type normal

pronounced “see-burr”

Shorebird Pokemon
Type| Normal/Flying
Ability| Guts
cry to come

Seybirr are found all over Aihre’s many, many kilometres of coastline.  They spend their time poking thier beaks into the sand for tasty morsels, and are known to move in flocks numbering the millions.  Seen as a mild nuisance, they’re rowdy neighbours and will often take off with stolen food.  Very few ever evolve.

> evolves into Albacou at level 40 after being hit supereffectively

pronounced “al-bah-coo”

Long Flight Pokemon
Type| Ghost/Water
Ability| Harbinger: Every turn, there is a chance for all enemies to lose a turn due to a guilty conscience.
cry to come

Albacou are an extremely rare sight, and are regarded with an equal mix of respect and fear.  They are said to be sent from the next world, and according to legend, wronging one will bring five thousand years of torment.

They never land, as they have no legs.  They are distant, strange, and alien, though have been known to do playful aerobatics for trainers they trust deeply.

There have been whispers of a stone that can unlock an Albacou’s full otherworldly power…

Seybirr, Albacou, art, designs, and the Aihre region © me
Pokemon is not

*squints eyes* what if I just made up symptoms and false memories of trauma and abuse for attention after seeing the community on tumblr and I really am faking everything???

SUNMOON POKEDDEX DAY 11 - Favourite Normal Type: Drampa

 A PRECIOUS NORMAL TYPE DRAGON. I have been waiting for one for years and Drampa is just perfect. It looks so gentle and fluffy and lazy. I kinda made a mix of goat, sloth and great anteater here. It’s a neat design, you can do a lot with it. The goat features were the first thing that came to my mind and I personally like the idea of it having a goat face.

I listened to the audio of the EWP’s production of N2N and I love how much having an all Asian cast adds so many little nuances to the story without having to actually change anything, particularly with:

  • the stigma regarding mental illness in a lot of Asian cultures and how much more painful that makes Diana’s story.
    • This also adds a whole new layer to the fact that Dan tries to ignore his depression for so many years, in favour of helping Diana.
  • the whole “all Asians are smart” stereotype in relation to Natalie’s stress over her grades and academic future. It sheds a whole new light on to why she would stress about Yale as much as she does, especially with the fact that a lot of Asian households do value academic success very highly.
  • the neglect towards Natalie and the focus on Gabe in relation to the elephant in the room about how a lot of Asian cultures still value sons over daughters. This adds an entirely new layer to Natalie’s pain regarding being ignored by her mother and so many lines in Superboy and the Invisible Girl
    • “He’s a hero, a lover, a prince/She’s not there”
    • “He’s the one you wish would appear/He’s your hero, forever your son”
    • “I love you as much as I can

This show works so wonderfully with an all Asian cast and manages to address so many harmful stereotypes/sheds light on a lot of issues within Asian communities without having to change ANY aspect of the show and just… this is why diversity is important. A diverse cast can add a whole new interpretation to a show that might have never otherwise addressed it because it wouldn’t have originally been written with that kind of narrative in mind. I doubt Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey were attempting to make statements regarding the stigma of mental illness, pressure of academic success, and gender inequality in Asian cultures when they first wrote Feeling Electric, but thats what an all Asian cast contributes to the show. Diverse casting can help a show as much as it can help the actors.

I like to headcanon that Tucker is a werewolf

from a family of werewolves

there is probably a more logical explanation for his ‘meat sense’ and his parents letting him eat only meat for 14 years straight but I don’t want it.