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How about another one if it's cool to submit more than one? MeiCree coffee shop au :D

“You’re the most cheerful student I’ve ever met,” Jesse tells her, scribbling her name on the cup. He looks exhausted, but unlike every single other barista in the place, he spells her name with an ‘e’ and an ‘i’ and not an ‘a’ and a ‘y’. “What did you say you were studying again?”

“Climatology,” Mei says, handing him exact change, and he shoots her a grateful smile as he finalizes her order. “Environmental studies, computation, that kind of thing.” She grins. “This world is worth fighting for.”

“Coming from you, I believe it.” He passes her cup to one of his coworkers and winks. “Makes my forensic anthropology seem lame in comparison.”

“You know that isn’t true,” Mei tuts, and she’s glad there are no other customers as she leans forward on the counter. “Forensics is biology and chemistry. That’s not easy at all!”

“Suppose so.” He yawns. “Much rather get more sleep. I ain’t the best at the chem stuff, so I’ve been staying up late to study.”

“Finals period is coming up,” Mei says. “That’s what coffee is for.”

“Eh, I don’t know. Seeing you every day helps. Gives me something to look forward to.”

Mei laughs at that, feeling heat pool in her cheeks. “Flatterer.”

“You’re my favorite,” Jesse says with a lopsided grin, and Mei giggles again as he’s passed her cup and he gives it to her. “Take care.”

“See you tomorrow!” she says, going towards the door, and she doesn’t realize he’d written his number underneath her name until she’s halfway down the street.

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What do you think Harry would be like when your get insecure and self conscious thinking about all of the other seemingly perfect girls he's been with like models and actresses?

he’d tell me i’m being dumb because no one is perfect, especially not the girls he’s been linked to before and it’s senseless to compare myself to anyone from his past. it’s in the past for a reason. 

i see this discourse on tumblr a lot. people worrying about not being harry’s “type” and wanting to know how harry would handle being with someone ~different~ than his ~usual~ and i just….

you know what my type is? tall, VERY tall, super buff-muscly dudes that can bench press me over their heads without a sweat and are clean shaven and wear dapper suits on reg and have at least 10 years on me.

know who i’m (happily) with? a tall lanky dude who only lifts his xbox controller (and me when i beg for it, but only for a few minutes) with a beard and wears jeans like it’s his religion and only 18 months separate us in age. 

my point? stop torturing yourselves on whether or not you’re harry’s type. ‘cause i can guaran-fucking-tee type doesn’t define love and it doesn’t stop relationships from forming. i highly doubt harry chooses his partners based on occupation or the length of their legs. stop believing you’d be insecure in a relationship with harry because you don’t check a few boxes that have been artificially manufactured based on the physical appearance of the women he’s been linked to. you’re fantastic the way you are, so you shouldn’t be concerned that you’d be insecure in a relationship with harry. it’s not healthy and it certainly isn’t worth your time. 

BTS’ Style

A few people have messaged me about how I would describe the style I use to make the members inspired/scenario outfits, so I just decided to make a post with all of them! :)

Jin: Jin’s style is pretty classic in the sense that he typically sports the sweater/cardigan look. Most of his outfits aren’t that colorful and he has some what of a sophisticated look to them, which makes sense for he is the oldest member. Also he often wears glasses with his outfits. For outfit scenarios I make the outfits a cute/girly style, but isn’t overly cute. Since his ideal type is someone who wears dresses or over-sized shirts and sneakers, I try to incorporate such articles of clothing in the looks.

Yoongi: Inspired looks for Yoongi are pretty versatile, some days he will wear a white tee and leather jacket or an over-sized sweater and huge scarf. His style is pretty basic, yet fresh in my opinion. He likes to wear accessories; hats, scarves, glasses, etc… For outfit scenarios I either try to mimic his style or go for the tomboyish look. He has said before that he likes the street style/ hip hop look on a girl. Yet, he prefers a basic and plain look, similar to himself.

Hoseok: In the past Hoseok’s style was really hip hop, but lately it has been changing into a more classic look like Jin’s. He kind of switches off and on, I guess.  But I have noticed that he wears a lot of hats. Whether it be beanies or bucket hats, he seems to enjoy pairing his outfits with that accessory. In a way I feel like his style is more about being comfortable than too stylish. For outfit scenarios I will either make an outfit somewhat similar to his own style or pretty girly. Hoseok has said that he likes girls who wears dresses, but also can rock the causal/comfortable look. He prefers nothing to be too over the top or stylish.

Namjoon: Ahh we all know that Namjoon has the most range in his fashion style. He will wear all black one day and a pink shirt the next. His style goes from classy to hip hop. His outfits are always well put together, yet sometimes they will be questionable. I would say that he is the most fashion forward member out of all of them since he does have the widest range of style. For outfit scenarios, I try to stray from the idea of his ideal type wearing a white tee, shorts, and red converse, for I feel like that is overused. So I just try to make outfits that are a mix of girly and tomboy, leaning more towards towards street style. Making a few outfits here and there inspired by his chic style.

Jimin: For inspired looks I try to add a hint of street style/hip hop, mainly with snapbacks because he tends to wear that often! I would say that he also wears a lot of causal-ish clothing, such as a tee/hoodie with ripped jeans and sneakers! So his style, in my perspective, is kind of casual yet stylish! And for outfit scenarios I try to make outfits that are kind of on the cute/girly side, because Jimin has expressed before that is his ideal type’s style! He prefers the “cute and fresh”  kind of outfits on a girl! But I sometimes make the outfits somewhat inspired by his own style! Just depends on which type I think would most fit the scenario!

Taehyung: Tae loves to wear over-sized sweaters and tees, which are absolutely adorable on him. His style is more so on the classy/chic side of things. He wears a lot of turtle necks and trench coats, especially during the winter time. Whenever he isn’t dressed up, he will usually wear a huge hoodie or sweater, going for a more comfy look. Taehyung’s ideal type’s style is pretty similar to his own style, so I will typically make the outfit scenarios inspired by him. But when I want to change things up, I will go for a more cute style,for I think he would like that on a girl as well.

Jungkook: I would say that Jungkook’s style is a mix of Hoseok’s and Jimin’s, in the sense that he goes for a more casual street look. He loves to wear his plain white over-sized tee and ripped jeans. Lately, he has been wearing more beanies and bucket hats. Almost all of his outfits are pretty basic, but the colors coordinate well with each other. For outfit scenarios, Jungkook has said that his ideal type’s style is pretty basic, similar to himself, so I usually pair a white tee with shorts and throw in a beanie here and there. I feel like there isn’t much of a difference in my inspired and scenario outfits for him.

SHAWN MENDES IMAGINE #6: How did you know?

Shawn making muffins always meant a big mess that I would have to make him clean later, while he’s too busy half bragging and half whining about how good his muffins are. He claims they’re so great because he gets the special chocolate chips from that one store like fifty miles away. I walked into the kitchen, he was just starting out. “Babe, why don’t we make muffins later?” I smiled at him, using all my will power not to cave when he pulled out his pouty face.

“Fine.” He finally agreed, as the doorbell rang. “Go get the door, I’ll be there in a minute.”

I walked to the door, opening it. I hugged the girl in the door like I had known her my whole life. I had known her for a while now. “Hey, Aaliyah!” I smiled at her. Aaliyah was like my own sister. She came to spend a couple days with us every summer, and me and her both looked forward to it. It was like girl time with us.

Aaliyah put her backpack and duffel bag down by the couch, as I waved bye to the driver outside. Shawn walked out of the kitchen, drying off his hands. “Hello, child.” He said, smiling, bending down to hug his sister.

“Hey, loser.” Aaliyah laughed, hugging him back. She was growing up, but he still towered over her. “So, I’m sure your girlfriend planned out the day and you just agreed to what she said?” She said to Shawn, as he smiled and nodded proudly.

“So, first we can go shopping for a while, then we can make muffins but Shawn has an interview and photoshoot.” I listed off the itinerary, as Aaliyah smiled and Shawn pouted at the mention of his food.

Aaliyah and I dragged Shawn to the mall. We spent five hours, and enough money there. “Okay, last store, I promise, babe.” I smiled at Shawn and kissed his cheek, catching up where his sister was. I pulled a cart over and me and her piled on swimsuits, dresses, jeans of all types, cardigans, graphic tees, and any other wearable clothes we could find up. I looked over just a second for my boyfriend as I pushed the cart and walked with Aaliyah to the fitting rooms.

“Do you see your brother anywhere?” I asked her. She looked for a minute and gestured over to the direction we were walking. I spotted a exhausted Shawn sitting on the bench outside the fitting rooms. He had all our bags around him, and he looked like he was going to pass out any moment. We had been shopping for a long time now, and he hadn’t complained all day. Usually, he complained when I took too long shopping but he didn’t today. I walked over to him. “Just a little longer, Shawn.” I grinned at him, as Aaliyah and I picked rooms right next to each other.

It took us a bunch of time to try on a filter through clothes and he just sat there, nodding supportively at anything we came out wearing. Finally, we picked the ones we wanted and paid for them and we got in the car. I drove Shawn to the venue of his interview and kissed him goodbye, before driving Aaliyah home with me. “Having fun so far?” I asked her, and I saw her nodding fast in the rear view mirror.

I parked the car in front of our house and helped her take all the clothes inside, leaving them on the table. “We can sort out those later.” I assured her, and she agreed. “You can turn on the TV. Shawn’s interview is live on Channel Ten.” She turned on the TV and it had already started.

I grabbed some snacks and put them down on the coffee table in front of us while watching. I recognized the interviewer a bit, from other interviews maybe. “So, Shawn. Let’s talk about your girlfriend.” She said, and he perked up a little, not as tired. “People always say your girlfriend isn’t as attractive as Madison or any of the other guys’s girls, but you two have been together forever now. Tell us your secret to a long relationship.” Aaliyah looked at me with mouth wide open at the sound of the insult towards me. I just mentioned how I didn’t care, but honestly I wanted to hear what he would say.

Shawn raised his eyebrows, but politely waited for her to finish her sentence. “To start, I’d like to point out that I think my girlfriend is the most beautiful person I have ever laid my eyes on, and I don’t think even Madison or any of the other girls would appreciate your statement. The secret to a long healthy relationship is to keep faith in each other, support each other, never go to bed angry and most of all, don’t listen to other opinions on your relationship.” He gently stated, smiling his adorable smile after, covering up the fact that he had dissed the interviewer. I held my hands up to my cheeks to keep from blushing.

I picked up the food as the interview ended and we started on the muffins. We had made a big mess, but we knew how to clean. About an hour later, finally we had put the muffins in the oven to bake and we were seated on the floor of the kitchen playing the flour game, trying hard not to let our flour mountain die, with flour and chocolate smears on our clothes. “How did you know?” Aaliyah spoke as we recovered from a laughing fit about something that probably wasn’t even that funny. I gave her a confused look and she elaborated. “How did you know that Shawn was the love of your life?” She asked, looking me in the eyes and then looking down.

I thought to myself for a minute. “I’m not sure, you just know. When you look at him, and you can’t imagine your future without him. When you’re away from him and not only do you miss him, but you miss how his voice sounds right after a cup of coffee in the morning. When you have no doubt in your mind about what he’s doing, even if he’s not constantly telling you. When he smiles after his team wins a game, and you fall in love all over again. It’s different for everyone, you’ll just know.” I smiled at her. I wasn’t really sure about what I was even saying.

I finished my thought and the door opened. Shawn walked over to where we were and enveloped us in a hug. “My two favorite girls.” Right there, I was sure. This is the person I couldn’t imagine my future without. That’s how I knew.

(A/N: i had so much fun writing this, really. lot of you guys wanted a proposal, but i’m building up to it, aha. love you guys!)

my mom just spent 20 minutes yelling at me because i’m ‘dressed like a boy’ (im really just wearing a baseball type cap, a graphic tee, a baggy jacket, black tights, and vans??) and i was like ’???’ then she went into this giant rant about how 'God made us this gender/sex and we shouldn’t want to dress like another gender!! you’re a girl!! dress like a girl!!’ and im so…….yikes….. rn because im just so sad clothes are so gendered and my style revolves so much around being as androgynous as possible and i?? shouldn’t be afraid to express myself??

More on Azula & her Position as a Fire Warrior

In The Search one common thing that kept getting bought up was Ursa telling Azula to “take off that mask, only then will you see your true destiny.” Recently another layer was added with the semi-recent announcement of the Kemurikage becoming the Fire Warriors–the Fire Nation equivalent of the Kyoshi Warriors. And naturally Azula is their leader.

This just got me thinking about Azula’s fate in general. Personally, I think that this role (as a Fire Warrior) suits her way more than being the Fire Lord does. She always seemed like more of a warrior to me; it seemed like she enjoyed the thrill of the conquer more than the ability to rule that followed. I’m not gonna lie though, it was more like one of those things that was in the back of my head. Like I knew I thought something but I didn’t know exactly what that thought was. So up until now, I firmly supported Azula on the throne. And then the Fire Warrior thing was bought up and it just clicked. For me Azula seemed more like a warrior than a princess; though she of course is both.

Furthermore I think she’s an amazing leader. But I think the reason the throne isn’t right for her is because that’s not the kind of leader she’s supposed to be! There are so many types of leaders for a while I thought she best fit as the leader of a nation. I’m fairly certain there’s a part of her that still thinks so. However this isn’t the case, in my opinion. She’s more of a military leader. That’s the kind of personality she has. Zuko has the compassion of a good Fire Lord, someone who will rule justly. Azula has a more firm and stern rule, suited for warrior/military head positions.

All of this said I almost feel like Bryke had this laid out from the beginning or at least for quite a while. I mean we’ve seen her try to socialize on the beach and that was a bit of a trainwreck. That hinted off that Azula wasn’t right for the throne because she didn’t have the type of people skills needed for the job. To be a good Fire Lord I think she’d need a better balance of non-political and political social functioning. And God knows that Ozai seemed to void her of all non-political social skills. This isn’t to say that I think she couldn’t be a Fire Lord–I think she very well could be. But I think she’s better suited and her skills could be better put to use elsewhere.

Likewise and similar to the above, we’ve also seen Azula in a different kind of social situation. And this social situation was the more militia social situation. The kind of situation where she proved to be a brilliant and powerful leader. This was exploited in a few areas; her friendship with Mai and TyLee and when she took control of the Dai Lee and most recently with the Kemurikage. I suppose her type of leadership was also seen with her servants too.

So I’ll start with them. Azula was also more firm with her servants. She strived for perfection and pushed her servants for perfection. This kind of perfection is usually exhibited within the military. I’ve watched a number of documentaries in history classes, wherein it is shown that the soldiers were practically perfect; they could spend hours on getting their uniforms ready. Within the documentary they’d shine every last button and smooth every last wrinkle. Likewise they’re routines seemed to hold little room for error. Even the smallest error could earn them a scolding from the man in charge. This is exactly what Azula seemed to hold herself to. And based on her interactions with her servants; what she expected of them. Not one imperfection was missed. An each of the perfections seemed to be handled with stern discipline. Granted I feel like she loosens up a bit in S&S, but I’ll get to that later.

The second kind of relationship we’ve seen her in is her friendship with Mai and TyLee. ‘Normal’ teen socializing aside, she was excellent with taking charge of her trio. Despite it all she respected them as her companions. And she was able to lead them, successfully through many battles such as taking down the Kyoshi Warriors and infiltrating Ba Sing Se. In that she was described as “terrifying and inspirational at the same time”, which in itself fits the military leader type role to a tee. We’ve also seen this demonstrated earlier on in The Drill–when things started going down hill, she took charge. And though she didn’t win that one, she got them very far. And again, despite all the bad things she’s done, she didn’t punish Mai nor TyLee for the defeat. It wasn’t really even implied that she had. A poor leader would have punished them servery, Azula seemed to have accepted the loss and moved out without placing blame on any of her posse. Heck, she showed her leadership even earlier than that, in Return To Omashu. She took charge of that city right when she entered it. But again, she didn’t seem to take charge in a govern/king/queen kind of way. She took charge by handling a sort of hostage situation. A situation that was once again, more reminiscent of something that required military leadership over royalty leadership. And that was executed nearly as she had planned it. Granted Bumi wanted to go back with her and Aang wanted to return Tom-Tom, but that’s getting a little off topic.

So lets move onto the Dai Lee scenario. This literally was her taking a position of military leadership. And it was perhaps her most successful and flawless victory. They clearly had to have had respect for her mixed in with that fear, to not turn on her when Long Feng tried to make himself relevant again. I mean let’s be honest they could have taken her down due to a sheer number advantage. But they didn’t. Let’s go back to “inspirational and terrifying at the same time”. Not only does the prove that they did feel like she was a good leader. But it also acts as more proof of her being better suited as a military leader; seeing as, as mentioned, this is the type of leadership a military leader would exhibit. It is a statement that implies that Azula is great it what she does and has some degree of care for her subjects but at the same time harshly demands respect.
Let’s compare her to Kuvira for a moment. Kuvira was a woman who lead through her military. And the people who worked under her seemed to care for her and support her through and trough minus Bolin, Verrick, and Zhu Li. I feel like Azula had the same kind of bond with her friends and with the Dai Lee.

Finally we have the supposed friendships she created with her Kemurikage. I think this was a huge step for Azula; she seemed to have combined her leadership skills with genuine social skills. Slowly she seems to be leaving behind the persona Ozai pushed on her. Her demanding nature and her positions of power are her comfort zones. That’s the level on which Azula interacts with people, because it’s where she feels safest. But the Kemurikage ladies seem to have a different kind of relationship with her; while she is their leader I feel as though she’s got more of a genuine bond with them. I mean, Zirin openly back-talks and questions her “How much longer are we going to do this, I didn’t sign up to run a daycare, Azula.” Azula doesn’t snap at her or even scold her. She simply tells her (and with a smile, one that doesn’t look vicious at that) to be patient. With them Azula is both a leader and a friend and is finally leaving her comfort zone.

With all of this said I think Azula would be much more comfortable as the head of a military/warrior group than the head of a nation. I think it’s a much more natural fit that flows more compatibly with her personality. Not to mention there is much less pressure put on her, so she won’t have to worry about losing control of her emotions as much.

More over, I think this much better compliments Zuko. Because he too he has a lot to work on in order to become a good Fire Lord. Which is why I think the two of them would make a good team; Azula’s more aggressive and Zuko’s more passive; they’d balance each other out. And they could more easily achieve this balance if Azula offers her leadership skills elsewhere. She can have the aggression she wishes to place on Zuko, and exert it in a more healthy way, while at the same time making up for the aggression Zuko lacks on the occasions when he should be putting it forth. Basically these two would make an insanely powerful brother-sister duo that would greatly benefit their nation. Azula just needs to recognize that her skills & ambitions aren’t being placed in exactly the right place just yet. Though she definitely has a start. And if I dare say so, things are looking good for her.

With all of that said I’d like to bring up the self acceptance. Azula has come a very long way from there too. As pointed out often on tumblr, Azula’s hair is noteworthy. At her first appearance we are shown a girl so obsessed with perfection that she gets worked up over one strand of hair out of place. This continues in The Search. Every time she starts to slip, that hair falls out of place. And she usually tucks it back into place within the next panel or so. However this (as pointed out by a few tumblr users before myself) changes in S&S. After battles and small breakdowns she doesn’t put her hair back up right away. She kind of just lets that one strand of hair do it’s thing. Which shows that she might just be letting go of the super high standards she sets for herself. Which is extremely good for her, because her own high standards contributed to her breakdown. Azula just seems to expect way too much from herself and in S&S she may just be starting to accept that she can’t be perfect. And starting to embrace that as she is with the fact that she has a different destiny than the one Ozai hand picked for her.

That in mind, I think all of this development has had the chace to happen because a lot of the pressure Ozai had put on her has been lifted from her. And with him in prison, his influence has been lifted. Azula’s starting to realize that Azula can be who Azula wants to be. Not who Ozai wants her to be–a mini him.

In short, in just one comic and with a few subtle hints, I think it can be said that Azula has already come a long way. Though she still has a lot to work on. She’s got the right idea and seems to want to help make the Fire Nation a better place…now all she has to do is stop doing things like abducting children and find a better method of helping Zuko become a stronger leader.

Shut Up

So basically, an anon gave me a full prompt about Niall getting Zayn’s tattoo (but the anon also basically gave me the entire plot so i can’t show the entire thing) :) <3

Niall and Zayn are polar opposites. 

At first glance, most people would be taken aback to see the two together, holding hands as they walk down the street or snogging before they parted ways on the tube. Zayn was all tall, dark, and handsome. Add some tattoos and a sexy, even stubble line along with the quiet, emotionless persona, he was the “bad boy” type to the tee. Niall, on the other hand, was all bright blonde hair, too lazy to re-dye the brown roots underneath with a loud and bubbly personality. He was the type to spend 30 minutes on his hair, but 2 on his outfit. Unbelievably skinny legs, unbelievably blue eyes. The two alone proved that whoever said “opposites attract” was completely and irrevocably right. 

Niall really really loves his boyfriend. 

They had been together for a year and 7 months and known each other for 2 years and 5 months prior to getting together and there was never any thought of the words “break up”. There had always been a sort of feral attraction between the two, even when Niall was dating a boy named Josh and Zayn a girl named Perrie, the two could hardly keep their hands off of each other. The demise of both relationships occurred when the two partners had decided they had enough of watching Zayn and Niall tip-toe around each other. Also, for Josh and Perrie to continue watching the two cuddle, hearing Zayn call Niall “babe” more than he did Perrie, or watching Niall as Niall watched Zayn take off his shirt– that wasn’t helping either.  

When they finally did get together, Zayn and Niall were already halfway in love. Sure, Zayn didn’t always voice his affection for Niall as much as the blonde would hope, and sometimes Niall would get too loud for Zayn, but they hardly ever had disagreements. They were the type of couple who never fought, and when they got close, they’d just cuddle or song it out until one of them agrees to see the others’ side. Overly affectionate and practically obsessed with each other, Niall was ready to take the next step. He loved Zayn’s tattoos. He loved Zayn’s tattoos. Not only were they a turn on, but they graced his arms and his chest so perfectly and each of them had such meaning that it could easily bring tears to his eyes. 

It made him want to get one to show Zayn exactly how much he loved him.

He remembers the day that Zayn had gotten the first tattoo dedicated to Niall (there were many). He was shy and embarrassed and Niall loved every second of that stupid crinkly-eyed smile that was written all over his boyfriend’s face. “Do you remember?” He asked, as if Niall wouldn’t. Niall couldn’t even get out any words, just nodding with elated tears in his eyes. 

Niall wanted to see that same look on Zayn’s face, when the blonde gets to show off his new marking. 

Niall knew it would be a risk to get the exact same font, word, and location as Zayn’s first tattoo dedicated to Niall, but he felt it was the only thing meaningful enough for him to get permanently stained onto his body. 

The tattoo had come out beautiful. Niall didn’t regret a minute as he stared at the new black stain, surrounded by red, inked on his collarbone. 

Harry had rolled his eyes lovingly, playfully asking if Niall knew that a tattoo was forever. Niall had just punched him in the arm. 

Now, Niall was in slight panic mode. Even though he knew Zayn would love it, that Zayn wouldn’t ever say anything bad, especially because of how meaningful the tattoo was to their relationship, he was still terrified. Zayn walks into the flat, calling out for Niall as soon as he does so. Giddy and nervous at the same time, Niall stands to greet his boyfriend. 

“Hey baby,” Zayn greets softly, grabbing Niall close and kissing his cheek gently. Niall is basically buzzing at this point and Zayn notices, squinting his eyes at the smaller boy. “What’s up?” 

Niall excitedly pulls Zayn towards the window, where the lighting will be best and plays with the hem of his shirt. “Do you remember that first tattoo you ever got for me?”  Niall asks timidly and Zayn’s smiles at the memory. 

“Of course I do.” He says, touching his collarbone subconsciously. 

“Well, I really have been thinking about this for a while now.. and I decided that I wanted to do something as sweet as that was for me, but for you.” Niall says, trying to word it correctly but some words feeling strange as Zayn’s face screws up. 

Niall pulls his shirt off, looking down at the reddened, but healing flesh of his collarbone, the elegant “Friday” written across it neatly. 

He’s so busy grinning at his own tattoo that he doesn’t even notice the smile slipping off of Zayn’s confused face. Zayn immediately drops his hands away from Niall, and that makes the boy look up. Niall’s exuberant smile then drops as he takes in the disappointed and somewhat angry look on his boyfriend’s face. “Um…” Niall says, voice nervous. “Surprise?” He tries, smiling lightly at his boyfriend, who’s eyes are trained on the tattoo scarred on his collarbone. 

“Oh my god…” Zayn mutters to himself, looking up at the ceiling and pinching the bridge of his nose in what looks to be complete frustration. Niall’s heart drops to his stomach along with every good feeling he had previously had about the tattoo. He hadn’t at all expected Zayn to react like this. 

There’s a deafening silence between the two for a couple of beats until- “What the fuck did you do?” Zayn snarls, making Niall step backwards timidly.

“I– I thought you would like it…” Niall protested softly but Zayn ignored it. 

“I don’t know what in the world would’ve made you want to do this, oh my god.” Zayn says, anger in his voice as he glares at the blonde.

Niall is dumbfounded for a moment before he speaks up, confused and upset by his boyfriend’s reaction. “Because I love you?” He asks, eyebrows furrowed. “Because I wanted to show you how much I love you and that we’re bonded and–” 

“That’s fuckin’ stupid, Niall.” Zayn spits, not even looking at Niall anymore as he stalks to the couch, huffing as he sits. Niall’s lower lip begins to wobble dramatically and he silently digs his fingernails into his palm, attempting to stop himself from breaking out into sobbing. 

“I don’t know why you’re acting this way, Zayn.” Niall says, his voice low so it doesn’t break.

Zayn doesn’t respond for a long moment, staring blankly at the television that isn’t even on. “You shouldn’t have done that.” He says with such disgust that the Irish boy’s heart is breaking. ‘is this us breaking up?’ 

“W-what? Why would you say that Zayn?” Niall asks, his voice louder, and he doesn’t even car when his voice cracks. 

The dark haired man still refuses to meet Niall’s eyes and he shrugs, getting up and stalking to the bedroom, slamming the door shut behind him. 

Niall flinches as the door is slammed and drops to the ground next to the window. The tattoo is aching, pulsing to the sound of his heartbeat, making Niall wince and rub it softly. He hated every feeling of regret that was seeping into his mind. He didn’t want to regret this. He didn’t want to wince and cry every time he saw the tattoo. He didn’t want to break up with Zayn.

Niall knows he’s crying pathetically on the ground but he’s just so confused. After a few minutes of sniffling and gathering himself, he knocks on the bedroom door, trying to get Zayn’s attention. He tries opening the door after there’s no answer, but it’s locked. Their bedroom door had never been locked before (except for when they were in there together). Once again, Niall’s heart stutters. He tries hollering through the door, begging for Zayn’s attention and answers, but he has to just convince himself that the older man is sleeping. 

But he knows that Zayn is a light sleeper. 

Niall wakes up to the sound of their bedroom door opening. He was previously asleep on top of his own arms, resting against the kitchen island. He gulps visibly as Zayn enters the room, looking even better than he did before, hair quiffed and leather jacket on. Niall knows that that means the older boy is probably going to the bar. It’s just, usually Niall is invited as well. 

“Zayn?” Niall prods, following the man as he walks straight past the kitchen. 

There is no response, not even an inkling that he heard the blonde and all Niall can think is ‘why is he the one who gets to give the silent treatment?

“Zayn!” Niall demands, finally loosing his temper and clutching Zayn’s arm, forcing the man from opening the door to their flat. 

Zayn won’t even meet Niall’s eyes. His amber eyes are hard and cold and they look like they do when some guy at the club flirts with Niall, or when someone calls the couple ‘fags’ as they hold hands. It’s a look that Niall has never seen directed solely at himself. 

He hates it.

“Where are you going?” Niall asks before mentally punching himself, “I mean.. like, why aren’t you  talking to me? Why do you hate the tattoo so much?” Niall asks softly. 

Zayn doesn’t respond, meeting Niall’s eyes with hot anger before jerking his arm away and slamming the door shut behind him, literally leaving Niall behind in his dust. The tears come back, resurfacing from before and Niall barely refrains from falling to the floor again. Trying to put on a brave face, Niall strides into the bedroom and grabs his tiny traveling suitcase and gathers a bunch of his favorite clothes. His mind and his heart hurts as he comes to the realization that half of “his” favorite clothes were actually Zayn’s.

He closes his eyes with a heavy sigh, and packs them anyway. 

He pulls on a large hoodie that also was originally Zayn’s and his pillow. Picking up a couple of knick-knacks that he knew were his own, he leaves the house in a teary rage and begins the walk to Harrys. 

* * * *

When he gets there, Harry isn’t home, but he gets the spare key hidden in the flower pot easily, and shoves all of his things down next to the couch. Without even turning on a light, he crawls into Harry’s bed and falls to sleep just after sending one text. 

To: Haz
m at ur house so don’t freak wen u get home.

* * * *

Harry gets home within fifteen minutes, crawling in clumsily, waking Niall up in an instant. He cuddles into Harry’s warmth, sniffling lightly as Harry coos at him. “What’s goin on, Ni-bear?” Harry asks, all motherly and kind. 

Niall swipes the tears that are already falling from his eyes as he mutters. “Zayn hated it.”

“Zayn hated wh- wait..” Harry says, realization kicking in. “What? I’m so confused.” He says, and Niall feels like slapping him. (Okay not really, but everything is so sucky right now and Niall can’t help but be frustrated). “I was just out with him and he seemed fine. Drank a bit too much but-”

“Wait, what?” Niall says, sitting up hurriedly. “You went out with Zayn… without me?” 

Harry’s eyes narrow as he sits up slowly. “Well, I mean, Liam sent out a text to you, Zee, Lou, and me to see if we wanted to go get drinks.” 

Niall’s eyes narrow as well. “I didn’t get one.”

“Liam just texted Zayn and told him to invite you? Zayn told us that you weren’t feeling well.” Harry’s face screws up in confusion as he takes in the angry look on my face. “Are you saying he didn’t tell you? Why?” Harry asks. 

“Because…” Niall says softly, tears returning to his eyes. “He doesn’t like it.”

“Like what, Ni?” Harry asks, hugging Niall closely. 

The blonde simply points to his itching tattoo, not able to say the words without breaking down completely. 

Niall can tell that Harry is trying to hide his reaction, but the gasp of pity is so loud, the people across the hall probably heard it too. “Ni…”

“He basically told me he hated it and that I shouldn’t have done it.” Niall whimpers, tears freely streaming down his red cheeks. “He said it was fucking stupid and then he wouldn’t talk to me at all. He locked himself in the bedroom and then a few hours later left for the bar after ignoring me again.” Niall explained and he could see Harry’s eyes burning with anger. Harry’s phone buzzes suddenly and Harry looks to Niall for permission before picking it up and clenching his jaw. “What is it?” Niall asks gently, and he looks up at the irish boy guiltily. 

“N-nothing.” He tries but Niall knows better. 

“Harry.” He warns. 

The tall boy sighs, shaking his head. “It was just Liam, asking if… asking if you and Zayn were having problems because… I guess Zayn is talking about you back at the bar, i dunno.” Harry blurts, looking immensely sorry for his blonde friend. 

Niall doesn’t respond immediately, just looking down at the Zebra patterned duvet sadly. “Talking about me?” Niall asks softly, feeling as if he was in high school all over again, learning that his “friends” weren’t actually friends at all.

Harry shrugged. “What do you want me to say?” He asks timidly, fiddling with his phone nervously. 

“Can we just- can I tell them later and not deal with this right now? My head hurts from crying so much and I just… I can’t do this right now, alright, Haz?” Niall says, rubbing his eyes tiredly and Harry nods in agreement. 

“Yeah, Ni, I’ll just say ‘idk’, is that good?” Harry says, and Niall nods.

They spend the night cuddling with Harry whispering idiotic jokes in Niall’s ear, trying his best to make his friend laugh or at least smile before bed. 

* * * *

Three days later and Zayn still hasn’t contacted Niall. The blonde was baffled. He had at least expected his (ex?) boyfriend to call and apologize or at least explain the overreaction that had occurred. 

He had done nothing except puttering around Harry’s flat with red-rimmed eyes and a crushed sprit. Harry had tried and failed to cheer up the depressed blonde, but Niall couldn’t do much other than give the curly haired lad a small, forced smile. 

Niall was just now putting on a clean t-shirt, letting out a quiet whimper as he recognizes that it’s Zayn’s. He’s about to leave the bedroom he had isolated himself in when he hears slow, whispering voices coming from the living area of Harry’s flat. Spy mode activated, Niall silently sneaks into the hallway where he can easily hear the hushed conversation. 

“Harry, I know you’re holding back.” Louis is saying, a little bit of anger on the edge of his voice. 

Liam makes a noise of agreement. “Yeah, mate. We’ve been at Zayn and Niall’s flat with Zee and he’s been absolutely awful. He’s barely even talking and when he does, it’s rude and uncalled for. Not to mention the fact that Niall isn’t ever there.” He rants, and Niall can picture his friend pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration. 

“Yeah, bro, I haven’t even seen Niall since, like, last week.” Louis says, sounding annoyed by the fact. 

“So we definitely know something is going on. And we know you know about it.” Liam adds.

“How do you come to that conclusion?” Harry voices, sounding doubtfully confused. Niall wants to scoff out loud at Harry’s terrible acting skills. 

Before either of the boys could respond, Niall decides to make his presence known. 

“It’s alright, Haz, you don’t have to lie for me anymore.” I say guiltily as I walk out from the hallway. Harry lets out a loud sigh, collapsing back into the couch, muttering a low ‘thank god’. 

Liam and Louis on the other hand look dumfounded. “What.” Liam states, eyes narrowing in complete confusion. 

“Look.” Niall sighs. “I’m sorry I haven’t talked to y’all but Haz said you were with Zayn and..” Niall exhales heavily as tears come to his eyes. Both Louis and Liam jump to their friend’s side instantly cooing at him sorrowfully. 

“No, no, dude it’s fine just breathe, it’s okay.” Louis says as Liam rubs his back lightly. 

“It’s just– I–” Niall stutters

Harry interrupts his embarrassing sputtering, “NI, just show them.” 

Niall inhales shakily. He hadn’t looked at the monstrous, awful tattoo since Zayn had rejected it. He eyes Harry for a minute before pulling down the collar of his shirt, looking at the ceiling in shame as Liam and Louis gasp in shock. 

None of them had ever expected for Niall to get a tattoo, and they couldn’t understand why this would cause a tiff between the couple. 

“Wha… what?” Louis asks, trying to stop himself from touching the new ink on his friend’s skin.

“He didn’t like it.” Niall whispers and the room goes silent. 

Liam and Louis’ jaws are on the ground and Harry’s face is just angry.

“No.” Is all Louis says and everyone’s head whips around to look at the blue eyed man. 

“Excuse me?” Niall says, his voice a bit dangerous. 

“No. You’re coming with me right now.” Louis says before dragging the blonde out the flat door, forcing him through the door despite his desperate yells.

* * * *

Niall knows exactly where Louis is taking him. And sure, he could’ve easily told Louis off and jerked his arm away– but a part of him wanted to see Zayn. In fact, most of him wanted to see Zayn- to force his (ex) boyfriend to face him. That didn’t stop his shaking hands as Louis knocks on the door. 

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Nall mutters quietly and then Zayn is opening the door and Niall’s preparing himself to die but– Zayn looks awful. 

And Niall is allowed to say that because he’s in love with the man, but- Zayn’s eyes are bloodshot and red rimmed and his clothes are wrinkled and his beard is overgrown– he looks like a disheveled mess and honestly it makes Niall feel a lot better about himself. 

“Shit.” Zayn murmurs as he makes eye contact with Niall and Louis rolls his eyes, shoving Niall in what used to be their flat, and yelling- “Talk it out, idiots!”

The door slams behind them and Niall is faced with the huge abomination that used to be their clean and organized living room.  “Um-”

“I- I’m sorry, I would’ve cleaned if I knew you were coming.” Zayn says nervously, picking up empty beer bottles off the floor and rushing to throw them in the recycling bin. 

“It’s okay.” Niall says lowly and Zayn stops cleaning so vigorously. “Can we just- can we talk?”

Zayn nods eagerly, cleaning off a small section that is barely large enough for both of them, but it’s obvious that both of them need the proximity to be calm. 

“I just.. I guess I don’t understand.” Niall says, hurt clear in his voice and Zayn’s eyes break.

“I know. God, I hate myself so much for how much I’ve hurt us. Especially you. I can’t really explain it without sounding like a complete idiot…” Zayn sighs. “I just– let me–” Before he finishes his sentence he rips off his shirt and okay– Niall was not ready for that. 

Before Niall can protest, Zayn stops, grabbing the blondes hand pleadingly. “Look, you know which ones were meant for you.” He says, and yes, of course Niall does, he could never forget every time that Zayn would showcase them to him. “You– I’m so bad with words compared to you.” He admits and Niall knows that Zayn thinks that but- “And this is how I can make you feel the same way that you make me feel all the time.” He says softly and Niall closes his eyes, heart pouring against his chest painfully. 

“Zayn, you make me feel amazing just by smiling at me. I don’t know why you think I need incentive to stay with you other than the fact that you’re an amazing boyfriend and I’m in love with you.” Niall says, feeling as if he just dropped a bomb by the way Zayn’s looking at him, completely awed. 

“Ni…” He says, moving in much closer than Niall’s yet comfortable. 

“No, Zayn. You still haven’t told me why you reacted the way you did… I thought you were going to love.. it…” Niall says, upset and Zayn shakes his head. 

The dark haired man just clenches his jaw. “I don’t know, Ni, I felt like.. like I’m the quiet idiot that can’t even tell his boyfriend that I love him without these… these tattoos. And I got so pissed off that I made you feel obligated to stain your perfect body just because I can’t love you right.” Zayn says and Niall hated the tears that he saw pooling in the other man’s eyes. 

“You…” Niall begins, his face breaking into a huge, rueful smile. “You’re a fucking idiot Zayn Malik.” He says, his words turning into a long, hard laugh, which makes Zayn’s upset face turn confused. 

“I know.” He agrees, still looking depressed so  Niall rolls his eyes and grabs his face and kisses him forcefully, making Zayn immediately respond. They kiss for a few minutes, sitting cross-legged as they cradled one another’s faces, making up for lost time. “Wh-what?” Zayn asks, dazed, as Niall pulls away.

“I got this tattoo because I wanted it. I wanted to show everyone our connection and love. Not because I felt I owed it to you. I love you, Zayn. The reason you get your tattoos? Same reason I got mine.” Niall says, rolling his eyes and Zayn’s eyebrows furrow.

“I’m an idiot.” He says and Niall lets out a small laugh, agreeing wholeheartedly. “Ni, I’m so sorry. I never meant to hurt you in any way.” He says, and Niall can already sense the guilt in his voices. 

“Shut up, alright?” Niall suggests and Zayn raises his eyebrows, an amused look on his face as he brings Niall up and into his arms. 

Zayn chuckles, “I think that is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone ask me to shut up.”

Niall rolls his eyes once more. “Shut up before I make you.” He warns playfully, turning in Zayn’s arms to narrow his eyes at the dark skinned boy. 

“Make me.” Zayn mouths, crinkle eyed smile in full effect. 

You can guess what happens next.

ahhhhg this one started out so well i was very proud. I hope that the rest was alright. YEEES ZIALL IS BACK BBY

Prompts are open! I do any niall centered fic also OTPs, OT3, OT4, and OT5. You can see my previous writings here and my master post here

hi friends, i know it’s been forever but have a tiny thing i wrote to try and get me out of my slump.

based on this

“Just go over there and flirt with him,” Erica hissed, jabbing her elbow into Stiles’ side and ignoring the way he winced. She has her eyebrow raised, and he looks around pleadingly for support but finds none; Lydia and Allison were doing their silently-judging-you thing, and Kira and Scott were staring dreamily into each other’s eyes. So the usual, then.

Erica pokes him. “Seriously, what can it hurt? He is literally your type to a tee,” she informs him, as if he doesn’t already know that. The guy in question looks painfully good in red, the polo shirt straining over broad shoulders and thick biceps that look like they could support Stiles being fucked against a wall.

He fails to hide a shudder and Erica’s smile widens like a shark smelling blood.

“No,” he tells her, backing away slightly. “I refuse. Absolutely not. You know I don’t know how to flirt anyway,” he sighs, allowing himself another peek at the guy, barely repressing a whimper when he sees that he’s bent over to stock some sort of canned good.

“What’s happening?” Lydia chimes in, both eyebrows raised, and Stiles pales. Once Lydia gets involved in something, it’s usually impossible to get out of it. He’s screwed. Erica turns to Lydia with glee and nods at hot grocery store dude.

Lydia makes a noise of pleasant surprise, before she purses her lips thoughtfully. “No harm in trying. Now, listen and repeat everything I say,” she orders, and Stiles lets out a moan of despair, burying his face in his hands.

Scott, ever the supportive best friend, pats him on the shoulder absently, and Allison stifles a giggle into Lydia’s strawberry blonde locks.

Keep reading