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Shoutout to Nervous Preds.

Shoutout to Preds who legitimately care for their “prey” buddies.

Shoutout to Preds who don’t digest their prey.

Shoutout to Preds who spit their prey out when asked to.

Shoutout to Gentle Preds.

Shoutout to Protective Preds.

Shoutout to Preds who make sure prey are situated comfortably.

Shoutout to Loyal Preds.

Shoutout to Preds who have no fucking clue how Vore works and try to work it out anyways.

Shoutout to Preds who prep their prey by giving them reassurrance strokes and cuddles.

Shoutout to Preds who constantly check in to make sure if prey buddies are safe.

Shoutout to Preds who’d rather rip themselves apart than have a prey die in them.

Shoutout to Preds who are actual beings with feelings.

Shoutout to Preds who know their prey are actual beings with feeling and treat them accordingly.

Shoutout to Preds that take really uncomfortable indigestion medications/serums that completely screw up their systems and make them feel ill but put up with it for the sake of swallowed prey.

Shoutout to Preds who get uncomfortable and anxious listening to the sound of their own stomach noises in fear something’s going to happen to swallowed prey.

Shoutout to Voriphobic Preds.

Shoutout to Preds who nom for protective/accidental/safe Vore preds

Shoutout to Preds who are 100% non-kinked when it comes to Vore.

You are awesome.
I adore you.
You are loved.

170310 Tae, Hoseok, Jimin CH+ Chatroom

* = typed in English

> No, someone made me a fool out of that game Rapmon hyung is.. (Tae)
> I won’t play it!!! I can’t!!! (Tae)
> hi* (Tae)
> I miss you (Tae)
> I’ll come back later, so let’s chat then (Tae)
> goon night* (Tae)
> d* (Tae)
> i’m chillaxing* (Tae? Hoseok?)
> rap mon me too soon soju call* (soon soju was typed in korean/Hoseok)
> let’s go all the way* (Hoseok)
> sojoo* (Hoseok)
> do u have recommendation? sojoo (Hoseok)
> I don’t know who are you, but it’s 4 AM in Korea. Go to sleep. Soju? What soju are you talking about? Who is this_Jimin (Jimin)
> The person that is sitting next to you right now (Hoseok)

trans: jhope-shi


Ford Ranchero GT 1972 (5337) por Clay
Via Flickr:
Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan - U.S.A. Type: Ranchero Series GT Model 97R Production time: September 1971 - September 1973 Production outlet: 27,940 Engine: 5766cc Ford Windsor 351W V-8 Power: 153 bhp / 3.800 rpm Torque: 361 Nm / 2.000 rpm Drivetrain: rear wheels Speed: 163 km/h Curb weight: 1840 kg Load capacity: 618 kg Wheelbase: 118 inch Chassis: box frame with crossbars (new body-on-frame design) and self-supportin all steel body Steering: recirculating ball and nut Gearbox: three-speed manual / all synchromesh / Clutch: 10 inch single dry plate Carburettor: Motorcraft 2-barrel Fuel tank: 76 liter Electric system: 12 Volts 55 Ah Ignition system: distributor and coil Brakes front: dual hydraulic 10 inch self-adjusting drums Brakes rear: dual hydraulic 10 inch self-adjusting drums Suspension front: independent ball joint, upper trapezoidal triangle cross-bar, lower simple cross-bar with elastically mounted tension strut, sway bar, coil springs + hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers Suspension rear: lower longitudinal links, upper braces, longitudinal leaf springs + hydraulic telescopic shock absorbers Rear axle: live Differential: hypoid 3.25:1 Wheels: 15 inch steel discs Tires: H78 - 15 Options: 250 CID (4096cc) straight-6 engine (power 145/4.000rpm - torque 314Nm/1.600rpm), Ford FMX three-speed Select Shift automatic transmission, differential 2.75:1, front 10.7 inch disc brakes, power steering, air conditioning, bucket seats, AM/FM radio, vinyl top Special: - The Ranchero, introduced in December 1956, is quite unique Coupé utility vehicle: part car and part pickup truck. - This principle was “copied” by Chevrolet with its El Camino in 1959. - The Ford Ranchero was one of the favorite cars of Elvis Presley. - The 1972 Ford Ranchero Series was available as this 2-door GT, as 2-door 500 Model 97D (49,065 units built) and as 2-door Squire Model 97K (9,070 units built). - This sixth generation (1972–1976) Ranchero was only assembled in Lorain, Ohio (United States).

Been sleeping most of the last week again, only just started to be able to actually get any work done on the March 1GAM again. Going to be submitting it before the deadline as I’ve got to travel for appointments so now have five days to make something playable.

I’ve decided main priorities to get the build into some sort of basic “playable” state, though it still really won’t be much of a game, are:
> player controller based on camera input
> design and model some basic plants, both generic and hero “plantable” types
> hero types have multiple stages of growth
> player can collect and plant cuttings
> individual planted pots’ logic for their cuttings growing
> “next day” trigger to continue progress
> plant growth progress dependent on being watered and where they are placed (some need sunlight, shade, greenhouse, cold, or dark areas)
> basic GUI tutorial/prompts telling player what can be done in the build

If I get to return to this game project of course I’d love to build a cozy and convincing little town with NPCs, and have the game include information cards for the plants, and an expansive set of environments to explore. One day. <3

Making sure the cuttings are the right height for the player to grab with one of the animations.

If I continued development on this game I’d scrap the three “grab cutting” animations, I’ve got something else in mind for collecting them.

Asides from making some of the stand-in plants today, I’ve been progressing on the scripting for the planted pots.

I’m likely going to be sleeping the majority of the time for at least the next couple of months, but I’ve decided not to stress about making super gameplay oriented games each month.

Long term goals, I want to find work as a 3D generalist in a small studio, or a rigging TD/tech artist in a studio that requires me to specialise. So I’ll be pretty happy if I can find the energy to focus on learning to make more professional assets and integrating them into simple games to better learn how different cases SHOULD be made to suit a game engine and for best optimisation.

Relating random words to ACOMAF

bulb> often produces light> air is light> air helps things fly> wings fly> Illyrians have wings> Rhysand

salt> is a solvent> sometimes dissolved in water> found in tears> feyre kissed away rhysands tears> RhYsaNd

spoon> composed of shiny substance> can show reflections> can indulge narcissism> RHYSAND 

geese> type of game> can be hunted and consumed> feyre is a hunter> feyre was hunting and then shot a wolf> was abducted> soon falls in love with abductor> has to rescue said being> makes an agreement that will make her life 100000000000x better> totally annihilates queen bitch> about to marry asshat> follows up on agreement> lives with misunderstood badass and eventual mate> RHYSANNNNDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD