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Hiiiii, I have been reading many imagines, but there’s so little (there’s a lot but whatever) so I decided to do some of my own. I want to accept any request y'all have so please feel free to send you request (please I’m so bored and have many ideas)

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Being Stiles Stilinski’s twin sister would include…

- Having Star Wars marathons  
- Arguing about dumb things
-Him being super over protective of you
-Insulting each other all the time
-Him getting mad when other people insult you because “Only I can call her that, because she’s my sister.”
-You doing the same when people insult him
-Talking to each other when you need to talk to someone.
-Always being there for each other.
-Pranks…lot’s of pranks
-Him regretting getting you involved with all the supernatural stuff.
-You being best friends with Lydia and Stiles trying to get you to set him up with her.
-You saying no.
-Him begging until you finally give in and try to set them up, but failing.
-Coach calling you Stilinski Number 1, because he likes you more.
-Being sarcastic af.
-Sassy af.
-The pack getting annoyed by the two of bickering all the time.
-Making fun of him carrying a bat, but you do it too.
-Fighting about who would be the Batman from the two of you.
-Singing in the jeep together when driving to school.
-Getting into awkward situations.

- “You cant come with us Y/N!”
- “Why not?”
- “You are too young.”
- “I’m only 6 minutes younger than you dumbass”

-Calling yourself the better Stilinski.
-Him disagreeing.
-Always taking care of each other.
-Never leaving each other behind.
-When your sad he is the first person you go to (vice versa)
-When you were younger you would read bedtime stories to each other.
-Yelling at him for using too much duct tape on the jeep.
-Taking him for ice cream at midnight when he wakes up from nightmares.
-Scott being like a second brother to you.
-Sometimes being jealous of Stiles and Scott’s friendship.
-Him getting mad because you take too long in the bathroom.
-Singing in the shower and him yelling at you to shut up, but secretly he kind of enjoys it even though its not that good.
-Making gagging sounds when Malia and Stiles kiss and saying “Why would anyone kiss Stiles? He ate a spider once.”

40?! //Derek Hale// 10.6.16

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Pairing(s): Derek x Reader, Pack x Reader, ??? x Reader x ???(Platonic)

Requested? Yes (not on CoTW)

Request: Could you do a written romantic Derek x Reader where she’s around his age? Derek and the pack finds out she’s a (The Originals version) vampire or a hybrid, you can choose which one but I’d prefer a hybrid. Tysm 💕

Member: Kat

Word Count: 453

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