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Key example of the group teasing Shiro bc of his leap year age

"Fear (겁)" - MINO
Lai Guan Lin
"Fear (겁)" - MINO


Yeah. Whether it’s the future or whether it’s the past

I’m gonna show you my life is never bad

I am not a character like mario I’m just me

Me who didn’t even know my abc’s (korean abc’s, for clarification)

To follow my dream I came to Korea

But day to day I get a lot of stress at the same time

Alright tell me what should I do, oh what should I do uh

I wanna be a rapper

I wanna learn popping

I wanna eat delicious things

I wanna sleep early

I wanna do well on broadcasts

I wanna listen to MGK

I wanna see my parents but I’m too busy

I gotta focus on my work like a real man

Always the most important is here and right now

Every day is an exam, possibilities unlimited

Imma pay you back when I make it big, look forward to it

I’m still in a Reibert Mood™ so I’m here with more headcanons. Here’s my first post!

  • Bertholdt is always cold, Reiner is a furnace, so Bertholdt will use this to his advantage.
  • Since Bertholdt is always cold, his hands are freezing. He’ll go up to Reiner and put his hands under Reiner’s shirt or on the back of his neck to mess with him.
  • Something Reiner does that pisses Bertholdt off is that he pees with the door open if it’s just them. To make it worse, if they were in the middle of a conversation, Reiner will attempt to continue it. Bertholdt refuses to interact with him in any way during this.
  • They always say they don’t need to buy the other anything for birthdays, anniversaries, etc and do they follow it? You bet not.
  • They have a very good connection with each other. They can easily tell when the other is uncomfortable just by body language or how they look at the other. No one else can pick up on these cues.
  • They one time forgot their anniversary. They were visiting Reiner’s parents (I headcanon that Reiner is very close with his parents and they adore Bertholdt) and Reiner’s mom casually asked them what they did for their anniversary the week before. They were so confused for almost a minute before it hit them. They always remember important days like that, but they’ve been so busy with life that it completely flew over them. They were in disbelief about it at first, but after a while, they found it quite funny. A few days later, they went on a date to make up for it.
  • Reiner one time cried about how much he loves Bertholdt when he was drunk and Ymir got it on video.
  • Reiner tends to forget that Bertholdt is actually really strong. Bertholdt can carry him/pick him up with barely any issues and every time he does that, Reiner is like :O.
  • When they were buying the bed frame that took them almost five hours to build, it took them like twenty years to pick out the right one because Reiner would lay on the mattress that the frame was being showed off with (”Reiner, this isn’t about the mattress. We’re just looking at the frame.”) and wouldn’t want to get up.
  • Occasionally, Bertholdt will nod or shake his head when asked a yes or no question, especially if he’s busy working on something or is getting really immersed in a book. Reiner can be in another room and ask him a question, and when he realizes he’s not getting an answer because Bertholdt most definitely did one of those actions, he’s like, “Babe, I can’t hear a shrug or nod!”
  • They both love storms! They’ll curl up and listen to the rain hit the roof and depending on how severe it is, they’ll open the windows (if they have screens on them) so they can hear it better and smell the fresh rain. 
  • They love to cuddle. They take turns being the big and little spoon. Bertholdt likes to listen to Reiner’s heartbeat and Reiner likes to put his head on Bertholdt’s lap. They love cuddling so much that even on the hottest day of summer, they’ll still do it even though they’re covered in sweat.
  • Reiner does the classic resting his cheek against his hand with a soft smile and look at Bertholdt with so much love. When Bertholdt notices, Reiner will be like, “You’re just so cute.”
Two Types of Miraculous Fans
  • Person 1: The only way that Chloe should get the bee miraculous is through a redemption arc. Only good people receive the miraculous unless it is found like Hawkmoth's. So, if Chloe starts to realize what a mean person she can be then fixes it, she can get the bee miraculous. We could also find out about her mother and her life, because she probably has some self-doubt and confidence issues. That's why she acts like she is better than everybody else. It is her way of hiding her insecurities by taking it out on others. That's why the logical route for Chloe would be a deep redemption arc and character development to become a superhero.
  • Person 2: cHlOeS cOlOrS bEe MaTcHinG sHe Is GeTtInG tHe BeE MiRaCuLoUs

There is a trope that I have seen, in the very few fics where Moira is featured even a little, of Moira basically being elitist or classist. Mostly in terms of a relationship or a marriage (mostly that she wouldn’t want Oliver to marry Felicity). Idk if it was just a couple people that I happened to read or if that’s genuinely what a lot of people think about her but I just wanted to take a moment to say:

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Because there is ZERO CANON EVIDENCE to support such an idea.

As a matter of fact, there is significant evidence of just the opposite. For starters, remember when Thea broke up with Roy because Moira’s lawyer told her to? Moira found out and was immediately like “No Thea that’s a bad idea he makes you happy so please for the love of god get back together with him.”

Moira’s life was literally on the line; Jean Loring had said that Thea not dating Roy would help her case. But even still Moira was supportive of Thea and Roy’s relationship simply because it made her happy–and honestly if there was anyone she had reason to not like her daughter dating, an ex-gangbanger is pretty high up on that list. But she never at any point showed any judgement toward him or hesitance or anything!

Because here’s the thing: Moira did plenty of questionable things, yes, but there were always two basic reasons:

  • She wanted her children to be safe and happy
  • She wanted her children to love her and respect her

How does disapproving of her children’s relationships with people who make them happy (whoever that my be) help with either one of those? (Hint: it doesn’t)

Furthermore, there is no indication that she ever disapproved of Oliver’s relationship with Laurel, who was clearly middle class. And she spent a significant amount of time in prison without a single complaint! Like honestly where do you people even get your ideas sometimes????

Yes, Moira was mean to Felicity. But that had nothing to do with her relationship (whatever it was at that point) with Oliver and everything to do with the fact that Felicity knew something that would compromise her children’s love and respect for her. That’s it. If that had never happened, and Felicity really made Oliver happy (or whomever you ship with him, if you don’t ship Olicity), then Moira would be insanely supportive. Because she wants her kids to be happy.

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