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3 Things I Hate: The Equestrian Version

1. Equestrian Australia

2. Equestrian New South Wales

3. Money grabbers (like Equestrian Australian and Equestrian New South Wales)

General Information

First Name: Mineral
Middle Name: Glerial
Surname: Brine
Nicknames: Minney, MB, Crystal Queen
Code Name: Top Diamond
Gender: Female
Race: White
Species: Crystali, Brine
Birthday: May 8
Age: 390
Star Sign: Taurus
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Nationality: Stonwell, Carivella
Languages: English, Ender, Brine, Olden

Physical Appearance

Skin Tone: Toasted brown
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 230
Blood Type:
Face Shape: pointed ‘U’ shape.
Hair Colour: Brown
Hair Length: Just below the bottom.
Hair Style: Long hair parted to right.
Eye Shape: upturned
Eye Colour: Ghostly blue
Body Shape: She’s fit, but does have hips.
Shoulders: Rounded but upheld.
Waist: Slim but is putting on a bit of weight.
Hips: Wide
Breast Size/Chest : C-cup
Lip Shape: Natural
Right Handed or Left Handed?: Left
Scars: Shoulder (right), hip (right), stomach (near belly button).
Tattoos: None
Piercing: Ears
Alignment: Lawful Good

General Attitude

Personality: She is very serious and uptight around serious people or those she looks up to, around her subjects she tries to be as kind and likable as possible. To family, she’s a mother and strict to her children as any mother would be, her elders she respects, and will stand her ground towards her husband.
Normal Mood: She’s very calm and rarely let’s her face show what’s going on within her head.
Good Habits: A good habit is her helpful attitude, another would be her quick action, and a third would be how she cleans up after herself.
Bad Habits: She’s usually lazy when it comes to work, she tends to up and disappear to think deeply on things, she will keep things from many people.
Strengths: She’s very strong; she can lift a dump truck (though effort is used here). Secretive; she would much rather you know nothing and herself to know everything. Smart; She tends to use what she knows in a battle at precise and unbelievable moments.
Witty; She uses what she knows to win.
Weaknesses: Flexibility; even with her muscle she isn’t too flexible and this handicaps her in situations (such as fighting in unnatural places). Slow; with the weight she holds she isn’t as fast as she’d like to be. Sight; her vision is poor in the daytime, her eyes aren’t exactly like her father’s, they’re weak in pure daylight but more than efficient in the night.
Likes: Crystals; a special obsession she’s had.
The earth itself.
Family; she holds them to a high standard.
Dislikes: Water; It burns her and she’s severely afraid of drowning.
Limbo, the dimension.
Crowded areas.
Being chained down; physically and emotionally.
Fears: Water, being held down, possession, and dark and enclosed spaces.
Why?: She fears water because she almost drowned when she was younger, the burning sensation she gets when she gets in/near it also makes her fear just what could happen if she wasn’t too careful.
The fear of being chained, she’s always had this fear after she saw her own father chain down many people he didn’t like and beat them within an inch of their life (literally), so she doesn’t ever want to be in that position, she also doesn’t want that position because anyone could do anything to her.
Possession, when she was just nearing 200 years old, Mineral had a child, this child was thought to be a miscarriage when they pulled it out, so the baby was buried. Later in the years a spirit would come by and it would possess the body and child, the child would grow to be eight years old and still possessed by the spirit, eventually she met Mineral and Mineral had to face her supposed dead child.
Dark and enclosed spaces; Mineral has a bit of claustrophobia. She can’t stand enclosed spaces, especially when they’re dark, she just hates that tight and nothingness feeling.

Soft Spot: Mineral has always had a soft spot for her children, more so Diamond, but she never tells any of her other children that.

Dress Sense She will go all out in outfit #2 during battle or a ceremony with high ranked others there, she also uses this in her crystal dimension.
Outfit #1 is her casual wear when she was not queen yet and basically a stowaway princess to many people.
Outfit #3 is the outfit she wears when she is walking on the streets to greet people.

Favourite Clothing Brand: N/A
Items of clothing usually worn: A semi long-sleeved shirt that is teal. Jeans. Regular shoes. (O #1)
Crystals that cover her body in pinpointed places. (O #2)

Make-Up: She wears a bit of lipstick every now and again, along with eyeliner too. But other then that she goes natural.
Perfume: She uses one that is personally made for her by seto. (It smells like Britney Spears’ purfume line “Fantasia”)


Mother: Unknown
Father: Hero Daniel Brine (Herobrine)
Brother: Sklien Daniel Brine (Skybrine)
Sister: Skylar Brine (@Gamingerve)
Any Other Relatives?: A few close friends here and there, a lot of children too.
Pet: a magma slime that is named “Creamer”


Best Friend: Scarred Blade
Friends: Her kingdom allies, Damien, Her guards.
Rivals: Shade
Enemies: Spineral
Love Interest: Ender Loxeous Draguul

Childhood (Ages 0-12)

Life Story: She was born from a test Herobrine was doing with an egg. The crystal egg was the only compatible egg with the experiment. She was inactive for eight months, in that time she was downloading herself into the world. When she spawned she didn’t have brine eyes, she had human eyes, crisp blue human eyes. Herobrine was happy to have her at first but as he was coming into power of the nether he became busier and couldn’t care for her, so she was tended to by her brother, Skybrine. He tried to be the best dad he could to her and Skylar too tried to be a best mother.

Mineral knew they were her brother and sister but she forgot in total about her father for a while. Until he started to go mad with power, that was when she started to see him walk aimlessly around the fortress. She didn’t particularly know he was her father and because of this she was afraid of him. She tried to run to Skybrine but he wasn’t home. Neither was Skylar. Mineral waited for two weeks, she saw Herobrine at least once everyday, she got so afraid that she packed up her stuff, her seven jewels, three pairs of her shirts and pants, a book on survival in the world’s, and then socks and shoes and underwear.

She zipped up her pack and then got dressed. Wearing a small teal shirt and pants along with socks and shoes. When she stepped out of the castle she was in for a severe reality check, not only was it not what she thought it was, there were also two other components. One; the crazy man was running after her and she didn’t know how to get to the other world. Two; how does she get to the other world?

She ran from Herobrine for a while until she started to get tired, she hid for a bit, and while wandering around she found a structure. A nether portal. She jumped in this portal and hoped for the best. She ended up in a stone room, walking out she was met with Steve. This was the man, and unknown uncle, that raised her.
Birth town: Nethriaon (nehth-rye-on)
Favourite Childhood memory: Skybrine and her playing tag.
Worst Childhood memory: Having to wait two weeks with a crazy Herobrine in the fortress.

Teenage (Ages 13-19)

Life Story:
Steve was very kind to Mineral, they exchanged names after a night’s sleep. Steve found out many things about Mineral in the first week he had kept her. Like how she didn’t know her father, how her brother and sister disappeared and she had nowhere to go but run. Steve thought this was too much to dwell into, and he didn’t want to hurt her. He would have sent her off the first night had he not seen how she had no survival knowledge, so he decided he would teach her how to survive.

Mineral had been there for a year learning from Steve so far and was doing exceptionally well. The village teacher loved her because she was very respectful, thanks to Steve of course. The village that steve lived in was very homey and it was nice enough. There was almost never a problem. Until Mineral started to change, her pupils were starting to vanish and she was becoming what she was all along. A Brine. Steve saw her change throughout, and at age seventeen, her eyes were fully light blue.

Mineral remembers Steve putting a hand on his chin while he sat at the table with her and she faced the news. But Steve said he would protect her, even with the disagreement of the village goers. Though two years were all he could do, Steve then told her to visit someone. And stay. This man was a sorcerer and would help her with her growing Brine powers. And so at age nineteen, she was out again, smarter in knowledge of the mind and survival.

She made it to Seto’s place and watched him complain for a month about how Steve sent him so much work to deal with. But he helped anyway because he had never had a Brine to teach. And he thinks he had done exceptionally well.

Grown up in?: Village, Synth
Favourite Teen Memory: Steve teaching her how to deal with farm animals and his chickens getting loose and pecking him on the head.
Worst Teen Memory: Steve teaching her how to swim, she almost drowned and her skinned burned every time she got in the water.

20 And Over

Role Model: Steve
Why?: Because he was her “father” for so long, he taught her most of what she knows and protected her.
First Memory: Mastering Magic
Life Story Up To Now: After mastering magic at the age of fifty eight, she took up learning about her family’s past. Who her father was, where her siblings were. She eventually did, finding her sister in a town far off hiding out to be safe. This is where she found out just how bad people thought of brines. The despising nature changed as Mineral showed the compassion of a god, of course not everyone changed so quickly, it took years at most.

Finding Skybrine was the hardest of all. He was in another dimension. This is where Mineral met Enderlox. She hated him at first but grew to him. After Skybrine was over his crying spell, because he missed his sister, the four hybrids then traveled to where they knew minerals father was.

It turns out Herobrine was living in a dungeon in a prison, having given up his reign and energy depleted. However once his children arrived again he knew a change was needed. So he let them rehabilitate him, cure him in a way. It wasn’t easy and took almost two decades to get everyone to trust Herobrine, but eventually they trusted him. For twenty more years he built trust with everyone until he became king of the Overworld.

Mineral now resides in her crystal dimension, staying to herself and (spoiler alert) becoming pregnant with her fourth and fifth child. Twins.

Current Life

Occupation: Queen
Current Home: Crystal Castle, Overworld Castle
Relationship Status: Married (to Ender Loxeous Draguul)
Children: Ressesit Genocide Brine (adopted)
Chatto Lerintic Brine (Adopted)
Nate Xavier Brine (adopted)
Briniriey Realmwarp Brine (First born)
Holly Holleless Hollow Brine (Second born)
Diamond Daniel Brine (Third born)
Allison Stire Brine (Fourth born)
Allistar Strie Brine (Fifth born)

Dreams and Interests

Dream/Ambition: To make a peaceful world.
Favourite Class: ELA (past)
Worst Class: Math (past)
Hobbies: Writing, singing.
Interests: Storylining (free time)
Talents: Singing
Religion: N/A
Sport: N/A

Rating (Out of 10(10 being the best))

Intelligence: 7/10
Confidence: 9/10
Wisdom: 4/10
Agility: 2/10
Stamina: 6/10
Cooperation: 4/10

Yes Or No?

Smoker?: No
Drinker?: On occasion
Nail Bitter?: No
Athletic?: A bit
Bookworm?: Yes
Kleptomaniac?: No
Party Animal?: No
Vegetarian?: No
Workaholic?: Halfway
Glasses?: No
Contacts?: No

Good Or Bad?

Temper: Good, unless something very bad happens.
Patience: Good
Charisma: Good
Discipline: Good
Sense of Humor: Bad
Wit: Good


Optimist or Pessimist?: Optimist
Introvert or Extrovert?: Extroverted
Daredevil or Cautious?: Daredevil
Logical or Emotional?: Logical (emotional in out of hand situations)
Disorderly or Neat?: Neat
Working or Relaxing?: Working
Confident or Unsure?: Confident


How he/she feels about himself/herself?: Mineral feels she is a strong, smart, and beautiful, she is very confident in herself. But she never boasts about it.
One word the character would use to describe self: Real
One paragraph description of how the character would describe self: “I am real and I will be there for you if you show me the same treatment. I am honest and will tell you the truth. My kindness is reserved to those who are kind to me. My beauty isn’t perceived by others, I feel I am beautiful when I look in the mirror and that’s all that matters.”
What does the character consider his/her best personality trait?: Honesty.
What does the character consider his/her worst personality trait?: She tends to seem way too serious.
What does the character consider his/her best physical characteristic?: Her eyes
What does the character consider his/her worst physical characteristic?: Her hips and breasts, too big.
How does the character think others perceive him/her: She doesn’t very much care, but just hopes they accept her to be her.
What would the character most like to change about himself/herself: her hips and breasts.


Favourite Food: Rock Candy
Hated Food: Mushroom Stew
Favourite Colour: Lavender
Hated Colour: Hot pink
Favourite Drink: Lavion (A type of drink that mixes between being alcoholic and just a sweet drink. Made from lava, magma creme, and blaze powder)
Hated Drink: Youij (A drink made from ocean water and human blood. Only demons drink this, Mineral finds it disgusting.)
Favourite Place: Crystal dimension
Hated Place: The beach
Favourite Music: She varies
Hated Music: She varies
Favourite Animal: Cube spawns
Hated Animal: Squids
Favourite Characteristics in other people: Their trustworthiness.
Hated Characteristics in other people: Two-faced


This is how long a normal bio from me is.