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I’ve given up. I don’t care about hiding it anymore. I talk to myself. Outloud. All of the time. Normal Volume. Full blown out conversations with myself. In grocery store aisles. At the library. Walking to work. In the restrooms. At work. Around other people. In the car. I have a lot to say to myself, and it must be heard. 




favourite comicbook moments → iron man vol. 3 issue #50

Tony travels to a war-ridden eastern european country on the word of the Black Widow. Things go downhill fast and he ends up without his armor in the middle of the war-zone, where he witnesses the execution of dozens of people, including children. He later learns that it is part of General Radanovich’s “ethnic cleansing” campaign, and that the men and women were part of a rebellious group of christians and muslims, who intend to overthrow Radanovich and bring him to trial for genocide and innumerous war crimes.

Over the course of the issue, Tony is deeply disturbed and sickened by the death and destruction surrounding him, and moved by the compassion and strength of the rebels. He is clearly out of his depth, but provides tactical inside and comfort to those around him, and fights alongside them.

With Tony Stark’s political influence, the U.S. officially endorses the Christian/Muslim Coalition Government, who succeeds in overthrowing the dictatorship of Radanovich. Tony returns to the US full of regrets of not being able to do more.

Wダーリンシリーズ (W Darling Season 2)

Rabbit Candy has finally announced a second season to their W Darling series!

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

When you open your eyes one morning, you are greeted to the sight of your beloved boyfriend on your right… but also on the left…?

Now matter how you look at it, both of the two men by your side are definitely your boyfriend (boyfriends?). And your boyfriend’s an only child—so what is this????

The plot (what plot?) involving the curious case of your boyfriend and your boyfriend’s clone is the same—but this season features new types of boyfriends. ( • v • )

  • Volume 1: Childhood-friend boyfriend (Left)
  • Volume 2: “Disobedient”/Tsundere boyfriend (Center)
  • Volume 3: Slow-paced boyfriend (Right)

CVs (Respectively): 土門熱 (Satou Takuya), テトラポット登 (Furukawa Makoto), 皇帝 (Tachibana Shinnosuke)

Release Dates: May 3rd, June 21st, July 19th, 2017.

FIC: you can only take what you can carry to the edge of the sea (6/?)

Crocker Magitech is among the foremost developers of innovative magic and technology for the modern home, and the team of Crocker, Lalonde, and Strider are among the most important cogs in their clockwork machine. After a long dry spell without new projects to work on, Jane hits it big with a grand new discovery: a remote island out in the South Pacific that’s teeming with lost majyyks to rediscover.

What the team finds out there is far more than their next big break: a lost settlement, a forgotten god, strange arcane flora, and a friendly boy living in the lake. Not even the combined knowledge of the team can prepare them for their expedition to this strange, hidden island.

Magic, sex, and mayhem ensue.

Mega Explicit. Kink grab bag. Dirk/Jake, heavy focus on Dirk/Jane/Roxy friendship. Magic AU.

Chapter Six

throam ramble (slight spoilers)

holy heck i just finished volume 2 of throam and fuck me in the ass harder than ryan ross bc woooo weeee that was a TRIP. why is everyone so slutty like brendon stop hoe-ing around,shane. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DID,buh you’re guilty so it’s okay. and ryan and gabe?!??! i’ve been waiting for something to happen since the begging of volume 2 ngl i mean i could practically imagine gabe giving the the slight fuck me eyes i mean who could resist. but ryan’s just a fuvking mess. brendon’s a fuvking mess. WTF IS GOING ON!?!?! i feel bad that shane never got that interview with ryan lmao what even happened to that documentary? and his dad man..his DAD it was really anticlimactic in the best way possible. spence makes me feel like things are okay. and finally. i. miss. keltie. so much

Me and my friends are digging further into this sneak peek Isayama gave us.

Looks like the first pages (or the last but considering the conventional order, I’d say first) are about the warriors on a balcony, probably observing the festival from afar. I can’t exactly tell what’s in the upper panel but it doesn’t look like a person. There’s a balcony in this panel so it’s something seen from afar. They don’t look like masses of people, and the perspective is not inclined enough for it to be vehicles. I really can’t tell what are those square things.

The balcony leads to the outside and it looks like the sun is rising, considering the reflection on the bottom panel. This element alone makes me think these are the last pages of the chapter and the volume, as the curtain are rising on another day, on another episode.

Middle-panel: I thought the person looked like Reiner but upon further inspection, it looks like Colt. Remove the arm blocking him and he has the build. 

Finally, the bottom panel looks like the four warriors and Colt. The person standing on the far-left is Porco, judging by the bad boy posture and the jacket. Second person might be Pieck: there’s a black mass on the head and I can clearly distinguish what looks like to be her skirt. Her crouching on the bars is fitting of what we’ve seen so far from her personality. Third and fourth person are either Zeke or Reiner. The person on the far-right is Colt, because of the middle-panel.

Something I can’t exactly tell about the 4th person is the black bangs on the panel. They’re either bangs or clothing folds. But judging by the person standing next to Colt, it has to be someone taller than him, and the only possible candidates are Zeke and Reiner.

I’m really hoping this is the first page of the chapter. It would be a great starter for what seems to be an amazing “end of volume”-type chapter.

The Intro To Volume 5

I’m not about to make some long drawn out post but seriously I just want to say I was hit with so many different feelings (particularly excitement from seeing Raven) but I literally broke down and fucking cried tears of joy. watch the intro again and LISTEN to the lyrics along with the imagery. It’s a lot to take in but…seeing them running side by side together to confront Salem while Casey sings about their endurance and triumph, that killed me ugh YES. THIS is why we love these characters so much. I know I’ve said it a million times but they’ve come SO far not just in the series but in real life as well. RWBY continues to grow and it honestly makes me SO happy that I can talk to people about it and they actually know what it is and appreciate it. (ugh this wasn’t supposed to be this long) I Believe in RWBY both the team and the series itself. They can win….They can triumph!

anonymous asked:

Me and my brother both have ADD and we have opposite times. I'm innatentive and he's hyperactive. Is it normal for hyperactive people to talk louder without realising and innatentive people to talk quieter without realizing ?

I actually don’t know. I know that hyperactive people do tend to have trouble with volume control; I don’t know if inattentive people also struggle with it. Followers, what do you think?


fun game: listen to this while imagining throam but volume three is set decades later

Slow Burn || one

Summary: He was just supposed to be one of those clients. But then he gives you a night you’ll never forget.

A/N: AU where a certain establishment caters to the carnal needs of boy idols to minimize scandals, among others. And you’re a prostitute there.

Genre: Smut, Angst, Dom!Taehyung, Orgasm Denial

Pairing: Taehyung X Reader

Part: 1 of 3 || two || three

Music: Shangri-La by Vixx (I wrote this smut listening to this song on repeat. Check the MV out, it’s so aesthetically pleasing and the song is lit and sexy as hell).

Words: 6,941

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Chapter 1: Playing with Fire

He’s the quiet, unreadable type. The type you watch in dramas, that mysterious boy with a vacant expression and tightly pursed lips, the one who never gets the girl. The type that fills volumes of unpublished novels about unrequited love, bitter endings and tragic romance. The type that intrigues you.

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currently hoping i chose my metronorth train car wisely

you know, no screaming kids/arguing couples/smelly foods/ cellphone on full volume type car

cross your fingerrrrs

also dunkin donuts cold brew is surprisingly ok