

“I want you to write the final pages of yourselves.” She said. “Non of you have ever chosen your own way of living – not once. So I want you to chose your own endings. This is the final freedom I give you as humans.” 

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337) I am not an ethical vegan whatsoever, I don't care that people hunt animals and such, I only do it because of the way that meat and dairy are processed it is so gross to me with how processed it is, and it makes me feel healthier.