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After reading the novel and Leia remembering how Baby Ben wanted to be so much like his dad I had to finish an old sketch. It was to match this one I did of Han and wee Ben from years back.

Happy Mothers day!!

Submitted by @professor-pootis

Hey! I’m considering buying a body-kun, but before I go for it, I’d like to know how well he can take to the poses I illustrated below (highlighted areas being of particular interest to me; to what degree can body-kun slouch? to what degree can his arms and legs bend?)

External image

If you can help me with this, I would immensely appreciate it haha. And please feel free to let me know if this is the wrong place to ask.


PS. great blog, awesome cause :)


Admin: Alas, you’ve found most of body-kun’s weaknesses.  Here’s a rundown.

This is the full range of motion body-kun can achieve in regards to a “curling over the knees” pose.  It’s what I consider the greatest limitation.

This is as close as he can get to achieving the forearms together pose in your second sketch.  (Sorry bout the gun; he was… in the middle of something.)

I think he does the forward slouch pretty well, but again, this is about as far as he can bend at the waist and ribs.

He can raise his arm as in your fourth sketch, but as with most dolls, it’s from shoulder rotation.  The deltoids end up in an unnatural position, but the good news is that you can rotate his arm at the biceps/triceps a full 360 degrees so the elbow faces forward, to the side, etc.  As long as you have the anatomical knowledge to fill in the armpit/deltoids, this one is acceptable in my opinion.

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wait, how do you draw for a living if you post all your drawings here on Tumblr for free?

the stuff i post here are usually my warm up or cool down drawings!! theyre only like….1/8 of stuff i usually produce in a day!!

I do commissions and freelance work all the time!! And I also get a lot of support from my society6 page, redbubble shop, as well as my ko-fi tip jar!!

Im a busy bee!! :D
(and thanks so much to everyone that helps support what i do ♥)

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stop being cocky. the only reason exo performed in the olympics is because bts is busy with their schedules. it should be bts. exo is the second option, it could have been better if it was bts.

ok. stop right there.

first of all…how could you. what makes you think it is okay to go to my ask and spout all these words about my bias group? so you are saying that bts has lots of schedule on their plate that’s why they can’t go and perform in the olympics? EXO HAD A CONCERT THE DAY BEFORE THE PERFORMANCE. IN JAPAN. THEY FUCKING FLEW BACK AND FORTH. THEY HAD CONCERTS BEFORE THAT. MEMBERS HAD TO FILM DRAMAS AND MOVIES. CBX HAS AN ARENA TOUR ON THEIR PLATES. AND ABOVE ALL THAT THEY REHEARSED AND PRACTICED A WHOLE PERFORMANCE. now tell me exo had A LOT of free time.

also, honey that is not how it works. so you are saying that bts actually turned down the olympics?? THE FUCKIN OLYMPICS?? every other artist would ditch all other appointments just to be able to stand on that stage - that is how fucking relevant the olympics is. the entire world would be watching and it would have been a better opportunity to make yourself known. they’d be carrying the name of korean pop in front of the whole world. and you are saying bts actually said no?? lol.

would bts be able to perform a much better stage? highly debatable. exo and bts are artists of different style of music. but is exo the second option? hell no. i doubt it. there isn’t even an inch of me that believes this. i will bet my entire life savings that they aren’t. please stop with the invalidation.

exo has proved for the entire span of their career how deserving they are of this stage. the only reason that i see why people like you tries so hard to invalidate their achievements and drag them down is because they have secured their spot on top for so long. let’s face it. that’s called envy and jealousy. look it up.

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Kelli what about your 5 favorite moments of jealous Harry?

I anticipated this follow up question ;) jealous harry is….hilarious


2. “STOP IT”

3. when he PHYSICALLY SHOVED olly murs’ hand off louis’ shoulder when posing for a photo

4. how dare you liam 

5. jesus christ get a grip harold

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You mentioned you do at for a living, did you buy these two for yourself and then enjoy them more than you thought? Have you been using them for your own benefit and found them helpful?

Yes, basically I bought them for myself a few months ago because I had some difficult action scenes coming up in my webcomic and thought they’d be helpful.  Aerial and worm’s eye action shots are my weakness.  But for every pose I used for reference, I ended up with like six poses that were just stupid and funny, and I needed to post them *somewhere,* right?

(fyi, I’d give my comic a moderate R rating for violence/sexual content/language/drug use, so tread carefully if you plan to click that link.)

It wasn’t originally my plan to make a side blog for the figures, and I definitely never expected it to actually be useful to people!  So that turned out well.  I’m not so good at telling other artists how awesome they are, so this is an easy way for me to give something back and try to balance out all the generosity I’ve received.

Have I been using them, and have they been helpful?  Yes and yes!  But I’m much more casual with them when I use them for my own purposes.  I don’t make clean photos for myself the way I do for this blog.  I usually don’t take photos at all, and I just kind of approximate the pose and set them on my upturned tea cup.  My preference is Memory>From Life>Photo Reference>Body-kun, but they’re all valid tools.

Here’s a photo I did take.  It’s Orange-kun riding on a Larabar in an attempt to match a motorcycle I’d already designed and drafted. (“Lemon Bar” flavor.  Highly recommended, but a little acidic. ^_^)  I start with a rough sketch to lay everything out, but that layer is turned off in this picture.

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what materials did you use for learning codes? if you dont mind sharing! im really interested to learn but i dont know how

To start off from scratch:

  • The most basic thing you need to know about making Tumblr themes is from the Tumblr theme documentation page; it has guidelines and framework on how to make the simplest theme.
  • Some people have also made base codes that you can start off from (shared via theme-hunter). 
  • LMThemes has also made a theme tutorial series that you can follow (I’ve never used it myself but you can check it out!)

After you’ve gotten hang of the basics, you design your layout. Here’s where I look for inspiration:

  • Codrops - web design ideas and tutorials
  • Dribbble - a site where designers share all sort of creations; not all of them are layout ideas, but they might spark your interest!

Now for actually coding the specifics of your layout:

  • CSS-Tricks - exactly what it sounds like! They have tutorials, too
  • w3schools - tutorials and references on web development languages

Where to go when you’re stuck (if you’re like me, that’s most of the time):

  • stackoverflow - search for questions that have been answered by users themselves with answers in forms of code snippets (so you can see how it works), or ask some yourself!
  • Google - yes, I had to put this in. Seriously, you’ll find an answer one way or another; and if you don’t, you’ll still learn something new!

Rick and Morty fans: I like rick and morty

Rick and Morty fans™: I’m so smart my IQ is over 9000 lol you wouldn’t understand normie :))!!! PICKLE RIIIIICKKKKK,,,!!!! WhErE’S tHe SzEChuAn SaUCe?!!?!? *beats up cashier in McDonald’s*

Rick and Morty haters: I hate rick and morty

Rick and Morty haters™: ALDJDKDJSK?? ME??? Watch rink and mort??!?!¿ I would NEVER disgrace myself with such lower class nonsense!¡ I’m so cool and unique and not like Everyone Else!¡!,, Jokes on yoU shEEPLE!¡¡

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Alice, when my mum and I were watching the olympics, she pointed out that it looked like Yuzuru made a cross in front of him just before he started to skate. Now I've looked at some videos and it really does look like that's what he's doing. Do you know if he's christian or if it's just something with no meaning to it (like baseball players hitting their sole of their shoe with the bat before playing)

You are talking about this, right?

No, it’s not religious :) Both the cross-like gesture and the one after that (putting his hands together) are what Yuzuru does to remind himself to check his axis while jumping. It’s part of his pretty specific pre-skate ritual: 

Shakes Brian’s hand (in this case, Ghislain’s, too),

bends down with his hands on the board, slaps the board with both hands,

squeezes Pooh (if Pooh is available), 

pushes off, goes to center ice, 

raises his hands to acknowledge the audience when his name is announced, 

does one of those cross gestures, stretches a bit,

marks his quad (usually the first and most difficult one, so in both his skates at the Olympic you’d see him doing the Salchow motion), 

and finally, does the above (the cross and then bringing his hands together) to wrap it up, then… 

takes his position, because it’s time for him to do what he does best, which is reducing us to emotional wrecks:

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kelliii whats your top 5 jealous louis moments? i think my number 1 may be when ot5 were in a bbc radio 1 interview or something and nick and louis were kindaaa fighting about who started a tea war? and harry was like "this could go on for a while..." and then nick was like eying harry throughout the whole interview and louis just rolled his eyes omg he was so pissed

LOVE THAT here are mine

1. that time an interviewer told Louis that Harry was going to replace him

and Louis just….

you’ll have to WHAAHWATAAT????!!!?!??!

2. That scene in the UAN DVD where Harry is giving a girl a piggyback ride and suddenly Louis comes in, swings them to the ground by force with an umbrella, then sends the gal on her merry way

3. When this lady forced her way between him and his man… and jim halpert realness ensued

4. presented without comment cause… he says it all

and of course………..

5. The infamous ear caress that wasn’t his

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Hi! Just want to say that your poses are super helpful! I actually want to ask about your background setting- How do you get a clean background (white paper? White wall?) like that? Also the lighting, did you use natural lighting since I struggled to get a good lighting when I take reference pictures.

Oh dude, you wouldn’t believe how bad my setup is. ^_^;  I’m hoping maybe someday if I can manage the funds, I can put together a better setup with more flexible lighting options, a turntable, props, and maybe even a better camera.

Right now, I’m using a folded piece of bristol board as a base and backdrop, a basic floor lamp with two daylight CFL bulbs, and the camera in my iPhone 5s.  I position or tilt the floor lamp until I get roughly the results I want.  It’s a pretty low budget operation.

But what I lack in a professional setup and photography skills, I make up for in Photoshop skills! :D  I’m an illustrator/comic person, and I do art in Photoshop for a living.  I use the Curves tool to balance out the lights and darks and remove color casts.  If you don’t have Photoshop, most art programs these days have some sort of equivalent.

Here’s a before and after:

In this case, I also edited out some props and composited a second photo of Orange-kun’s tape-covered foot.  I always note in my post whether or not something’s been edited, so people can know what’s actually doable with these figures and what isn’t.

So I hope that answers your question!  If anyone wants more info on how to use Photoshop curves, let me know.

(and btw, a new pose is coming up in a couple hours!)

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ok so i was told u are the zuko person to ask this question: do u think zuko is disabled? his scar pretty extensively damages one side of his face--both his eyes are clear and they both track, so i don't think he has vision problems, but there's a lot of damage to the external structure of his scarred ear, so do u think it's possible he has hearing problems?

tbh I wonder if the ear thing is just like the animators being lazy? but even I definitely tihnk he has hearing AND sight problems

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Hello! If you don't mind, can you describe what hairstyles for men would've looked like in the past? I tried searching on Google images, but I keep getting modern hairstyles. Thank you in advance!

Hi, thanks for the question! I assume you’re referring to pre-Qing dynasty hairstyles for men. 

I recommend reading Politics of Men’s Hair in Chinese History for historical context on Chinese men’s hairstyles. I gave a summary of the various types of men’s hair accessories in this post, and went into more detail on the “Guan” (formal headdress) in this post. I also have a men’s headwear tag you can check out.

I condensed the following information from Wikipedia

In the past, both males and females would stop cutting their hair once they reached adulthood. As children they could cut and wear their hair however they wanted. However, once they reached the age of adulthood (20 for men and 15 for women), they underwent the Chinese coming-of-age ceremony (called Guan Li/冠礼 for men and Ji Li/笄礼 for women). They allowed their hair to grow long naturally until death, including facial hair. This was due to Confucius’ teaching that “our bodies - to every hair and bit of skin - are received by us from our parents, and we must not…injure or wound them. This is the beginning of filial piety”. Below - cartoons depicting typical hairstyles of different ages:

Below - depiction of Guan Li (male coming-of-age ceremony). During the Guan Li, the man’s hair was combed into a bun and capped with a special headpiece:

When a man entered adulthood, he had to tie his long hair into a bun called Ji/髻 either on or behind his head and cover the bun up with different kinds of headdresses. Below - tutorial of how to create the bun:

A hair stick called Zan/簪 goes across the bun to stabilize the hair, like so:

From looking at the Terracotta Warriors, you can see that (at least during the Qin Dynasty) there were variations in the bun’s placement and shape, as well as different ways of braiding the hair:

The Chinese TV series Nirvana in Fire does a good job of portraying these distinctive braids:

Men would wear hats and headdresses over their hair, which often signified the wearer’s profession or social rank. Below - some of the many, many head-wear options for men:

Thus the ‘disheveled hair’, a common but erring depiction of ancient Chinese male figures seen in most modern Chinese period dramas or movies with hair hanging down from both sides and/or in the back, is historically inaccurate. 

However, I won’t deny that this hairstyle can look very good - there’s a reason why it’s such a popular depiction nowadays :P

Now some might wonder (as I did) why Jia Baoyu, the principal male character in the classic Chinese novel Dream of the Red Chamber, is always depicted with ‘disheveled hair’, even in paintings and operas, if it’s historically inaccurate:

However, it makes sense if you consider that Jia Baoyu is an adolescent during the story. His hairstyle is used to indicate his status as a not-yet adult man.

While the Chinese male bun hairstyle, worn from the earliest times of Chinese history up to the end of the Ming dynasty, has all but disappeared from modern society, it is still worn as a regular hairstyle by one group of people: Taoist priests and practitioners. Below - modern-day Taoists: 

Hope this helps!