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Rebecca Hakola   |   http://hakolastudios.com

“The project’s ultimate purpose was to inspire the viewer to view the selected typeface in a new light. This design celebrates 90 years of Futura, and within its pages flaunts 20 style formats, that of which the first introduced by Paul Renner in the early 1900s. It is a "squeeky clean” approach to visual communication, and boasts a clinical style aesthetic that consists of one large A3 poster which encases collectors cards and a small information booklet. The stock used is waterproof and primarily designed for wear and tear by readers, as they learn more about Futura, one of the world’s most famous and commonly used typefaces.“

Rebecca Hakola is a recent graduate from the Queensland College of Art with a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Visual Communication. With a multidisciplinary approach to design and unique autonomy of thought and style, she is continuously developing her own formula for effective visual and literary communication through design. Every project she undertakes draws inspiration from her Scandinavian and Australian backgrounds, offering fresh and refined outcomes.

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A Special Specimen

This wonderful and colourful type specimen once belonged to Paul Rand. It was given to JP Williams, who had become friends with Rand while studying under the professor at Yale School of Art. They both shared a passion for collecting all things written and designed by Jan Tschichold. Rand invited JP to his home and gave him this ‘tattered old book’ from his library. 

It was well used – not to mention mutilated by Rand – and JP describes how Rand used to cut letters and sometimes whole sections out for use in his work: 'The spine was broken and it was in a horrible state. Of course I loved it’.

“Mr Rand turned page after page to reveal the most wonderful type specimens. However, since we usually spoke about Tschichold, I did not understand what this book had to do with him. Then Mr. Rand closed the book and opened it from the beginning, revealing the inside front cover and the ex libris. It had belonged to none other than Jan Tschichold. my mouth fell open and Mr. Rand smiled. Enjoy, as I have.”


F37 Ginger Specimen by Face37

“Specimen book for the typeface F37 Ginger. Printed in a Fluorescent ink with a flocked embossed cover. Limited edition of 250. Each edition is hand numbered.”

Founded in 2008 by British designer Rick Banks and joined in 2013 by Annabel Welbury, Face37 is a London based design studio, focusing on the fields of branding, graphic design and typography. Their philosophy is simple. Ideas.The very best design comes from an idea, an idea that anyone can understand and appreciate. Whether that’s working with a strategic idea for a multinational or a subtle idea designed within a piece of type, our way of working is to find a simple idea and express it in it’s simplest form. Whilst simplicity is not the primary aim, it is the by-product of a good idea.

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Type Face

Type Face by Justine Nagan is a film about the love for wooden letterpress such as Hamilton has done it since the 19th century. It focuses on the rural Midwestern Hamilton Wood Type Museum and print shop where international artists meet retired craftsmen and together navigate the convergence of modern design and traditional technique.

With the beginning of the industrialization more and more people wanted to produce faster and more efficient with less money. Also the typography industry had to answer to this request. And they answered with wooden letters. One worker could produce 3 letters in a minute and with more workers there were no limits for the clients, having their typeface made up within short time ready to press it on the paper.

Download Video as MP4

TYPEFACE official trailer from Kartemquin Films on Vimeo.

Today it’s more like a destressing method, 50% slow down, that you have when you come into the Hamilton Wood Type Museum for working with some wooden characters. It’s astonishing that there has to be two characters, once the wooden and than the human. Both together bring out a different result each time, when somebody is collecting some specimens for a print. The museum is found by Jim van Lanen in 1999.

Although society is really flat today, there are a lot of small collectives such as the post family artists collective which was found by some graphic designers, who like to keep deep letterpress alife. We apreciate this and hope that you have the chance to visit the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Wisconsin once. Thanks to Justine Nagan for sending us the awesome documentation.

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Ten Dollar Fonts: Hardy    |    Official Store

Hardy is a display typeface whose circular cuts replace each angled intersection. For every 45° and 90° angle, there is a circle to soften the edge while still maintaining the typeface’s chiseled appearance. Each circle’s size is determined by the measure of the angle. The result is a largely masculine, yet somewhat awkward geometric face with strong personality.

Hardy is designed by Wade Jeffree, a New York based Designer, Art Director and metal-loving Vegan originally from Melbourne, Australia. Wade currently works at Sagmeister And Walsh.

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Rachel Treliving

Kink Book is a body text typeface for use in short texts and books printed on rough or uncoated paper. It was created at Type Clinic, Slovenia in February 2014.

There’s also a lovely interview with Rachel, a recent graduate from the Plymouth College of Art, on It’s Nice That.


Amazing deal: Respublika Font Family (10 styles) - 80% off!

“With its shapes and contrasts, developed in ten styles, Respublika FY is a humanist sans serif typeface super family. Its weights from light to black, give designers opportunity to set layouts with rich contrasts. Designed by Gregori Vincens & Malou Verlomme.”

A good font knows its place. It can be powerful and robust when it needs to, or subtle if required. In other words, the best font families are a well-balanced bunch. If that’s the case, then you definitely want to get your designer digits on the Respublika FY Family!

Made up of 10 unique styles, Respublika FY, from FontYou, is a gorgeously balanced humanistic sans serif font. Complete with 10 different styles ranging from light to extra black italic, there’s pretty much nothing this titanic typeface can’t do! And for a limited time only, you can get the entire family for 88% on Mighty Deals!

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