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The Resistance Calendar
Organize. Resist. Repeat.

From my friend Michael Moore:

“GOOD NEWS FRIENDS! I’ve promised you a one-stop site, a clearinghouse of all actions – a RESISTANCE CALENDAR – where you can find EVERY upcoming action, protest, march, sit-in, town hall, anti-Trump, pro-democracy event in all 50 states! A site where YOU can post your own action so all can see it. A place where you can quickly go and check it daily, ensuring that you don’t miss any event in your area to stop the Trump madness.
So, right now, I and a team of graphic designers are launching the RESISTANCE CALENDAR!
Here’s the link: resistancecalendar.org
In addition to you finding events in your area, we want you to be able to post any local actions you’re aware of. So much is happening so fast it’s hard to keep track of all the actions popping up – but our intention is to do just that. Every day. A 24/7 clearinghouse of the already MASSIVE resistance to Trump, to the Republican Congress, and, yes, to many of the spineless Democratic politicians out there. We welcome all resisters across the movement to use this tool. It’s completely free. There’s no big “funder” or group behind it. There will be no ads, no commercialization, no fundraising lists – all the stuff we hate. Just you, me, the volunteers donating their time to keep it going and the World Wide Web. BOOM!
Follow the Resistance Calendar on Facebook at: facebook.com/resistancecalendar
Follow Resistance Calendar on Twitter at @ResistCalendar
Go to our site at www.resistancecalendar.org
When you go on Resistance Calendar, go to the search box and type in your city or state to find events near you. You can also type in keywords to find actions around issues in which you share a concern. Or you can just scroll down and see every upcoming event across the country in chronological order. In the other box you can add events happening in your area. Our team carefully curates the listings to guarantee accuracy.
A note of explanation: As we are still building this site, we will be constantly upgrading it. For instance, it’s going to have a killer map of the US and a big desk-style calendar where you can just click on any day and see what’s happening with the movement across America. We’ll have better and easier filters and other goodies. But for now, I wanted to get this up and let millions know what’s going on in their area.
Many large cities like New York, Seattle and Portland have excellent independent calendars online. My goal has been to have one all-encompassing national calendar covering even the smallest towns and villages. This calendar isn’t meant to replace anything out there that is doing great work, just add to it! A lot of you have asked me to put something like this together, so consider this as a simple contribution to the movement. It is crowdsourced, vetted and belongs to everyone. Let us know if you want to be part of the volunteer tech and curation team!
I sincerely hope this is a huge help and that all of you use it! Sign up on Facebook and Twitter now – and please tell your friends about it. Take a moment to add all the local events you know of. And remember – All hands on deck! It’s the only way we’re going to beat him and lessen the damage he’s doing. Our goal is his removal from office – and the defeat of any politician who isn’t with us. WE ARE THE MAJORITY.
Facebook: facebook.com/resistancecalendar
Twitter: @ResistCalendar

a pretty good bad idea (5/?)

pairing: Trini/Kimberly (Power Rangers)

chapter summary:  Kim is a big bisexual disaster and kissing lessons begin in earnest.

a/n:  Many, many thanks to @aggrieve whose art of Trini wearing a pink string bracelet gave me LIFE. He was cool with me using the idea in this fic, so many props to him. If you haven’t seen the art, you are missing out. 


My poor Fareeha. She could almost see Satya’s smirk, which always managed to make her nervous and excited at the same time. If you promise not to distract me from my work, you can come over and quietly lay at my feet like a good pup. Satya followed that up with a pretty scandalous string of emojis.

Quick Question:

If you were going to plant FANTASTICAL/FICTIONAL MUTANT DEATH PLANTS (not looking for realism here haha, crazy fanfiction plot-device type plants) to attack a city with, what kind of plants???  Brainstorm with me y’all.

((Psychedelic fungus, giant venus fly traps, sex pollen and Wizard-Of-Oz-esque sedative poppy fields are the genre of crazy plant crap I’m thinking of, like, GO NUTS.))

Obligatory question mark?

Next in my Pokemon Type Sepcial series, Dark Type Pokemon!

I personally love a lot of Dark Pokemon, a few are my favourites. I really wanted to center this piece around Tyranitar as to me he’s THE Dark Type. I thought a city would be a good atmosphere for the Pokemon and having Yveltal kind of watching/commanding them above the city would be a really cool way to center him as well. 

I’m OPEN for commissions so if you’re interested shoot me a message! 

You can get the print here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/251104804/the-dark-type-rises

Laverre City, aesthetics
Pokémon X, Pokémon Y
When I saw this place the first time… I felt fascinated and uncomfortable at the same time. I wasn’t sure that was a safe place 😅 and that’s how you have to feel like when you’re around fairy type Pokémon! 😉