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Bye Bye Anti

So I’ve noticed that Antis are having a bit of trouble with Shaladin shipping. If you don’t like any of those ships and don’t want see it anywhere on your tumblr then just follow this easy four step guide. 1) If you know for sure a certain user has any Shaladin material (fics, art, or blogs) then get as far away as possible. Leave. (This also includes our tumblr so as soon as you’re done reading gtfo) 2) See that search bar up there?? Don’t type any ships that include Shiro and other paladins. (Sheith, Shance, Shidge, Shatt, Shallura, and Shunk.) Basically don’t type in SH and the rest of any other memeber of team Voltron or an Altean Princess’s name. See it’s simple!! 3) Don’t tag any other your hate, rants, or any thing as a certain ship. It’ll end bad for everyone because you don’t wanna look for your hate in that tag and we don’t wanna see it. 4) Our last step!! Dont go searching for people who ship anything that you deem inappropriate. Stay on things YOU ship and every one is Happy. So remember when you see something like what’s doown below you better #Go. Bye Bye Anti have a nice day!!

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  • you: magnus loves alec more than he's ever loved anyone else
  • me, an intellectual: magnus has loved many people over many centuries and it's incredibly disrespectful to discredit his past loves just to make his relationship with alec seem more "special". magnus having deeply loved people in the past doesn't make his love for alec any less real or important. also, love isn't a contest and having magnus "rank" his various relationships is gross.

also the fact that magnus talks about how much his relationship with alec definitely isn’t a fling with jace, throws a party for the lightwoods even though maryse and other shadowhunters have been nothing but cruel to him, and saves alec from killing himself only for them to fight next episode makes me so sad because even though i know alec isn’t thinking clearly because it’s definitely about finding out about izzy and the yin fen and he’s probably upset with himself for not figuring it out sooner and thus taking it out on others but i also know that if magnus knew he wouldn’t have done nothing about it so i’m just hoping that 1) the fight doesn’t last long 2) alec thanks magnus for saving everyone (in fact they should all do this) 3) we get that hug and kiss in public from those photos a while back

Highlights of 4X06

- Nyliah and Clarke because that was cute asf
- Raven trying hard to save the world (like always)
- Sea Mechanic
- Murphy tying to repeat Luna but instead said he was a horny mess
-Luna trying to comfort everyone because she’s an actual angel
- Bellarke and Roan family road trip
- Bellamy still trying to prove himself by saving everyone he can
-Kane being protective dad
- Moonshine
-Bellamy’s face when he saw that it wasn’t Clarke in the tarp
- Roan exposing Bellamy’s feelings…again
- Bellamy and Roan Mr and Mrs Smith type sh*t
- Roans gorilla leap
- Bellamy going from 0 to 100 REAL QUICK when he saw the knife at Clarkes throat
-Bellamy’s gopher dive into the rover
- Bellamys smile to Clarke
- Clarkes smile to Bell
- Murphy helping Raven and her saying thank you
-Raven being brilliant
- Octavia being put in place because of her hypocrisy
- Dad kane again
- Illian is free
- Bellarke beach scene 2.0
- “If I don’t see you again-” HE WAS GONNA SAY I LOVE YOU Y'ALL

when alec finally knows more about successful relationships than his siblings
  • Jace: I can't believe I'm taking sexual advice from Alec Lightwood.
  • Izzy: I know. That's like taking fashion advice from, well ... Alec Lightwood.

u can tell I put these off for a while because Batman looks old and crusty while the superman looks not as sHIT

I rewatched like, two episodes of Krypto the Superdog a looong while back, and hey, just wanted to draw them and their owners together (*^▽^)/


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Not to be racist but people have the right not to find Michonne good for Rick. We have the right to think he deserves more that this type of woman (and I don't talk about her skin color).

Oh. Mon. Dieu. This is my first ask and I’m so f*cking dissapointed. Excuse my french. Or not. The only people that have a problem with Richonne are the loud-mouth, under-educated racists. Even tough we’re in 2017, some people are still not comfortable seeing a black woman as the desired and loved lead to a white man. Of course you’re talking about her skin color when you write that « type of woman » sh*t! Excuse my french again. Or not. Part of white supremacy is programming the simple-minded sheep into believing that white beauty is superior. There are beautiful people in every race. No one is superior over the next, end of the story. I remember Rick said something similar to Merle in season 1, episode 2. Anyway, 7x12 is coming and there’s nothing you can do about it. So, leave the Richonne fandom alone, leave my ask box alone, go educate yourself and learn to love. Love is beautiful.

That’s always a superficial thing, and I think Alec might understand that. You know it’s always difficult, you look at your person you love and you say ‘look at all the people before who they spent time with’, right? But, you know that to judge them for that would be unfair and irrational and also not a helpful thing. So you have to be able to get past that, but that’s not you. So, yes it bothers you, but you have to take the steps to get past that, and Alec is no different. Alec understands that. Luckily. […] That trap of weird yeah- yeah and like oh yeah well this person, this person, well you didn’t- I didn’t know you then! Are you gonna judge someone for the people they dated before they knew you, are you crazy? It’s nuts.
—  Matthew Daddario, the real mvp
Sherlolly Appreciation Week Day 5: TAB

(Rated a meh-T for mention of drug use.  Beta’d by madder_badder.  This is just a short one that doesn’t make a lot of sense and is really all over the place.  I invoke stream-of-consciousness and artistic license, though.)


Assignment from M. in Eastern Europe, en route.  Will phone when I get there.  SH

He typed out the text, stared at it. It was for the one person he hadn’t said goodbye to.  Between his week in prison and the armed guards that oversaw his packing for the trip, he’d had no time to go and see her.  He was sure Mary must have at least told her where he’d been, what had happened.

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confession: im not excited for sebastian in 2b at all

You and me both, anon. The last thing I want out of this show is another white shadowhunter dude. When will they make us stop pretending to care about the main storyline and just give us a show about the downworlders???????

alec angrily stands up from the kitchen, pushing his chair back with enough force that the room is filled with a horrible screech. “i don’t think this will work out anymore, magnus. we’re just too… different.” he starts to storm off but only manages to make it past the doorway before pausing. he takes a breath, makes a decision, and marches back in. “fuck that.” he pulls magnus up and kisses him. hard. when they finally pull apart, foreheads still touching, magnus sighs in mock exasperation, “are you going to do that everytime we have a disagreement about the wedding?” alec visibly fights back a grin and touches their noses together. “but magnus. red chrysanthemums mean i love you.”