type 65

boyfriend! jungkook


-the literal worst (best?) boyfriend ever

-so bad about ignoring texts and calls

-gets you gifts but they turn out to be shitty gag gifts but you love them anyway

-it took him a long time to be comfortable with pda in public. even now he rarely goes past holding hands when you go out

-but at home it’s cuddle time 25/8

-he’s a sucker for cute dates. coffee shops, carnivals, walks in the park, the whole nine yards

-speaking of carnivals he is 100% the type to spend $65 trying to win you the bigass teddy bear in a ring toss

-“jungkook we could just buy this for like thirty bucks” “babe there’s no turning back now”

-speaking of pet names: “babe”, everywhere, all the time. the occasional “sweetheart” or “honey”

-is willing to watch shitty anime anytime anywhere

-whenever you’re cuddling you always nuzzle up against his pecs because they’re really nice and firm and tbh he loves it

-he doesn’t do fancy dinner dates very well, he’d rather sit at home and play mario kart and eat rotel dip

-you two always go all-out for the holidays and spend way too much money and decorations

-“babe send me memes”

-“babe send me nudes. haha just kidding i don’t care about your nudes. send me memes”

-super supportive all the time, catch him being your number one fan in literally everything you do

-grabs your thigh under the table in public

-this boys immune system is insane. he never gets sick

-whenever you get sick he has no idea what to do, but he tries so hard. comes home with three bags full of various medications and ten blankets

-you always feel really safe and protected when he’s around. his presence is very comforting

-he rarely, rarely cries. when he does, he gets very quiet and solemn. you just have to hold him and let him cry

-his kisses are usually rough. he loves to grab your hips, or run his fingers through your hair

-lots of cute gentle lil cheek kisses too though

-he’s such a dog person. whenever you two are going ANYWHERE he will stop and pet every single dog that you see along the way

-so annoying. he’s the type to be sitting on the couch and suddenly shoves his foot in your face just to get on your nerves. he thinks it’s hilarious

-an actual five-year-old

-he lets you straddle his lap and lay your head on his chest and y'all just sit there like that, playing on your phones, doing nothing for like an hour

-sometimes will space out in the middle of a conversation and make you repeat everything you just said

-occasionally he will softly sing you to sleep

-you’ve got matching boots and matching sweaters and matching sunglasses and jungkook basically loves matching all the time cause he’s proud to call you his

-after he showers he will get out in nothing but a towel and walk around shirtless because he loves to tease you tbh

-sometimes he can get a little overprotective cause he’s still kind of immature, and you occasionally have to tell him to back down

-but you know he has good intentions, and he gradually learns when to stand up for you and when to let you fight your own battles

-lots of tickling

-jungkook can be bad with emotions, so sometimes he isn’t sure how to help when you’re upset or anxious. but he tries his hardest to do everything he can, and you love him for it

-he makes you happy, and you make him happy in return

-he loves you

Owari No Seraph 108 Fanbook information PART 2

Read part 1 here

Guren Squad 

Guren Ichinose

  • Birthday: 28th August (Virgo)
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 183 cm
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Blood Type: 0
  • Demon: Mahiru No Yo
  • Favorite Food: Curry

Q: What’s your daily schedule?

A: To play video games. In my highschool days I often played video games with Shinya, Mito, Goshi, Shigure and Sayuri…it calms me down.

Q: What’s your favorite color?

A: bluish grey, don’t have a particular reason for that

Q: What does commander Guren think of Yuuichiro Hyakuya?

A: Mmh..It might sound like a joke, but I actually think he’s a cute kid. Well..he definitely is a very stupid one.

Q: Tell us about your charming point and complexes?

A: Weak point is I easily feel tedious, and charming point? Well, go ask this Sayuri and Shigure for me please!

Q: If you’d get reincarnated what do you want to be? 

A: I don’t believe in reincarnations.

Sayuri Hanayori

  • Birthday: 23rd May (Gemini)
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Weight: 49 kg
  • Blood Type: A
  • Demon: Kukuri
  • Favorite Food: the food Guren likes to eat

Q: What’s your daily schedule?

A: To suggest Guren-sama to eat something different than Curry, but he doesn’t want to eat something else.

Q: As a follower of the Ichinose family, what do you want to do for commander Guren?

A: Ahh..uhm, if there’s anything that Guren-sama wishes for, I would do it! No matter what it is…I would even attend him through the night (guard) or uhm talk with him about love.

Shigure Yukimi

  • Birthday: 10th May (Taurus)
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 151 cm
  • Weight: 40 kg
  • Blood Type: B
  • Demon: Kuronagi
  • Favorite Food: Sayuri’s cooking

Q: What’s your daily schedule?

A: To maintain the curse tokens, shade vessels etc. that Guren-sama has used.

Q: Your hair always looks beautiful, Yukimi-san, do you have any secret tips for your haircare?

A: camellia oil. It’s also useful to make curse tools.

Mito Juujou

  • Birthday: 1st January (Capricorn)
  • Age: 23
  • Height: 163 cm
  • Weight: 47 kg
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Demon: Kagutsuchi
  • Favorite Food: Takoyaki / Okonomiyaki

Q: What’s your daily schedule?

A: To play video games! I’m the best from our squad (or not?)

Q: You always wear cute outfits, what kind of fashion do you like recently?

A: Uhm, gothic lolita? I still like it a lot, after I once saw an outfit at a shop window.

Norito Goshi

  • Birthday: 15th May (Taurus)
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 185 cm
  • Weight: 74 kg
  • Blood Type: 0
  • Demon: Kakuze
  • Favorite Food: potato chips, eclair

Q: What’s your daily schedule?

A: If I find new ero-hon’s , I’d go to Guren’s room and put them on his desk, he surely must have read one or two secretly!!!

Q: Playboy Goshi, tell us a few pick-up lines!

A: I could tell you but the success rate is very low *laughs*

Hiiragi Family

I’ll only translate Shinya’s and Kureto’s facts [there are also information about Tenri and Seishiro but due to lack of time I’ll leave them out (for now). If a lot of people are still interested I might add their information later (: ]

Kureto Hiiragi

  • Birthday: 31st March (Aries)
  • Age: 25
  • Height: 187 cm
  • Weight: 73 kg
  • Blood Type: A
  • Demon: Raimeiki
  • Favorite Food: black tea, beverages with carbonic acid

Q: What’s your daily schedule?

A: To do the things, I need to do.

Q: Tell us your favorite motto.

A: Attachment kills people. That’s why I’m a bit worried about Guren. He has a lot of fighting spirit…

Q: We know that your hobby before the world was about to end is fishing. What do you like to do now?

A: Did you know that you’re still able to go fishing. You catch a few monsters. I wonder if we could eat them…

Shinya Hiiragi

  • Birthday: 22nd November (Scorpio)
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 183 cm
  • Weight: 62 kg
  • Blood Type: B
  • Demon: Byakkomaru
  • Favorite food: He likes bread more than rice, especially with jam

Q: what’s your daily schedule?

A: I like to grind coffee every morning, and I often do latte art as well.

Q: I heard that your sworn friend aka Guren likes to listen to Jazz, what genre do you prefer?

A: Uhm, I don’t really listen to music. Oh, Guren likes jazz? The same as Mahiru then…

Q: What is your biggest wish right now?

A: I wonder what…Hmm…I didn’t have many wishes when I was a kid. Maybe I should go search for that jazz recorder?

The next part will be about the vampires (hohohoho MIKA!) I’ll probably post it in two or three days (cause I’m still busy with preparations for my oral exam T_T)

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Sour cream chocolate cake (en français!)

J’ai essayé de traduire une recette préférée de ma famille; elle est peut-être très américaine mais j’espère qu’elle vous plaira! J’ai fait de mon mieux pour convertir les noms des ingrédients et leurs quantités, mais j’ai laissé leurs équivalents en anglais pour qu’on puisse les vérifier. S’il y a quelque chose dans ma traduction qui n’a pas de sens, ou des erreurs, dites-le moi svp! J’ai fait de mon mieux mais je suis toujours en train d’apprendre.

Si vous n'arrivez pas à trouver du “sour cream”, vous pouvez le remplacer par un mélange du fromage blanc et de la crème fraiche.

Pour le gâteau :
250 g de farine de blé (type 65) [2 C all-purpose flour]
400 g de sucre en poudre [2 C sugar]
235 mL d’eau [1 C water]
170 g (180 mL) de fromage blanc/crème fraiche [¾ C sour cream]
57 g de  beurre (salé) [¼ C butter (salted)]
7 g de bicarbonate alimentaire [1 ¼ tsp baking soda]
2 g de sel [1 tsp salt]
5 mL d’extrait de vanille [1 tsp vanilla extract]
2 g de levure chimique [½ tsp baking powder]
2 œufs [2 eggs]
114 g de 100% cacao, fondu [4 oz. Unsweetened baking chocolate, melted]

Pour le glaçage :
115 g de beurre (salé) [½ C butter (salted)]
114 g de 100% cacao [4 oz Unsweetened baking chocolate]
500 g de sucre glace [4 C powdered sugar]
225 g (235 mL) de fromage blanc/crème fraiche [1 C sour cream]
10 mL d’extrait de vanille [2 tsp vanilla extract]

Le Gâteau
Préchauffer le four à 175 C (350 F)
Mesurer tous les ingrédients dans un bol. Battre à faible vitesse pendant 30 secondes, puis à vitesse maximale pendant 3 minutes.
Verser dans des moules à gâteaux beurrés et farinés. Cuire au four pendant 20 – 25 minutes. Retirer du four et laisser refroidir sur une grille.

Le Glaçage
Dans un bain-marie à feu très doux, faire fondre le chocolat et le beurre. Retirer du feu et laisser refroidir. Ajouter le sucre glace, puis y mélanger le fromage blanc/crème fraîche et la vanille. Battre jusqu’à ce qu’il soit lisse.

Brief note in English: This recipe is being shared as an exercise in translation. If the authors or publishers of this recipe would like me to remove/alter this post, please contact me before taking further action.