Type 3: Curly

It has a much tighter curl pattern. It is categorized in C3a, C3b and C3c. All three subcategories form a definite “S”. The only difference is in the size of the curl.

- 3A hair type has a looser curl pattern – spiral curls. 
- 3B hair has a tighter curl pattern - ringlets. 
- 3C hair has a very tight curly look - corkscrews. 
- Wavy hair has a lot of body.
- Can be styled in different styles.
- Does not have lots of sheen. 
- Prone to damage.
- Easily frizzes in the humid climate.

In preparation for our wonderful amazing natural hair masterpost I took a crack at making a hair chart (for types 3 & 4), keep in mind that this chart is in no way an end all be all to hair typing (which in imo is overrated, its not so much about hair type its more about how you care for your hair but we’ll discuss that later). You can very well have any combination of these curl patterns on your head (and you’ll notice that they overlap and look quite similar) and they are all beautiful (I cannot stress this enough), hopefully ya’ll find this helpful!



So this is Carmen’s hairdo from today.  Her little bangs in the front were laying down in the morning, but within a couple of hours it was sticking straight up.  Still cute, but not the desired result.  The same thing happens with braid outs, which is the 2nd picture.

Anyone have tips on how to style her hair so that it hangs down for the whole day?

skeletons-with-illegal-melons  asked:

"Once you get this, please say 5 things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favorite followers (this is non negotiable!!!) Let's SPREAD POSITIVITY!!!!!!!" Hello bby mine (sorry I left earlier today, kinda had to throw up anyway!)

Um, oh God! It’s okay mum! Get better soon!

1. I think I’m the open and relaxed one
2. Maybe mom friend / lazy uncle type
3. My hair is 👌
4. Eyelashes are 😚
5. I like my socks I have on rn, does that count?

Introducing Player 3 and Player 2.

Amidst this busy period, I decided to take a break and draw my in-game characters. Player 3 has always been my character, but I created Player 2 fairly recently, to draw female armour sets. It then struck me how differently I played the 2 characters. So I used the different playstyles to create 2 personalities, and there you have it! Both characters exist in 3U, 4U and Gen.

Player 3: Face type 9, Hair type 28, Voice type 4

Player 2: Face type 16, Hair type 29(New. Used to be type 26, but it grew out in Gen.), Voice type 5