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Every chunk of freetime I had between my finals I was sketching these dudes up. Nearly every subspecies of Shy Guy there is (excusing Anti Guy which I drew digitally a little while back- and a few subspecies that were just straight recolors of the regular Guys :Y)

I wanted to make these all so I could print up some of my own keychains and stickers of them :]

I’d feel weird putting them up for sale as buyable stickers though, since all of them besides the Baby Guy and Robeless Guy obviously aren’t my designs. I know people sell fanstuff all the time but I’m always a lil iffy on the idea. xP So I might print them as little giveaways or prizes for people down the road :,P


PokeGhosties Part 2

👻 Ahh finally done!! 👻 I finished a total of 17 Ghost Pokemon in preparation for Fall and Halloween~ They will soon be available as stickers in my stores! I’m gonna compile these into a big poster and list the originals for sale too!

Part 1

after that episode, we now know that Emily;

  • Is a Confirmed Cat Person
  • Was born in washington DC
  • Her dad was also a diplomat
  • she carries bright pink markers around with her to draw on maps
  • bright pink
  • and also she can’t draw a dot in the middle of a triangle to save her life
The Experiment

“Hello everyone, if you’d please take your seats…”  The professor waited for the room of about forty college aged Alphas, Betas, and Omegas to stop their chatter and pay attention to her.  “Yes.  Thank you all for coming to tonight’s informational meeting.  I’m Dr. Mills and I hope you all will be interested enough in tonight’s proposed experiment to participate.  And, yes, you will all be paid fifty dollars for participating, so now you can actually pay attention to what the experiment is rather than wondering about money.”

The group chuckled and Dean flicked his eyes up from his cell phone for a moment, but then returned to his game.  He didn’t care what they wanted him to do: pee in a cup, give blood, take weird experimental medications—he just wanted to get paid.  He would have signed up blind if he could have, but Charlie (a classmate in his Fluid Thermodynamics class and one of the students assisting with the project), who had told him about it said he had to attend the informational session.  Attend, not pay attention.  He’d confirmed there wouldn’t be a quiz at the end.

“Now, this experiment is about trying to identify if certain genetic markers affect what pheromones we find attractive and which ones we don’t.”

“Trying to crack the True Mates code?” someone called out.

The audience chuckled and the professor smiled.

“Now, we all know true mates are a fairy tale and sentimental movie fodder, but you have to admit that there are some scents you find attractive, some you have little reaction to, and some that can be repellant.  It’s kind of like there are people you scent and don’t mind hooking up with, but you can’t picture mating.  Right?”

“That’s just because all Alphas are commitment-phobes,” a voice said provocatively.

There was a mixture of laughing and grumbling.

“Hey,” someone replied.  “Betas are the coldest bitches I’ve ever interacted with.”

Argumentative conversation broke out in the room.  The professor waved her hands in the air.

“Settle down, settle down.  Behavioral science is run by Dr. Hanscum.  I’m sure she’ll be conducting an experiment in the spring and you all can go argue about which gender and sex combination are the biggest assholes with her.”

Everyone laughed and Dean cracked a smile.

“But tonight, we’re talking about attraction people.  What attracts you and what doesn’t.  What makes you picture a house and kids and what doesn’t.”  Dr. Mills smirked.  “What turns you on and what doesn’t.”

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You are challenged by Ace Trainer Lauren! (Ace in more ways than one, if you get me ;)

I didn’t have any black markers, so I improvised by cutting holes in the paper and putting black paper behind it

Finally finished my picture of Sakura! Yay!
Think I could’ve thought about the background a little more, but that’s something i can keep in mind for my next piece. I think it’s a lot better compared to my last fan drawing of her (the face on my last one makes me cringe lol)

The staff was good fun to draw.

-copic marker and coloured pencil


So… I’m finally noticing I have a type…

It seems to include pale skin, bright blue eyes, extreme undereye bags, unruly dark hair, and BROKEN PERSONALITIES.

This was just a sudden urge to color and draw, totally spontaneous… and I am going straight from sketching to coloring to scanning and typing this, and it’s almost 4AM.

My first attempt at coloring Bucky and more importantly, my FIRST EVER attempt at drawing Charles Xavier (from X-Men: Days of Future Past).
Endverse!Cas is always such a treat to draw :D

Positive feedback greatly appreciated, as I am currently feeling really down.

Timeline of Stan and Ford

I think this works.

1950: Stanford and Stanley Pines are born in New Jersey

1964: Stan twins find the ship that would become the Stan O’ War
- Ford uses a sharpie-type marker, which wasn’t invented until 1964
- They are about 13

1969: Stan breaks Ford’s experiment and is kicked out of their home
- The portrait in the principal’s office was of Nixon, whose presidency started in 1969
- The twins are around 18

1974: Ford finishes his (first) doctorate, moves to Gravity Falls shortly afterwards
- Degree is finished three years ahead of schedule
- Research to maintain grant money would have had get started as soon as possible
- By this time, it is possible Stan had already been in prison at least once and/or been held at a mental institution [Dipper and Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun]
- They are about 23

1978: Stan in Colombian Prison
- Caught as an accessory to a heist most likely (an actual robbery would give him a much longer sentence)
- Stan meets Rico in prison
- Stan and Ford are around 24
Edit: I meant 28. My bad

1980: Ford starts the third journal/ Fiddleford joins Ford’s team
- He had already been in GF for six years
- It is around this time that he meets Bill
- Just past Stan and Ford’s 30th birthday. Over the course of writing in this journal, Ford is in his 30’s

1981: McGucket’s accident/ Ford’s slip into deep paranoia/ Stan released from Colombia
- McGucket spent only one year as Ford’s assistant
- McGucket soon starts the Society of the Blind Eye
- Note: It was around this time that Ford invented the tie for the Reagan Administration
- After around 3 years, Stan is released from prison
Note: This was in Colombia, so I can’t be sure, but American jail times for being an accessory to a burglary or robbery are around 3 years— OR he escaped
- Stan is indebted to Rico after prison and is hiding from Rico’s goons

1982: The Portal Incident
- 30 years before the show’s 2012 summer
- Ford reaches out to Stan, who at this point is still in hiding from Rico
- Start of the Murder Hut
- Stan and Ford are both around 32
- Approximately 13-14 years since high school
- Stan says it’s been “over 10 years” since they last spoke

1983: McGucket memories completely lost/ Stan fakes his death
- McGucket has no memories around 618 days after the incident, according to the memory recording

1999: Dipper and Mabel are born
-  Stan was at the hospital when their mom gave birth

2012: Ford Returns
- Ford spent 30 years in the portal
- Dipper and Mabel are now almost 13
- Stan and Ford are over 62 years old.


Darlene called Stan a 70-something- year-old man, BUT she could have been just assuming, based on his appearance. Stan did not have a healthy lifestyle during his homeless years, and probably aged horrible.

Stan said they were “Pushing 70.” He probably meant “in our 60s, and approaching 70.” Which I suppose is true. He used the wording to express a shortness of years, saying he might as well be 70 with the way he’s aged and how fast his last years will pass.


Basically, 62 is as old as the Stan Twins could possibly be within the timeline of the show. There’s a 2-year cushion which would make them around 60 at the end, but 62 is the absolute OLDEST they could be, and seems to be the most likely age. Hopefully it works with everything. Feel free to rip this apart if something doesn’t add up.

Welcome to part one of The Stationery Crash Course series where I explain the different types of various stationery goods and their compatibility with different materials. All posts can be found here!

This week I’m going to explore the wonderful world of markers. The word ‘marker’ is an umbrella term in which many tools fall under. Markers, textas, highlighters, fineliners we’ve all used them at one point in our lives. Common traits that all markers share would be:

  • A bold tip and stroke
  • Pigmented colours
  • Distinguishable against other writing tools.
  • Ghosting and bleeding on standard paper

There are two types of markers, practical markers and art markers, and their many sub-classifications in between. There are some that blend in between these two types! Let’s make a mark on it and explore the different types of markers, shall we?

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