If Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters had tumblrs

Amy: she’ll definitely have a studyblr no one else is that excited about binders. expert at taking aesthetic photos of 10 highlighters and a piece of paper. bullet journal photos all day everyday. owns 26 different types of pens

Jake: made a blog 4 years ago, forgot about it 2 days later and hasn’t opened it since. prolly one of those infuriating blogs that has the url you wanted and is not worthy of it

Gina: cat gifs, pastel, and classic tumblr edits all the way you just fucking know it. the blogs that produce the sassiest posts on this website. has no time for your bullshit, will kill you with sarcasm

Rosa: angsty teen. shut up it’s not just a phase mom. cries when welcome to the black parade plays. e d g y rebel child. def 2cool4u. has a p!atd shrine. #1 tyler joseph trash

Boyle: definitely food blog. a e s t h e t i c as fuck. dishes that require 93 steps and ingredients from the north pole. spent a month making the theme because it has to be perfect. side blog with the kinkiest shit ever ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Terry: fitness blogger. workout photos that make you sad about your own life. smoothie bowls and yoghurt and chia seeds and protein drinks; the c utest motivational posts ever. literally the nicest person ever he is the Mother Hen™

Holt: hipster as fuck. too serious about the aesthetic. reblogs 2 line poems and deep quotes. gets into discussions about Bukowski with 15 year olds. casually slays all the bigots. secret bts side blog

Hitchcock and Scully: still stuck on MySpace tbh