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I lowkey think that valentine used to do this thing called “the morgernstern awards” back in the days of the circle and had a whole ceremony where the entire group had to be present only to watch valentine declare himself the winner of every category I mean y'all know he’s the type to do this kind of shit like “and the award for successfully injecting your unborn child with demon blood goes to…”

one of the hard parts about growing up is being told a certain position or achievement is a wonderful thing to accomplish but once you do said thing you actually hate it? and you gotta figure out that it’s okay if you don’t want to be that person, even though it sounds like a good thing to be?

So the Crunchyroll award result are up… 

(I honestly can’t say I find the outcomes very surprising. These things always turn into popularity contests more than anything else.)

I think people should just admit that Yuri on Ice did win more than it probably deserved. Don’t get me wrong I do love YOI, but Mob Psycho 100 definitely deserved more votes for its animation and opening at the very least.    

I’ve said before that I do have a strong bias towards more “realistic-ish” styles of animation. Meaning that I did truly like the animation in YOI, particularly the better animated skating routines (such as the pair skate). But even with that bias I can recognise that MP100 had more consistently good animation, even if it isn’t in a style which I’m particularly fond of.

I’m mostly posting this because of the… lets call them “disagreements” I’m seeing on my dash right now. There’s a lot of petty jabs from people on both sides of the “disagreement” and it’s just really tiring. Honestly I just want everybody to calm down before this end up as some kind of “fandom war”. Those are never fun.       

(On a somewhat unrelated note, does anyone else agree that Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu should have won best drama?)


so remember that drawing i did for shallura week & i did a small doodle of them reversed? wwwweeeeellll I wanted to explore that a lil bit more.

headcanon things about this under the cut:

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— you two have your destiny; this is mine. it’s time to save the world.