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I WAS LATE (in posting, I saw it once the news was out lmaoo) BUT LOOK AT THEM GUYS

Shoutout to Nervous Preds.

Shoutout to Preds who legitimately care for their “prey” buddies.

Shoutout to Preds who don’t digest their prey.

Shoutout to Preds who spit their prey out when asked to.

Shoutout to Gentle Preds.

Shoutout to Protective Preds.

Shoutout to Preds who make sure prey are situated comfortably.

Shoutout to Loyal Preds.

Shoutout to Preds who have no fucking clue how Vore works and try to work it out anyways.

Shoutout to Preds who prep their prey by giving them reassurrance strokes and cuddles.

Shoutout to Preds who constantly check in to make sure if prey buddies are safe.

Shoutout to Preds who’d rather rip themselves apart than have a prey die in them.

Shoutout to Preds who are actual beings with feelings.

Shoutout to Preds who know their prey are actual beings with feeling and treat them accordingly.

Shoutout to Preds that take really uncomfortable indigestion medications/serums that completely screw up their systems and make them feel ill but put up with it for the sake of swallowed prey.

Shoutout to Preds who get uncomfortable and anxious listening to the sound of their own stomach noises in fear something’s going to happen to swallowed prey.

Shoutout to Voriphobic Preds.

Shoutout to Preds who nom for protective/accidental/safe Vore preds

Shoutout to Preds who are 100% non-kinked when it comes to Vore.

You are awesome.
I adore you.
You are loved.

Crankgameplays(Ethan) x reader

Request - no.
Word count - still can’t count
Type - fluffy, cute, Drabble.


“Are you sure? I mean.. you don’t hav-”
“Y/N, really, it’s ok.” Ethan reassured you, “I don’t mind just taking a day of no recording to hang out with you.” He smiled softly, “And I’m sure the Cranky Crew won’t mind either.”
You sighed softly, snuggling into his body, “Alright..” you mumbled, kissing his shoulder.
Ethans smile grew bigger, he grabbed the blanket that was ready to fall off the couch and draped it over you two.
“Hell yes.”
He grabbed the PlayStation controller, putting it on Netflix.
“Horror? Orrrrrr comedy?” He questioned, looking through the movies.
“Hm..” you hummed, thinking about what movie, “Lets watchhhh the lego movie.”
Ethan shrugged, “Sure.” He searched the
Movie and clicked play.
About an hour into the movie, you both ended up laying on the couch (instead of sitting up), with you laying on top of him, your head on his chest, and the blanket draped over. His arms were secure around your waist, and your arms loosely around his neck.
All too soon, the movie was over, ‘Everything Is Awesome’ played in the background as the credits rolled.
“I liked it.” Ethan said. Slightly shifting his body up more on the couch.
“It’s one of my favorite movies.” You smiled, leaning forwards a bit to kiss his cheek.
Ethan smiled, “Any day spent with you, is my favorite day. So today, is my new favorite day.”


“Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So today, is my new favorite day.” -Winnie The Pooh.
[ Note- I might start making Rick Sanchez x readers & Markiplier x readers & Jacksepticeye x readers :))) ]


I randomly stumbled upon a smol sans story, then found some lovely artists who drew their favorites in itty bitty sizes. I wanted to try my hand as some doodles of it and give my GT!Sans some love♥

P.S. : I know it’s a wolf pelt/ spirit he’s wearing and he’s purring, let’s just say he learned how to.