type puns

INTP, INTJ, INFJ: pan pun
  • (INTP let INFJ borrow INTP's sweatpants for fitness)
  • INFJ: (walking out of school, holding loaf of bread) see you later! thanks for the pants, INTP!
  • INTP: no problem!
  • INTP:
  • INTP: wAIT DON'T YOU MEAN--oh dang she left already
  • INTP: (to INTJ) i was gonna say "don't you mean PAN-ts" because she was holding bread and like,, "pan" means bread in spanish--
  • INTP: (violent hand gestures) O-OH MY GOD NICE
INFJ, INTP: guardian of the puns
  • INFJ texts INTP.
  • INTP: (is lowkey proud INFJ came to them for a pun) whaat dang that's a lot of pressure
  • INFJ: well any pun is fine, i'm not picky
  • INTP: okay uh
  • INTP: what are the tallest buildings in the city?
  • INTP: libraries. because they have the most
INTP, INTJ: unbearable puns
  • INTP sent INTJ a video of a person wearing a bear suit dancing to Closer by The Chainsmokers
  • INTP: i seriously thought the bear suit was gonna rip it looked like it couldn't bear the dancing
  • INTP: then the person in the suit would be,, bare
  • INTJ: the bare truth would come out
  • INTJ: could the viewers bear the reality
  • INTJ: either they would leave the account, URSINE up to see more videos
  • INTP: oh shit that was an intelligent pun
  • INTP: i barely understood it
  • INTP: bear with me though, i'll get it it's not totally impawsible
  • INTJ: you just gotta use your cub-eza
  • INTP: tbh these puns are getting unbearable i'm gonna stop now
Lycanroc Headcanons

- Both Midday and Midnight Lycanroc can and will get along with each other swimmingly as long as their trainer ensures their position of “Alpha” is known.

- In the wild, packs are generally made up of Midnight Lycanroc and Rockruff as the midday form is more of the lone wolf type. Pun not intended.

- When a Rockruff does evolve into the midday variation, it is usually sheltered within the pack for up to three days before being chased off. This happens because of the Midday Lycanroc’s growing aggression levels towards it’s pack mates.

- Wild Lycanroc will eat anything they can catch, but the Midnight form usually hunts big game like Tauros in groups while the Midday form tends to prefer large, yet quick prey like Raticate. Something that will provide it with a challenge of sorts, like a bird Pokémon, will also work.

- Tame Lycanroc eat dry food like most other Pokémon but it is highly recommended that one mixes in raw meat and some calcium supplements to help your wolf stay happy and at the top of its game.

anonymous asked:

Connor, please describe in great detail exactly how cute you think Nova is.

Connor: Well. she’s really cute. like cuter than kittens cute. and her eyes so stunning. and not in a pun type of way. but i love her spirit. She’s so much fun to be around and she makes me laugh…she makes me smile…..she….*turns bright red* and whispers* beautiful *coughs* anyway, there you go. poorly descriptive words to describe how cute my best friend is.