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I WAS LATE (in posting, I saw it once the news was out lmaoo) BUT LOOK AT THEM GUYS

gregqoyle  asked:

drunk write draco's revolutionary moment as he realises he fancies the fuck out of harry and wants that booty

Harry Potter was annoying.

His voice was deep and throaty ever since they came back to their Eighth Year, his shoulders broader and his legs going on and on and on for miles.

Which would’ve all been fine.

It would’ve.

Draco would’ve ignored those facts, would’ve thrown himself face-first into their arguments again, using petty and, quite frankly, childish insults just to see that fire burn in Potter’s eyes again, to see Potter’s cheeks burn in anger and shame. He would’ve thrown everything he had in him at the golden boy, again and again and again, just to see him accept the challenge.

Now, however, he couldn’t.

He couldn’t do it, he couldn’t not notice the way Potter had changed - he couldn’t not stare and stare and stare at Potter’s arse.

So when Potter looked at him the first day, tall and older and prettier, Draco had rushed forward, grabbed Potter by his collar, and pulled him closer for a whole different kind of fighting.

Shoutout to Nervous Preds.

Shoutout to Preds who legitimately care for their “prey” buddies.

Shoutout to Preds who don’t digest their prey.

Shoutout to Preds who spit their prey out when asked to.

Shoutout to Gentle Preds.

Shoutout to Protective Preds.

Shoutout to Preds who make sure prey are situated comfortably.

Shoutout to Loyal Preds.

Shoutout to Preds who have no fucking clue how Vore works and try to work it out anyways.

Shoutout to Preds who prep their prey by giving them reassurrance strokes and cuddles.

Shoutout to Preds who constantly check in to make sure if prey buddies are safe.

Shoutout to Preds who’d rather rip themselves apart than have a prey die in them.

Shoutout to Preds who are actual beings with feelings.

Shoutout to Preds who know their prey are actual beings with feeling and treat them accordingly.

Shoutout to Preds that take really uncomfortable indigestion medications/serums that completely screw up their systems and make them feel ill but put up with it for the sake of swallowed prey.

Shoutout to Preds who get uncomfortable and anxious listening to the sound of their own stomach noises in fear something’s going to happen to swallowed prey.

Shoutout to Voriphobic Preds.

Shoutout to Preds who nom for protective/accidental/safe Vore preds

Shoutout to Preds who are 100% non-kinked when it comes to Vore.

You are awesome.
I adore you.
You are loved.