Game: Hesokuri Wars

Name: Jyushimatsu: Marching

Character: Jyushimatsu Matsuno

Set: Marching
Event: None

Rarity: ☆☆☆☆
AP: 361
Attack Type: Ground
Base Max Level: 40
Top Max Level: 70

Voice Clips:
2. Clear stage 20 of the main stages
3. Raise the AP recharge speed to Lv.7
4. Have 600000 coins on hand
5. Play 750 stages
6. Raise Marching Jyushimatsu’s level to 5
7. Raise Marching Jyushimatsu’s level to 10

anonymous asked:

my imvu character looks all kinds of messed up,especially the body :/ did you use any skin/avatars in the first edit you posted,i don't wanna waste all my credits on stuff if my character looks all fucked up lol

i used both, it really depends on the type of base creators use for their tops. try MissC, Essme or Daisuki, the base they use looks so much smoother & barely any noticeable clippings. pm me @feiines if you need anything else though!!


Game: Hesokuri Wars

Name: Osomatsu: Marching

Character: Osomatsu Matsuno

Set: Marching
Event: None

Rarity: ☆☆☆☆
AP: 52
Attack Type: Ground
Base Max Level: 40
Top Max Level: 70

Voice Clips:
2. Clear stage 20 of the main stages
3. Play the Normal Gacha 7 times
4. Raise the stamina of the Matsuno home to Lv.10
5. Play 750 stages
6. Raise Marching Osomatsu’s level to 5
7. Raise Marching Osomatsu’s level to 10

the signs as Steven Universe songs

Just a collection of a few personality tests! Most of them are more psychological or geared toward assisting in self-improvement or pointing out aptitude, but I sprinkled a few fun ones at the end just for kicks.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Arguably the most well-known and commonly used system of typing personality, MBTI is based on the way the human mind processes and reacts to other people and the world around them. I highly recommend that you look into cognitive functions afterwards to verify your type, as online testing can often be incorrect.

Enneagram System

If you’ve ever seen those weird number combinations floating around tumblr (7w8, 6w5), you’ve encountered it before. There are nine main types, although you will end up having a “wing”, which is your second, complementary type.

Four Temperaments

This one’s probably the oldest, first coming into common use in the 5th century to type people based on–get this–people’s body fluids. Since then, we obviously know that people’s personalities are not based on biological makeup, but the typology itself still can be useful.

Big Five Project

As the one agreed upon my most of psychological academia, this test is the one you should take if you’re going for scientific accuracy. It holds that there are only five completely distinct personality traits in people, which can be mixed on different levels to make every other personality trait.

Multiple Intelligences

Mainly used for self-help or aptitude, Multiple Intelligences tests the area where you’re smart, whether it be socially, linguistically or spatially, to name a few.

Holland Codes

For all of you students wondering what to do for university, this one might be helpful for you! It tests your interests and aptitude in six different career areas and will give you a three-letter code of your top scoring areas.

Moral Alignment

Sure, it’s from Dungeons and Dragons, but it’s actually pretty interesting. There are two sets of alignments, the first being lawful, neutral, and chaotic, and the next being good, neutral, and evil. You’ll end up getting a combination of one from each set (e.g. chaotic good, neutral evil).

Love Languages

This one’s not as well-known, but worth taking nevertheless. It tests the way you show love or affection (platonic, romantic or otherwise) to people around you.

Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale

Just what it says on the tin. Basically, how self-confident are you?

Hogwarts Houses

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, chances are you’ve already taken this test: it sorts you into one of four Hogwarts houses. The most accurate test is at Pottermore, but I know some people are loathe to make an account just for a test, so the link above is satisfactory enough.

Nerdy Personality Attributes Scale

Yes, this test exists. There is actually a quantifiable amount of nerdiness you can have, and this test will show you exactly how much of it is in you.

The Types as Character Tropes

Based on stereotypes, duh.

INTP: Absent-Minded Professor, Erudite Stoner, Gadgeteer Genius, Reluctant Mad Scientist, This Is Your Brain On Evil

INFP: The Anti-Nihilist, Byronic Hero, Because You Were Nice to Me, The Dark Side Will Make You Forget, Not-So-Harmless Villain

ISTJ: The Reliable One, Unfazed Everyman, Cloudcuckoolander’s Minder, Loyal to the Position, Obstructive Bureaucrat

ISFJ: Yamato Nadeshiko, Humble Hero, Tranquil Fury, Churchgoing Villain, Love Makes You Evil

ENFJ: The Paragon, The Chooser of the One, Warrior Therapist, Soap Box Sadie, Psycho Psychologist

ENTJ: The Leader, Cultured Badass, Seme, The Corrupter, Visionary Villain

ESTP: Determinator, Ace Pilot, Da Editor, Blood Knight, Corrupt Bureaucrat

ESFP: Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot, Plucky Office Girl, Obfuscating Stupidity, Hidden Depths, The Ophelia

INTJ: The Spock, Tin Man, Aloof Big Brother, The Chessmaster, Evilutionary Biologist

INFJ: Hurting Hero, Hermit Guru, Zen Survivor, Living Emotional Crutch, Knight Templar

ISTP: Warrior Poet, Street Samurai, The Hunter, Because I’m Good At It, Then Let Me Be Evil

ISFP: All-Loving Hero, Hero’s Muse, Determined Defeatist, Granola Girl, Mad Artist

ESTJ: The Captain, The Ace, Nerves of Steel, Corrupt Corporate Executive, Egomaniac Hunter

ESFJ: Crusading Lawyer, The Social Expert, A Father to his Men, Nerd Nanny, Evil Matriarch

ENTP: Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Trickster Mentor, Knowledge Broker, Cool Loser, It Amused Me

ENFP: The Pollyanna, Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Allergic to Routine, The Wonka, Revenge Before Reason

you cheated again boooooooo (`3´ )


Wolves howl in different dialects according to researchers. They analyzed 2,000 recordings and came up with 21 different howl types based on pitch and fluctuation. Each species of canid whether dog, coyote or wolf has its own favorite calls. Researchers can even identify wolves by their subspecies.

Find out more about how this could help canid conservation efforts and how studying howls might reveal something about our own language

Mosts of the MBTI Types

Most thinking of the thinkers: IxTPs & ExTJs
Most feeling of the feelers: IxFPs & ExFJs
Most thinking of the feelers: IxFJs & ExFPs
Most feeling of the thinkers: IxTJs & ExTPs
Most sensing of the sensors: ISxJs & ESxPs
Most intuitive of the intuitives: INxJs & ENxPs
Most sensing of the intuitives: INxPs & ENxJs
Most intuitive of the sensors: ISxPs & ESxJs

Disclaimer: Each of these are based solely off of cognitive functions. No type is better than the another.

Fanon Tolkien:  "What are they teaching you in school these days,“ mentors young children while smiling benignly over a mahogany study desk in a well appointed country manor, C.S Lewis wipes a tear from his eye.    

Canon Tolkien: "Fuck teaching I want to go home and write fanfiction for norse mythology YOLO” *attempts to ollie out of english class* *makes his friend a tree*