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Star Trek: Deep Space 9 | Past Prologue | Making Contact

MBTI types as close ups of “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by Hieronymus Bosch


















Houdini & Doyle | Bedlam | The Only Reasonable Explanation

Even though my world has ended so many times
And that deep wound opens at times
Even though nights can be unbearable
And despair always seems to be knocking

I am so glad to have a job
To have met good company
And be given little gifts from God
Even though I don’t deserve them
I am so happy to have light when there is total darkness
To have Hope when everything seems hopeless
To find strength when my whole being is weak

I am so happy to see these familiar faces
When my week has been dreadful
I am at home in hugs and welcoming smiles
Like nothing ever hurt me or I’ve never been sad
My dear friend, there is Hope
You are not alone
I love you



Thankful For Little Things ©

Window washing for a charity(at children hospital) Gramander AU

from ladyoftheshrimp replied to your post: Throw me some prompts

How about Newt washing windows for a charity thing dressed as a superhero for a children’s hospital and Graves is a doctor who keeps seeing him. They begin to mime at each other after a few chances meetings. Except Newt is awful at understanding mimes so eventually Graves has to hold up hand written notes. If only he didn’t have classical doctors handwriting.

This is cute! Alright, here you are. Thanks for this lovely prompt~ I hope you enjoyed reading this <3

LOL I couldn’t help myself)

They meet almost every week and Percival finds himself curious which superhero he’s gonna be next week. There’s a man who washing the window of this children’s hospital for charity, he always wears superhero suits and the kids always get excited when they see their favorite superhero.

The nurses adores him, like, too much and within first week everyone in the hospital talks about the superhero window washing guy. Percival has a chance to talk to him once because one of his patient, Jimmy, was sulking. Percival offered to Jimmy; if he’s good, then Percival would let Jimmy meet Spiderman. Jimmy said yes, so Percival met the window washing guy outside the building when his job was done one afternoon.

The man is, much to his surprise, an English man who has messy coppery curls and beautiful green eyes. He does look dreamy and worthy of all women in the hospital’s romantic fantasy. He has a strange name like Newt Scamander, yet Percival thinks it makes him more like a woman sci-fi sexual fantasy. Better than general romantic story, he guesses.

(He’s not going to be jealous or anything, because Percival Graves is more like a The-mom-of-these-children night time fantasy type.)

Jimmy is delighted and he looks happier than ever. Percival is also happy to see the kid happy like that. Though the doctor hasn’t had any chance to thank Newt for what he did to Jimmy (and for the hospital) as the man says it’s alright. Percival tries anyway, to invite him over for lunch or dinner.

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Hi there! I have a genuine q. Why do you most kuro fans believe Seb and Ciel are in an intimate relationship (that's not shown explicitly to readers)? I get all the fanservice (fangirl over it tbh), but the kid -freaks- when others touch him. It's even happened with Sebastian. Yana sensei hints the cult assaulted him so all the 'don't touch me!' moments stem from that. With Ciel's visible trauma, I'm kinda scratching my head why so many people legitimately think Ciel wants to do his butler?

Hello, Anon ~

Wow, that’s a very interesting question! However, I’m afraid I cannot speak for the whole fandom, so I can only give you my personal opinion.

Definitely, one of the things that encourage the shipping is the fanservice. Yaoi fans are naturally attracted to series with two male leads, and shippers of any kind will always start shipping characters that spend a lot of time together, have a close relationship and make a lot of physical contact, as those are the things that lead to a strong bond (romantic or otherwise) in real life. So if you add some nearly sexual situations, suggestive comments and a certain amount of possessiveness, what you got is (something resembling) a relationship. It’s only natural that the fans ship it. Yet, I can see you’re hinting something deeper than a platonic relationship and, while I’m not one of those who believe that they fuck behind closed doors, there are several in-canon reasons why such a thing wouldn’t be so unlikely.

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What's the difference between sx/sp and sp/sx?



Motivation: to live in a secure, comfortable environment where they can pursue their private interests in depth.

These people often have an earthy, mysterious quality to them. They are quietly intense, but to others may seem oblivious to the greater social world around them, instead favoring personal interests. They are slow to commit, but once they do it is with an attitude of life commitment, to the establishment of an impermeable bond. Others can be taken aback by how suddenly and completely this type can lock into them, and by the depth of understanding of the other’s condition. They attach to others at an organic, root level, in contrast to the other subvariant’s surface formality. Somewhat hesitant to enter new relationships, they instead preserve the select few enduring bonds they carefully form along the way. The sanctuary of home is of paramount concern, and this type takes particular delight in decorating their spaces to reflect their cherished sense of taste and depth. Depth and discrimination characterize this stacking.

Expression: wistful self-absorbed expression, sighing, magic is in their head

Energy: calm, steady energy expressed intensely, withdrawing

Behavior: withdrawn, calm, wistful and self absorbed

Mindset: “I can have merging/intensity without having to leave my orderly & pleasing lifestyle.” (imagination, safe people and relationships, when the safety of these are challenged they withdraw)

Blind spot: Likely to neglect their desire to seek intense connections and experiences for the sake of their primary concern of maintaining physical saftey, comfort, and an orderly lifestyle, in average-healthy levels. May not have an awareness of the need to connect in a broader sense with the world, of a sense of security or in groups or of the need to seek it, or even of the need to foster approval, support, and understanding of themselves within groups they are connected with, often causing misunderstandings with allies, supporters, friends, and family members.


Motivation: to know the heart, reconcile inner conflict, form a secure union.

This is perhaps the most internally conflicted of the stackings, and potentially the most inconsistent in behavior. This may occur as a blockage of the sexual instinct which can be redirected as a more generally brooding and troubled personality. They may isolate themselves for long periods of time before reemerging. They live according to a strictly personal outlook and are not particularly concerned with the approval of others outside of their immediate concern. They seem to be searching for something, the missing piece. If they find a soulmate they will unite without fanfare, forming a secret bond, dealing with formalities as an afterthought. Powerful sexual impulses facing inner resistance may manifest symbolically in the psyche, giving way to soulful interpretations of the unconscious. Under periods of stress severe sexual tensions may manifest as erratic, impulsively destructive behavior. Can seem restless, torn between the comforts of a stable home life and the urge to wander. May be prone to self-medicating.

Expression: intense, self-absorbed expression

Energy: intense energy expressed calmly, steadily, assertively

Behavior: intense, assertive, troubled and self absorbed

Mindset: “If I can make (us) have an orderly & pleasing lifestyle, I can keep up and escalate all this merging/intensity.”

Blind spot: Likely to neglect their desire to maintain physical saftey, comfort, and an orderly lifestyle for the sake of their primary concern of seeking intense connections and experiences, in average-healthy levels. May not have an awareness of the need to connect in a broader sense with the world, of a sense of security or in groups or of the need to seek it, or even of the need to foster approval, support, and understanding of themselves within groups they are connected with, often causing misunderstandings with allies, supporters, friends, and family members.

TL;DR I’d say that the SP/SX searches for new methods to maintain his welfare (physical/mental/emotional, depending on core type), while the SX/SP searches for safe ways to supplement and reconcile his inner conflict.

Here are some other links I thought might provide you with a clearer perspective:

[X] / [X]

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So if I understand you well enough, I should watch the bold type?

Oh absolutely! Tbh I saw gifs floating around tumblr and so I googled it. I really didn’t think i’d love it so much but I was bored at home and I knew it was on hulu, so I was like hey why not lemme see what the hype is all about, ya know? And I was so pleasantly surprised! Its empowering, its fun, its feminist, its beautifully written, and like there only 3 episodes so far so its easy to catch up. Honestly 20/10 would recommend!!!!

js but urban magic au,

Baby Doll Pt. 2 (NSFW)

Hey there kitty cats 🐱 You asked for more so I worked overtime to churn this one out. You might need birth control before you read this one. 😈


“Guess what I brought you baby cakes.” Roger plopped down on the cot in your cell and put down a package of hair curlers. One day, when he was in the middle of groping you, you moved your face slowly to meet his gaze and then placed your hands on his chest, grabbing a pen from his top pocket. You wrote the words “curlers” on a napkin and pushed it toward him smiling sweetly. He was much obliged to bring them to you in exchange for your compliance with his gratuitous fondling. You tried not to grimace as he grabbed your hand and placed it on his crotch. “Damn girl can you feel that?“ You fought to keep a tear from rolling down your face as he kept steady pressure on your hand, pressing it into his erection.

“Fuck honey, I’m gonna’ have to pay you another visit later. You know, I did you a big favor bringing that into this wing. It’s contraband. But you know you can count on Roger baby. It’s gonna’ cost you though. My services ain’t free doll. I’ll be back to collect your payment in a day or two. I know, I know you’re gonna’ miss me. But Roger has to lay low.” He flicked his tongue out at you and laughed. “Don’t worry if you can’t get worked up for me baby. I’ve got a little extra to help you get in the mood.” He pulled out a bottle of WD-40 and held it up. “Works on the HVAC and it’ll work on you.” He winked and left, leaving you nauseous and sick to your stomach.

Roger’s repulsive advances weren’t the only thing that you were manipulating to get what you wanted. You had been working diligently towards regaining your own mobility. It was a needed skill now that your sole mission was to trap the Joker into falling in love with you. The doctors jotted down in their notebooks that you were “making progress”. You were agreeable with the staff and they enjoyed your silence. It made you easy to deal with. You were still not speaking and only really smiling or staring off into space. That made you an easy check mark on a nurse’s list which was refreshing when they were used to dealing with raving lunatics all day. Although you were in the criminal wing, they started to force less restrictions on you. They underestimated you, making it easy for you to fall under the radar. You started moving around and that was enough to create a sense of fulfillment for the psychiatrists who worked with you.

The Joker was starting to visit you more often. How strange it felt to be courted by a man who you had witnessed being restrained with a straight jacket and a powerful sedative on multiple occasions. The nights he spent in confinement were especially arousing for you. These were the nights when he was being reprimanded for his extremely sadistic behavior. He put on a show for you. Whenever he drew blood from an unsuspecting Arkham patient, cracked a doctor’s skull or held a nurse by her throat, he made sure that you were in eyeshot, often winking at you in the midst of his violent outbursts. You spent those nights hot to your core, dreaming of him, craving his starry vehemence for causing pain.

Even though you didn’t reply when he spoke to you, he would keep you company, telling you how beautiful you were and entertaining you with bawdy jokes. It didn’t hurt that he was eccentrically handsome. His eyes were like ice picks, cutting into the massive, protective glacier you formed around your heart. And then there was the matter of the gifts he had smuggled in for you. Exotic dark chocolates, fresh strawberries, French macarons direct from Laduree; the surprises were always intoxicating and extravagant.

It was clear that he had a grandiose level of influence, leverage and power that more than qualified him to be the object of your affection. Your power was in your beauty and in the fact that no one thought a living doll like yourself could plot out your own destiny. He was going to see you again tonight and you wanted to make sure that you hooked him completely. You were going to persuade him with your body and convince him to break you out of this place to start a new life of crime together.

Your hair fell into beautiful ringlets after using the illegal curlers but you had no makeup to speak of. You pricked your finger with the sharp metal edge of your cot’s frame and used the blood that bubbled up as rouge, smearing it into your cheeks and onto your lips. There wasn’t much you could do about your standard issued Arkham attire so you stripped down into your bra and panties and fashioned your bed sheet into a sort of toga. The bed sheet was yet another item Roger was able to smuggle in for you and it was an item you envisioned multiple uses for, this being one of them. The ultimate idea was to seduce him and then lure him into bed with you. The funny thing about it was that he always seemed to entice you first, regardless of your efforts.


Joker P.O.V

She wasn’t a big talker but she was easy to please. Y/N wore her feelings on her face. It was there in her eyes and on her lips and in the warmth that grew hotly in her face. I could see right away what types of things delighted her. I was a student of her desire, observing what got a rise out of her and using those things to unscrupulously control her. The doll faced killer liked being under my thumb. She was especially susceptible to my naked acts of mayhem.

She was a special kind of rose that blossomed for bloodshed. I could only imagine how wet it made her to see me lure the new night nurse into my cell and then slam her against the wall, smothering her mouth as she screamed. She blushed at the touch of my outstretched fingers and smiled broadly at all of the raunchy jokes I told her. I had my goons running supplies underneath Arkham in the staff tunnels and with guards in my pocket I was able to get anything in or out of the asylum.

I tucked tonight’s present under my arm and made my way to her cell slipping bribes to the staff that could be bought and injectable tranquilizers into the more difficult employees. Nighty night fuckers. Her cell wasn’t a sealed one now on account of her good behavior so I was able to slip inside and exert my will whenever I pleased. “Hello gorgeous .” I grinned exposing my metal incisors. She got all dolled up for me. I could make out every curve under the sheet she wore. Her body was a perfect vessel for the evil plan I wanted to bury inside her. “I got you a little something.” I lunged toward her and picked up her hand kissing it tenderly. She shuddered and tried to regain her composure. I could tell I still scared her but that she liked it. Mmmm…this one was a gem. I sat on the edge of the bed and patted my lap. “Come sit on Daddy’s lap doll face.”

She smiled and walked toward me slowly and then sat down on me gently. I wrapped my hands around her waist and began rubbing her body with special attention to her stomach and breasts. I grew eager at the thought of her soft and swollen and heavily pregnant. She was my ticket to criminal freedom. A baby meant a chance to pull a heist and roll a baby carriage out to the Bat and make my getaway. I kissed the nape of her neck and thought, I might have to make an army of babies. It would take some work but I’d been breaking her down every day. I’m sure she’d be up to it. After I fully possessed her heart, mind and body, if I handcuffed her to the bed and only dropped by to fill her to the brim with my seed, she’d be up for it. In fact, she’d beg for it.

She was growing antsy in my lap. I was lost in my thoughts and my thick arousal was unavoidable against her nakedness. She squirmed and started grinding into my lap, her body signaling that she was already ready for me. I almost just slipped myself inside her but I resisted it. I wanted her to be a perfect little receptacle so I brought out her present to ensure that. “Do you want to see what Daddy brought you?” She nodded profusely. “Ok honey, take those clothes off and let me show you.” She stripped down to reveal her bra and panties and then shyly removed them as well. Her nipples were already quite large with arousal and I couldn’t help to think of how ridiculously explicit they would be once she was pregnant. I unfolded her gift and wrapped it around her. It was the pretty little apron she had worn at the brutal bakery murder, still bloody and specked with brain bits. Her face lit up and she spoke her first words to me. “Oh Daddy…”

I flipped her onto her back and began kissing her breasts voraciously. She moaned loudly and I had to place my hand over her mouth to shut her up. “Be quiet or I’ll have to gag you.” This only made her seek me out, flipping my erect cock over the waistband of my Arkham sweatpants. She spread her legs widely and I forced my fingers inside of her. I needed to examine her to see if she was slick enough for me. “What was it they found you mumbling over his dead body doll? Iron hand, velvet glove?” I forced the fingers into her tight core relentlessly. Her wetness spilled out of her noisily, signaling that she was truly ready to take me inside of her.

“Spread your legs wider baby.” I scooped her up to ensure she was at the best angle for me to penetrate her. Her ankles were even with my ears as I stabbed into her. I thrust into her violently, not caring that she was now screaming as I slammed hard into her cervix. I felt her tighten and spasm and she cried out as I continued plowing into her. I waited until she was on the brink of her orgasm and then I grabbed her by the throat and thrust into her quickly. “Daddy’s putting a baby inside you doll face.” She erupted on my cock and I felt her creamy orgasm slather my entire shaft. I pulled her up roughly so that her opening was sealed against me and released my hot seed into her, spurting and throbbing into her uterus. I filled her so much that it spilled out forcefully and dripped down her thighs. I quickly shoved a pillow underneath her without pulling out and growled, smacking her in the face. “Pick that fucking ass up. Don’t you dare spill another drop of me.” I knew in that moment that she would be carrying my child. I kissed her forehead and praised the little baby maker with a whisper in her ear. “Mmmm…Good girl.”

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Venus in Sagittarius - Cupid’s Star Archer 

“you are a horse running alone
and he tries to tame you
compares you to an impossible highway
to a burning house
says you are blinding him
that he could never leave you
forget you”
- Warsan Shire

The Love Goddess is wild, wicked, and free spirited in Sagittarius. The planet of excess and pleasure finds a comfortable position here, and the individual brings explosive fire, adventure, and soul to his social encounters and relationships. He attracts cultured and intellectual types and delights in sharing his philosophies and learning from others. The individual appreciates those who share his enthusiasm, and jublient outlook on life. He appreciates his independence and freedom and will not tolerate the feeling of being tied down or controlled.

Venus Sagittarians have a great love of travel, higher learning, and assimilating with people who experience and live different ways of life. He exudes a playful and enthusiastic fun loving attitude toward life and soaks his friends with spirit, sunshine and wisdom. He guards his independence with ferocity and even the mere illusion of freedom in relationships must be present. The individual will detest being held down or controlled, and relish in the company of people who share his need to understand more about the world. He may attract philosophers, teachers, and gurus across his lifetime and enjoy social encounters that expand his consciousness and points of view. The Venus Sagittarian typically expresses his love through laughter and may be hesitant to out pour his emotions onto others. Even if he feels terrible irritable or unhappy, he still presents a cheerful and warm expression in company.

The individual has a great vision toward love and goes out of his way to avoid petty drama and gossip. He may believe his true love awaits abroad or he will meet them upon travel, and if he takes on his adventures, he likely makes this happen. The Venus Sagittarian has a vivid imagination and enjoys the educational exchange of ideas and sharing his viewpoints with others. He may be seduced by the sound of accents and brilliant minds. He typically requires an intellectual merging and rapport foremost, and enjoys deep sensual discussions about the meaning of life. The cosmic archer here shoots his cupid arrow into the rest of the zodiac, where fireworks of warmth and energy erupt and emulsify all that come to share his love. 



Writer: Jordie Bellair / Artist: Vanessa R. Del Rey / Image Comics

This was a pleasant surprise. The new horror comic Redlands begins with “where did them bitches go?” and, by so many measures, seemed it would add up to a comic of dreadful characters being sold to readers as likable. The trick proved clever though, as the characters with the most panel time through Redlands #1 paint the picture of why they do not deserve to live, and so when the bodies begin to fall in this eerie horror story you feel little more than a sense of vindication. Redlands is the delightful type of horror where you cheer for the demon – or in this case, witches. And the suspense builds from their rare presence, knowing that when you see them then someone is about to die.

We have a lot to learn about our Florida setting and the mission of our three witches, but we knew several things to be true: they are on a mission they deem moral, they are powerful, and they have been doing this for years. It will be interesting to see the world they build around the witches, weighing their power against other potentially supernatural characters as the need for conflict arises, or perhaps the conflict will come from inside the three of them. A lot of directions one can take in a “righteous cause, balancing the scales throughout history” type of story. Options are broad, and as our introduction is less a story opener than a horror sequence before the opening credits of a film, there is a lot of intrigue on where we go from here. We have seen our witches and what they do, and now the story begins.

Artistically, the frenetic style fits well and is reminiscent of similar horror comics like Gotham by Midnight or Sons of the Devil, the latter that particularly left a hole my horror review list that needed to be filled. I had to read it twice to truly appreciate it, but if Redlands builds from the writing we see here, it will do the trick.

                                                      9.6 out of 10