The Avengers are doing a press conference type event where citizens can ask any questions they want (but they must be approved by a board of some sort, obvi).

One girl stands up and goes for it. “My question is for Steve… uh… Captain America. What does Tony’s cum taste like?”

Steve shrugs his shoulders. “It tastes like cum.”

Now, until this point their relationship was only media speculation, no one knew for sure if they were actually together.

Steve goes into panic mode. “I mean… I’m assuming. From what I’ve experienced, cum has a limited spectrum of taste. Not that I have a lot of experience with cum! There’s nothing wrong if you do, your choice. But be safe, wear condoms. Or protection. And, uh…”

Tony jumps in to save poor Steve. “Yes, we’re together.” Then, ever the showman. “Gimmie some sugar.”

Ofc Steve does because he can’t say no to Tony. It’s a quick peck on the lips but it’s on the cover of every newspaper, gossip rag, and website for a week.


[ENG] 160228 KBS World Descendants of the Sun - Press Conference (Onew)
Watch: [Ver.1] / [Ver.2] | Credit: KBS World


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