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Been working on the zine and a 3 part jinkook/ot7 comic today while sick and decided i needed a break from thinking about my AU. So instead, I drew someone else’s :’) OK SO LIKE I AM INLOVE WITH @ask-seokjinnie ​‘s 1920s AU!!!!! All my stories when I was smol™ were all about this era so when I saw her au i was all heART emojis

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can we just appreciate the height difference between Charioce and Nina? <3 love ur blog!

Let’s appreciate it together!

At this point I don’t know if Nina is really small or Charioce is too huge, since we don’t know their official heights, but I think is both things.

What I enjoyed the most was two moments of the dance scene:

The animators used that fact in a very cute way to me. Charioce bent down in twice to dance properly with Nina. It was a very cute detail!