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Every chunk of freetime I had between my finals I was sketching these dudes up. Nearly every subspecies of Shy Guy there is (excusing Anti Guy which I drew digitally a little while back- and a few subspecies that were just straight recolors of the regular Guys :Y)

I wanted to make these all so I could print up some of my own keychains and stickers of them :]

I’d feel weird putting them up for sale as buyable stickers though, since all of them besides the Baby Guy and Robeless Guy obviously aren’t my designs. I know people sell fanstuff all the time but I’m always a lil iffy on the idea. xP So I might print them as little giveaways or prizes for people down the road :,P


PokeGhosties Part 2

👻 Ahh finally done!! 👻 I finished a total of 17 Ghost Pokemon in preparation for Fall and Halloween~ They will soon be available as stickers in my stores! I’m gonna compile these into a big poster and list the originals for sale too!

Part 1



Am I doing this right

KaStar’s 2017 Commission Prices

I really need to start making extra cash to help pay off some bills, so I’ll be open for commissions for the duration.

I’m offering both digital and traditional commissions. Here are the info and prices:

* Prices (excluding comics) are for one character; additional characters will cost extra.
*Each commission will have a simple colored background.

* I will draw any character/pairing. (BATIM is pretty hot right now, I hear. Ya feel me? eh? EHHH? And yes, I still draw Don’t Starve Together stuff, if you’re wondering.)
* I will not draw NSFW.
* I only use Paypal for payment. I will send a Paypal invoice to the buyer as a means of payment. (Because Paypal is super anal about that stuff these days) Buyer must pay upfront before I start!
* Traditional commissions will be done using a mix of Prismacolor markers and colored pencils, Col-erase pencils, and Copic markers. The type of paper will depend on the commission type; either bristol or marker paper.

Commission Prices for Digital

Sketch = $8 (Additional character +$2)
Inked Lines = $10 (Additional character +$4)
Flat Color = $20 (Additional character +$6)
Cell/Soft Shade = $30 (Additional character +$8)
Comic Strips (B/W)*** = $15 per panel, with up to two characters. (Additional character +$3)
Comic Strips (Colored)*** = $20 per panel, with up to two characters. (Additional character +$4)

Commission Prices for Traditional**

Sketch = $10 (Additional character +$4)
Inked Lines = $15 (Additional character +$6)
Flat Colors = $25 (Additional character +$8)
Shaded Color = $35 (Additional character +$10)
Comic Strips (B/W)*** = $20 per panel, with up to two characters. (Additional character +$4)
Comic Strips (Colored)*** = $25 per panel, with up to two characters. (Additional character +$5)

*Pricing also includes the shipping and handling cost.
**If you live outside of the USA, then I will send the drawing the cheapest way possible, unless you are willing to pay extra for a faster delivery. It’ll be your choice.
***Comics will have simple backgrounds, but if the buyer whats something with a lot of detail then we can discuss it more and come up with a agreed price based on what they would like.

If you would like a commission, please contact me via Tumblr, or you can email me at karendishaw@gmail.com. Please title the email as ‘Commission Request’ so I know it’s not junk mail!

I will take as many commissions as I can at the moment. If they get to be too many then I will temporary halt taking anymore until I have more room.

Once again, reblogs are always awesome if you can’t afford a commission right now. If you know anyone that might be interested please let them know.

after that episode, we now know that Emily;

  • Is a Confirmed Cat Person
  • Was born in washington DC
  • Her dad was also a diplomat
  • she carries bright pink markers around with her to draw on maps
  • bright pink
  • and also she can’t draw a dot in the middle of a triangle to save her life

└ My first-ever attempt _φ(・_・ with calli marker pens as an adult leftie who struggled with traditional calli pens.

A new “dream~” to work towards? (⌒-⌒; )

Things you don't think you need but actually do

So I’ve come to realize that I use alot if random things that I didn’t think I needed until I was using it

-A SMALL HOLE PUNCHER : if your school give out handouts alot ( like mines) there will always be a teacher who doesn’t use hole-punched paper and it’ll come in handy

-CRAYONS\ MARKERS : you’ll thank me when your doing a project or sitting in class and the teacher randomly says you’ll be needing marker or some type of coloring tool ( while you’re at it get an adult coloring book they come in handy when your bored)

-GLUE\ SCISSORS : Same reason as above . You’ll be glad you have your own

-A REUSABLE WATER BOTTLE: I personally am a water bottle addict I own way to may but they do come in hand during the test when you are focused on anything but the test take a drink and get back to work!

- A MINI STAPLER : you never know when you need one ( I need one way to often )

-HEADPHONES : kinda obvious but you need them randomly in class ( luckily I carry two pairs with me and I could use them in English last week)

- COLORFUL PENS : not really nessery but sometimes you need hot pink notes to keep you interested in class

-POST IT NOTES \ A SMALL WRITING PAD : o write ways to many to do list and just rip all the loose leaf paper I’ve ripped

🌸 Feel free to add on if you have anymore random itumes 🌸