type tee

my mom just spent 20 minutes yelling at me because i’m ‘dressed like a boy’ (im really just wearing a baseball type cap, a graphic tee, a baggy jacket, black tights, and vans??) and i was like ’???’ then she went into this giant rant about how 'God made us this gender/sex and we shouldn’t want to dress like another gender!! you’re a girl!! dress like a girl!!’ and im so…….yikes….. rn because im just so sad clothes are so gendered and my style revolves so much around being as androgynous as possible and i?? shouldn’t be afraid to express myself??

merakiis  asked:

You've probably written this somewhere on your blog and I'm just a ninny but what is jae-ha's modern dress like ? His favorite brand of clothing ? His favorite cologne to wear ? If he wears and accessories and if so what ?

jae-ha’s definitely someone who follows the current trends and dresses in season. he’s a fan of skinny and ripped jeans, blazers, tight shirts, slight v-necks; if he’s wearing a button-up, he’s definitely got the first three or four unbuttoned lmao. he gravitates towards muted colors. perhaps some things like this. he rocks coats like these. he’s probably not a graphic tee type person. he doesn’t wear shorts because of the scar on his right leg.

he’s usually wearing purple studs in his ears, but sometimes he’ll switch it up. he’s always wearing this dragon necklace. and ofc he’s fond of the trademark ribbon in his hair. he’s hella big on accessorizing in general, so he might rock some shades or a watch. also just gonna add that he’s got two tattoos, this on his wrist and this on the back of his right shoulder. 

he’s big on cologne but he’ll try not to infect ya lungs. he probably likes that expensive stuff. scents that remind him of the summer and spring are what he favors.