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White Day; Taeyong

Request: Heyy I saw you’re taking requests~~ Can you post a smut or smutty scenario with Taeyong in which you had fought for something but then realised it wasn’t for something that important and you realise that and you make up and it’s your first time together… if you know what I mean…😏😏😏… and it’s kinda romantic with kisses on the walls and him lifting his gf and it’s kinda likd Coffee Prince…😍 (no handjob or blowjob pleaseee)

Word Count: 2719

Genre: Smut

A/N - lets pretend for fiction sake that it’s still the 14th lol

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Today is White Day. The day similar to valentines day, where couples went out and did couple like things. But not you. You had been sat on the couch for the most of the day waiting for your boyfriend, Taeyong, to say or do something to acknowledge the momentous day, but nothing happened. He didn’t even have the excuse of being in dance practice or recording, he had the day off and so far all he’d done was wake up and play video games. Usually this type of thing wouldn’t bother you, you knew Taeyong had a busy schedule and he might have forgotten because of that, but today it did.

Taeyong sat on the floor in front of you, his legs crossed, controller in hand, as he played a violent video game with loud explosions and gun shots firing every few seconds. He’d press the buttons quickly and lean forward whenever he aimed and fired, and once he’d hit his target he’d let out victory whisper, ‘Yes’ and the occasional whine when someone else hit him, that person usually being Jaehyun as he cursed his name.

You’d watch him for a while, until you got tired and laid down on the couch, your head resting on the cushions that were scattered on it. Every time he glanced back at you for a split second and smiled at you, you thought he was going to mention it was White Day and that he loved you, but of course you were just getting ahead of yourself again. This happened for the next hour or so, he’d pay games and casually check up on you from time to time, until one time he stopped and looked at you for a bit longer. Your heart raced as you waited for him to say what you wanted to hear, but all he said was, “Y/N, could you get me a drink, please?”

“Huh?” Your heart dropped. Did he really just ask you that? You lifted your leg and nudged him with your foot making him drop his controller on the floor,

“Why don’t you get one yourself?” His mouth dropped and he stared at you trying to understand what he’d said wrong. The both of would usually drop whatever the other was doing to get something as simple as a drink for each other. “O-Okay…”

He paused the game he was playing and made his way over the kitchen, where he grabbed a drink and filled it with ice cold water. Confused he made his way back over to where you sat, this time sitting on the couch with you instead of on the floor. He sat with his posture straight, as if he was a naughty school boy and the teacher had just told him off for talking over them. Still trying to think of what he did that was so wrong he kept glancing over at you until he finally said, “I-I did say ‘please’, right?”

You rolled your eyes. Did he really not know what day it was? He got up from where he was sitting and turned the TV off before sitting a little bit closer to you on the couch. You were now sitting rather than lying down and Taeyong’s hand rested on your leg. You tried not to look at him, if you gave him the silent treatment would he realise?

“Y/N? Babe?” He rubbed his hand up and down your leg, making it difficult for you to not look at him, “Y/N, I’ve really tried to think about what I’ve done, but i really don’t know… Any chance of telling me?”

Finally you gave in and looked at him, “Taeyong, what day is it today?” You smiled at him patronizingly and he avoided you gaze and thought about it some more.

“It’s fourteenth of March? And that day is significant because…?” He glanced back at you sheepishly, which would normally make you smile, but you were upset about him not remembering.

“It’s White Day.” You stood up and went to the kitchen, filling up a glass full of water to distract yourself.

“Shit.”, Taeyong got up from his seat on the couch and made his way over to you as you drank all the water left in your cup, slamming it down on the counter, “Y/N, I totally forgot-”

You turned away from him and opened the fridge. Hidden behind a few items, you brought out a box of chocolates and laid them in front of him on the counter. He stared at it for a second and then ran his hand through his hair, sighing.

“Are trying to make me feel like a bad boyfriend? because that’s what it feels like right now.” He pushed the chocolates away from him.

“Well, shouldn’t you feel bad? These types of days are worshiped by couples. The day where they tell each other how much they love each other and want to be with each other for the rest of their lives and shit, and you forget?” You crossed your arms.

Taeyong moved so that he stood in front of you. “And you think I don’t love you?” He half shouted, his face burning red, his fists clenched at his side, “Because I forgot about some stupid day, it makes me love you any less than I do now?”

This made you stop from firing another advance in your argument. Feeling ashamed that you got so worked up about something like White Day, you looked at the floor, your cheeks burning bright red.

“Just because I didn’t buy you chocolates doesn’t mean I don’t love you, even though I do regret forgetting to buy you chocolates.” He added as a side note. He was breathing hard, but you already new he was calming down from his earlier outburst.

“I-I didn’t mean to imply that you didn’t love me, because I know you love me, and I love you too-” You were cut off when Taeyong reached out and cupped your cheeks in his large hands. He looked you in the eye for less than a second, then he stepped forward and placed his lips on yours.

It was over before you realised it, he pulled away leaving his hands on your cheeks. “I love you so much. Let’s not argue over this anymore, okay? Let me make it up to you?”

He gazed into your eyes and you gazed back. His eyes were dark, and if you were meeting him for the first time you’d probably think he was a cold person, but you knew he was far from it, you found comfort in his eyes. Thinking he was going to pull away from you and suggest that the both of you go out on a fancy date or something, you were surprised when he placed his lips back on yours, this time for a little longer than before. His lips were warm and soft against yours as he passionately kissed you, the grip on your cheeks firm.

He pressed his body against yours and walked the both of you back until your back hit the kitchen counter. You gasped from the cold on your back, and Taeyong took the opportunity to slip his tongue in your mouth. The familiar feeling of his tongue against yours made your heart race. His tongue was soft as he explored your mouth, angling his head in different positions so that he could explore new parts of your mouth every now and again.

His hands moved from cupping your cheeks to your hips where he rubbed circles into your hips, making your legs grow weaker. Quite frankly you couldn’t get enough of your boyfriend. Taeyong noticed the shaking of your legs, and suddenly gripped your waist and lifted you onto the cluttered kitchen counter. You knocked over a couple of dishes, but you couldn’t care less. Taeyong made his way so that he was standing in between your thighs, and continued to kiss you, his hand resting on the top of your thighs so that he could reach your lips.

Your hands were tangled in hair, pulling on strand every few seconds, which he responded to kissing you even deeper. His hands started to travel from your thighs to the hem of your t-shirt. He fiddled with it for a bit, and you knew what he wanted even though you’d never gone that far before. You broke away from the kiss and looked down at your boyfriend. Taeyong looked up at you with swollen lips and you wondered what you must look like to him.

“What are you doing?” You reached for your top and tried to pull it out of his grip.

“Y/N, let me make it up to you…” He gazed into your eyes and you knew what he wanted to do. You’d discussed it a lot recently after make out sessions had almost led to something more. “You said lets wait till the right time and I think this is the right time. Let me show you how much I love you, Y/N.” He reached up and brushed a strand of hair behind your ears, and then sheepishly lowered his hand, “But, only if you want it, I don’t want to pressure you into anything-” he started to ramble on and you pressed your lips against his to shut him up.

“Okay” You broke away and whispered into his ear.

“Okay?” He smiled widely, showing all of his pearly-white teeth making you giggle. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you towards him. You folded your legs around his waist and he lifted you off the counter, holding you in his arms. He started walking while kissing you passionately. You knew he was trying to get to the bedroom so instead of blocking his vision by kissing him, you broke away and left a trail kisses down his jawline to his neck. Once at his neck you started to suck at the spot behind his ear making him groan.

His walking faltered and he pushed you up against the wall near your bedroom. You continued to suck on the same spot, loving the sound he was making, but you were too busy to notice that Taeyong was working at getting your top off of you with one hand and using the other to support you. “Let’s get this off,” He whined and you broke away, lifting your arms above your head so that he could quickly take it off and chuck it somewhere on the floor.

He stared at you for few seconds, making you blush, the kissed you on your newly exposed skin. He started again for the bedroom, and once he reached it you had imagined he’d almost through you on the bed, like you often saw in movies, but Taeyong laid you down lightly making sure you were comfortable. He climbed on top of the bed, in the process taking off his baggy white top showing his flat toned stomach. You couldn’t seem to take yours eyes off him, making him laugh.

“You haven’t seen anything yet.” He whispered in your ear before reattaching his lips to yours again.

His hand traveled behind your back to where he struggled to unclasp your bra. You let him struggle for a couple more minutes before his lips left yours in a frustrated whine, “Can you undo it for me just this once, please?”

You laughed and reached behind you, Taeyong knelt over you in anticipation, his hands shaking, he wanted everything to go perfectly. Once you finally undid your bra, Taeyong helped to take it off. He stared at you before going to kiss at the exposed skin, making you lie down fully on the bed.

He sucked his way down the valley of your breasts leaving marks so that you’ll remember the next day. His tongue came into contact with your nipple and your hips instinctively bucked up, to which he held you down with his hands. His lips then traveled to waist band of your jeans, his hands playing with it. He looked up your body with hooded eyes to confirm if he could take it off and you nodded.

Swiftly, he took off your jeans along with your panties. Feeling completely bare in front of him, you felt embarrassed and tried to cover yourself up with your hands, but Taeyong managed to grab them before your could, “God, do you even know how beautiful you are?” He said in awe and you blushed.

Being the only one naked you reached for Taeyongs baggy sweats and pulled the drawstring, making them loose around his waist, a visible V line making you swallow hard. You didn’t know if you were ready to see what was underneath or not.

“Do you want me to take it off or you?” He asked, his thumbs hooked under the waist band of his sweats.

“You do it,” fear got the best of you, and you watched as he lowered both his sweats and his boxers.

You glimpsed at it for a brief second until embarrassment washed over you and you diverted your gaze. All you could recollect was that it was big, bigger than you’d expected, making you swallow in anticipation.

Taeyong noticed that you weren’t looking at him and fear washed over him, “U-uh, we don’t have to do this if you’re not ready or anything-”

“What? No, of course I want to do this. Taeyong, I want you.” You blushed and turned to face him again. He was on his knees holding himself in his left hand. His face immediately lit up and he pushed you back, lightly.

He parted you legs and placed himself in front of you, and reached out for the bedside table. He opened the draw and brought back a condom package. He carefully made a tear in the packet using his teeth, which looked really hot, you noted. 

You watched as he rolled it onto his length, you couldn’t tell if it was the nerves in your stomach or the suspense of what awaited you. Taeyong, again noticing your nervousness, leaned back over in between your legs and pressed a light kiss to your lips, contrasting with his earlier eagerness.

“Y/N, this might hurt a little bit, but I promise it’ll feel good after, okay?” You nodded after taking a deep breath composing yourself. This was what you’d been looking forward for this moment for while now, and it was finally happening. 

He lined himself up to your entrance and you jumped slightly at the unusual feeling. 

“Relax, trust me.”

He slowly made his way inside you and you held your breath. The pain seemed unbearable, but Taeyong stopped once he was buried deep inside of you, letting you adjust to his size. He watched you intently, and once he noticed your tension lessen, he slowly started to move. 

You let out the breath you were holding and began to feel the pleasure with every thrust Taeyong gave you. Taeyong noticed the way your eyes fluttered closed, and it fed his energy along with your cute moans. 

When Taeyong was close, he lowered himself so that his lips could reach your neck where he sucked on the exposed skin. 

“Taeyong…” You breather out quickly, feeling a tightness in your stomach, and Taeyong new what you meant.

“Me too,” He moaned into you neck, instantly making you release onto him. 

It wasn’t long until Taeyong followed you. Even though he was tired Taeyong removed the filled condom, tied it, then threw into the bin beside your bed. Your eyes were already closed when Taeyong joined you back on the bed. He moved carefully scared he’d wake you. He draped a blanket over the both of you and settled into the pillow; he’d worry about the mess later, for now the both of you were too tired to do anything. 

Taeyong wrapped his arms around your waist and held you close to him. Your breathing was steady against his chest and he thought you were asleep, but he jumped when you said, “Thank you. Our first time couldn’t have been any better than that. I love you, Taeyong.”

Taeyong pecked your cheek lightly as sleep started to take of you, “I love you too.”   

Dating Jungkook would include:

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.. gracious lord he makes me have dirty thoughts.

.. and I can’t be the only one, don’t deny it.

.. but they’re always running through his mind so that’s why making a PB&J sandwich is so nerve racking.

.. like excuse me I am trying to work here get your sexy face away.

.. no pda in public or even infront of the members but God forbid someone touching you.

.. because he is unbelievably territorial.

.. it’s mine, you keep your hands and eyes off my property.

.. and it makes you feel so happy but sometimes you’re like Bro we just shook hands.

.. and he will be like I know men, it wasn’t a normal hand shake.

.. then you want to throw him off a bridge.

.. but you always want to throw him off a bridge.

.. except when he bites his lip and cocks his eyebrow and just get here and kiss me already.

.. he would never show that he is jealous, but when he rubs the inside of his cheeks with his tongue he would give everything away.

.. so he has to assert his dominance.

.. That’s why you’ve been practically sitting in his lap for the entire evening.


.. “Those thighs are mine jagiya, just saying”

.. when you two first started dating he was extremely shy, like so shy he would take a step back if you two stood too close.

.. but after a couple mid winter ice-creams, and late night texts he let out his inner idiot.

.. and it makes you feel so confused like is the man grinding on me while pulling on a meme face because of some stupid challenge is the same man who got all sweaty and tired when you two brushed hands.

.. but whenever you say something stupid he would lick his lips in irritation and give you the silent treatment for the rest of the day.

.. so you shout out loud in the dorm that he shouldn’t get all cocky because he is the one who broke Jin’s Mario figure while pretending to be a sniper.

.. so after a good ass scolding from the eldest and smacking your head everything is forgotten.

.. jungkook can’t stay away from you, so the dorm will eventually become your second home.

.. You’ll be taking naps with yoongi, cooking with Jin, picking outfits with rap mon, and cause chaoes with the maknae line.

.. it’s all really fun until you guys break something.

.. Sometimes he zones out when he thinks of you, and that’s why he looks so shook, you confuse him with how beautiful you are.

.. so you are always catching him staring at you when you are speaking with a soft smile you make his world shine.

.. he wanted to take stuff easy at first because he was afraid of commitment and I am still a child, but as the days moved by, he realized that he can’t be with anyone other than you.

.. video game dates are his favourite because you get to sit in his lap and curse at each other, it’s such a stress relief.

.. well actually you are stress relief.

.. kookie had a bad day? He must be laying his head on your legs and playing with your fingers.

.. “Wait a second listen to this song”

.. you shouldn’t let your guard down around him because trust me he will prank you at any possible opportunity.

.. your terrified face and high pitched scream just send so much joy through his body.

.. but he knows how exactly to make up for scaring you so bad. He is defiantly the type to worship his lover’s body, kissing every inch of your skin is his way of saying I love you.

.. trust me those biceps are the best thing to hold on when the 4th round comes around.

.. “Don’t you dare call me oppa again” “Then what should I?” “…Baby boy”

.. jungkook is a responsible man. He knows very well how to take care of you. Music is his passion, but you are too and I have to stop because I am tearing up with feels.

Solitary Heathenry

Growing up I found comfort in solitude. Not isolation, but solitude. Naturally, this preferred mindset found its way into my religion, seeping through my core causing me to practice as an individual alone in the world of the gods. When I grew older I looked to branch out to find others like me. Not because I felt something was missing, but because my curiosity had the better of me. What would it be like to have others like me all practicing together? Was I missing out? The only accessible way to test the waters before making yourself known was the internet, so I started there. I added those who identified as Ásatrúar and Norse Heathen to my facebook page and looked for local kindreds as well.

Still, though, it felt against the grain to make my religion into something social when instead my religion was quiet whispers I sent and received in the early morning, or the still reflection when all the sound around me disappeared and I felt nothing but the gods. It wasn’t just in communal blóts. Quiet moments with my gods alone was my religion, and anything different would change the core of how I honored them.

At one point there was a thread on the page of someone I had added discussing whether or not solitary heathens are practicing the religion properly. All, except one or two, were adamant about the need for a kindred and the social aspect of heathenry. The argument was that the recon religion was based on the participation and kinship between a group and solitary practice takes out 99% of what it is to be heathen.

I was upset, not wanting to see that I am not valid because I prefer to not surround myself with other heathens but instead wish to experience my faith the way I experience it. Don’t get me wrong, the idea of a kindred is lovely and nothing makes me happier than a familial bond based on the gods where people come together to celebrate and honor them. I think it’s beautiful. But it’s not for me. It made me sad that people on that thread, for the most part, couldn’t fathom a solitary heathen.

What of the wandering völvur? Was their worship not as real as the communal heathen? They took their worship to the innermost parts of themselves. They made their worship a primal and visceral aspect of their being. Was their worship any less? No, it was not any less nor was it any more. It just was, and was as real as any other type of worship. 

You are valid if you are a solitary heathen. You are valid if you belong to a kindred. You are valid if you only interact with heathens online. The relationship you have with the gods is between you and them, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

NCT Kun, Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun & WinWin's ideal type (appearance)


Ideal type (appearance)

Ideal type (personality)

Please remember that these are all just assumptions. Tell me if you want the next 5 members (Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan & Jaemin)

Also thank you to @hobi-is-hoping for helping me come up with these! She has some really good ideas and I couldn’t have done it with her :-) x


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Kun would love tiny, smol and tiny girls. The typical innocent and feminine girl, with small curves and long, silky hair. Although I think his preferences would be typically Korean/Chinese, he’d be open to dating a foreigner or someone who didn’t exactly fit those preferences as long as they could communicate and they weren’t overly loud. Plump lips would be something he finds really attractive - why, I don’t know to be honest. Big eyes and soft features would also be something he liked; it’d make a girl look very innocent and naîve which he’d just love. In terms of clothing, he’d like girls with very girly styles; skirts and dresses in different shades of pastel pinks and purples, flowery designs and gold necklaces.


Originally posted by doyoukki

Doyoung is actually quite tall, and I see him liking girls of short height; he’s the type to care for people and would want to protect his girlfriend, the short height making him to feel more masculine. He’d like light hair but not brightly dyed; shades light brown and blonde would look very pretty and exotic to him. I see him marrying a Korean but he would try dating a foreigner if given the opportunity. This would only be if they could communicate and she respected his culture and was willing to adopt some customs. He’s not the conservative type so wouldn’t blow off the idea. Likewise tone doesn’t matter; it wouldn’t be a deciding factor or preference. Like Kun, he’d like someone with soft and subtle features; not someone overly “pretty” by society’s standards. He’d like his girlfriend to be the stylish and daring type; the type who’d wear different clothes and styles in comparison with other people but nothing overly flamboyant.


Originally posted by nakamotens

I see him dating someone around his own height, maybe someone slightly shorter or taller. He’s a very accepting kind of guy so I don’t think he’d mind if you were slightly taller than him; unlike the other members, he wouldn’t feel emasculated but rather find it kind of sexy. Very open to dating a foreigner - in fact, he’d find dark skin very attractive and would find himself naturally attracted to people with dark skin. Someone with a full figure and/or a lot of curves. He’d by the type to really worship his S/O’s body no matter what, but still - he’d like big thighs and butts and shit. Someone who has a “sexier” vibe over a cute one but doesn’t dress too provocatively. Saying this, someone who knows how to dress to accentuate their curves and figures but doesn’t show a lot of skin (because that’s saved for him ok) Someone who smirks a lot instead of grins and will sometimes wink at him to get a reaction.


Originally posted by suhyoungho

I’ve mentioned this before but I see Jaehyun with a model, or someone with model traits. Someone fairly tall, maybe even taller than him, and a small frame. He’d like it if they worked out and had toned body; he’d be impressed by the amount of dedication and time they had put into their body. A girl with striking facial features or at least one thing about her which really stands out and makes people just stare in awe. Definitely open to dating a foreigner; in fact, I think he’d rather date a foreigner than a Korean purely because he’s intrigued and would find them exotic. But he’d of course still date a Korean. Someone with a sophisticated yet unique sense of style. Wearing clothes that most people wouldn’t be able to pull off but somehow they can - and they do it very well. Doesn’t mean it was to be a girly kind of style, he’d be easily as impressed if they could just wear a plain shirt and jeans and still look good.


Originally posted by y-ta

WinWin would suit well with a simple style and look. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re “basic” or “average”, but he’d like someone he could effortlessly good in the simplest of things. He’d be one of the members who isn’t that keen on dating foreigners. Sticking just to Chinese girls but perhaps dating a Korean or another Asian girl. He’s quite awkward and shy and wouldn’t really know how to talk or act around foreigners even if there wasn’t a communication barrier. Someone with a cute vibe but not a heavy one. Probably pale skin and rosy cheeks, with straight, black hair. Basically someone who looks quite similar to him in a sense. I think he’d look so cute with a small and slightly chubby girl, although he’d also date a tall and/or thinner girl if he liked them. Likes pastel colours and jeans on his S/O. Nothing too flamboyant or daring, but with many accessories like hats, scarves, brackets, rings and necklaces.

Shawn Mendes as a Boyfriend

authors note: i saw this type of things on someone else’s blog and it really amazes me to see everyone’s own image they have of shawn. i was reading some of these types of things/preferences and tbh most of the ones i read i PERSONALLY don’t think shawn would do/say. that being said, here is my own personal opinion of what i think shawn would be like as boyfriend because why not post it if everyone else is posting their opinion?

-Okay, let’s start by saying that I’m going to make this post as honest and as raw as possible. So, I think Shawn would 100% be the type of guy to play with your hair, your fingers, or just randomly poke you in public to either be cute, or maybe if he was nervous. If you watch Shawn in interviews, he plays with the hem of his shirt often, or with the cord on the microphone.
I think especially if he was nervous about something, and you two were together, he would tug at your fingers, pull your shirt down to kiss your collarbones, cute things like that etc.

-From every lyric that’s in his songs, Shawn seems incredibly passionate and almost dramatic. I feel like any argument you had with him, would involve him trying his hardest not to yell at you because he knows how much you hate it, even when he’s super angry. Shawn is sensitive, and he’s definitely the type to cry like at anything. I feel like though, he would cry more at emotional pain rather than physical pain. He seems tough enough to be able to handle a punch to the face or something BUT not so tough enough to see you crying/hurting. He would be the type of boyfriend to cry with you, whenever you were having a bad day.

-Speaking of bad days, whenever you were having one, it seems like Shawn would be trying his very hardest to make sure you started feeling better asap. He would constantly be telling you how much he loved you and how he was always going to be there. He would even go out to the store and buy you flowers for no reason, or he would literally just ask you what you wanted and he would do absolutely whatever you said.

-Now, something else I notice about Shawn is he’s very like, nit picky if that makes sense. He thinks about EVERYTHING all the time. Which means, I think there would be times where Shawn would get insecure easily about himself in a relationship. He seems like the type to worship whoever he’s dating, meaning he would treat you like a queen and whenever he accidentally did something small that irritated you or something, he would freak. He would say sorry multiple times and do crazy things to try and make up for it. This is where he would write songs such as Don’t Be A Fool, or Honest. He very easily feels like he’s not good enough for someone which breaks my damn heart.

-RESPECT. Shawn would show you tons of respect at all times. If one day he was like hey y/n let’s bang im kinda horny but you were like actually i don’t wanna today, he would in no way ever try to force you to do things with him, and he would never make you feel bad for not wanting to do anything. I think this is something we all know about Shawn though so..

-Shawn can be a freakin weirdo sometimes and so I think if you were dating him for long enough, he would always be himself around you and I think he would wanna make sure that you felt comfortable enough to be yourself too. That would involve tons of loud obnoxious singing in the shower or car, him making weird ugly faces at you whenever you said no Shawn I can’t cuddle rn I gotta do my hw gosh darn in just imagine him looking at you with big puppy eyes while you try to do your work but he gets all sad when you tell him you can’t cuddle and he keeps kissing your neck and pulling on your arms to try and get you to come to bed and eventually you just give in

-Speaking of puppy eyes, Shawn is literally such a puppy. I think Shawn’s had plenty of relationship experiences and I’m not saying he doesn’t know what he’s doing BUT I also feel like there would be times where he was so infatuated with you during a date night when you got all dressed up and he would just stare at you and follow you around like a puppy who lost its toy.

-This post is already longer than I wanted it to be so I’ll wrap it up by saying that Shawn would be a good boyfriend which Im pretty sure we all already know. Shawn Mendes is everyone’s dream guy end of story.


A/N: Okay so i wrote it late last night and i never proofread it bc I’ve been really busy today and i’m beyond tired, so there may be mistakes. It was fun to write though so hopefully you like it.

Warnings: blowjob, priest!Crowley, dirty talk. I think that’s it.

Words: 1,290

Paring: Crowley x Reader

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You hated going out into the field with Sam and Dean, especially when it meant you were the bait. You much preferred to stay back and be their personal librarian. The Winchesters didn’t like making you the bait as much as you hated being it, but it was a job someone had to do.

You posed as a normal churchgoer in the not so normal church. You wore a yellow sun dress with some black heals. You also made sure to keep a purse close to you with some extra things to protect yourself with just in case.

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Arc-V but with more mythos from the previous series.

Fusion Dimension would often have festivals celebrating Duel Spirits and had a lot of respect for them before Leo came and fucked it up. As such Fusion users are more in tuned with their monsters.

Synchro Dimension like worships dragon type monstera and often see them as saviors. Also adults would tell stories to their kids about EarthBound Immortals eating them to scary them into behaving.

Xyz Dimension once the war came along with wearing a red scarf the resistance would have the number 39 some where on their clothes to remind them not to give up.

Part One: It Came to Me in a Dream. (The Song Remains the Same S05E13)

Episode Summary: Anna, the renegade angel, travels back in time to kill John and Mary so Sam is never born, and he cannot be the vessel to Lucifer. Castiel sends the reader and the Winchesters boys back in time to stop Anna.
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader
Word Count: 5,692.

Previous Part | Supernatural Rewrite Masterlist

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Recite and convey to them what is revealed to you of the Book, and establish the Prayer in conformity with its conditions. Surely, the Prayer restrains from all that is indecent and shameful, and all that is evil. Surely Allah’s remembrance is the greatest (of all types of worship, and not restricted to the Prayer). Allah knows all that you do.
—  Holy Qur'an, al-Ankabut 45

The thing that upsets me most about the church is how my desire to be a mother was encouraged from an incredibly young age, but now that my kids are likely to have two moms I’m somehow supposed to abandon that dream. I was taught that this is my highest calling, the only way to be exalted and live with God again in the highest degree of the celestial kingdom, but woops, turns out families are only for straight people. I want a family! I want to raise intelligent, brave, kind children! I want to grow closer to God with my future probably-wife. I want to learn love and charity and forgiveness and grace with her. And I hate that I learned to want this in a church that would excommunicate me for making it happen.

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Bts and Exo mtl on being dominant in bed and can you put a description as to why? You don't have to if you don't want to.

1. Jungkook
2. Jin
3. Suga
4. V
5. J-Hope
6. Rap Monster
7. Jimin

1-3) So, I think Jungkook is a very sloppy dom. The boy loves to be on top and go rough, but he loses it pretty fast. He’s still learning, poor thing. Jin is calm and steady. He’s super quiet, and he loves to please you, but he’s always in charge. Suga can sometimes be a switch, but he prefers it rough with your hands tied up

4-5) V and J-Hope are switches. V prefers dom most of the time, but both totally don’t mind you taking control every once in a while

6-7) RapMon may come off as dominant outside of the bedroom, but he’s def going to need to unwind after the stress of being leader, and you taking control in the bedroom is the way to go for him. Jimin is straight up sub like he’s a whimpering mess honestly he always needs you in charge

1. Chanyeol
2. Kris
3. Suho
4. Kai
5. Sehun
6. Baekhyun
7. Lay
8. Tao
9. Xiumin
10. Luhan
11. D.O
12. Chen

1-4) Doms, doms doms doms. These four are such doms, you literally have to beg them to take control every now and then, and only sometimes will they actually let you. Chanyeol and Kris are the rough, dirty doms. They like to top and they like to drill you until you can’t feel your legs. Suho is more like Jin: he’s the quiet, type dom that’s always worshipping your body. And Kai, he’s all about your sex life being loving and emotional, but there’s a very unspoken agreement that he’s in charge

5-8) The switches. However, I think all four of them would prefer to be doms, they just wouldn’t mind you taking charge once or twice a week. Although let’s be real, Sehun and Tao are already ever going to give you that privilege; only when they’re feeling really sad will they let you boss them around. Baek and Lay like to have sweet sex, and they are totally okay with you topping and completely worshipping their bodies.

9-12) The subs. Basically, they’re all looking for a girl/guy who will boss them around and fuck them silly. They’re all going to come off as manly outside of the bedroom, but inside they just need you to use them

exo reaction - daddy kink

This is more or less what kind of daddy they would be as well as how they would react to it in the bedroom.


I think Xiumin would be the body worship type. He wants his baby to be happy and satisfied, with a condition of course ;)

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sugar on sugar on sugar daddy. He would have only the best for you. He’d love to hear “thank you, daddy, I love it.”


Yixing is the daddy who makes sure his babygirl is shining. Diamond and velvet blindfolds.

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He’d be a gentle daddy. He likes to hear the word coming from you. However, he is strict on saying “Daddy” instead of Baekhyun, otherwise, a punishment is in order ;)

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He would be more of the rare occasion daddy. If you were home alone he’ll send a text saying something like “Be ready and waiting in daddy’s office” if it’s been a particularly hard day.


Bondage daddy. He likes wants you to crave his touch and want nothing but him.  Being the puppy he is, afterward, he wouldn’t hesitate to care for you or ask if he was too much.

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He wouldn’t be all that familiar with the term, but would quickly warm up to the idea when he sees the effect it has on you. He doesn’t have a hot body for no reason!

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As we already know Kai is a tease! As soon as he gets into daddy mode he would get much better worse. He would restrain you from touching him, bringing in toys to play with you. He’d be the ultimate teasing daddy

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I see sehun as a body worship daddy. pleasuring you, multiple orgasms, love bites along your body, you’d have his complete and utter attention.

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