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Ask the Blogger Questions

Feel free to ask me anything guys!!

1. Who is favourite character?
2. Who is your favourite band?
3. What is your dream job?
4. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
5. What is your natural hair colour?
6. If you could have a dinosaur as a pet, what type of dinosaur would you have and why?
7. Could you post a selfie?
8. If you could know any language besides your mother tongue, what would it be?
9. Where do you want to live?
10. Do you have any weird or odd talents?
11. As a child, who were your favourite bands?
12. Name the first word that pops into your head
13. How would a dog describe you?
14. Do you like cats?
15. If you had to be a tree, what type of tree would you be?
16. The moon is out, what do you do?
17. If you had a fairy friend, what would you want your fairy friend to help you with?
18. If you could be any supernatural being, what would you want to be and why?
19. Are you more of a pizza person or a fry person?
20. How do you handle knowing that the store HMV is an abbreviation for His Master’s Voice?
21. Name a person that has hair goals
22. Do you think Nicki Minaj would like you?
23. Would you ever go sky diving?
24. Any tattoos? Or do you want any tattoos?
25. What is your favourite flower?
26. Why did you start your blog?
27. Are you more of a space person or an ocean person?
28. If you had to pick between having a sabre tooth tiger or a mammoth as a pet, which one would you choose?
29. If you were a superhero what would your catchphrase be?
30. What do you use more, Tumblr mobile or desktop?
31. A Crow and Raven both want to be friends with you, do you befriend them?
32. What is your favorite movie?
33. Do you have any OTPs? If so what are they?
34. Out of anyone fictional or real, who do you want as your partner in a zombie apocalypse?
35. Flowers have taken over the world, do you like this idea?
36. What are your opinions on giraffes?
37. Who would win a fight, the shopping carts or the shelves? And what are your thoughts on this?
38. Do you think that dragons are friendly?
39. Your favourite character decided to throw a water balloon at you, what do you do?
40. Do you like elves?
41. If you got to be a vampire for one day, just for a test run, how do you think you would do?
42. What is your weapon of choice in a zombie apocalypse?
43. Do you like Bruno Mars?
44. How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?“
45. What are your thoughts on pants with no pockets?
46. Do you enjoy other planets?
47. What is your favourite vine?
48. If you were a stereotype in high school, which one would you be right now?
49. Do you like your url?
50. You can change your name to anything you want, what would it be?
51. Do you like rocks?
52. If you were a pirate, what type of pirate would you be?
53. What are your thoughts on pineapples?
54. What is your favourite album?
55. Make a poem on the spot
56. If you had to be a frog for one day, what would you do?
57. Do you like capes?
58. If you were a super villain what would be your super villain power?
59. The moon is phasing, do you still like her?
60. You just seen a tree wave at you, do you wave back at the tree?
61. You just seen a dog, what do you do?
62. You get to go to hop into any fictional world you want, which fictional world would it be?
63. Name your favourite appliance
64. Do you name your things? If you do, what have you named and what is their name?
65. Oh no, it’s a full moon and you’re a werewolf now, what do you do? What type of dog do you transform into?
66. Name a word you don’t know how to say
67. Does pineapple belong on pizza?
68. Name the first word that pops into your head that starts with the letter Z
69. Do you like seashells?
70. What is the weirdest story you have ever read on Tumblr
71. Do you like being a human? If you don’t pick something else to be
72. Do you enjoy the sun? Does the sun like you?
73. Name your favourite commercial
74. Have you met anyone famous before?
75. Do you own any rocks?
76. You have a garden, what plants and statues are in it?
77. Oh no, you have been bitten and now you are a vampire, do you tell your friends? Do you form a vampire group?
78. Name something that makes you really happy
79. Who’s a Queen in your eyes?
80. You just seen a real life dragon, do you befriend this dragon?
81. Do you like night time or day time better?
82. You can bring any fictional character back to life, who is it?
83. There is a raven in your room, what do you do when you find out it talks?
84. You just had a talk with Morgan Freeman, what did two talk about?
85. Do you like berries?
86. How do you think the world is going to end?
87. What person and/or fictional character would you want to raise a baby dragon with?
88. You are now immortal, now what?
89. What song do you have stuck in your head?
90. You are now a famous youtuber, what are you known for?
91. Do you have any pets?
92. What type of vehicle do you want to own?
93. You just finished a really good series, now what?
94. Have you ever thought how penguins feel?
95. Do you think there are aliens out there?
96. What is your favourite swear word?
97. What is the most iconic tm thing you have ever seen/ heard about
98. Favourite Meme?
99. Favourite Comedian?
100. Who is your favourite celebrity?

US 32nd Infantry Division soldier in Buna, New Guinea with a captured Japanese Lewis Type 92 light machine gun.
ca. November-December 1942

The Japanese manufactured the Lewis M/G for their Special Naval Landing Forces as the type 92 in 7.7X57SR and were used in the Pacific theatre.

The Battle of Buna, 19 November 1942 - 2 January 1943, was one part of the Allied attack on the Japanese beach-head on the northern coast of Papua (along with the battles of Gona and Sanananda). This beach-head had been established to allow the Japanese to launch an overland assault over the Kokoda Trail to Port Moresby, the Capital of Papua New Guinea.
This attack came within thirty miles of Port Moresby, before an Australian counterattack forced the Japanese back along the trail.

Photo by George Strock for the February 1943 ‘Life’ magazine.

Magical Girl Henshins: Glaze

While studying henshins, I’ve had to make up some terminology to describe what I’m seeing, because to my knowledge, no English-speaker has every been pathetic enough to analyze this shit in this level of detail. Today’s term-I-pulled-out-of-my-butt is:


  1. n; stuff you paint onto pottery, and at first it looks drab and shitty, but after a couple hours in the kiln, it looks shiny and awesome.
  2. n; any substance that adheres to a Magical Girl’s body and then turns into clothing.

DISCLAIMER: I do not recommend baking Magical Girls in kilns.

The cheapest and most common type of glaze is a glowy sludge capable of morphing into any shape without putting much strain on the animation budget.

White is the most basic option.

(Corrector Yui - 99)

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The Hotchkiss Mle 1914

During World War I the Hotchkiss Mle 1914 was the primary heavy machine gun of the French Army, and had many unique features which made it stand out from other heavy machine guns typical of the era. Chambered in 8mm Lebel, the Mle 1914 utilized a gas operated mechanism, whereas as most heavy machine guns of the war used recoil operated systems, such as the Maxim, Vickers, and similar copies. Gas from each round discharged would be siphoned from the barrel, which would actuate a piston located below the barrel, thus working the action. The weapon fired from an open bolt, which forced air into the action and chamber thus increasing reliability. Cooling was also assisted by five large annular rings which lined the barrel. Instead of firing from traditional belts, the Mle 1914 used sticks containing 30 rounds of ammunition, the same mechanism which was used by the earlier Hotchkiss Mle 1909.

 Later, models were produced which used regular belt ammunition for use on airplanes and tanks. Overall, the weapon’s tripod and the gun weighed around 110lbs, and was typically operated by a crew of three.

During World War I the Mle 1914 would replace older French heavy machine guns which were less reliable and utilized flawed designs, such as the St. Etienne Model 1907. Because of the Mle 1914′s reliability, the weapon became popular not only with France, but with various other nations as well. During World War I, the American Expeditionary Force purchased 7,000 for use. Spain produced their own models, which were used up to and during the Spanish Civil War. Latin American nations such as Mexico, Chile, and Brazil also purchased the weapons chambered for 7X57mm Mauser. During the 1920′s in warlord era China, many Chinese factions produced their own copies in 8X57mm Mauser. In addition, Poland purchased a number of the guns in 1919 during the Polish Bolshevik War, and purchased a number more in the 1920′s. Overall 100,000 would be produced, half for domestic French use, the rest being exports.

One of the most enthusiastic users of the Mle 1914 were the Japanese, who purchased several thousand guns during World War I in 8mm Lebel. After the war, the Japanese would manufacture their own modified models under license, called the Type 3 Heavy Machine gun in 6.5mm Arisaka and the Type 92 Heavy machine gun in 7.7 Arisaka, the later of which would serve as the primary heavy machine of Japanese forces during World War II.


A Japanese Type 92 light machine gun, little more than a copy of the Lewis Gun, and intended for use as an aerial machine gun. This example is mounted on an anti-aircraft tripod. Firing the British .303 round (7.7x56R in Japanese nomenclature), it was a terrible choice of weapon for its intended role, but was nevertheless used extensively by the Imperial Japanese Naval Air Service during World War II.

(Cowan’s Auctions)