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Can you do companions react to someone copping a feal on sole (romanced and in romanced)

Ada – What on earth was this person doing? Is surely did not look like they were being aggressive or otherwise suspicious but still…something ‘tinged’ in her proverbial mind. She’ll have to keep an eye on this person.

Cait (platonic) – She laughs and gives Sole a cheeky wink. Heaven knows she’s been guilty of doing exactly what this person’s doing to Sole right now – feeling up the best ass in the Commonwealth. To be honest, she’s a little envious and resorts to watching instead.

Cait (romanced) – Nope. Whoever the fuck this person is, whoever the fuck they think they are, is getting a well-placed punch to the goddamn face. Or several in fact. No one except her has the right to touch Sole and she’s damn well gonna protect what’s hers with all the ferocity of a lioness in heat.

Codsworth (platonic) – He’s a little disgusted with the blatant attempt at Sole’s attentions and quietly wonders…no…wishes that sir/mum was here to put that person in their rightful place. By the gutter. But seeing as though it’s not his place to do anything about it, he broods silently and watches the person closely with what can only be described as an attempted glare.

Codsworth (romanced) – He’s outraged, mortified and instantly jumps to Sole’s honorary defence. “Why, your actions are deplorable sir/madam! As Sole’s romantic partner, I hereby challenge you to a bout of fisticuffs!” He raises his limbs in invitation and charges the person for a good rumble.

Curie (platonic) – She is curious of the other person’s actions and resorts to observing just what it is they’re doing and what Sole’s reaction to it is. When she feels herself starting to blush, she is left even more confused. Is this a human mating ritual? Or is it a grooming ritual? In either case, why is the physical contact always concentrated on Sole’s chest and behind? After a while, the curiosity wins out and the little synth politely intrudes on their interaction and asks them outright the meaning behind their physical contact.

Curie (romantic) – When she sees this person caressing her Sole, all new emotions begin to bubble up in her chest to the point where she is left breathless. One part of her mind wants to stop and experience the sensation for her studies, the other part of her – a very persuasive part – wants to barge in and start having sex with Sole right then and there even if that person was watching. She very quickly comes to the conclusion that she is experiencing a kind of possessive jealousy and immediately goes to Sole to start up a completely different conversation, blatantly pretending that the other person isn’t even there.

Danse (platonic) – Insubordination is what it is. He gets angry because of Sole’s disregard for Brotherhood protocol, they are a Knight for crying out loud! They demand respect. They represent authority. They represent dignity. This kind of transgression, even if it was by omission, is not tolerated by either him or the Brotherhood of Steel. As their sponsor, Danse will later pull them aside and give them a stern talking to.

Danse (romanced) – Insubordination be damned, Sole was his and by Elder Maxson he was damn well going to do something about it! He stomps up behind Sole in his power armour, glaring down at the person with barely concealed rage until they slink away and leave Sole standing there in confusion. When they turn around and see his angry face, Danse picks them up, throws them over his shoulder and carries them to their shared bedroom where he makes it damn clear to the both of them just who Sole belongs to.

Deacon (platonic/romanced) – Regardless of whether Sole actually wanted the person’s attention or not, Deacon will sneak up behind them and when they’re too engrossed on Sole to notice him standing there, he’ll start feeling them up with a cheeky grin and a wink in Sole’s direction. He does everything he can to make the person uncomfortable, scaring them away with a wiggle of his eyebrows and a hearty laugh when it gets too much and they finally leave. “See Sole? This is what I’ve been saying to you all along! I’m just too sexy for my own good.”

Dogmeat – He wonders why this new person isn’t giving him pats either. Does he stink?? Was he a bad boy?? Do they not like him?? Why aren’t they loving him?? He whines and pushes his head against Sole’s thigh, only satisfied when they start brushing their hand through his fur.

Hancock (platonic) – He chuckles lightly when he sees what type of attention Sole is getting, giving the person feeling them up an encouraging wink too. Sole was a very attractive person worthy of people’s attention and unless that attention is unwanted from Sole, he won’t do anything to stand in their way. In fact, he’ll even offer up some pointers to anyone interested in Sole’s affections.

Hancock (romanced) – The Mayor will tell the person straight away to fuck off and leave Sole alone. If they still persist in the face of a rather heated ghoul on the verge of smacking them one, Hancock’s elusive fury will surface and whoever the pervert is will find themselves walking to the nearest settlement with nothing to their name but a bruised eye and their undies.

Gage (platonic) – He huffs a laugh, knowing all too well the temptation for a curious touch here and blatant advance there. The only problem he has with it is when they won’t take Sole’s ‘no’ for an answer, which is when he steps in.

Gage (romanced) – If it’s a woman, he clears his throat rather loud and blatantly stares at her until she understands his obvious disapproval of her touching Sole. If it’s a man touching what’s his, well…beaten to a bloody pulp is a rather apt description of what the consequences are for touching his lover.

MacCready (platonic) – He’d be annoyed with the both of them. He was a mercenary for God’s sake! He’s not going to get paid standing around watching everyone flirt their arse off with Sole and it was most certainly not what he ever wanted to be doing either. Caps or no caps. Almost like a child, he’d sulk for a while afterwards until Sole makes it up to him.

MacCready (romanced) – “Hey, get your damn hands off her/him. In case you haven’t noticed, pal, Sole’s with me and I’m not the sharing type either.” He’d flex his grip on his rifle just to bring the point home and glare until the person is well and truly out of sight.

Nick Valentine (platonic) – Seeing this person groping Sole makes him a little nostalgic for the old ways when this type of conduct was only seen in the privacy of one’s own bedroom. Where courting wasn’t about touching per se, but about charm. Suave. A smooth smile here, a brush of fingertips there and heartfelt words delivered in song or writing or poetic stanza to capture their heart. Damn kids these days and their one night stands.

Nick Valentine (romanced) – He’s never been the possessive type or even the angry type, but damn if he didn’t feel like throttling the person who laid their hands on his lover! Nick behaves like a gentlemen though, stepping up next to Sole and wrapping his arm around their waist and planting a soft kiss on their cheek. He uses the unsettling gaze of his to make the groper feel uncomfortable enough that they eventually walk away with their proverbial tail between their legs.

Old Longfellow – Did Sole know they were being touched? Because they most certainly were and it was most certainly a little bit filthy too. He’d laugh though, reminiscing about the old days when he had practically every gal in the settlement after him, when he had to sneak around because he didn’t want their old man finding out just who it was sneaking into their window every night. Yeah, those were days alright.

Piper Wright (platonic) – She raises an eyebrow, smirking a little. If she were a lesser woman, she’d probably have already done something very similar to what this person was doing just now. After all, it’s not every day you see a person with a body like Sole’s which makes the urge to touch just a little bit that much more enticing. But of course she won’t, but hey, no one said anything about just looking, right?

Piper Wright (romanced) – When she sees the roaming hand on Sole’s body…Hell hath no fury like a protective Piper Wright. She storms up to the person with a barely contained growl in her chest, shoves them away roughly and starts yelling at them with no reservations. It is Sole who has to hold her back, not that Piper would kill the groper, but grievous bodily harm was most certainly a possibility.

Preston Garvey (platonic) – He blushes and does everything he can to ignore what’s going on by fiddling with his gun, cleaning his hat and moving the dirt around with his boots. He won’t leave Sole because he knows what some people try to do when their advances aren’t successful, but he also doesn’t want to seem like he’s purposefully intruding either so…awkward, blushing Minuteman it is.

Preston Garvey (romanced) – The Minuteman gets a little irritated, not quite angry yet although he can feel it coming if they don’t stop openly trying to grope his lover right in front of him. Like Hancock, he’ll tell them outright to stop, resorting to physically removing their hand if they refuse and then removing them from the settlement entirely if they still persist.

Strong – He doesn’t see it for what it is and doesn’t pay any heed to it either. The most he’ll wonder is how Sole puts up with being touched all the time by so many different little humans. If Strong were the one to be petted almost constantly, he’d start smashing them all in a fit of rage.

X6-88 (platonic) – The way he sees it, if Sole didn’t want the attention then they’d make it loud and clear for the other person. But as of yet, Sole hasn’t said a single word of protest and until they do, X6 won’t say a thing. However, he will be watching Sole very closely so that they do not come to any harm from this very hands on person.

X6-88 (romanced) – Anyone who touches Sole in front of the Courser mustn’t have a single brain cell in their skull, so surely he could get away with putting a bullet in that big, empty head of theirs right? But of course, he can’t because Sole wouldn’t approve and he didn’t want to do anything that would cause a rift between them both, but damn well did he feel like it. He trusts Sole, loves Sole and knows that the person is obviously no threat to his standing with Sole, but still. Touching Sole is his right only. He gives them a very hard, very heated glare until they slink away.

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New Music: Rae Sremmurd “No Type”. (Prod. Mike WiLL Made It)

After hearing this raging to this jam during their perfromance this past weekend at Modi’s Trillectro fest a CDQ to “No Type” was well needed. Rae Sremmurd look to carry over their buzz into the Fall with their new single, “No Type.” While Mike WiLL Made It provides the alley-oop production, Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy keep our attention and continue to deliver the quotables like “Bad bxtches is the only thing that I like.”.Rae Sremmurd’s upcoming #SremmLife EP, to be released later this year. Listen Below.


Life on the Road with Rae Sremmurd Photographer Myles Harris

To see more of Myles’ photos, check out @mylesxharris on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

As the de facto photographer for Rae Sremmurd, one of rap’s youngest and most lit duos, it would be easy for Myles Harris (@mylesxharris) simply to focus on the bright lights of the shows and video sets he shoots. But he prefers capturing the little mundane moments––naps, casual backstage chats, trips to the mall––in between the glitz and girls that often characterize #raplife.

“It’s not what people typically see every day, especially from their favorite artists. It gives you a feeling of really knowing them,” the 21-year-old says of his work.

Growing up in North Carolina, Myles knew by the time he was 11 that he would be a filmmaker and photographer. After finishing high school, he planned to study film in Florida. Atlanta was only supposed to be a stopover to see his dad, but once there, he realized it was the ideal city in which to build his dreams. He enrolled in the shortest audio technology program he could find and by chance ended up studying under Jeron Ward, who was then producing in Outkast’s Stankonia Studios. Once Jeron spotted Myles’ talent, he let him tag along to his sessions.

Naturally gregarious, Myles easily made friends everywhere, from his next-door neighbors, the rap group Two-9, to Mike Will Made It, one of the city’s most successful producers. His ease in making connections might have greased the skids of his career, but at the end of the day, he says, skills are what set you apart.

“You definitely have to be good with words in this industry. Everybody’s trying to do what you’re trying to do,” he explains. “You can talk your way into all these great relationships but your talent is really what separates you.”

One of the acts that recognized Myles’ talent was Rae Sremmurd, two brothers on Mike Will’s label, EarDrummers, who were just beginning to bubble with their song “No Flex Zone.” They saw and liked the videos Myles had shot for Two-9, and shortly thereafter, Myles put his stuff in storage and took off with the guys on their yearlong world tour.

No matter how exciting, those many nights of performances eventually do blur together, hence Myles’ preference for photographing his subjects’ downtime. Plus, “I’m not one to be all hype about being around celebrities. I look at everybody as humans, regular people who are talented at what they do,” he says. In Myles’ eyes, rappers really are like you and me — with just a little bit more champagne.

––Rebecca Haithcoat for Instagram @music

Stimming, ADHD & Tics: The More You Know – TMI: Tourette Mama Insights – Medium
As the mom of two boys with Tourette Syndrome, it probably won’t surprise many of you to discover that I suffer from ADHD. Recently, in a…
By TMI: Tourette Mama Insights

Stimming, ADHD & Tics: The More You Know

As the mom of two boys with Tourette Syndrome, it probably won’t surprise many of you to discover that I suffer from ADHD. Recently, in a rather large ADHD group I’m a member of, I was tagged in a video of a child having what appeared to be the type of tics that are quite common in Tourette Syndrome; facial grimacing and an odd type of hand flexing that my family has come to call ‘Spider Man Hands’. While I’m not a doctor, these are tics I’ve seen in hundreds of those I know with Tourette.

According to Dr. Scharf at MGH, tics are “rapid, non-rythmic, stereotyped movements” that most commonly involve the head, neck and arms. Tics occur in bouts and tend to wax and wane. They’re also partially suppressible and typically preceded by what’s known as a ‘premonitory urge’ (an urge, itch or tension). Tourette diagnosis includes at least one vocal tic and two motor tics that begin before the age of 18 and persist for a year even if they’re not occurring at the same time or they wax and wane.

Let’s return to the video, though. While reading through the nearly five hundred comments I was shocked at replies that ranged from dismissive to dangerous. “Harmless”, commented one individual, “looks like a normal child to me!” added another. Some felt it was just anxiety, some said they were certain the child was having hallucinations. A few even went so far as to share that they, too, do the same things, or used to, and find that ignoring it is key to overcoming the issues it presents.

Admitting that these comments stunned me would be an understatement. It took awhile for me to process what I’d just been witness to and even longer for me to find myself capable of forming a cogent reply.

Of foremost importance, you need to know that ADHD and Tourette have a unique, intrinsic relationship. ADHD is one part of the Tourette Triad (ADHD/OCD/Tics) which is found in the majority of those with Tourette Syndrome. The latest research shows that up to 90% of those with Tourette have ADHD and up to 50% of those with ADHD have Tourette or another Tic Disorder.


Playlist 05/05/16

Bleib in der Schule // Trailerpark
Bonbon // Era Istrefi
Faded // Alan Walker
IDFC // Blackbear
Been you // Justin Bieber
Stitches // Shawn Mendes
Colors // Halsey
I’d love to change the World // Jetta Remix
Can’t remember to forget you // Shakira
Hold me down // Halsey
Shaded in // filous
This could be us // Rae Sremmurd
No Type // Rae Sremmurd
No Flex Zone // Rae Sremmurd
Don’t let me down // Illenium Remix
What I did for love // Michael Brun Remix
Pillowtalk // Nosleep Remix
Good for you // Selena Gomez
Young and Beautiful // Lana del Rey
Forget // Marina and the Diamonds
Tear in my Heart // Twenty one pilots
New Americana // Halsey
Bengalische Tiger // Materia
Lach mich tot // K.I.Z
Love Yourself // Justin Bieber
All time low // Jon Bellion
Wombass // Tiësto
Trostpreis // Alligatoah
What do you mean? // Justin Bieber
I walk the line // Halsey
Give me everything // Pitbull
XO // the Eden project
Strange Love // Halsey

@ everyone that ever doubted me and blatantly said that my dreams wouldn’t come true, be real happy that I’m not the type to flex



2015 has been an impressive year for Hip-Hop, and we’re just halfway through. Even though this list will focus primarily on this year, it must be mentioned that J. Cole’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive helped to set in motion a tidal wave of good, quality releases from the most popular form of music in the world. 2014 was, quite honestly, a mediocre year for Hip-Hop after 2013 delivered one of the most star-studded musical years across the board. Thankfully, Cole crafted his best work and helped, along with Nicki Minaj and The Pinkprint, to usher in 2015 Hip-Hop. From the club anthems of newcomers Rae Sremmurd, to the hypnotizing sounds of A$AP Rocky, Hip-Hop in 2015 has been masterfully showcased across many spectrums. Since we have succesfully completed six months of this year with no sudden world-ending event, I countdown 2015’s Best Hip-Hop albums, so far. 


Artist: Tyler, the Creator

Release: April 13, 2015

External image

Cherry Bomb isn’t terrible, it’s just not memorable. When I heard of the impending release a few days before, I was excited. I’ve been following Tyler, the Creator’s career since he entered the game, for the most part. After stirring up some controversy with his outspoken personality, and his menacing voice, and delivered three solid albums over the course of three years, Tyler has created an impressive resume. Unfortunately, Cherry Bomb slips through the cracks, and is all over the place. With Wolf, Tyler showcased his growth as a writer, producer and arranger, but for some reason, Cherry Bomb doesn’t click with me, and I failed to see the cohesive nature of his previous efforts. 


Artist: Young Thug

Release: April 16, 2015

External image

Barter 6 was born out of controversy between Young Thug, and former Cash Money artist, Lil Wayne. Obviously there’s name resemblance to Wayne’s Tha Carter series, and thus, legal proceedings followed. So, in-line with Blood Gang practice of replacing “C” with “B” the Barter 6 was born. Young Thug’s third solo album is his definitive work, so far. The hits are consistent here. Thugger’s unique voice inflections and manipulations make him an attraction worthy of attention. The production from Wheezy on Barter 6 is smooth and laid-back. It’s not Thug at his most frenetic, but it adds some depth to his growing music library.


Artists: Rae Sremmurd

Release: January 6, 2015

External image

The debut album from the Mississippi Hip-Hop duo, Rae Sremmurd, is a ton of fun. The album was preced with four singles four of the biggest Hip-Hop singles of the past year, by the way) - No Type, No Flex Zone, Throw Some Mo with the Queen of Hip-Hop, Nicki Minaj, and This Could Be Us. Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy are two of the most charismatic rappers out right now. Maybe it’s their youthful exuberance, or maybe it’s they’re at the forefront of the Hip-Hop industry. Nonetheless, SremmLife is an exhilarating album that is still being played faithfully at clubs and parties, six months later. 


Artist: Meek Mill

Release: June 29, 2015

External image

After a stint in prison that delayed his second studio album, Meek Mill went back to the drawing board for Dreams Worth More Than Money. What we got is a solid follow-up to his debut album, Dreams and Nightmares, that enhances the story of Meek Mill, and sees the rapper more focused and driven as ever. Mill’s new-found clarity can be seen throughout this album. He’s dedicated to inspiring others, and telling his story as a source of motivation to those who struggle. With a larger than life cast of features from the likes of Drake, Future, Diddy, Rick Ross, and girlfriend Nicki Minaj, Mill still shines through as the centerpiece of the album. Dreams Worth More Than Money is the Meek Mill album that we’ve been waiting on since 2012’s Dreamchasers 2.


Artist: Lupe Fiasco

Release: January 20, 2015

External image

Lupe Fiasco’s Tetsuo & Youth is full of imagination. His best album since The Cool, Lupe has finally returned to form after the extreme disappointing of 2011’s Lasers, and the okay effort in the obnoxiously long-titled Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1. Finally, it seems as if Lupe is free from the binds of his disputes with label, Atlantic Records. Tetsuo & Youth is daring, bold and creatively charged. I’m sure that this album surpassed many’s expectations after his previous, mediocre efforts. Luckily, Lupe has grown and matured into an individual who poured his rich talent and story into an album that exudes ingenuity. 


Artist: Big Sean

Release: February 24, 2015

External image

Dark Sky Paradise, Big Sean’s third outing, is hit best and most ambitious sound yet. Stormy production, visual and aesthetic progression, and a level of honesty not seen from the Detroit rapper, catapult Dark Sky Paradise to the top of Sean’s discography. Sean expands his lyricism on Paradise, and enlists a range of contributors that bring the album to life. The album is occasionally clumsy, but Sean’s boastful and triumphant achievement is his best work to date.


Artist: A$AP Rocky

Release: May 26, 2015

External image

AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP is a strong effort. A$AP Rocky has done a great job at propelling his image even further beyond the scope of traditional hip-hop. We need more artists like him. The ones with an aggressive taste for aesthetics who can be influential in multiple industries. The type of individual who will push the genre forward by challenging current trends, as well as developing creative ideas that will encompass an idea. Rocky is certainly an artist of the future, and ‘At Long Last’ does a good job at showing us what the future of hip-hop could sound like. 


Artist: Drake

Release: February 12, 2015

External image

Drake has elevated himself as one of Hip-Hop’s elite, major players. After three studio album releases since 2010, many fans were expecting his next announced project, Views from the 6, to be released in late 2015. However, in Beyonce fashion, Drake released If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late with no announcement, no press and no singles to back it. Initially planned as a mixtape for DatPiff before Cash Money Record intervened, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late popped up on iTunes for sale, making this a legitimate fourth studio album for the Toronto rapper. For an album that was initially going to be released for free, it has come close to platinum status with nearly 1 million copies sold. Though no cohesive structure or theme exists, Drake’s fourth album contains some of 2015’s biggest hits. The first seven songs prime the rapper as today’s premiere Hip-Hop artist before dipping off into less-than-stellar tracks. Drake no longer aspires to be one of Hip-Hop’s greatest current artists, with the release of  If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, he’s proven that he already is.


Artists: Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment

Release: May 29, 2015

External image

Shortly before midnight on May 28, a free album from Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment appeared on iTunes after being shared from Chicago MC, Chance the Rapper. Of course, when I saw this information spreading across social media, I wondered “Is this a new solo album from Chance?” Well, not quite, but it’s just as good as anyone could’ve hoped for. The new album, Surf, highlights trumpet player Donnie Trumpet (A.K.A. Nico Segal), and The Social Experiment, which is a group of musicians consisting of  Chance The Rapper, Peter Cottontale, Greg Landfair Jr., and Nate Fox. With an array of talented musicians a part of the collective, and perfectly selected guest appearances, Surf delivers a unique blend of jazz and hip-hop music into one, eclectic whole. We’re beginning to see the possibilities of the what jazz and hip-hop can sound like cohesively. The album is a joyous and celebratory effort that acts as a showcase of creative talent, instead of commercial appeal.


Artist: Kendrick Lamar

Release: March 16, 2015

External image

The question was this: What would Kendrick Lamar do to follow-up his platinum selling, multi-Grammy Award nominated, critically acclaimed major-label debut, Good Kid, m.A.A.d. City. Let’s be real - Kendrick’s major-label debut is a classic album for this generation, and one of the greatest pieces of music of the past decade. The fact of the matter is that To Pimp A Butterfly is comprehensive, dense, bold, intense and black. When I say black, I mean that it is one of the blackest pieces of music I’ve ever heard. Kendrick Lamar incorporates so many different African-American music styles such as hip-hop, funk, G-funk, spoken work, poetry, and jazz. At one moment, To Pimp A Butterfly is in Trouble Man, Marvin Gaye territory, and then abruptly shifts to a Spike Lee joint on record. Conversations with 2Pac, monologues from Dr. Dre, narratives from Snoop Dogg and funkadelics from George Clinton, To Pimp A Butterfly is a angry, self-reflecting and troubling. On first listen, the album will rock you. It’s like a punch to the face because it catches you completely off-guard. That’s a good thing. Kendrick wants you to feel uncomfortable. Discourse in our country for the pasty 2 years has been dominated by race and racism in America. Kendrick Lamar’s sophomore masterpiece is a mandatory listen that delivers on the promise that Public Enemy’s Chuck D stated years ago; hip-hop is the black CNN.