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Set-up for Personal Ship Days for the 26 Day Birthday Celebration! Sign-ups Open!

Hey everyone!

Some of you may have seen my post asking if people would be interested in this, and I had a lot of good vibes and responses from it, so I’m going to do it as part of the celebration! :D

Now, what is a personal ship?! 

A personal ship is where I will personalize something to you and ship you with your favorite character!  For example, the last time I did this, I did a mix of love letters, stories, text chains, voicemail messages, etc. (all typed up of course) from their favorite character as if they were together! ^^ 

You can see an example: here for a story example! or here for a love letter example! 

I am going to do this again, but before you start sending me things, please see the rules below!!! ^^ I hope you will join in!  Have fun!! And once you know what you need to do, start sending me some asks! :D 


  • I will be opening this up to send in your submissions now, but I won’t be doing them until probably next week. 
  • There is no guarantee which format I will use (voicemail/text/story/love letter), I just go with whichever feels right at the time. 
  • To enter, you will have to send me an ask! ASKS ONLY! I WILL NOT ACCEPT MESSAGED REQUESTS! And your ask should have the following information:
    • Include some things about you…likes/dislikes, favorites, ect.  This is so I can completely personalize it to you!  ***You do not have to put your name, but it is welcome.  I know some keep their names off of Tumblr, and I respect that.  So don’t put any info in your ask that you wouldn’t want to have used/seen in the response. As for gender preferences for yourself, I will take them all! If you want to specify, great!  If not, great too, I’ll just do everything in my power to keep it gender neutral! ^^ 
    • You have to pick ONE character! It can be from Supernatural (nothing past season 11 please), The Hobbit, or Lord of the Rings. The character you pick will be the one who responds. If you want another character, you have to send a separate request.  I have two days allotted for responses, but please be understanding that these responses will take time, so please don’t send in like 15 of them…
    • This will be similar to Roleplay Q&A where I will roleplay as the character you pick.  So if you pick Crowley, the response, whether it be a text chain, voicemail message, love letter, whatever, it will be written as if it came straight from the King of Hell himself.  Any stories will be written as reader inserts, but through the character’s perspective. 
    • I will send you your personalized ship by writing it in the response to your ask.  So you will not get a response until I actually write it and post it! ^^  It is just easier that way. 
    • I am thinking of doing this on July 31/August 1 (CST), but I wanted to open the asks up to start getting the requests in and start planning! :D 
    • Good luck choosing! :D ^^ 


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Submission from anon who wanted to talk about the four letter ship system in the Invader Zim fandom! Thank you!

Caption: The first and third letters are the Character’s initials and the last letter is the type of relationship in your story/art/whatever :>

So, ZADF is Zim and Dib Friendship, and ZADR is Zim and Dib Romance, and ZADE is Zim and Dib Enemies.  I hope this helps!


This was taken after the Magic Story Panel at Momocon 2017 earlier today. Not a lot of new info, but it was fun to pick the brains of the writing staff for @wizardsmagic: Kelly Digges, Alison Luhrs and Michael Yichao. Also I got to bring back Dovin Baan so yay!

For those of you who did not manage to catch it on Twitch, I’m posting my notes below:
-They really like @voiceofallmtg​ and Alison and Michael are familiar with my music and love it! (Also @visiblespectrummusic​ was praised as well)
-In addition to going to the Amonkhet Website and reading the story, they recommended Origins as a good starting point for those interested in the story, as it was the point they set a lot of current things in motion
-They noted that previously the characters of Magic have been on separate tracks.
-The gods in Amonkhet are at their core good, benevolent beings that have been “poisoned” by Nicol Bolas’s influence. This is to contradict previous incarnations of Gods, such as Theros’s Gods’s pettiness, and the Zendikari Gods being half-remembered Eldrazi.
-Commander 2014′s story was the first time we got to see Nahiri (previously referred to as “The Lithomancer”) and Ugin. May not be new info, but I found it interesting.
-They are much happier to be working with the main story being in weekly online installments as it allows more flexibility with the type of stories (Gisa and Geralf’s letter exchange was mentioned in particular), and previously, writers were “locked in” with doing one novel a block. If a writer was not interested in a particular type of story, they would not touch that block at all.
-Nissa’s transition to blue is a result of her wanting to understand more of the world around her after being isolated for the majority of her life.
-Kelly in regards to Time Travel in Magic “It sucks” and “It was very scientific, there was a time portal and a time machine”. Then went on to remark “The Tarkir story was more about destiny and fate and stuff.”
-Speaking of Tarkir, Alison regarding Sarkhan: “Sarkhan was Horse Girl from Middle School”
-In response to a question I asked regarding if spellcasting rules were akin to Avatar The Last Airbender, Alison mentioned that it’s very personal, and not tied to a physical action. “Jace creating an illusion would look different than a merfolk on Zendikar who is able to create an illusion”. They all noted that Planeswalking also varies person to person.
-Squee is immortal. I have no frame of reference for that, but it’s on my notes.
-Their planning is very well documented; excel spreadsheets, post it notes all over place, etc. They keep very good records of everything so they don’t contradict things and go off track. They also mentioned that they have every arc for every main character planned out.
-Hour of Devastation is to reflect a major change in the way they do things, I’m guessing to reflect the changes the Mark Rosewater mentioned after they saw how Battle For Zendikar panned out.
-While the Gatewatch are the protagonists, they might not be seen as the protagonists of the world they’re on, mentioning Kaladesh and their involvement in a local rebellion, and Amonkehet and their interference in a world where the people are satisfied, but due to the interference of something awful.
-In response to a question regarding returning to Kamigawa “We do consider everything our fans tell us” and left it at that.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is like when people at Rock Band/Harmonix panels ask if we’re ever going to get Pink Floyd or Led Zepplin for Rock Band. Sure it’s possible, but… you know…

-In response to a question regarding if their story work was inspired by popular culture, even referring to the Gatewatch as “The Jacetice League” (WE’VE ALL DONE IT, DON’T LIE): They all mentioned that their work is not in a vaccum, however Michael mentioned “The Monomyth” and the common idea of powerful beings coming together for something greater than themselves. Kelly mentioned that the move was not from “WE NEED OUR OWN AVENGERS”, but from the idea of “What if our planeswalkers talked to each other?”
-The best line of the panel was in regard to the above person’s question mentioning The Jacetice League: “That poor dead horse”



But for real though, it’s cute because not only does the usually arrogant Riki cry, but it shows how much the Boss has done for all the Black Foxes even when they were young since they all (except Kenshi kind of) felt neglected by their parents in some way. And even though they always make fun of him and barely take any of the things he says seriously, they still obviously appreciate everything he has done for them <3

on-a-search-for-happyness asked:

Hi there, I am writing a short story as a birthday present for a friend to show her how I see her as a person (she will be the main character). Should I write it in first/second/third person? First: to show exactly how I see her Second: kind of a letter type of story Third: regular narrating style Thanks so much!

I think any of those would work, to be honest. If you did first-person or third-person limited, you might make the narrator an observer of the story who is also a character. Sort of like Fried Green Tomatoes or The Great Gatsby. First-person with your friend/the MC as the narrator might be a little awkward, so I’d maybe skip that. Second-person could be interesting. I think you really just have to pick one and try it out. You may need to try a few things before you find the mechanism that works best. Good luck with your story! I’m sure your friend will love it! :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited questions: howto portray/describe things (characters, emotions, situations), specialist knowledge questions (medical, military, mental health, etc.), asking for tropes/cliches or resources, triggering/controversial topics; broad, vague, or complicated questions. See master list & main site for more info!


i’m going to type the story now!! so i forgot my book and letter [that i had yet to write wow] at my house so i borrowed a paper and pen from a friend and had them sign my ticket. now i’m so smart that with my unfinished sloppy letter i accidentally got first in line so i let a couple people go in front of me as i finished up. when i walked up dan was fixing the light and phil was distracted looking at him. so dan saw me and went “sorry i’m fixing the lighting so it’s less gross” or something close to that. they probably said hi but it’s mostly a blur i don’t remember. then phil turned to me and i hugged him and then dan but i was gonna get the most out of it so i hugged for just a bit longer than is socially acceptable. you know when someone stops squeezing in the hug and that’s how you know you’re supposed to let go? fuck that i squeezed harder for at least one extra second [and phil squeezed back ahh] THEY WERE VERY WARMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. then dan was like “oh do you want us to keep that letter” or “is that letter for us” or something and i was like yeah but i had a bunch of stuff jumbled in my hands so it took a while and i was like “sorry i’m a mess” and dan went “us too”. so then he asked me what i wanted signed so i gave them my ticket. then i put all my stuff down and tried desperately to explain the pose like “uh you know the things with the hands on the cheeks and the faces uhhh” and dan was like “yeah i know what you mean”. so then we took the pics. ALSO I’D LIKE TO LET YOU ALL KNOW DAN IS LYING ABOUT HAVING A BABY FACE I COULD FEEL HIS SCRUFF THERE’S NO WAY THAT SHITFACE DOESN’T SHAVE. i turned around to pick up all my stuff but i didn’t want to leave just yet so i told them about @itscadenbitch and how we know each other because of them and how much they’ve helped me and are there for me and how they might visit this summer [my voice was cracking because i was trying not to cry]. so i kinda forgot what their faces were like but i asked for one more hug and i gave them both like a weird one arm hug and left. also my memory is awful so phil probably did say something i just can’t remember and also i forgot to smell them

the show was amazing and i sobbed so bad at the end and i didn’t know what to expect but it definitely wasn’t that! i was just so proud of them and that grand finale made me so emotional i couldn’t keep it in :’)

anonymous asked:

what do people write in letters to you? I want to write a letter and I've written two types of letters: one where I explain who I am and my story and I talk about how you and Will make me forget about my pain and one where I'm not personal and I talk about how I like your hair and Will's eyes. And both seem stupid like I've never written "fanmail" and I feel like I'm just annoying please help :/

I can honestly say that we’d much prefer the first letter. “Mail” is just a way that we can get to know you guys, so tell us your story!